Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 June 2023.
Posted 23 May 2023

June - London (LGW) to New York (JFK) Return Flight with checked luggage 23kg - £250 (Jet Blue) via Skyscanner

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Some cheap direct return flights with Jet Blue to New York JFK from London Gatwick with availability at beginning of June. This includes one piece of checked luggage (23kg). Skyscanner gives several travel providers that you can book through from £250 once you go through to the providers site. Please note departure is from LGW and you return at LHR. Check any entry requirements. Average weather is 22 degrees in June and considered a good time to go.

Sample dates below, prices include 1 checked baggage of 23kg

Please note departure is from LGW and returning to LHR

Sample dates June

  • 2nd to 6th June
  • 2nd to 9th June
  • 3rd to 9th June
  • 6th to 11th June
  • 7th to 11th June



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  1. Jamie_Penfold's avatar
    Great prices. I’d personally avoid TravelUp but this is a great find
    Alvie's avatar
    Yeah travelup suck, when we went on holiday, the airline had changed the flight but the waiting time in the layover was way longer.

    I had called them up a few times asking for them to change it (they would, but they asked for the price difference of the tickets).

    I called the airline asking them what to do, and they assured me due to the change, the travel agent change a flight to the same destination with the same ticket class for free in this instance.

    TravelUp kept wanting it in writing, but the airline told me that they just need to do it and can't give it to me in writing, but one of the people I talked to suggested to do a 3-way call.

    Eventually with the 3-way call, travelUp kept saying they can't do it without it in writing, and the airline was getting quite annoyed at them and told them the policy straight up and said the policy for the changes is in the travel agent handbook (I'm guessing for them to change the tickets for us, and also for them to claim back the price difference of the ticket from the airline).

    Eventually travelUp did agree to it, but it took multiple emails, phone calls, and ultimately the multi-way phone call between me, the airline and travelUp did solve it
  2. Chemex62's avatar
    Flew London JFK with jet blue in February for a similar price. Fantastic experience throughout. Probably the best long haul flight I've taken. It's a smaller plane than usual for a transatlantic flight but that wasn't an issue.

    Best food I've ever had on a flight, free snacks, booze included, excellent choice of films, easy/smooth check in experience etc. Highly recommend.

    P.s can't comment on travel up, think I booked with a different provider. (edited)
    Nellym's avatar
    I would second this. Great flight, free wifi all the way, great food, unlimited snacks and unlimited drinks. Basic seats have good legroom, for a small amount more the extra space seats are fantastic value.
    Amazing price, but I'm not sure about TravelUp. Normally JetBlue sell direct so if they don't have it at this price then something is not quite right.
  3. reindeer333's avatar
    Why is the fact you are booking with an agent (e.g Travelup) always seemingly missing from the title. You do not make the purchase with Skyscanner!
    umar1980's avatar
    I don't think Skyscanner sell flights themselves! They're just a search engine that provides a pool of results for flights that you're looking for! 🌞
  4. mrjh's avatar
    Apparently reviews are ok but narrowbodies for such a long flight is a no for me. Happy to pay extra for a different airline.
  5. trivster's avatar
    costs an absolute fortune when you get there, a load of hype in my opinion
    dazbang's avatar
    Ah! How many times have you been? (edited)
  6. Luckylucy2's avatar
    Fantastic price with a fantastic airline
  7. beaufinder1's avatar
    Prices seem to be cheaper now than pre pandemic.
    J_Staunton's avatar
    Is that because they've recently relaxed their COVID travel measures and they want to encourage people to visit?
  8. NevenNachev's avatar
    Why would you go to new York anyway? It is worse even than London
    beergut's avatar
    To watch live baseball in a stadium
  9. JuniorSpesh's avatar
    Went in October, as others have said accommodation is mega at the moment and the prices for meals out (including the increasingly ridiculous tip demands) make for a pretty expensive trip.
  10. deleted48909's avatar
    Is the cheapest price available direct from the airline?

    If not, then it's a gamble.
  11. Streetspiritlondon's avatar
    Great price but just remember that the cost of accommodation in NYC is skyhigh. There’s no such thing as a cheap holiday in the USA right now.
  12. AdamBrunt's avatar
    Not seeing that price for 2/6 - 6/6 ? It's saying £450 for me ?
  13. evilgodmother's avatar
    What issues have you had with Skyscanner??
    bozo007's avatar
    You are not buying the ticket from Skyscanner.
  14. Bigfootpete's avatar
    Don't think I've ever seen it that cheap.
  15. tom6195's avatar
    Nothing from Heathrow
  16. SoCal's avatar
    Really excellent price. Just need for hotel prices to come down a bit.
's avatar