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Posted 12 May 2023

LG FDV309W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - A++ Dual inverter WiFi Enabled 9kg £424.15 with code (UK Mainland) @ AO / eBay

£424.15£59929% off
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If you missed out the deals on the almost identical FDC309W a few weeks ago, here is this one for an even better price.

I bought the FDC309W (though I bought direct from LG) and it is a great dryer. I cannot tell the difference between that and the FDV309W. They are both white with identical specifications. The FDC has a black door surround. The eBay image seems to show a grey surround, yet AO's own page shows it as having a black door surround. I cannot even tell the difference from the 709. 909 and 1109 get the A+++ heat pump but otherwise it is difficult to see the spec differences.

This seemed to tick all boxes for me:

  • A++ rated heat pump, so inexpensive to run compared to regular condenser / vented. Maybe 10 to 15% more to run than A+++ but not worth paying hundreds more for that.
  • 9kg
  • WiFi, so my phone notifies my when the cycle is complete.
  • It reverses, or at least I think so I'd the same as the FDC. Not on every cycle and only when it thinks it needs to. I'm yet to work out exactly when it does or doesn't but it did it with a bed linen load so it didn't come out in a ball.
  • Drum light, so you can see the missing sock. You can even turn it on when running to see it all tumbling if you really want.
  • Can use the water container or plumb in.
  • The tunes it plays on start and stop can be turned off.

A negative is only 2 year warranty from LG. The other is that Anti Crease, which turns the drum every so often after the cycle has finished if you cannot empty straight away, must be turned on manually for each use.

The best price is from the AO eBay store using the KING15 code. They have a couple of refurbs that are at a higher price; don't click those. AO also have it on their own site for £479.

EDIT: I have posted a separate deal for the FDC309W from Reliant on eBay. That is £40 more than this.
I have since seen that there are slight program variations. This FDV has a cool air mode but no plain Cottons (but does have Cottons+). The FDC has the Cottons mode, which I have seen reversing, but not Cool Air. This FDV has a Favourite button, while the FDC has a Drum Care / Condenser Care button.
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  1. adamg02's avatar
    I have no idea of the diff on FDV vs FDC besides what the OP put above. So would be interested to hear opinions on difference.

    But FDC looks like can be had for around same price from LG direct (service provided by Digital River UK) .

    £428 with code HA_PPP200

    Slim possibility you can get extra 5% off as new member signup.

    I put in the London postcode they use as example and seemed to offer free delivery, installation, disconnection and disposal..

    10yr invertor/compressor warranty.

    I've had good AO service before, so no worries there. But would rather the direct route than eBay outlets in case anyone looking around.


    Thanks again to the OP . My vented dryer still kicking, but probably on its last legs, so I'm casually keeping eye on these deals that come up .
    Sunshine7x's avatar
    Good spot about being same price on LG direct - it's actually cheaper!

    Sign up/in and you'll be offered member price of £616.40. apply the £200 discount code shown on the site and it comes down to a final price of £416.40.

    Delivery, disposal and installation are also free and can be selected during the delivery date selection.
  2. tubster76's avatar
    The similar FDC309 got a which best buy 74 per cent rating. Pros excellent performance and efficiency. Cons 67cm depth (might stick out in some kitchens)
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    A top tip if you have a utility room and redoing it is not to have a standard depth worktop but a breakfast bar worktop and cut to size. The units can then be set off the wall a bit further. I asked for this when redoing our laundry room, giving 650mm depth from the wall for the units, so about 670mm total worktop depth. This machine fits in nicely - but only just.
  3. beaksdale's avatar
    Thank goodness it's got WiFi
  4. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Good price but I want that 5 year warranty so will skip this deal
  5. Ömerhsn's avatar
    Looking different colour not white but good deal
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    Definitely white! The last letter signifies the colour. Some other models have S for graphite or B for black.
  6. deleted2784183's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Can anyone who has this say how effective the quick 30-minute cycle is? In a house full of badly prepared teenagers, we need quick drying
    BarnSt0rmer's avatar
    It works pretty well but it is only for very small loads, don't expect to put a full load in there and have it come out dry in 30 minutes. It's for a couple of garments if you need them in a hurry. I've used it once since we've had the machine.
  7. H_G2's avatar
    Where is the warranty mentioned? Can't find it on ebay?
    whitman_the_cat's avatar
    whitman_the_cat Author
    The warranty is 2 years from the manufacturer. It can be registered online or registration is automatic when setting up the WiFi. Reliant's own website deal from a few weeks ago mentioned 5 years and might have been offered by them, but has switched back to 2 years now.
  8. ussy1995's avatar
    Anyone know if I can put this in a cupboard in my bathroom?
    tubster76's avatar
    Yes, these are self contained (no vent) you just need power socket but be prepared to empty a water container after each load
  9. nknknk123's avatar
    You sound like you've done your research so thanks, what do you think is better this or the FDC?
  10. tubster76's avatar
    This is a great price. I have had this type of dryer (mine is Siemens) for about eight years,it was 600 or 700 quid back then but I did the maths on the electricity saving over a cheap standard dryer and worked out it would save a fair bit of money in the end if it lasted a few years (it came with five year guarantee). This was with cheap electricity and almost daily family use. It lasted about three years and after a faulty pump replacement didn't work whole machine was replaced under guarantee and the replacement is still going another five years later. Personally I would factor in the possibility of a repair with a 2 year guarantee. (edited)
    adamg02's avatar
    Quick Q.. Did you use overnight/when out of house. Or is this still frowned upon.

    Hoping to use the cheap overnight electricity tarrif
's avatar