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Tumble dryers are growing more common in British homes. Quality tumble dryers from the likes of White Knight, Hotpoint and Beko can dry your clothes quickly and save you from waiting around for them to dry on the line. Tumble dryer sales, deals and offers can be found right here on the hotukdeals listings. Read more
Hoover Dynamic Next DXOH9A2TCE-80 Heat Pump Freestanding Tumble Dryer, 9kg Load £329 @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Bargain 2 year guarantee included (popcorn) 9 kg Heat Pump
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I am looking out for a tumble dryer and this seems a decent price for a heat pump. I am concerned about the reviews but am thinking this might be a good pairing with our AEG washer dryer (we always have the dryer to fall back on if the Hoover packs up).


Full load synthetics fully dry is just less than 2 hours, my load yesterday used 0.91kw, it had cotton socks in it too, plus jumpers, leggings. I keep reading about 4 hour loads but I've never had one. Cottons, towels etc take longer but I'd say 3 hours max. I don't find it noticeably long. The display does tell you how long left. About 2/3rd full of towels and piillowcases used 1.15kw to totally dry.


How long does your full load take? I’ve been told that with the heat pumps you are trading lower running costs for longer drying cycles but I don’t know anyone with one personally to verify.


I’ve have this tumble dryer works fine I’ve had it for over two years


I've got the integrated hoover heat pump and it's been fine. I don't understand those having issues with dryness. Even when I take a load from an 8kg washing machine into the 7kg dryer (there's 3 levels of dry to chose from) it always comes out dry. You need to air it a little bit after, I think the air is a little moist or the residual heat makes clothes not feel dry, but a couple of mins later they feel completely dry. Had it for nearly 2 years. It's on a smart plug - A full load uses about 1.2 -1.6kw but I do have loads that are 0.9kw, I just use whites of synthetics progs, Last load was synthetics and that was full load 1.3kw to completely dry. It's just me and the dog and I'm using less than 7kw a month, that's a pound a month to use. My Dad has a hoover condenser about same age and that uses about 5kw per load.

MIELE TWB140 WP 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White £574.75 (Delivered) using code @ Currys PC World
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Noticed this Miele tumble dryer has been reduced. Code LKA5A brings price down from £605 to £574.75 saving you a further £30.25p. Potential to save a further £20 when going throu… Read more

Any, I guess which will just rate them as a group don't they? I like the idea of being as environmentally friendly as poss with a tumble dryer so I guess any brand with the best energy rating please :)


Know what you mean, would have bought this if not for Curry's. May as well come with 2 weeks warranty from there it's all the same end result.


Deal expired, back up to £800 plus region


(lol) true


Resident Currys hater for larger items here.. Would rather pay more to go elsewhere, that being said, this is hardly cheap and heat pumps take forever to dry anything. :)

Hoover DXC8DE Condenser Tumble Dryer with 8kg Load Capacity and B Energy Rating £187.20 @ eBay Hughes
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Key Features H:850mm x W:595mm x D:610mmCondenser Design8kg CapacityB Energy RatingFull SizeLoad Capacity in KG:8Tumble Dryer Type: CondenserTumble Drying Method: Reverse actionEn… Read more

Mine arrived a few days ago and it's making a thumping when the drum turns regardless if how much washing is in it. Anyone else found the same?


Cheap indeed but Hoover - hmm! Better than Hotpoint but that's about it.

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Hoover HLV8LG 8KG Vented Tumble Dryer £159.99 delivered with code (UK Mainland) @ hughes_electrical / ebay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Sensor Drying provides better care to garments Pre Iron cycle means fabrics are easy to iron Manage the appliance and access drying statistics using One Touch technology An a… Read more

Vented is my preferred method of tumble drying,if replacing an existing vented dryer or there's already a vent to connect to. I've no intention of waiting 3-4 hours to dry a load of washing,thanks. This'll likely dry a load in half that time using double the energy though that needs to be considered. The price difference between this and heat pump dryers is narrower than used to be the case but will still pay for the drying of a lot of laundry. Part of the point in a vented dryer to me anyway is it's a relatively simple appliance,all it needs to do is heat up and turn,no fancy nonsense need be added. Hoover though,based on past experiences,no,just dont.


Does look a good price. However will never buy hoover branded products again. Bought a hoover washing machine, wow what an absolute Piece of S..... Before hand I actually thought that hoover was a decent brand. But it's so poorly constructed, and every little part feels flimsy /doesn't really fit correctly


Thanks for posting. If an item has restrictive delivery, as is the case here, don't forget to include 'UK Mainland' or 'UK Mainland & NI' as appropriate to the thread title. If you look on eBay where it says 'Postage' click on 'See Exclusions' and you'll see where a particular eBay merchant doesn't deliver to. Thanks (y)


Will this work on carpet as well as solid flooring? On a more serious note, I ordered the Indesit one listed today earlier. Anyone know how these compare in terms of reliability?

Indesit IDV75 Ecotime 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer - White £143.99 with code @ ebay / hughes-electrical
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
A very well reviewed dryer from Hughes.

Great thanks! It's raining heavily today. It's good that they call ahead too, I didn't want to find it an hour later sitting outside (lol)


Yes. They brought it just inside the door.


Mine says ArrowXL too. Did they help you get it into the house at all?


Ours was on Arrow XL courier, very good and kept updated of 2 hour delivery slot. Then a phone call 20 minutes before it arrived.


Mine is being delivered today