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Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard delivered £77.20 @ Amazon

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Good price since it recently got hiked up in price. Will it get cheaper on Prime day? Maybe? Maybe not?

Designed for creatives and engineered for coders, the Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard has been crafted for support, stability, and precision.

The quiet and fluid but fast and accurate keystrokes deliver a distinct tactile response. You'll feel the response as you type rather than hear it.

Adjustable backlighting

The backlit keys use a proximity sensor to detect when you're about to type and fade off when you leave the desk. Backlighting intensity automatically adapts to the room or can be set manually.

Logitech Flow

Working with your MX Master 3 or other Logitech Flow-enabled mouse, you can move from one device to another without re-connecting. Transfer files, documents, and images across computers and systems with ease.

Experience 10 days of battery life with backlighting or up to 5 months charge with the backlighting off. And when you're low on power, USB Type-C charging will have you up and running in no time.
Community Updates
  • Perfect-Stroke Keys : Spherically dished keys match the shape of your fingertips, offering satisfying feedback with every tap. Each keystroke is fluid, natural, quite, fast and accurate with a distinct tactile response
  • Comfort and Stability : Type with confidence on a slim flat keyboard crafted for comfort, stability and precision, as well as durability
  • Smart Illumination : The keys light up the moment your hands approach. And the backlighting automatically adjusts to suit changing lighting conditions
  • Flow Cross-Computer Control : MX Keys works across multiple computers in one fluid workflow. Seamlessly type, copy and paste across two computers.* *Requires Logitech Flow-enabled mouse and Logitech Options software
  • Multi-Device and Multi-OS : Connect via Bluetooth Low Energy or the small Unifying USB with up to three desktop or portable devices and switch between them at the push of a button. MX Keys is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android systems
  • USB-C Rechargeable : Full charge lasts up to ten days -or up to five months with backlighting off.** **Battery life may vary based on your use
  • MX Keys and MX Master 3 : Get a premium look and feel, seamless workflow and advanced functionality when you team MX Keys with the ergonomic MX Master 3 cordless mouse
  • Claim your complimentary 1-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription or 2-month Adobe Photography Plan with purchase of MX Keys to create, make and do like never before.

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  1. Avatar
    Also at John Lewis for same price (for those trying to wean themselves off Amazon and not hand them monopoly) (edited)
    You can buy that on Amazon too
  2. Avatar
    I have a MX mouse. Can this keyboard use the same USB transmitter or does it need its own? Thanks.
    Yes, it can use the same. Just register it to with the logitech options. I've got registered two mice and two keyboards to one receiver. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Using one (among my collection of keyboards), I am very disppointed at the build quality. It worked fine at the beginning, but after two years or so, the keys got really squeaking. Definitely not worth the premium and hype IMHO.
    I've had mine over 2 years now and use it daily paired with a mx master 3, and can't say I have the same issue. Build quality seems solid (edited)
  4. Avatar
    gosh - I JUST ordered this 24 hours ago with a student beans code at the Logitech store that includes a free wrist rest - total was £90 delivered.

    Guess one way for me to look at it is to treat the wrist rest as costing about £12....
    I ordered it about 3-4 weeks ago through beans as well (plus some 5% discount I found somewhere online) came to 77 Euro for me. came with wrist pad as bonus too. Glad it did I didn't think I would use it but I do , it is really nice. I am not sure if I'd pay 20£ for it but very happy with it. would 100% recommend if money is no issue, or you can get it as bonus somewhere.
  5. Avatar
    They are price matching John Lewis. Please do the UK economy a favour and buy it from a UK company that pays reasonable rates of tax if you can!
    yeah if one pays corporation tax and the other doesnt, might as well support the one that does
  6. Avatar
    Awesome keyboard, except for the backlight bug!
    What's the bug?

    My whole keyboard freezes sometimes, especially when switching between computers, so need to turn it off/on again which works.

    Best ever keyboard though so something I'm willing to live with but not ideal (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Brilliant piece of kit - wouldn't be without mine now.
  8. Avatar
    How does this compare to the Logitech G915?
    I actually have both. I do like both it has to be said. For work I just the MX and rarely bother swapping over for gaming
  9. Avatar
    Great keyboard but you can't use a Bluetooth dongle with it. So I'm still stick taking out the Logitech dongle and putting it in my laptop and vice versa when I want to swap devices.
    Hey ho
    All that research I did and there's always some issue lol
    Do you mean you can't pair it with a laptops built in BT or a BT dongle? You should be able to unless you're on a corporate device that uses software to block peripherals I have one and a mouse paired with 3 devices and it's happy to use the built in BT
  10. Avatar
    I have this keyboard and the MX Master 3 connected to a Gaming PC, Mac Mini (Server) and a MacBook. It works perfectly switching between all 3 and even using the Flow software. ^-^ Highly recommend it as a Photographer and light PC gamer.
  11. Avatar
    Can you use this wired if needed?
  12. Avatar
    I have the K780 (the little brother of this) which I get for £30, only because the MX Keys was £100 and I wanted a new keyboard without waiting for it.

    I've only ever used backlight keyboards in the past, so was really wary because I was worried I could not type in the dark. Fast forwards a year now, I'm actually really glad to have this. The size is perfect and ample. I have my work & personal PC's and screens on one desk, so I have 2 logitech master mouse's next to each other, the decent size means I can use them next to each other withous issue.
    Bought the MX Keys for the same reason, switching between work and personal PC so I wouldn't have to have 2 keyboards. Have used the usb switch before with mouse and keyboard connected to it (worked fine but hesitates a little bit while switching). Now the keyboard switches in instant , way better. For the same reason I have ordered the Logitech M720 mouse so I can switch them individually with a key. This mouse seemed to be the only one with an easy access to the switch button. amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1
    All those fancy MX Master mice seem to have the device switch button on the bottom. why, I can't understand. and I am not a big fan of the shape anyway, prefer the simple ones.
    Still waiting for the mouse btw as I ordered on amazon for about 28£ but it was out of stock so will get it in about a month or so.
    For now using the MX keys with 1 received and bluetooth, I thought bluetooth won't be great ( not a great experience in the past but those were some cheap bluetooth mice) but it actually work really well, maybe apart from the fact you can't use it for BIOS.
    My plan is to use two unified receivers as mouse should come with one as well.
    So maybe that mouse would work nice for you instead of having to have 2 separate ones..
  13. Avatar
    Got it a while back for 63£ and I'm really happy with it. Nice and quiet which was really important to me. The battery lasts a really decent amount of time with a daily 10h use.
    48327435_1.jpgThe C key started wearing off after a year but all the others are perfect. I'd thoroughly recommend it. (edited)
    I’d hope so for almost £80!
  14. Avatar
    Seems expensive to me
  15. Avatar
    Buy it from John Lewis! Same price, plus other discount codes on the thread.
    My discount code didn’t apply automatically
  16. Avatar
    Is the mini discounted too?
  17. Avatar
    One says wireless c
  18. Avatar
    Mine has been collecting dust for last 2 years. These keyboards are absolutely fantastic with battery life and build quality. These will be discounting often and lower now since the next gen MX Mechanical keyboards have replaced them. (edited)
    I have two MX keys which are great. However fancy trying the MX mechanical but been out of stock on logitech for 6 weeks + now
  19. Avatar
    Really tempted as I have the mx master 3 mouse. But I don’t think I could be bothered recharging a keyboard.

    Can you keep it plugged in/on charge?
    Mine lasts probs around a month or two before charging. Charging is probs around an hour. I also paired it with mx3 and its perfect for work. This can also be had for around £60 in JL. See another post. (edited)
  20. Avatar
    Back to 96 on Amazon. Sadly
  21. Avatar
    Now that JL have sold out. Amazon upped the price
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