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Posted 10 May 2023

MAGNUSSON 21-GCL001 Green Self-Levelling Cross-Line Laser Level & Case - £29.99 with free click and collect from Screwfix

£29.99£54.9945% off
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For DIY and light residential construction jobs. Projects bright horizontal and vertical lines that can be used independently or as a cross, in short to mid-range applications. Working range up to 15m. Features ¼" thread mount for tripod usage. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

15m Working Range Without Receiver
Accurate to ± 0.3mm/m
Generates 2 Lines
Horizontal, Vertical & Cross Lines
IP54 For Indoor & Outdoor Use
ABS Plastic Construction
Screwfix More details at
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  1. durrant27's avatar
    Dumb question – could I use this to hang a mirror on the wall? It requires two exactly level studs or it won’t sit straight.
    wrighty2105's avatar
    If that’s all you’re going to use it for then just use some masking tape. stick it on the back of the mirror where the brackets are, poke the holes with a pencil or something and then take the masking tape off and stick it to the wall and just use a normal spirit level to make sure it’s straight. Then just drill where the holes are on your masking tape
  2. peterbrookes's avatar
    Can anyone recommend this?
    Lime's avatar
    I've just picked it up, the green laser is very bright, seems like it will be a great bit of kit for the money on first impressions
  3. rollin182's avatar
    What does the lock and unlock button do? Instruction book has tiny font size.
  4. Lime's avatar
    Seems like a bargain, I was going to get one from lidl but wanted a green laser so think this will be the one!
    joelr's avatar
    I've got the Lidl one, it's okay but the clamp/mount thing isn't great and it seems to eat batteries - if I didn't have it I'd probably get this instead!
  5. dogsballs's avatar
    handy for tiling?
    steve.cookoqU's avatar
    I'm a tiler and I couldn't live without my laser. Like Hawkeye said perfect for setting out. I use it to quickly mark the heights of bath, windows, door etc on one wall and then if you lay tiles out on floor with spacers and mark grout lines on a long batton you can quickly work out best height to start at. Then set up laser to chosen height and easily mark tiles for cutting. Makes life so much easier. Also great for DIYing.
  6. mikejbry's avatar
    I bought a Bosch laser level for fitting my kitchen last month. Single handedly one of the best purchases I have made.
    I use it for everything DIY now, kitchen base/wall unit leveling, wallpapering, shelving etc.
    Would highly recommend having a laser level in the armory.
    hawkeye01's avatar
    Is yours a 360 one? Trying to imagine what use cases I might have for one, or if it's just better to get something like the one here
  7. Deedie's avatar
    Looks like it's sold out
    HaiderIQ's avatar
    Try today
  8. Citizen.K's avatar
    I assume the self levelling means if you place it on an uneven surface the laser will still be straight? I've never used one of these.
    AnotherOne's avatar
    Within reason, if too far out the pendulum will not be able to travel far enough if anything like my Lidl special.

    That flashes to show not level.
  9. el0nmu5k's avatar
    just broughted it...
  10. dr_mj_99's avatar
    Any recommend tripod for this?
    Dale_fletcher's avatar
    It's standard 1/4" thread so camera tripods will work. Often the light stands for photography are even better as the have a telescopic bit and go to different heights. They normally have 1/4" thread too.
  11. tommytbone1's avatar
    Ordered thanks. Remember that there's a £2.50 bonus with Quidco today
  12. drunk1's avatar
    2% Quidco also, extra 50p off.
  13. Jez407's avatar
    Think I've done the same as others. I have no need for this right now or the immediate future but ordered anyway
  14. JoeLennox's avatar
    It's available again, can you unexpire?
  15. palli's avatar
    Thank you, had a £5 voucher to use too.

    I've already got a Bosch laser (Red) but annoyingly it doesn't work outside unless its dark!
  16. misiokicio's avatar
    thx OP, glad missus is away for few days , i can buy things she won't notice
  17. Lc_Wills's avatar
    I've had this one for a few months, been great for DIY round the house and putting up cupboards etc, be aware you may need a pole for it tho (I bought a webcam pole mount that I attach to random things and adjust)
    Kopter's avatar
    Does it have a magnetic mount?
  18. scotthms's avatar
    Ordered, was looking at this the other day so now the price is right I’ve ordered😁
  19. bresych93's avatar
    Thanks OP. Bargain. Just ordered one.
  20. jumpy123's avatar
    Anyone know the difference between this and say something like this?
    m_undersingh's avatar
    You can buy that one on AliExpress for half the price
  21. jonahj's avatar
    Many thanks for posting
  22. RT1982's avatar
    Thank you. Ordered. Wish I had bought one when I fitted my new kitchen cabinets but either way it will be useful for future projects.
  23. jamie60509's avatar
    Brung, thanks
  24. danieldtaylor's avatar
    Great. Just picked one up
  25. youey18's avatar
    Thanks for posting this, I've ordered one.
  26. billybruiser's avatar
    Just picked this up, seems ok for the price
  27. lonegunman93's avatar
    Bought this one a while back. Is there much difference between the two?

    Deal: Laser Level Green,RockSeed LV1G Cross Laser Level Horizontal and Vertical Points.
    amzn.eu/d/iXSlxgB (edited)
    Diggsy's avatar
    This one is an awful lot more accurate. The one you bought mentions + or - 2mm per 10m, whereas this one is 0.3mm per 10m. Quite the difference.
  28. fishwibbler's avatar
    Quote, "Accurate to ± 0.3mm/m"

    Well, it'll just have to be my rubbish DIY to blame then!

    Heat for the deal, nice one.

    (And I've just ordered it) (edited)
    paulrwarner's avatar
    0.3mm at 10m!!
  29. HappyShopper's avatar
    No need for one now but tempted to get one for future use.

    Decisions, decisions...
    Machoke's avatar
    Same position as you. Decided to buy one. I know it will come of use. Me telling myself not long ago I need to stop buying things I don't necessarily need... What a fool I am. (edited)
  30. Vidster's avatar
    I don't think the Heupar equivilent costs much more than this and those are getting rave reviews on site.
  31. darrenshelly1's avatar
    The hardest ones to hang in a straight line is the ones with different string lengths on the back of the pictures to get straight line - nightmare
    mikejbry's avatar
    Agreed, I found using wire to hang them better, can twist the wire until they all hang the same level
  32. h3dshot's avatar
    Innocent question but what would a DiYer use this for?
    If I was hanging a picture/mirror or equivalent I'd use a spirit level and masking tape. I can't seem to see why this would be better
    whale's avatar
    It may not be "better" than the manual method but it's meant to be faster. For example, I used one to hang 3 pictures on a landing wall recently. I just found the height I needed, clamped it to the step ladder and switched it on - I got a perfectly straight line projected onto the wall and I just had to sort out the distance between the pictures. It was a lot quicker than the manual alternative. If you were just doing a single item(s) infrequently then I wouldn't say it would be worthwhile unless you enjoy gadgets!
  33. Jez407's avatar
    Id say this one. Save £10. and Screwfix are easier to deal with if anything goes wrong
  34. TypicalAsianFindingDeals's avatar
    Heads up, you can get a refurb for £23.99 from Screwfix also

    Edit: Seems like it's sold out everywhere though (edited)
  35. lonegunman93's avatar
    Can someone tell me which is better, this or this:

    Deal: Laser Level Green,RockSeed LV1G Cross Laser Level Horizontal and Vertical Points Rotatable 360 Degree Self Levelling Laser Level with Manual/Self-Leveling Mode IP54 Anti-Splash 1M Shockproof amzn.eu/d/9…2oY
  36. hg09's avatar
    I've been toying with the idea of buying the dewalt green laser for around £150 as I've got a load of diy to do. Is this one comparable in any way for £120 less, or is the dewalt better in the long run?
    ding's avatar
    A bloke i work with has the dewalt, i have the magnusson one, mine was more visable in the daylight working outside, he was pretty peed off (edited)
  37. Euripides's avatar
    Going to install shelving in chimney alcoves to the left and right in the living room with a cabinet at the bottom. Would this be useful for getting them straight and if so, how does it attach to the wall?
    Rhys_Turner's avatar
    The level comes with a bracket that has 2 magnets and a keyhole shaped cutout in it. So you could use the keyhole cutout to hang it on a screw/nail in another wall and direct the laser towards your alcoves. But this requires the screw to be at exactly the right height, so you'll end up putting holes all over you wall. A tripod with 1/4" thread is the best way to hold this level and allow height adjustment.
  38. harrythefish's avatar
    Spent over £100 on a DeWalt laser level 5 years ago, repaid itself to quickly solve a dispute with a builder. Been using it since to hang cupboards etc, and discovered that none of our floors or ceilings are actually level. The trick then is to split the difference.
  39. andl10108's avatar
    Picked this up yesterday and looks good for the price.
  40. RT1982's avatar
    Just picked mine up. 5 year warranty too - very good price for the kit. Thank you for posting.
's avatar