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Posted 2 August 2023

Meaco Desk Fan 1056 Air Circulator White £82.50 / Meaco Pedestal Fan 1056P £112 (free collection)

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Meaco Desk Fan 1056 Air Circulator White £82.50

Award winning super-quiet and energy-efficient fan for use in the home. It is whisper quiet making it the ideal choice to keep you cool throughout the night. It has 12 fan speeds, a 12 hour on and off timer and optional night light. A magnetic remote control is included so you can control the fan without having to move.

Energy efficient DC motor. Quiet Mark & Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested.

  • 12 speed settings.
  • Variable speed.
  • Remote control included.
  • Adjustable tilt.
  • Oscillating.
  • Suitable for freestanding.
  • Size H44.5, W34, D31cm.
  • 1.5m cord length.
  • 24 watts.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
  • Fully assembled.
  • EAN: 5060409600374.

Meaco Pedestal Fan 1056P £112

Based on the award winning MeacoFan 1056, this pedestal fan is ideal to keep you cool during the day and throughout the night. The ultra quiet, height-adjustable pedestal fan has a timer function and 3 unique modes for comfortable cooling. It comes with an easy-to-use remote control which has a maganetic attachement so you never lose it.

Energy efficient DC motor. Quiet Mark & Good Housekeeping Tried and Tested.

  • 12 speed settings.
  • Variable speed.
  • Remote control included.
  • Adjustable tilt.
  • Oscillating.
  • Suitable for freestanding.
  • Size H86, W38, D39cm.
  • 1.5m cord length.
  • 24 watts.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.
  • Fully assembled.
  • EAN: 5060409601203.

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  1. Stesha83's avatar
    These are awesome. Big though.
    Neilmmmm's avatar
    I wondered what all the fuss was about "it's just a fan" but my other half got one and it's impressive, but as you say much bigger than I expected... (edited)
  2. ylssignal's avatar
    Got 2 of these, only downside is like many fans like this they're hard to clean
    DaddyPig's avatar
    There not hard to clean . You take 2 screws out and the back comes off and then you take the middle out and clean with a damp cloth .
  3. Return's avatar
    You can track the state of the British summer by looking at the price of Meaco Fans.
  4. DizzyN's avatar
    Just collected mine a while ago, set it up but it’s got a really strange noise to it when on the 4th setting or lower (where you’d expect it to be near silent), almost like a whine? Unfortunately, will be returning. A shame as I was really looking forward to it compared to my old one! Heat for the price nonetheless.

    Just to add, I got the pedestal version. (edited)
    ukmonkey's avatar
    Mine did the same and I called Meaco, they advised me to run it on full speed for an hour and this solved it 👌
  5. lmolson's avatar
    Awesome fan hardly notice it on number 1 for sleep excellent air flow and efficient.
    MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Thank you and
  6. benbojangles's avatar
    I thought about getting this meaco last week, but I ordered the honeywell turboforce fan instead which was a big mistake as it makes far too much noise to be a bedroom fan it sounds like a propeller plane sat taxiing, so i returned that and got this fan 'acoolir desk fan' amazon.co.uk/dp/…h=1
    I am super pleased with it, it circulates air in the bedroom nicely, is sleep worthy quiet, and was only £20 so I saved a ton over the meaco
    smudger00000000's avatar
    I've just ordered the Acoolir, at £19 it's worth a punt so thank you

    I will be keeping a eye out on the Meaco though as I do fancy one, I suspect it will get a hefty price drop over the winter months considering the awful summer we've had so far, just too rich for my blood at the current price range considering after all it's just a fan at the end of the day.
  7. baggyjim's avatar
    If you use it with the side to side rotate function wait for the annoying click to start after about 6 months of use. Returned 2 due to this fault, use another brand now.
    Sutinku's avatar
    Hi. Which fan are you using now? How does it compare to meaco?
  8. greaterthan25characters's avatar
    The one with a stand is on offer too argos.co.uk/pro…604
  9. timboslicey's avatar
    Meaco in the mud with their overpriced gimmick fans this summer. You love to see it.
    danielwhicks's avatar
    They aren’t a gimmick. Silent DC motor, more airflow than standard fan on low speed. Try it and you won’t be able to use a normal tan again.

    The product sells itself imo. £80 odd quid is a bargain and offers a great nights sleep which imo us worth paying for. (edited)
  10. ferrim's avatar
    Have ordered through complete savings with 10% Cashback and 20% off with a gift card, should work out about £58
    GapsOfTheGod's avatar
    Which cashback site is that, and where are you getting your gift cards with 20% discount please? (edited)
  11. SaymynameSaymyname's avatar
    Is this better than the industry fan from screw fix? (edited)
    Envx's avatar
    Yes mostly because they are whisper quiet so can sleep without being disturbed.
  12. evilgiraf's avatar
    Lowest price I’ve seen for these! Great fans
    BargainBasementBill's avatar
    Yes.. If we would of had some of the heat what they are having in Europe, I'm sure these fans would of been at least 20% or 30% more.

    Maybe I'm just be cynical or getting there as I get older.

    What do manufacturers call the UK ....' Treasure Island'
  13. MrWhit's avatar
    Had one for a couple of years and just purchased another - fab price... Don't forget Quidco or TCB for a bit more discount
  14. SUPERCOOLWILLOW's avatar
    paid this price in the JL sale last year & then got another in the same sale cause i loved it so much
  15. Allgreatdatamate's avatar
    Before I had this I genuinely thought fans were a bit of a master of time. Like a nice little breeze but the sound and space didn't really warrant the output.

    This saved me on those 40°C days last year, genuinely circulates the air. A convert and preacher here now.
  16. YinYang's avatar
    I've had the pedestal version for 14 months. It's great IMO. It has all of the features you could want, it's really quiet, and you only need to undo a couple of screws and a locking nut to be able to remove the blades to clean them.

    I'm not a huge fan of the remote control being round, but that's a minor gripe. it lets you control all of the functions and if you ever lose it or it breaks, Meaco sell them for £15.
  17. ifekas's avatar
    I also bought one last year when JL had them on offer. Although we have a split a/c in the bedroom, if it isn't that hot/humid we use the Meaco to save a few pennies and it is super quiet - I have it by an open window and normally have it on the lowest fan speed and a four hour timer. It really is worth the money
    Neo_Zhelev's avatar
    Love your logic 😁
  18. zombie_unchained's avatar
    Why is this hot?
    Isn't this quite expensive for what it is? Or I am missing something
    DrRocket's avatar
    It's a very good fan, it moves a lot of air for its size, and most importantly it's near silent on the first two or three settings, so brilliant for sleeping. It had good horizontal and vertical movement, a timer function, and remote control.

    I caved last year after reading the reviews and so glad I did.
  19. danjt1984's avatar
    Bought one of these last summer, they're sensational! Heat added.
  20. Master_Yoda's avatar
    I picked up a couple of the Pedestal ones today. Initial impressions are very disappointed - it's nowhere near as good as I was expecting especially given the RRP and how people always go on about these online...

    It's alot shorter than I was expecting aswell and the build quality is really cheap and nasty for the price. It's super light and feels like a cheap toy. It's very quiet on the lowest setting and also when it oscillates which is a positive I guess (but hardly any air being blown on lowest setting) but for me the biggest disappointment is the amount of air it moves on Max. On Max it's absolutely rubbish IMO. I was expecting it to be super powerful...

    I currently use a Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme fan at night in the bedroom (which I ordered from Amazon Italy years ago) and that thing is a million times better than this and way way more powerful which I wasn't expecting. This thing on max is like that on low.

    Just checked something to make sure I'm not imagining this and found even on paper it's rubbish. On Max setting this Meaco 'air circulator' moves only 972 cubic feet of air per min. Just saw that Rowenta fan moves 2,436 cubic feet of air per min... (edited)
  21. McShane's avatar
    This fan is amazing. Got it for £54 when Amazon kept bugging me to create a business account and gave me 50% off.

    Unfortunately my business went under the day after delivery.
    AbuG's avatar
    The price tag must have sent the business under ...
  22. J_Anything's avatar
    Came on here to look for protein powder deals, ordered a fan instead.
    Bully-Maguire's avatar
    Always the whey isn't it.
  23. ChAdOx1's avatar
    Heat added. Shame the weather is so cold now. End of British summer
    Opethian's avatar
  24. royy's avatar
    I'm a big fan of these
    Suede's avatar
    There’s always one!
  25. JoeUk123's avatar
    Love Mine just wish, you could stop it beeping when you change a setting
    Codify's avatar
    Or turn the light off when it is on standby
  26. nathjh's avatar
    Had mine a few days now. Fantastic thing. Almost silent and just very efficient! Looks weird when you put it on fully oscillating but does a great job.
  27. summerof76's avatar
    My son bought one last year and it is great for keeping the room cool. This is a good price and will purchase one for me. Thanks Chanchi
  28. Anonymous_T's avatar
    Its the best fan i have owned, powerful, quiet and moves alot of air. Probably wouldn't bother with the stand version as it doesnt go very high so not worth the extra imo.

    With that said, i did need to suffer in the heat abit last year for me to pull the trigger on a more expensive fan. Given that we might not even get a week of dry weather this summer, let alone hot weather, they might hang around at this price or if lucky go abit lower.
  29. frieqs's avatar
    Brilliant fans. Got one earlier in the summer during the heatwave (remember that??). Is almost silent and somehow very cooling.
    samk06's avatar
    U had heat wave, you’re must be in Gibraltar, UK
  30. moneysavin's avatar
    Excellent fan. Have two already, but at this price ordered another so we have one in each bedroom.

    Hot, hot, hot!
    ChAdOx1's avatar
    Shame weather is cold, cold, cold
  31. rixy's avatar
    Being toying with one of these for months, finally bitten at this price - Thanks Chanchi32
  32. MØ94's avatar
    I see they are desperate. Mine not been turned on it 2 months now.
  33. Liam_D's avatar
    Had mine for over a year now, it's brilliant. The volume of air it moves while still being quiet means it's perfect for leaving on overnight.
  34. garymyliu's avatar
    Got a pedestal one from eBay that was posted on here which was amazing so just bought the desktop one for my new home office.

    Was going to get another pedestal but wife overruled.

    Even better was that I used some works vouchers that we got for xmas last year so this ended up being free!
  35. pupdug's avatar
    Paid £100 for this over 3 years ago after a cheap little Honeywell died after a few months of near constant use in summer, haven't had any issues with it. If I had one complaint it'd be the remote which is a dumb shape so you have to look at it to use it, but other than that it's near perfect. Fantastic airflow, incredibly quiet on low settings, honestly I never even go above 1 out of 12 speed 99% of the time. If it broke I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.
  36. CraigGascoyne's avatar
    These are awesome and a good price, couldn’t recommend it highly enough !
  37. woosterwoo's avatar
    I’ve got both. Both do an amazing job and so quiet.
  38. ulysees321's avatar
    Bought one of these the other week from Costco after hearing or not as the case is, the one they had on demo, brilliant fan, really shifts the air and almost silent on setting 1, also the timer function is very handy. Heat added
  39. sergiup's avatar
    Isn't this out of stock pretty much everywhere now..? Should be expired.
  40. Uncle_Arthur's avatar
    I find the noise of a fan therapeutic and it helps me to sleep at night.
's avatar