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Keeping cool in the height of summer isn't always easy. Offices can become tough places to focus, studying can become impossible, while even enjoying life at home can be hard when the temperature gets too high. However, help is at hand. Anyone who can't stand the heat can find cheap fan deals at the hotukdeals fan listings. Read more
Portable Air Cooler Fan with Remote Control Ice Cold Cooling Conditioner Unit. £47.99 with code on eBay / thinkprice
26/05/2022Expires on 26/05/2022Posted 8 h, 17 m agoPosted 8 h, 17 m ago
Use code CROWN20 for this price
Avatar 3344

I have a second hand older "Goodmans" version. works ok, never noticed any extra cooling from the ice/water reservoir. Good fan though. mine is no substitute for a proper air con unit. but at that price I don't expect miracles:)


I have the water cooler that you put the 3 litres of water and ice packs in and thats really good! .. this idk. Doesnt look amazing. That was around £70


They look like they might be alright for a caravan


How are these?


Damn it! I knew they would bring an upgraded model out just after I bought it

MeacoFan 10in Air Circulator Fan with Remote Control £89.98 (Members Only) @ Costco
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
The multi award winning Meaco 10in Air Circulator is a thing of beauty and the fan you have been hoping for. It combines market leading DC technology with a large airflow, giving you the bes…
Avatar LesliePeanut
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My sleep has improved massively since this purchase. Great when Zwifting as well


In agreement with most of the other posts. I have this and it is amazing. Not the cheapest, but is silent on low settings and there are lots of options. I do think it is quite a chunky fan and took up more space than I expected. The fan isn't perfect, the beeps that the buttons make when pressed are rather loud and remote is a bit hit and miss. Would I buy it again? Certainly! Best fan I have ever owned.


I agree that the dual oscillation (sideways and vertically at the same time) and quiet running make these amazing. John Lewis has its own brand pedestal version (Spectrum Circulator) that does similar and is also very quiet for £75. Their smaller USB desk fan also works incredibly well for around £21 but only moves side to side.


I love mine. In summer time I put it on just to feel a gentle breeze while doing other things or sleeping, even though it wasn't that hot. I bought it from the main site meaco with a storage bag included and better warranty for a little bit more. I was a little bit uneasy in the beginning about paying so much for a fan, but finally I was very happy with my purchase.


Getting invalid code…

Challenge Mini White Tower Fan £9 (Free Collection - Very Limited Stock) @Argos
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th MayLocalLocal
About this productStay cool and comfortable on the warmest summer days with this mini tower fan. Choose between 3 spin speeds with the easy-to-use control dial. And with an integrated oscill…

None anywhere in South Birmingham area.


Whoever lives near there good luck as this place is too far from me


OOS near me


not worth a socket


Perfect for my gerbils

VOXON Rechargeable Fan, 8 Inch USB Desk Fan 4000mAh Handheld Battery Fan £19.79 with voucher Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Mypontustore
31/05/2022Expires on 31/05/2022Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
VOXON Rechargeable Fan, 8 Inch USB Desk Fan 4000mAh Handheld Battery Fan, was £29.99, with 34% off coupon
Avatar ysssuper
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Thanks, I tried one Amazon representative who just didn't want to know, said if code isn't on the site it doesn't exist (confused) and when I gave them video link they said they can't get Youtube, so I smell (poo) there. Never mind, will keep trying different agents as this looks like an amazing fan for under £14....


The code is at the bottom in the commentsThat's from my order history. Surely I wasn't luck enough to find and use a one time discount code?


Didn't work for me. Could you link the video please, might be able to get Amazon to do it manually for me if I can give evidence the code exists...


Didn’t work for :(


The power used by these things is negligible.

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Dimplex Xpelair Cooling Desk Fan White, XP360CF £48.99 (Membership Required) @ Costco
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Compact, yet packing a powerful punch with its high-velocity motor, the Xpelair 360° fan is the easiest way to cool you down on a hot day. Easy to move and position where you need it most, …
Avatar LesliePeanut
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Sorry, got a bit busy. It is certainly very quiet unless you go past 60% at which point the sound of the air being pushed around is obvious. The difference from the other fans I have is that it has very little motor noise. The sort of background drone you get with fans is not present with this. Is it worth £85? Depends on your priorities. I am probably going to get the floor standing version of the Meaco for the bedroom.


I’ve got both and this one is fine for daytime but it doesn’t compare to the Meaco in terms of noise and efficiency, which is extremely good at cooling you down and very quiet on high power too. That said, I really liked the Dimplex until I got the Meaco. I now use the dimplex in the living room and Meaco in the bedroom before getting the big guns (air con) out in the hot heat. Meaco is better and worth the extra and the oscillating up and down feature as well as oscillating right to left is brilliant to cool a room.


Have one of these, I'm surprised at the comments about it being quiet - I actually find it pretty noisy on anything but the lowest setting. Another annoying feature is that it can't be tilted down at all - only straight ahead or up. Not much use if you're putting on a shelf. Other than that it's decent and the remote is handy. Think we've had ours a couple of years, it's got hundreds and hundreds of hours on it. We leave it on overnight pretty much half the year.


so what you think about your new Meaco? is it worth the £100?


I don't know about this specifically, but I purchased 3 Dimplex tower fans from costco around 4 years ago. One died after 2 years but the other 2 are still going strong. The tower fan had a 3 year warranty so it was replaced by the manufacturer with relative ease. As a brand they seem to be reasonable. I picked up a Meaco table fan from Costco today, will see what the fuss is all about in a bit.

MeacoFan 1056P Air Circulator Pedestal Fan £132.01 with code at Energybulbs
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
5% off code with sign up to news letter, brings down to £132.00, good if you don't have a CostCo membership and want to purchase, have attached the code I was sent.
Avatar PopularFruitReferee

Thanks @PopularFruitReferee for taking the time to post and share your first deal with us :)


It's not a ford fiesta. It's a fan with a remote and has multiple functions including auto timer, variations of type of air circulation, and it has variable strengths of forced air. I'm sure it has. It's a fan on a stand. It doesn't do anything other than what every other ' air circulator' does. 'air circulator' reminds me of the marketing of margarine .. 'plant butter'.


Good price, typically around £150-160. Great for those that have done their research and have their eye on this. Pay no attention to those comparing this to a £25 basic fan, offering no factual or useful information


All electricals (unless stated) from costco come with 5 year guarantee


Neither, yeah the CostCo has 5yr warranty, this has 3yr - but cmon not everyone wants to shell out for a CostCo membership for 1 item.