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You can get the Bitfenix Formula gold for around the same price which is a better PSU as the G3 range has a known problem with protections, although the formula isn't modular which could be a problem for some if you have a case without a PSU shroud.


still too much, lowest price on amazon was £78


Is the Power ON self tester the same as connecting the Green and Black terminals together on the connector?

Corsair CP-9020074-UK HX1000i 1000 W 80 Plus Platinum Cert 140 mm Fan Thermally Controlled Power Supply Unit Black £139.98 Amazon Prime excl
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
I don't know how well this deal will go down as I know most people don't need anywhere near 1000W, but Amazon currently have the HX1000i cheaper than the HX850i. Almost the cheapes… Read more

this is digital though.


also EVGA G3 1000W can be had for £126

2000W Fan Heater White £9.98 @ Ebuyer FREE delivery
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Fan heater 220-240V/50HZ BS plug. 2 Heating setting:1000/2000W. Cool/Warm/Hot wind. Adjustable room thermostat. Overheat protection. Electrical power indicator light.
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Try B&M then as that deal is still ongoing


Maybe true for you but the to me is over an hour away so not really worth it. ;)


Hardly a problem in most of UK and easier returns.


C+C only


Half this price in office outlet same product rebadged

Zotac GAMING GeForce GTX 1660 Twin Fan 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card £202.52 @ Ebuyer
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Best Pre-order price I've seen on this card. Twin fan design as well.
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If you want the hassle of selling the games then surely you'd be better with a Sapphire RX590 8GB at £219, selling the three game deal for £45/50 (easiest method + typical going rate for AMD deal if doing it as a bundle*) and getting a comparable card, albeit using 30-50% more power, for £170/180. Plus you can get a nice little OC out of this card without much issue. * Selling the games individually is a lot more effort now as you have to link Steam accounts to the reward site. Edit - AMD owner here (highfive)


No, only 15% performance increase for 33% cost increase, for £150 rx 580 4gb is still best bang for buck not to mention the free games. If you can get £50 for the games then the rx580 is half the price 15% less performance


Thanks, didn't know that. I honestly find that so strange of a decision to make


In a statement they said it was to show it was closer to the 2060 then the 1060 as it uses Turing architecture


How come they called this 1660 as opposed to 1160?

Thermaltake V200 RGB Tempered Glass Case + 550W 80 PLUS PSU + 3 TT RGB Fans £75.98 Scan (+£4.78 c&c / £11.50 p&p)
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Thermaltake V200 RGB looks like a good deal to me :-) ✅ Tempered glass ✅ Including 550w PSU ✅ Including 3 x RGB fans ✅ PSU cover Thermaltake V200… Read more

I have one of these and it is a good case for the price ( I paid £69.99 for the same bundle last year on a TO), however I would hardly describe the front intake as 'expertly cooled' considering the front of the case is all plastic and the side intake is small and doesn't really seem to allow much airflow, I would personally prefer having a mesh front for better airflow. Whilst the picture shows you can fit a radiator to the front - it seems like a bad idea as your going to end up blowing warm air into the case (towards the GPU...), it is also possible to fit one to the top, memory heat-sinks (or lack of preferably) permitting - I ended up chopping the corners off the fans on mine because of my RAM but it makes a lot more sense to blow the air out the top where there is good airflow (and a mesh filter).


Yeah and twice the price. The v200 is a great case for the money. I got one without the psu for £50 a few months ago. The design helps you easily hide all those cables etc and the psu itself is firewalled keeping heat away from rest of system.


You know what, bragging rights approved!


Thermaltake P5 is nicer ;)


The case is very nice. Got one for my lad's first build at christmas (AMD 2200g) . Looks a lot more expensive that it is. The even nicer thing is that the psu is already installed , along with the fans and controller. Made the build even easier :) It was just under £70 after Christmas - but hasn;t been that low again. Great value.

Parkside electric Fan Heater HALF PRICE £19.99 LIDL instore
LocalLocalFound 11th MarFound 11th Mar
There are a limited number of parkside electric fan heaters at Lidl in Gloucester. Currently marked down to £19.99 Powerful electric fan for fast heating, drying or airing of ro… Read more

I don't like sports and wouldn't describe myself as a "fan". Is this still suitable for heating me up?


+1 for Aldi one. Toes are the main reason to have this in my house.


They both have a heat output of around 2000 or 2500 watts. Ones going to be useless if trying to listen to the tv at the same time though


Not sure the parkside heater would be much good at keeping your toes warm! ;)


Nice find. ALDI have one that takes up less space/ stores easier but with a similar heat output also

VonHaus 3 Blade Stove Fan Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner  £12.74 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) Sold by DOMU UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Amazon Lightning deal HEAT POWERED STOVE FAN - increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove oven or wood/ log burner to generate warmth economically ECO-FRIENDLY … Read more

Have purchased. Thanks OP!




Very good fan. So good i just bought another!!


Awesome price.

GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING 6GB GDDR5, DX12  (Single Fan) £162.70 Del @ Amazon France
Shipping from FranceShipping from FranceFound 9th MarFound 9th Mar
This is my first deal so please be understanding :) I found a good offer on the French Amazon. EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support … Read more
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Hi If the price change has only been a minor change from what it was when you posted that would be fine; however a £12+ price increase is quite a difference from the price it was, that gained all the heat, when you posted it. I have edited it back to the price it was when you originally posted this deal.


What FPS do you get on GTA V max/high settings?


Yes you are right. I changed price.


To clarify as others speculated - it plays all games that I enjoy at max/high settings at 1080p, like BF1, GTA V and Overwatch. I honestly didn’t intend to annoy anyone or my choice of words to be taken so literally, was just excited to recommend this card from my personal experience with it. I’ll now return to lurk mode :x



2000W Oscillating Fan Heater £12.99 @ VonHaus
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Timer, remote, swing, and remote control Cool 1kw 2wk Thermostat temperature set
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Thanks OP been wanting one of these for a while and was waiting for the price to come down. Snapped their hand off at this price! Free delivery too HEAT!!!


Thats a great price. You sure cant find anything like this for this price. Super hot while it lasts


Good price! Thanks OP!


Ordered, thanks @TwoPanda_Men


I have one. I can say it's good quality. Comes with the remote. I wouldn't use this as a main heater it will cost alot. It's a bargain for that price.

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Beldray 2000W Fan Heater £5 instore @ B&M
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
In-store B&M Wallsend Beldray Fan Heater 2000W Also 3000W for £6
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Mine caught on fire after switching on for 30 seconds, few years old, different brand but same design, it's a regular occurrence


Use the switch on the plug socket ;)


Be careful with these. I returned mine as it had a dodgy thermostat. Wouldn't switch itself off.




£4.99 at Office Outlet, every penny counts!

Bedray Fan Heaters - Half Price - £6 Instore @ B&M (Plymouth)
LocalLocalFound 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
50% off beldray fan heaters at b&m stores transit way Plymouth. Dont know if national. £12.00 down to £6.00 3000w
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You beat me to it! I saw the post for heaters @ Latifs and it reminded me of the reduced items in my local B&M (Newtownabbey). The whole heater range has been reduced (but not by 50%!). The log effect stove was £29.99 now £20 as an example. The 2kW fan heater was £7.99, now £5... Heat added for the heads up btw! (y)


Never sit next to these. They'll dry your eyes.


Around 35p an hour on 2kw setting. Pretty good for hearing bedroom up for 20 mins before bed or to kick heat in while heating gets hot enough on a morning. Not ideal long term use of course.


Seems like they felt human emotions to help out in the last set of cold wave :/


If you have a smart meter you can see expensive these are

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooling Fan, £22.99 from Amazon
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
4 Heat Pipes Continuous Direct Contact Technology Aluminium Fins. Fan dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm 1 x 120mm PWM Fan 120 x 80 x 159 mm

I bought the red LED version a while ago and had no problems since with my unclocked clockable i7-7700K. Would buy it again.


From the first reply to my original post I would say nothing, I'm wrong. I thought that it was for older AM3/AM3+ [And Intel] boards but it's obviously good for newer chips too. Just for the record though this is what I replaced it with, which can be fitted without having to remove the motherboard.


No I have no cutout in my case, so to have fitted it would have meant unhooking everything, removing the cables, removing the board from the case, fitting the bracket then plugging the expansion boards and cable back in before bolting it all back into place again. I have a big old case with 7 or 8 HDDs, three or four expansion boards, cables all over half of which I can't remember what they're for. No it's not that big a deal and for a new build I wouldn't hesitate, it was just more than I could be bothered with for my existing setup.


Many would argue is the best choice for a budget CPU cooler. I personally find that X shaped bracket thing to be an annoyance when fitting but I wouldn't say it's a mission. Depending on your PC case there may be a cutout on the side panel that exposes the underside of the motherboard which should make installing the backplate a lot easier.


I had this cooler for years and it's great, the mounting was a pain admittedly but performance is great for the money. Noctua's mounting is substantially easier but if you're looking for a budget option then this is great.

VonHaus 3 Blade Stove Fan – Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan Sold by DOMU UK and Fulfilled by Amazon £12.71 Prime / £17.20 non Prime
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
VonHaus 3 Blade Stove Fan – Silent, Heat Powered Wood/Log Burner Fan - Eco Friendly Heat Circulation for Fireplaces Previous best price a few weeks ago £14.99

I have this, bought in November 17 for £24.99. Just bought another, had no issues and it does the job well of circulating the heat.


Bought one of these the other week for £14.99.I was sceptical as to their worth but they actually do push the heat into the room and for £12.71 you cant really go wrong !


I bought one to these for my gas stove (same style as a wood burner). The thermostat showed that this helped the room to be about 1.5 ° warmer than it would get before we has it. Not much but still a good result for something that costs this!


When ours is turning you can feel the air being circulated if the fan is pointed in your direction


My parents have one of these. Can't say it makes much of a difference tbh, and theirs cost a lot more than this one. YMMV I guess?

ESSENTIALS C20FHW18 Portable Hot & Cool Fan Heater - White for £7.99 Delivered @ Currys
Refreshed 3rd MarRefreshed 3rd Mar
Keep your room at a comfortable temperature with the Essentials C20FHW18 Portable Hot & Cool Fan Heater . You can use the fan to cool things down, or enjoy a bit of warmth whe… Read more

Who the hell has heating on full blast 24 hours a day?


Ordered for back up or emergencies. Thanks.


7p?... this site does tickle me ! (lol)


So no more cold nights for a year


I bought this... But no idea why

Upright oscillating Fan Heater £10 instore @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Picked this up in-store from Wakefield Sainsbury's. It's reduced from £25.00 to £10 and not many left. Maybe other stores will have some in your area. It's 2.4 KW and has an oscil… Read more

Wow, never realised leccy cost 4x more than gas kWh. That's crazy! I need a gas fan heater fast!!


Fan heaters are nearly 100% efficient at converting electrical energy to heat energy (i.e. is converting a little bit to mechanical energy) Infrared heaters are no more efficient than convector heaters. They are better at warming the human body via radiant heat but not especially good for heating the air in a room. If you're sat in one place with an infrared source directly in front of you or above you then they are feasible, e.g. a static workplace situation. I don't think they are ideal to heat a home. Energy saving lights and vacuum cleaners are energy saving because they DON'T generate as much heat as older technologies Heat pumps e.g. reverse cycle air conditioners, heat pump dryers or ground source heat pumps are more than 100% efficient because the electricity used is used to pump latent heat to where it's needed. Biggest problem with leccy is it's about 4 times as expensive as natural gas per kWh.


Why has this come up in my keyword searches? Hotukdeals your updates for keywords are broke.


All this low power is due to the Global Warming Scam that's trying to rake in more money for the government, but don't get me started on that. Grrrrr I wonder if Nikola Tesla did invent free energy that was never revealed to us :/


Look at infrared heaters. Low running costs.

2200W Turbo Fan Glass Panel Heater - £9.99 delivered with 2 year warranty @ Vonhaus
Refreshed 21st FebRefreshed 21st Feb
A powerful and compact freestanding glass panel heater with a fast-heating wire element that delivers warmth on-demand Two heat settings – 1100W or 2200W – with variable thermosta… Read more

Hi there , Could somebody registered for 2 years of warranty please? If yes, how ? Because my one does not want to allow to do it. thx for help. - :/


Excellent but who or what company delivered it,I am apprehensive on this issue what with the likes of Hermes and Yodel waiting to pounce on my Parcel.! :{


Yes. Did mark it as expired this morning but it’s still not been expired


has this offer expired?


Received mine today, clearly a repackaged/refurbished item, when I first switched it on it gave off a burning smell and set my smoke alarm off but I assume this was just dust burning off as it is ok now, looks nice, kicks out the heat and at a tenner delivered with a 2 year warranty it's a no-brainer.

2000W Oscillating Fan Heater with Remote Control for £12.99 delivered @ Vonhaus (+2 Years Warranty)
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
Keep warm with this smart looking oscillating ceramic fan. Free delivery and 2 years warranty. £39.99 last year. Was £32.99 and now £12.99 (y) 2000W PTC oscillating he… Read more
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Lidl and Aldi sell heaters with remote. But my last one from Lidl broke down after one month use and other half already got rid of box and receipt so could return it and get money back. The moving mechanism is very fragile in these things. Better is to get a air conditioner with both heating and cooling functions(Reverse Cycle) . Much more reliable and better working if you can properly seal the room.


Is it not ? Oh crap, I’ve been thinking that for years (lol) (lol) (lol)


Voted hot. But winter is nearly gone, so it will be for next year


I always think Fan Heater is a 2in1 and has both a fan for the hot weather then a heater for the winter. I might be wrong but what do you call that and where can I get one from with remote control


XD I know how you feel (fierce)

VonHaus 4 Blade Stove Fan and Temperature Gauge £19.99 ebay /  domu-uk
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
VonHaus 4 Blade Stove Fan Eco Heat Powered Wood Log Burning Fire Burner 50 - 350°C - Magnetic Temperature Gauge Included • HEAT POWERED STOVE FAN – economically increases the eff… Read more
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its a wood burning stove fan to circulate the heat better


What is it?


I bought a similar one (2 blade) for my gas stove, wasn't sure if it would work with gas as it doesn't get as hot but it dose and is pretty good


I put a USB fan on my woodburner but I couldn't find a port to plug it in, then it melted, so I bought a peltier fan. Starts real quick and the room warms up in 25 minutes rather than an hour.



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