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Posted 21 July 2023

Microsoft Official Xbox Series X/S Wireless Headset (Xbox Series X)

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Game loud and clear with the Xbox Wireless Headset, surround yourself with spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X. Auto-mute and voice isolation reduce background noise and allow for crystal-clear chat. The flexible, lightweight design with an adjustable headband makes for a more comfortable experience during extended play sessions while rotating earcup dials provide a quick and intuitive way to adjust volume and game/chat balance. Fine-tune your headset with the Xbox Accessories app for a customised audio experience. Pair directly to your console with Xbox Wireless radio without the need for dongles, cables, or a base station, and connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth® for on-the-go music or chat.
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  1. Propaganda_Panda_'s avatar
    Ive had this headset since launch. Highly recommended.

    Sound is very decent for the price, but the stand out features for me are:

    1. Two Rotating earcups for volume & teamchat fade.

    2. Simultaneous Wireless & Bluetooth. Meaning you can connect to your xbox & mobile phone at the same time (edited)
  2. BradShort's avatar
    Can someone with these and a PC with MS dongle confirm or not that the chat mix works out is it phone and pc mix that is controlled
    Ar3YouOnEmail's avatar
    On PC with an official dongle on Windows 10, for me, the chat mix controller does nothing at all.
    On my xbox it works fine as expected. (edited)
  3. EMHUKD's avatar
    Does the microphone retract into the headset or is it always poking out.
    tallman43's avatar
    It bends back towards the headset. I would personally not recommend these because the microphone is prone to breaking.Search Google for the problem loads of same issues.
  4. a-d-e's avatar
    Great price... Would love this but spent waaaaaay to much this month thanks to hukd 😩
    aLV426's avatar
    same - I was going to get it my MS reward points, however they won;t let me redeem them!
  5. Rone's avatar
    Perfect timing, ordered. Seems like a great price judging by previous deals, and the reviews look great.

  6. CRWAB's avatar
    Would reccommend getting the Dolby addon for Xbox with these - makes a diff.
    Also check online, someones found a nice EQ setting for them also.

    Really nice headset actually once set up, but audiophiles will moan anyway!
    Rone's avatar
    Whats the dolby addon? Not to sound potentially clueless lol
  7. EMHUKD's avatar
    The RRP seems to be £79.95 for anyone else wondering.
  8. mattlong37051's avatar
    Already have it but have some heat for the price
  9. wipeout1319's avatar
    great headset
  10. shasnir's avatar
    Good price.
  11. Mr_Troy's avatar
    The quality of these isn't good enough IMO. Had mine 2 years, but barely used them, they go on and off my head, aren't thrown around and they cracked on both sides of the plastic which retracts up and down.

    Quality of sound is really good though (edited)
    royals's avatar
    Agreed it’s the mic boom housing that’s poorly made . Mine last 1.5 months , despite being careful with them . Common issue . Got a free replacement though. They are decent headsets thouhhb
  12. Monkeigh's avatar
    Great price. Sound is good and connection to Xbox or phone is seamless.
    Monkeigh's avatar
    Liked it so much I bought a second one so I can use one and charge the other
  13. tallman43's avatar
    I had these and there are lots to like about them. Problem I had was after about a year the microphone housing developed a crack then snapped.

    I had looked after them kept them next to tv never sat on them by mistake was always careful. I thought or must be just bad luck then when I started investigating I found out many many people had the same problem and breakage in the same area.

    Then I found out that microsoft was aware of the problem but has done nothing about it. Even microsoft’s own forums and loads of people complaining about the issue.

    Its entirely up to you what you buy but I would seriously look up the microphone issue before buying don’t take my word for it do a little research you might save yourselves some money.
    JustAPye's avatar
    Mine cracked a couple months ago and the microphone now hangs down, thought I was just heavy handed or something!
  14. nickname_esco's avatar
    How comfortable are these after long gaming sessions? (edited)
    jayuk666's avatar
    Had mine on for 3 hours. Forgot they were on almost. Light headset.
  15. AJtheCabbage's avatar
    How loud do these go for team chat? I have hearing loss and always found the wired Xbox One ones too quiet
  16. Rone's avatar
    Ordered yesterday morning, came today with standard delivery (free) 😁 (edited)
's avatar