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Posted 29 January 2023

Middle Earth Vanilla Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray) £64.89 delivered @ Amazon Italy

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Middle-earth fans will have the chance to relive award-winning director PETER JACKSON's entire film collection. Contains the cinematic and extended versions of the 6 films: - The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King - The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey - The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug - The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies
30 disc set
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  1. cameron.carter's avatar
    On a serious note, why on Earth would you want to own The Hobbit trilogy. Just buy the LOTR trilogy on its own and save yourself a bit of money.
    djjinx1's avatar
    Went the cinema for all 3 and love them. Not on the scale of LOTR but still great movies imo
  2. djeyewater's avatar
    Presume this is only any good if you understand Italian? As it just lists:
    • Doppiaggio: ‏ : ‎ Italiano
    No mention of English.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    Nah, I bought it. It plays just the same but Aragorn inexplicably makes the 🤌 gesture every few minutes. (edited)
  3. cameron.carter's avatar
    But I wanted the chocolate edition.
  4. leeuk321's avatar
    This seems like an incredible price, compared to the £179.99 UK price for the Ultimate Collectors Set. I've got the LOTR 4K theatrical / extended steelbook boxset, LOTR extended blu-ray box set, LOTR theatrical on individual blu-rays, and The Hobbit trilogy theatrical blu-ray releases.

    I mean, I could get £120 trade-in from CEX for the above stuff, buy this set, be ahead £55 (so to speak), but also additionally have The Hobbit trilogy on extended blu-ray, 4K extended blu-ray, and 4K theatrical; as well as having remastered versions of LOTR blu-rays as well.

    The only thing holding me back is that I absolutely love the steelbook, it's simply gorgeous, and I think it'd hurt my soul a little to hand it over.

    Also, this set seems to have some bad reviews about playback, but I haven't looked too much into it. (edited)
  5. moremoney4beer's avatar
    A few comments that “The Desolation of Smaug” doesn’t play..
    Stephen_Ensell's avatar
    Had a quick look for this issue online, looks like its PS5 issue, and necessarily a disc issue. The main issues appear to be the Italian audio.…se/
  6. paulandfrodo's avatar
    Good price for a great set of films. I’ve also got the extended edition of the films and they do add a lot of things and make it a more complete experience.
  7. leeuk321's avatar
    Is this "vanilla" set identical to the Middle Earth Ultimate Collector's Set, except without the fancy packaging, booklets etc? I can't actually find any proper reviews of the vanilla set, such as from AV sites, so I'm just assuming that the discs are the same?
  8. Lord.vader's avatar
    I bought the two separate for about £75 total so this is an excellent price . Mine were from Amazon Italy as well and had no issue with discs not playing
  9. hanbidder's avatar
    Worse picture quality than the old Blurays, search on Youtube for 'LOTR 4k DNR'. The old Blurays have more picture detail believe it or not.
    Magyalmar's avatar
    Check by yourself, it's not true at all, even though DNR is annoying in a handful of scenes. (edited)
  10. Mark_Blakeosh's avatar
    you want to watch out incase this only has the normal versions of the movies
  11. noddle36's avatar
    Is it worth getting Middle Earth Remastered Versions as I already have Middle Earth Extended Edition?
  12. 5Rivers79's avatar
    Does it have English subs?
  13. corradoboy's avatar
    This has just gone back down in price if anyone is interested. €69.99 (72.80 with P&P), which came in as £66.29 GBP.
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