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If the 1980s were the era of the VHS video, the 1990s were the age of the CD and the 2000s saw the DVD come into its own, recent years have seen Blu-ray DVDs become the gold standard for storing television and cinema. With their high quality visuals, Blu-ray discs offer crystal-clear images for today's widescreen HD TVs, and buyers can find a wide range on offer from the merchants at HotUKDeals.Although they look just like CDs and conventional DVDs, Blu-ray discs have upped the ante for home Read more
Hulk (2003) - 4K Ultra HD Steelbook (with 2D Blu-ray) £18.99 + £1.99 delivery / £16.71 using code and Red Carpet membership @ Zavvi
Posted 13 h, 29 m agoPosted 13 h, 29 m ago
Grab Hulk 2003 limited edition 4k steelbook with art cards and slip cover for £16.71 in free delivery using Red Carpet membership and code gives you 12% off Hulk (2003) 4K Steel… Read more

I don't collect for any kinda value or selling on at a later date i just enjoy them and enjoy collecting my son also likes movies so they will eventually be passed on to him and he will no doubt appreciate them and add them to his collection too (y)


If collecting these floats your boat, then great. But having seen my sizeable DVD collection take over several bookcases and depreciate in value faster than a car (as well as 90% of it now being on Netflix on Prime) I'm sticking with digital formats from now on.


I have no idea what your talking about? (confused) (y) (lol) (lol)


+ 4 art cards :{ XD


Cant believe people are still happy to cough this much up for a metal case. And for an 18 year old, average movie.

Game Of Thrones: Seasons 1-8 4K Ultra HD [2019] [Region Free] [Blu-ray] - £159.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14 h, 9 m agoPosted 14 h, 9 m ago
Not for everyone but some may still want this in 4k yes i know season 8 blah blah but then it wouldn't be a complete box set without it (y) Based on the series of books "A Song O… Read more

Worth it for the majority of the series. Such a shame it went from long game devious backstabbing and scheming, to whatever they could throw SFX money at that week.


Only here for the season 8 comments. 8)


Tbh, I watched the first 4ish in bits over a long time and then stormed through 567 so I can’t remember. But 7 definitely wasn’t as bad as 8 (lol)




I’d say they’re chill. You both have valid points about season 8 being crap/coasters however you voted :D

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [4KUHD] [Blu-ray] - £20.42 @ Amazon
Posted 20 h, 44 m agoPosted 20 h, 44 m ago
Looks like free shipping on this one as well from Amazon US. This has only been out for about 6 weeks and was running for about £36 with UK delivery. This is a new Kino Lorber tra… Read more

Many thanks for sharing this. I've bought it straight away. The bluray looks truly awful. For those with a multiregion bluray player check out KL signature edition of Johnny Guitar on bluray. Its a full restoration and looks magnificent. Incidentally, KL are releasing Elmer Gantry and Harvey later this year on 4k bluray. They are USA only releases too.


Yes, recently. When I bought Mad Max not so long ago Kino Lorber were not shipping to the UK, i don’t think it was available on Amazon UK either and I ended up ordering from wowHD, who to be fair I have always found very reliable if not the cheapest. Enthusiasts plugging them on sites like this are the reason these releases are known about.


How so? Amazon sells Kino discs. The uk store has been getting some excellent US offers in lately.


Their other films would sell well if they spent a bit of money on marketing and distribution! I’m still amazed that this is on Amazon


One of the best films I've ever watched

Ghost in the Shell (4k blu ray) - £11.82 (+£2.99 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Looks like this is an import from Amazon US but has allowed me to place an order for UK delivery with free shipping. Not seen this below £17 + delivery

Ordered the very same item a few weeks back and it isn't a steelbook. I can confirm Blu-ray region locked and UHD disc plays on my PS5 ok. Also no import taxes/duties.


The pro reviews are fairly consistent. There's a few questions about the channel separation on the Atmos track


Reviews seem fairly average of the transfer..


The UHD disc is but the Blu-ray is region locked.


Good price. I paid around 14 quid a few months ago from WowHD (so it has been below 17 quid). Handy tip, you can remove that ghastly sticker from the slip if you're careful. Hot!

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