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Mission: Impossible - The 6-movie Collection (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Bonus Disc) - £36.79 using code @ Zoom / Ebay
02/06/2020Expires on 02/06/2020Posted 20 h, 12 m agoPosted 20 h, 12 m ago
Catch up on all 6 Mission: Impossible films with the 6-movie collection.Also includes a bonus disc packed with unseen special features. Goes for £60-£100 on eBay

Wallet lighterment...


Just a heads up so you dont fall for the same truck I did. The bonus disc in this collection starts as an interview with Tom Cruise about the movies, then a few minutes in when you are relaxed, he turns to the camera and start talking about the benefits of scientology. I was caught off guard and now I'm leaving my wife to fund as $10k a month premium enlightenment package.


Shame they didn't match voucher price (skeptical)


Amazon have price matched (y)


Cracking deal ordered mine earlier

LG 43UM7400PLB 43" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV + 2 x Free 4K Blu-ray Films (worth £30) - £289 Delivered @ PRC Direct
Posted 21 h, 44 m agoPosted 21 h, 44 m ago
Good price with those 2 x Free 4K Blu-ray Films (worth £30) Live in Wonder with LG AI TV LG AI TV expands your TV viewing experience with both Google Assistant and Alexa. Press an… Read more

Thanks. I found 500gb hdd and plugged it in. Shows pics in videos ok. Got it to record a channel that was on bug nog from tv guide. Its a start though.


Yes, need to be 128GB + if I remember correctly. Any old thing will do, an old harddrive (2.5") in a case sort of thing. it not a PVR standard / Media centre thing. it's basic but works. Seems to have gained the ability to pause now too, that never used to work.


if you want the magic remote and need 4 HDMI ports, then yes. if you want 3 HDMI ports and the remote the 7450/7500 series will Dom Screen wise, processor etc they are the same. or you just prefer the nice silver bezel and the stand.


Can these tv record with external hdd. If so any recommendations


The quality of the picture on this tv is horrendous it was worse than my five year old Samsung 4K 40 inch. The picture was not bright enough it was washed out and dull looking. The picture is even more horrendous on non Sky Q HD channels. I sent it back and got a Samsung 43 Inch 4K UE43RU7100KXXU from Argos and it is fantastic for £329. The picture is excellent on the Samsung. My old Samsung Tv still worked and looked great I just upgraded to use my Bluetooth headphones. I will not be buying an LG tv at this price point in a hurry again.

Pitch Black 4k £21.99 @ Zavvi
Posted 23 h, 2 m agoPosted 23 h, 2 m ago
I know it's not a great deal. But I just wanted fans to know this is coming in august. Just got announced yesterday.
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Had no idea this was coming out! excellent, love this movie too! Wonder how the transfer will be? Arrow usually do a fantastic job. (y)


Thank you :)


True but that bluray has the extras and the 4k is usually just the movie. This has everything on the 4K disc. Even has the animated movie on it.


Hmv. 22 quid delivered.


I’m probably wrong then lol I’ve only ever seen them in separate Arrow sales. Even in HMV they have their own section. I’m probably wrong though lol.

Lg 55SM8500PLA 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart - NanoCell technology, Dolby Vision & Atmos + 5 Year Warranty + 2x 4K Blu-ray Films £549 @ PRC
285° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Good Price for this nanocell technology TV... (y) NanoCell TV, The Best LED TV from LG NanoCell TV is LG's most advanced LED TV that delivers superior picture quality with enh… Read more

Showing at £620 now. Is there a code to get it to £549


how does this have atmos?


Apur, you can adjust your op if you like, it's £50 cheaper at RGB, though only 12 month warranty, some may prefer the extra warranty and 4k https://www.rgbdirect.co.uk/Products/Television/LED-TV/LG/55SM8500PLA


Price has dropped on this model (y)


Best price it’s been by quite a chunk, with the discs too!

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The Incredible Hulk (4K UHD) [Blu-ray] £9.99 (Prime) + £2.99 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
All-action Marvel Comics blockbuster in which scientist Dr.Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) searches for the cure to his life-transforming alter-ego. Scouring the globe, searching for … Read more

I've loved all the Hulk movies so far. I was especially surprised at how good this one was. Ruffalo knocked it out of the park but Norton brought a whole new level to the Hulk.


Unfortunately Universal have the distribution rights for a Hulk movie but not if he is part of a team. So he can only be part of someone else’s movie. Thor: Ragnarok is as close as we will get to a Ruffalo Hulk film


We need a Ruffalo Hulk movie.


Thanks for posting @DealDroid . Ordered. :)


Under-rated film. I enjoyed it. Far better than the first two Thor films.

The Purge: 3-movie Collection (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital Download) £19.99 / £21.98 delivered @ zoom
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Triple bill of dystopian horrors written and directed by James DeMonaco. In 'The Purge' (2013) Ethan Hawke stars as the head of a family forced to fight for their lives. With crime… Read more

It's on Netflix so I will watch it tonight


They charge for delivery now? First 2 are really good and the 3rd is alright just didn't like the ending. Don't bother with the first purge. (Latest one) not in this set


First two are good, the third is not


Is good or not?

Various 4K Ultra HD from £7.99 + £2 Postage @ HMV - Includes Mission Impossible: Fallout
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
4K Ultra HD from £7.99 + Delivery Some stand outs below; Mission Impossible: Fallout - 7.99 Skyscraper - 7.99 Jurassic World - 7.99 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 7.99 The Bourn… Read more
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They also have Mission impossible 1 to 5 on bluray for £7.99, excellent price!


Sweet have some heat 🔥

Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Film Collection - Blu-ray + 2 Movies Are 4K & Blu-ray - £61.98 Delivered Using Code @ Zavvi
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Excellent offer on these, especially with the 4K movies in there (2001: A Space Odyssey / The Shining) Full metal jacket is an absolutely fantastic movie and indeed one of my favou… Read more

Take off the tin foil hat mate


Different studio.


The moon landings were his best films.


Shame they didn't slip Dr Strangelove in there too


(lol) tin foil hat time

Iron man trilogy 4k UHD blu ray boxset - £28.99 @ Amazon
07/06/2020Expires on 07/06/2020Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Currently OOS but can be ordered for delivery when item arrives in stock. Iron Man (2008) SYNOPSIS Lift off with high-speed, high flying action that takes you inside the suit of… Read more
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Itll be 4k if they say it is, just they are using a low bitrate causing a noticable difference.


These look fantastic in 4k to be honest, watched all three the other week. super clean image, colours are alot brighter too. In terms of the movies 1 is fantastic, 2 is pretty dire and 3 is great. worth picking up at this price, thanks op (y)


Try getting 4k bluray you will tell the difference immediately


https://thestreamable.com/uk/news/this-is-every-movie-available-in-4k-on-disney-plus-at-launch List of 4k movies on Disney +


You sure? I've watched the blu-ray several times and it looked better on Disney+.

Thor Trilogy 4k UHD - £33.14 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
The cheapest this has ever been was £38.99, so even though Dark World is a questionable film it’s a good saving. SYNOPSIS Thor: The world has many heroes…but only one is a god. Wh… Read more

I agree that there were too many shoe-horned in jokes, but it wasn't terrible and one or two of the characters were quite amusing (unlike Thor, who was the worst culprit for unnecessary gags.) I'd watch it again but I'm not getting the disc. It'll be something I'll spot on a streaming service somewhere after enough time has passed and think, 'why not,' rather than being something I'll go out of my way to sit down and watch. Of the three MCU triologies discounted today it's only the Captain America set I'm seriously contemplating.


I clocked that too, but ordered it anyway. I can wait. :) Ended up getting all the Thor, Captain America and Iron Man trilogies, so thanks for the heads-up!


There is the Iron man 4K Trilogy too for £28.99 ... but out of stock 😩


Thanks for sharing, @mati2640 . Ordered. (y)


I'm actually in agreement with you on this one, although we seem to be a minority. From the opening scene of Thor spinning around in the chains I felt like I was watching a Miranda Hart sketch! Also doesn't help that I think Ruffalo is an awful Hulk. Ed Norton was so much better (in my opinion)!

Four 4k UHD Movies-Jurassic World +Fallen Kingdom +Deepwater Horizon +Mamma Mia - £16 @ eBay / youberdeals91
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
4 decent 4k movies so £4 a movie Four 4k UHD Movies-Jurassic World +Fallen Kingdom +Deepwater Horizon +Mamma Mia. Condition is New. Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class… Read more

I've used download codes from Poundland blu rays before that are over a year out of date and they still work,so you might get lucky with these.


Crazy description to this post - feels a bit like the sports announcer in the Simpsons - "mamma Mia is really quite rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!" :D


Download codes might have expired, but the Jurassic World ones still worked a week or two back.


Had to bite, came up at £15.50 for me.

Magnificent Seven 4K + Blu-Ray £7.25 @ youberdeals91 ebay
287° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Cracking price for a pretty good remake that i really enjoyed! Director Antoine Fuqua brings his modern vision to a classic story in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ and Columbia Pic… Read more

I mean thats pretty much fact (popcorn) But i very much enjoyed this one too, better than i expected thats for sure.


Yul Brenner version blows this one out of the park ;) Heat for the price though!


Just watched this again last night and that really is a cracking price for a top notch piece of entertainment. I don't buy into 4k so I have the BluRay Steelbook, but regardless, for those for whom 4K is an enjoyable gimmick - brilliant and highly recommended.

2 4k blu rays for £20 @ Zoom
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Might be useful for some looking to add to their collections. Obviously tend to be older titles but there's a few decent movies in there...
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Do you mean why are discs still a thing?


Why are these still a thing???


Got them all. Hoping for some reductions on newer titles on Friday.


Yeah i agree the selection could be better but could be useful for people who want to fill out their collection of 4k discs.


I wish they'd add more titles to this ever occuring offer. Good price but rubbish selection

Jurassic World 2-Movie Collection 4k UHD - £6.10 delivered @ youberdeals91/ ebay
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Jurassic World 2-Movie Collection 4k UHD - £6.10 delivered @ youberdeals91/ ebay. Brand new and factory sealed. Item consists of: 1x Exclusive Jurassic Slip Cover 1x Jurassic… Read more

Got mine for £3.90 last week from the same seller.


Good deal. I bought 3 weeks ago for £6 from same seller. These also contain the digital codes




Will these work on an Xbox one s? Not sure of the blu ray player is uhd 4k


Very good price, terrible movies (in my opinion)

Lg 55UM7400PLB 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV with DTS Virtual:X and ThinQ AI + 2 Free 4K Blu-ray Films - £389 Delivered @ PRC Direct
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Live in Wonder with LG AI TV LG AI TV expands your TV viewing experience with both Google Assistant and Alexa. Press and hold the button on your Magic Remote to get started - no ot… Read more

These days it's quite hard to notice difference between "a monitor " and "tv".. as monitors have passed the 49" screen size


need to edit the description about magic remote if that’s true :D


would be good if they bring that offer on 7510PLA back for anyone who’s missed. It was indeed a great tv for that price. Not sure what’s the difference in specs between this 7400 and 7510 apart from the magic remote.


Its an OK Price , not voted. Previously posted deals for for the LG 55UM7510PLA for £350 were better but they are all expired at the mo. Decent TV OK price


Also, for a tenner more you can purchase the 7450 from Currys which comes with the Magic Remote and a 6-month Spotify sub (worth £49). You're saving the cost of the Magic Remote and potentially gaining £30ish by going with the 7450. To add, the 7400 and the 7450 are exactly the same TV apart from some minor styling differences and the stand.

[4K UHD] Spider-Man Homecoming 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray + 12 Page Comic & Slip Cover - £8.49 delivered @ Mediasellersuk / ebay
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Tom Holland stars as the eponymous superhero in this Marvel Comics sequel to 'Captain America: Civil War' (2016) that sees a young Peter Parker realise the full extent of his power… Read more
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Heat. Genuinely couldn't remember if I had this title or not? Turns out I didn't Ordered. Sorted! Thanks OP.


Thanks so much worked : )




Where did you redeem maybe I'll try again thanks


It was sealed for sure

XXX: return of Xander cage. 4K Blu-Ray £3.49 + £1.26 - Dispatched from and sold by Bee-Entertained on Amazon
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Not the greatest film in the world in my humble opinion but a decent price for a 4K disc. Sold by Bee-entertained through amazon.

Not everybody got the same taste in films I am very shore there are films I don’t like but I keep my view to my self I only added to the original because of amazon prime members may be interested, if I like the film or not is not the issue it’s saving monies to other hotukdeals members


Even at this price, this is too expensive! Dreadful film, genuinely awful.


Better than most of the recent F&F films! Very ott fun!


A polished turd is still a turd


Cheap! 🔥 (y)

E.T 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Audio CD Bundle Edition - £9.99 (Prime) / £12.98 (None Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Looks to match the Zoom deal posted here but thought I'd post anyway as Amazon may be more beneficial/easier for some :) Unsure as to why the description says one disc (must be … Read more

One of the best films ever made. Too bad I don't have a 4K projector. Would've snapped this up.


Yeah I'm basing off the picture being the UK release. But anything is possible.


Link to version with cd on Amazon USA -- if anybody is interested https://www.amazon.com/T-Extra-Terrestrial-Blu-ray-Henry-Thomas/dp/B073WZ513X Regards


This is the US release. Don't think they did one over here!


There is a 4K version with the Audio CD though as seen here: Would be good if it was this one!

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