Unfortunately, this deal has expired 3 August 2023.
Posted 25 July 2023

PhD Nutrition Smart Protein Bar Mini, High Protein Low Sugar Protein Snacks, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 32 g Bar (24 Pack)

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£10.80 S&S but i some how got for £9.60. £12 with out S&S
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavour Protein Snacks: Includes 32g PhD Nutrition Smart Bar Mini (24 Pack), Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavour
  • High Protein Snacks: Nutrition bars provide at least 20g of protein per serving for delicious protein snacks any time
  • Protein Bars Low Sugar: These tasty protein snacks have 1g of sugar per bar for a high protein, low sugar protein bar
  • Nutritional Protein Bars: Palm-oil free bulk protein bars, great for a grab-and-go snack before, during and after a workout
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavour: Delicious protein bars are super-soft with a protein centre, gooey caramel, protein crispies and a smooth chocolate coating
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  1. paul1109's avatar
    They've changed the recipe for these from PHD direct, wonder if these are the original flavour as we're much nicer?
    sunny200350's avatar
    Absolutely, I bought a box and really disliked the new recipe, it's nothing like the original formula. Tastes horrid now
  2. memyselfmash's avatar
    guessing I missed this as its showing over £20 for me
    Regprentice's avatar
    back to £12
  3. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    Do not buy! These are tiny! They are a third of their original size! (edited)
    NawinG's avatar
    True but not a bad price for 24 pack.
  4. rafmoh's avatar
    Does anyone know if these suitable for vegetarians?
    Anayeth_Ahmed's avatar
    They are not suitable for vegetarians but they are halal as it states on the phd website. If that’s the reason why you are asking.
  5. EllieBrighton234's avatar
    Don’t people prefer the grenade bars which have twice the protein per bar? Just asking
    MisterMike's avatar
    Grenade is roughly 20g protein per 60g bar. Usually 12 bars per box. so these and grenades near enough average out the same weight per £. Its a similar story for most bars atm. AMfit can be had for around this price if buying 3 boxes (15% off over £40). Preference is down to the individual
  6. Pinkgymbunny's avatar
    interested? I'm not buying though as too much saturated fat for my liking. (edited)
    bhoy78's avatar
    All gone unfortunately 😪 thanks anyway (edited)
  7. tomloaf's avatar
    I put these on earlier this week when they were at the same price. Heat added
  8. nikdowg's avatar
    Thanks for posting. I absolutely love these but are always the guts of £20 so wouldn't pay it. Just got them for £9.60 S&S, thanks a bunch 😁
    ARD88's avatar
    Same here! Thank you OP!
  9. jamiew23's avatar
    Ordered some! Thanks
  10. Whitey2048's avatar
    Came up £9.60 for me to because there was a 10 percent voucher box aswell as the 10 percent s&s. Heat.
  11. adamg64's avatar
    This should get really hot.

    Ty op , i didint need anymore but couldnt say no
  12. laughingman's avatar
    Damm it, just when I decided to cancel my Amazon prime account 😡
    Whitey2048's avatar
    Whenever you do that it won't take long for you to regret it. Best you cancel your HUKD account at the same time if you decide to leave Amazon
  13. pringler's avatar
    They’ve put the price up now
  14. cuppachaa's avatar
    Deal finished
  15. Jordan_Beh's avatar
    They’ve just increased the price
  16. NawinG's avatar
    Knew it would get 🔥 saw it as soon as it got posted and decided to purchase. Thanks op
  17. adamcolebabay's avatar
    Got them for £9.60. Didn't read it properly and missed that they're the Mini bars. Still, probs a good deal!
    JZY's avatar
    I prefer the mini bars and just eat 2 if you want 20g protein
  18. regan-752's avatar
    Ordered thanks
  19. Whitey2048's avatar
    Title needs changing to £9.60 as I'm pretty sure everyone has the 10 percent voucher.
    Fergmeister's avatar
    Mine came in at £9 with 15% S&S and the 10% voucher.
  20. JZY's avatar
    Cheers OP bought for £9.60
  21. tomt8's avatar
    Missed this deal last time, so happy to have got an order in this time! Thanks!
  22. Bibizzzz_3's avatar
    Are they suitable for vegetarians?
    Dr.NoPain-NoBargain's avatar
    Well they have “Collagen Hydrolysate” in them which is obtained from beef/pork/poultry so technically not vegetarian
  23. dlo247's avatar
    Nothing high protein about it
  24. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Sorry but this is processed rubbish, you better of eating eggs than this junk
  25. Fergmeister's avatar
    Thanks OP - I think these are usually about £1 each at bargain shops, so great price!
  26. deard69's avatar
    Showing over £20 for me, deal must be over.
  27. iAmLegend_94's avatar
  28. shwanko2's avatar
    ordered ...tx
  29. NawinG's avatar
    Bought again, thanks op
  30. anjelika123's avatar
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