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Posted 8 August 2023

Hotel Chocolat Podcycler

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Love coffee pod coffee but hate throwing the pods away? We developed the Podcycler to avoid exactly that.

Freshness is a defining factor in the final flavour of your coffee. We use aluminium pods because they keep our carefully blended coffee tasting as fresh as the day it was roasted. But, after use, they end up full of water-sodden coffee, meaning that an estimated 15 billion a year go to landfill. Enter the Podcycler: our uniquely sustainable solution to coffee pod by-waste.

We worked together with famed British designers Dualit to find a stylish and effective solution. The Podcycler eco-presses the pods after use, completely removing all coffee grounds from the capsules and enabling effortless household recycling. Coffee grounds even go neatly into a separate chamber, to sprinkle and enrich garden soil or add to your compost bin.

No need for constant cleaning, either - you can press 10 pods before the chamber is ready to empty.

The podcycler works with all brands of aluminium pods, including Nespresso®, so you don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite caffeine fix. It’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.
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  1. GrimDanFango's avatar
    These kinds of products are the solution to a problem that doesn't exist, as most councils don't except these in household recycling bins, clean or otherwise.

    You're probably better off using a service like podback, which doesn't even require you to clean the pods before recycling. (edited)
    TheBigLwinski's avatar
    When I had a Nespresso machine, I always made sure to compost the grinds and then stack all the empty clean pods together and push down from the top. You end up with quite a heavy rod of aluminium which would definitely be accepted due to its size.
  2. almostwittyuk's avatar
    Wouldn't it be easier and more environmentally sound to avoid coffee pods in the first place?
    Somersett's avatar
    You think Team 'Green' will give up all their anti-planet junk lifestyle accessories?
  3. RoosterNo1's avatar
    So you buy two lumps of plastic to save two perfectly natural items going to landfill ?

    I've a bridge for sale ...
  4. LeChud's avatar
    The best solution is for a problem that doesn't exist. 🤡🌎
  5. dumplingwrestler's avatar
    Get a bean to cup instead of pod machine.
  6. jammingtons's avatar
    Don't believe everything your council tells you (as @GrimDanFango has and subsequently posted false information in the comments ).

    100% aluminium coffee pods CAN be recycled in household recycling. The coffee must be emptied first using a device such as the product in this post.

    Despite grimdanfango not being able to accept being challenged on their misinformation, I do agree with them that having to use a plastic product is not an ideal solution.

    If anyone knows of any non-plastic products (that can be used to remove the coffee from the pod) then please share!



    50764498-K2e0A.jpg (edited)
  7. NeelixWasANiceMan's avatar
    I use a Podcycler before adding the aluminium to the Podback bag, stops smells as as the used coffee ages it does tend to smell. Then chuck used coffee grounds on the garden.
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