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Samsung Q930B 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar £709 (£250 Cashback via Samsung, possibly £410 price match, see description) @ Reliant

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£449 after casback, possibly £410 with price match.
Claim £250 cashback via Samsung promotion, details below. Credit @MrSwitch about the cashback promo.Possibly another £13 off via TCB. interest-free finance available as well.

PRICE MATCH: £410 or £420 possibly, see below, people managed to get price match, see comments on deal.

£660 at Trade Inn: tradeinn.com/tec…wcB

£660 at Electronic Empire

£639 + £30 delivery at Total Digital

Samsung Promotion details:

Also, available at the same price from Crampton and Moore TV, Martin and Dawes, Spatial, Reliant Direct,Currys, Richer Sounds, Spatial, Beyond Television, etc

This Samsung sound bar will bring a touch a cinema into your home. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X make the most of the 17 speakers for spatial audio that's perfect when you're watching films. You'll be able to enjoy beefy bass thanks to the wireless subwoofer, which adds more depth to the sound. The wireless rear speakers will put you smack dab in the middle of the action. And Q-Symphony lets you combine the powers of your sound bar and a supported Samsung TV to double up on the sound, completely cable free.

Power Output (W) - 540No. Of Channels - 9.1.4Bluetooth Connection - YesWall Mountable - Yes3D Object Based SoundWireless Dolby Atmos®Samsung Q-SymphonyDimensions of Soundbar (HxWxD)(mm)
60.4 x 120 x 1110.7
Dimensions of Subwoofer (HxWxD)(mm)
403 x 210 x 403
Reliant More details at Reliant
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    No time machines I know but this was a lot cheaper before Xmas, maybe wait and see if the price changes on Samsung site (Facebook voucher)
    I'm far happier with this soundbar than cheaper Samsung models!
    Although I've not been able to notice the atmos (no new enough gadgets connected)

    The bass is actually better than a kef sub I have. The treble doesn't quite sparkle but for around £469 it's okay.
    £95 cheaper. But I do not think we will ever see it at that price again.
    Moreover, some people were reluctant the cashback will be paid if they use the 25% Facebook voucher, so they gave it a miss. Now it is their opportunity to get this one, the cashback T&C are quite clear, they will qualify. Also, that deal did not lasted long, so lots of people missed it as the soundbar went OOS.

    And at some push, there is a link in the description for price match, if it works, this will be £416 and with TCB, only £400. Pretty close to the price during Christmas cashback. (edited)
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    Crampton and Moore try and play games a bit on their price match but you can get there in the end. Cashback is nothing to do with them, it's the manufacturer so use that argument. Live Chat:

    "Hi Im looking at the Samsung HQ-Q930B
    Would you price match with this retailer?"


    one moment please

    sorry about wait, I cant see cashback on their site?

    "Not sure the relevance sorry?"

    if they are not authorised dealers then they are not offering £250 cashback which we are doing through samsung making it a much better deal with us, I'll meet you halfway and you'll still get cashbck from samsung

    "Price match claims must be made before you buy.
    The product must be identical and brand new.
    Any competitor's price we must be able to verify online.
    The item must be in stock, both with us and the competitor.
    Price match has to include any delivery, installations or disposal costs and surcharges.
    Price match does not include the use of cashback offers, voucher codes or additional discounts.
    The product must be available to deliver to your postcode from the retailer.
    The product being price-matched has to be exclusive of any special offer prices e.g. Sale.
    You will not be able to match a price and use any other promotional offer in conjunction with each other."

    "Can't see anything about manufacturer cashback having any relevance to your price matches"

    "You're the retailer"

    i'll speak to manager, one moment please

    he says he will match it for you if you wish to go ahead

    "Ok great thank you
    I'm happy to proceed"
    Glad my link helped.
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    I went with the Q800b in the end from another retailer (who apparently I can't name on here), they price matched amazon and after the £250 cashback should come in around £270 which I'm happy with

    They all seem quite fussy about who they will or won't price match with
    Hi Matt-C, can you message me please who did you successfully price-match Q800b with?
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    I have an open plan large room - 5m by 10m. The TV sits on the 5m wall. sofa in the middle of room. Would the rears have adequate power to sit 5m behind me? Would this have adequate output to "fill" the room?
    Hard to say. The rears are more for background sound, ambient, you can hear sound you can't really hear on TV. The max volume is 6 and I've set mine at 6, anything under is too quiet for me. There are lots of negative reviews on Samsung site about the rears, as people were expected to get loud noises from them, but the rears have a different role.
    I have mine just behind the sofa, at ears level, one less than 0.5m away from me, the other one on the other side of the sofa. I can hear one, I don't think I can hear the other one. If you put them far away and higher up, I think you'll struggle to hear them. In the same time, who knows, maybe the sound will bounce better on the walls, but I doubt it. I think 5m behind is way too much. Maybe just get some stands and put them on the side of behind the sofa.
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    for someone who isn't an expert in this area - why choose this over a Sonos kit with an Arc, Sub and 2 One's?
    Price for a start. Way cheaper. But even then I'd buy the q990b over the Sonos. It's an absolute beast. Shakes the house with Atmos content.
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    Hurry up guys, it seems the sellers started to put the price up. I've changed the seller, as it went up to £950. Others will follow.
    Also, see the link in the description. There may be potential for paying £50 less with price match. (edited)
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    Can anyone who has one tell me how the rear speakers connect? Are they completely wireless, or do they need a wire joining them both together? Do they each need their own power source?
    They're wireless to the sound
    bar and eachother, but each needs to be individually powered by mains.
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    As per description 😃
  9. Avatar
    Has anyone tried the Q990B too? Was holding off for that model but this is tempting..
    I've 2 x Q800B and 1 x Q990B. As great as the Q990B is, in my opinion given the price difference between the Q990B and the Q800b (or the better Q930B) it's hard to justify paying more than double for the Q990B.

    The Q990B is better yes but not at twice the price. I got my Q990b in December for about £700 between 25% off code and £300 cash back. Was happy to pay that much, but wouldn't pay the £1k+ you'd pay after cashback today when the next models down are less than half. (edited)
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    Smiths have put their price up but Reliant Television still have the product listed for £719. Called up Richer Sounds and they were happy to beat Reliant's price by £10 so ended up paying £709 in total (£459 after cash back). They also warned me that their price will likely go up today so I assume the rest will follow shortly. Reliant and Richer Sounds won't match with the sites linked in the description nor electronics empire.

    reliant.co.uk/sam…470 (edited)
    Thanks, I've changed the retailer now to Beyond Television. Little by little, they all put the price up. This is the 4th time in 24h I've changed the retailer. (edited)
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    Like said cheaper before... What's better this or bose 900? (edited)
    Cheaper once, I've posted that deal and it is long gone. Some people did not buy, thinking that 25% off via Facebook plus cashback will not work. The deal lasted only a few hours, some people missed it.
    Bose is 5.0.2, this one is 9.1.4. Huge difference, you can't compare them, different leagues. (edited)
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    Showing £949 price before cashback... And it's out of stock.
    They've put the price up, I've changed the seller now, hope it helps.
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    Crampton and Moore price matched without question
    Same here, great deal. Thnx alround , sell my old one with rears. Samsung £250 cashback. Carnt beat hot uk, great community. Again, thank you.
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    Will call Richer sounds and request further £70 off as i just bough from them yeasterday
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    I got mine before Christmas (when it had £300 cashback, got paid this week), amazing sound system, the surround sound works perfectly, even fooling the cat
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    heat added
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    Crampton & Moore's price has gone back up to £949. Managed to bagged it for £683 with a 5% discount code. Not bad for £433 after cashback.
    Thanks all! (edited)
    No surprise, little by little, all the sellers will put the price up. I'm actually surprised it took them so long to do it. Found this at 5 retailers. So far, 2 of them put the price up. (edited)
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    Also managed to get Currys to price match electronic empire on the Q800b. Thanks OP and mikosumner

    Hopefully will be a decent upgrade to the old Sony 5.1 system currently using.
    If you have room, you can add rears at some point. Personally, I was not pleased with the q700a without rears, but that one is 3.1.2, while q800b has better sub and it is 5.1.2. (edited)
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    Just to confirm, I managed 2 price matches from Currys: Q700B at £365 and then price matched the Q800B to Electronic Empire at £479.99.

    Of course went for the Q800B, went through EPP vouchers which gave me 6% discount, so down to £450.

    My advice just keep trying, Richer Sounds declined straight away whilst Currys seems much more flexible with their criteria (if they have any).
    Q800b is awesome - I've two of them. For what you've paid it's a no brainer.
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    Great Soundbar. Bought with the Xmas deal. Yes it may be a little more this time around but it’s definitely worth it if you missed out last time as it’s so much kit for the money.
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    Nice to see this pop up again even though slightly more. The audio for when people speak is crystal. When the voice enhancement feature is switched on.
  22. Avatar
    nice crisp sound with punchy bass. highly recommended
  23. Avatar
    Ordered one so thanks for the heads up. I missed out on the deal before Xmas but this is still a great deal.
  24. Avatar
    In stock now guys keep buying!!! 🏼 🏼
  25. Avatar
    Just to say thanks to you all,just purchased from c and Moore at very discounted price.As a new year it is a surprise when something works to ones advantage so easily.
    All the best.David
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    Got this for £375 thanks to Sheffield
    Thanks! You better mention that it was on a previous deal. Otherwise, people will bombard you with replies, thinking you've got it so cheap via this deal.
    £95 extra is not bad, I think, but we've been spoiled with the cashback at Christmas.
    It seems some people managed to do price match, getting it for £419. And if Topcashback works (have not looked at Quidco), it will only be about £30 more than the Christmas deal. (edited)
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    Thanks. Ordered from Smiths with Sunday delivery for £729, £479 after cashback which is quite great price.

    Sure, I would prefer to got Q990B (or C later this year) but these are too expensive I guess.
    Yeah I love my q990b but for the massive difference in price it's a tough job to justify not going for the q930b.
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    Crampton & Moore offered to price match tradeinn. (edited)
  29. Avatar
    Delivery is pretty quick by Crampton & Moore. I've chosen 3-5 days but it'll be delivered by tomorrow. Amazing!
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    Hi all. I have had a price match from currys to Electronic empire as I can use my employee portal to get a further 6% off. To confirm, the cashback from currys will still be valid with the pricematch?
    Yes, Currys is a qualifying retailer, see link in description.
  31. Avatar
    PLEASE please check this new claim will take much longer now, if you do not have the funds immediatly available check the T&Cs, you can only claim from 23rd of Feb onwards (1 months approx) ahead, and will be paid 45 days thereafter, so April or even longer if delayed,
    I think every single person who buys via cashback should read the T&C. I see numerous strange comments on such deals when the answer is in the T&C. People should put some effort into getting a bargain. It is their money. If they care about money, they should read.
    The info is correct. Wait 30 days, and after that, submit the claim. Once approved, you'll have your money within 45 days. It will not take that long, I'm sure. On the last cashback deal, Samsung allowed submitting the claim straight away. It took a while for people to get their money because Samsung waited for the 30 days return policy window to close. Otherwise, people would have gotten the money and returned the product after that. In this case, because the claim is after the return window closes, the chances are that the cashback will be paid quicker.
    Reading the comments on the previous deal, so far, only one person got his cashback after about 50 days and another 2 in day 47-48. But we have to take into consideration the bank holidays.
    I can see you're extra careful, I've read your comments on the previous deals. It is good you're making people aware of certain things, even sometimes you are wrong.
    On this particular deal, yes, you may get your money in April. But if you claim on 23rd Feb, it can be approved on the same day, and since the return window ended, you can get the cashback 2-3 days after the approval. (edited)
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    they wont price match now as it is clear the £250 RS offers and Empire does not offests the price difference, also most codes Currys generate require further additional efforts as they may not work, follow up with CS and complain,
    Shaz on the negative slope again.
    There are 2 comments 3 days ago, people managed to convince RS to price match. There are others who failed to convince RS to do it.
    There are no rules here, some are lucky, some are not. Crampton and Moore said the same about the £250 cashback. What's the point of getting it from C&M for £950 minus £250, when you can get it from Beyond Television for under £800 minus £250. This is something people can argue with RS. If you don't try, you lose. If you try, you may waste your time. Or not. The cashback offer has nothing to do with the retailer.
    Also, quite a few people posted recently, they were successful with Currys. If you failed to convince them (I don't know if you did), it does not matter others will not succeed. (edited)
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    Amazon has it for £719 & up to 24 months interest free payments too (this might be. Amazon is listed by Samsung as eligible seller for the cashback.49446808-GSpmM.jpg (edited)
    Amazon is listed, but is it sold by Amazon, or a 3rd party? If 3rd party, you'll not qualify for cashback.
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    Does Price Match work with Spatial Online?
    Try. And there are other sellers in description, you can try them too. The only thing is the seller I've added for price match may sell from Spain, but I'm not sure. You've got nothing to lose.
    Somebody placed a comment, C&M price matched. (edited)
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    Are there any brick and mortar stores in the south east offering this deal?
  36. Avatar
    Urgh I'm gutted. Recently bought 2 x Samsung Q800 - got Richer Sounds to price match £500 (they usually sell for £650). Took delivery Monday. If I'd bought today I'd have got £250 cashback off each.
    Wow, that is a very good price. Where did you manage to find Q800b for £500?
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    why buy this from C&M and then have to pay full price and wait 45 days plus for £250 cashback, just wait 10 days and go onto ebay, and buy from there at £570 brand new approx, ( +/- price variations, ) many sold there in December for this price, brand new sealed 48h delivery I just checked
    Not at full price. C&M did price match and the final price was £419 after cashback. So, £150 cheaper than on ebay. I think is worth waiting UP TO 45 days for cashback. And if you have issues, surely C&M will be more helpful than ebay. (edited)
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    OK, Spatial changed to 'enquire about price and availability', so I've changed the seller. Deal now from Smiths TV, which is a qualifying retailer.
  39. Avatar
    The techedge link above for a price match is a graded product is it not? Or am I wrong.
    I think you may be right. I've not noticed until you've pointed out. Still not very clear it is graded. I guess is worth a try.
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    1 left ?
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