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Posted 16 May 2023

WD AV-GP Enterprise 2 TB 3.5-inch SATA Internal Hard Drive - £30.75 - Sold by Artio International Limited / Fulfilled by Amazon

£30.75£55.9345% off
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Western Digital 2 TB Green Power Internal Hard Drive are designed for desktop PC power users who demand performance. Give your system the high capacity, reliability and robust performance. Tuned for performance and ideal for gaming. It offer large capacities to store your expanding gaming library. Future-proof your gaming PC with enough capacity for extra downloadable game content and combine with an SSD for maximum PC performance. Capacity: 2 TB. Specifically for to last in high temperature always-on streaming digital audio/video environments such as PVR/DVR and IPTV systems. It have 3.5-inch form factors and interface SATA 6 GBps.
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  1. Sunrayho's avatar
    Fyi - Amazon say -

    - and it's still running okay!
    jack201's avatar
    What was the price back then?
  2. stec77's avatar
    I thought enterprise drives were not suitable fir standard pcs or devices!? That they required a separate card as do SCSI drives!? Thanks in advance!
    lazyfatboy's avatar
    It's a standard sata interface drive as a lot of enterprise ones are. SCSI has died out. Some enterprise drives are SAS.
  3. Shonk's avatar
    its not enterprise its for pvr's
    stec77's avatar
    OK thanks! I could do with a 4TB drive for a PVR although I can’t seem to see any in that size! What sort of manufacturing date are these generally coming with? Thanks in advance.
  4. gabesdad's avatar
    Reviews say old new stock given some of the manufacturing dates stated as having been delivered. Insanely low prices compared to what I paid for my very first, 200Mb (!) hard drive in the late 1980's.
    hcc27's avatar
    My first drive was an 80MB WD, coupled to 2MB RAM and a 386SX CPU..still remember trying to defrag the life out of it to squeeze in a few.more MB of storage. Ah, those were the days
  5. stec77's avatar
    After reading through reviews they mention manufacturers date of 2014 to 2017! Also a reviewer mentions they paid £4.99 for 4 years warranty it I can’t see any option of that even after checking out through Amazon to just before confirming purchase! There seems to be a lot of red flags for this drive!?
    r9000's avatar
    I wonder how they would even honour the warranty. Probably don't have many 2TB drives on hand to send out replacements. Given the age it might be worth running a full SMART test before trusting it with your data.
  6. Joe_Biden's avatar
    5400 rpm , very retro
    Alex_H's avatar
    That's completely normal for storage drives and is preferable. Makes for a quieter drive.
  7. iainl7's avatar
    Will this work in an Amiga 1200?
  8. DealHugger's avatar
    At this price, it is almost a no brainer to go with an ssd for most people.
    Alex_H's avatar
    Not really no, because your looking at 3x the price for a 2TB SSD.
  9. speedle's avatar
    I bought 2 of these in 2022. When I tried to register them on the WD site they told me their warranty had expired in 2018! Ended up getting a refund.
    DealHugger's avatar
    Not a surprise. These are basically very old stock. I paid about £15-$20 each last year if you know where to look.
  10. r9000's avatar
    What happened to all the good deals on drives? Used to get them cheap from Germany... Oh, right, brexit... Well there used to be some decent ones in the UK occasionally. Now they are very rare it seems.
  11. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Disappointed in the lack of 'Will this work with PS5?' comments.

    Anyway, the reviews don't fill me with confidence. (edited)
    htslough's avatar
    Will this work with PS5?
  12. Merkkus's avatar
    Anyone know if these are SMR or CMR?
    DealHugger's avatar
    You can guess from the size 2TB and PVR use case. Most likely a CMR.
  13. Neostar's avatar
    J jj
  14. AdelRawas's avatar
    This would have been very hot if we were in 2005
  15. Smm0's avatar
    Steamdeck compatible?
    VonKlinkerhoffen's avatar
    sadly not, it only has a scart socket on the back. I'll put it in my Betamax and get back to you about compatability.
  16. greentiger's avatar
    Difficult to imagine a use case where a 2TB hard drive makes sense these days.

    The Amazon listing for this product has apparently been up since 2012 so you're potentially looking at very old tech here.

    But I guess the price is OK if you really have a need for it...
    DealHugger's avatar
    It is written right on the tin: PVR, DVR and IPTV systems.
  17. youngchap's avatar
    I assume this is brand new?
's avatar