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Posted 29 July 2023

Samsung QE65S95B 65" QD-OLED TV at Fareham / Newbury

In store: Southampton ·
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Samsung QD-OLED 65" TV and Flagship model of 2022.

This was in in the region of £3000 when it was released last year.

By far the best model of 2022. This is not OLED but QD-OLED so its far superior.

Not all Currys will have it as this was last years model and now been replaced by the S95C but confirmed stock in Fareham and Newbury and elsewhere maybe.

I have the LG and this Samsung - Samsung outclasses the LG in everyway.


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  1. sdaspland's avatar
    Was very tempted by this tv but seen too many cases of bent screens, poor build quality, and breakdowns. And on top of that people having issues with Samsung customer service.
    That said it’s an excellent price so hot for me
    xybp9's avatar
    As someone with this TV I agree with this completely. However, for the price and if it's brand new with warranty and can be tested or exchanged if it's bent or in any way defective, I wouldnt hesitate to buy a second one!
  2. MattThommmo's avatar
    Ex-Display. (edited)
    Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    No new and boxed - as my neighbour just purchased one after seeing mine!

    any prices at Currys ending with .97 means its discontinued.

    Whatever stock they have in store is available. like i said ask the currys store to check on there systems for other stores if available.

    This is a really really good TV, Samsungs Flagship from 2022 - with QD-OLED vastly better than ordinary OLED.
  3. iEimis's avatar
    I wouldn’t call this a ‘vastly superior’ TV over every OLED. Horses for courses as they say. It has been shown that QD-OLED can suffer from burn in quite dramatically which is where Gen2 addresses it somewhat. The software on LG is much much better as someone has said already. The OLED maintenance management is also much more polished on the LG. Whilst this is brighter, C2 with the EVO panels and now C3 can get very sufficiently bright as well and for most living rooms that is perfectly fine.
    Y_G's avatar
    The Samsung QD Oled have a very flat looking picture compared to Sony and LG who both have that lovely 3d effect on their oleds. Samsung also has a slight film grain effect. Very noticeable on YouTube comparison videos. For sheer brightness they’re the best but that’s it, nothing else is better. (edited)
  4. ryansm81's avatar
    I have the 55" and this TV is awesome, amazing deal. So much brighter and punchier than my LG OLED but the LG still has a much better OS. Thankfully I don't feel too bad as I got a great deal from Richer Sounds on mine and 65" wouldn't fit in my space anyway...if you do have the room and the money get this TV.

    I believe the Samsung S90C is just this TV repackaged and that is much more expensive, the 95B is a steal at the minute! (edited)
  5. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    the QD-OLED panel is the new generation panel and is so much brighter than the old panels.

    Brand new. from currys.

    Reduced as model discontinued and replaced with S95C (edited)
    xybp9's avatar
    Nah it was rebranded as S90C (nearly identical new model) and superceded by the S95C, which isn't that much better according to reviews aside from the build quality
  6. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    Last year their were only two QD-OLED TVs released

    The Sony A95k and the Samsung QE65S95B

    The LG panels could not compete with these TVs in terms of brightness and in some other areas and have incorporated a new white subpixel in this years G3 to boost brightness.

    Sony TVs in general are usually the best of the best - but when a Sony A95K is around £1800
    and the Samsung S95B is now at £1200.

    If money is of no issue - the Sony everyday of the week.

    at the end of the day this premium quality Samsung Flagship for £1199 its costing the approx the same as this years budget line of OLEDs LG C2. The Samsung is a bargain at this price.
  7. Venner's avatar
    Got this TV and love it, was also worried about it being bent but i was lucky mine was fine just check it as soon as its delivered.
  8. Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    Bought for £1345 in January (sold old TV for £175 for total £1170). Great TV let down by horrible UI. Workedaround it with a Chromecast 4K.

    For the picture quality, coming from an LG OLED C6, I can highly recommend this TV. No issues so far *knocks on wood*.
  9. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    John Lewis currently
    50682449-sAYhJ.jpg have the same tv in a smaller 55" for the same money - so the currys deal is a no brainer
  10. xybp9's avatar
    Lowest price ever. Total no brainer at this price. Probably only 1 or 2 units though so goose chase
  11. Jeffers2018's avatar
    Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    i dont - sorry
  12. Rod_SmithmPK's avatar
    Nice! New?

    I own the 55 and it's a brilliant TV. (edited)
  13. Keep-it-Tea's avatar
    thanks for clarifying
  14. Usman_Dar's avatar
    How could I find this? Call up all my local currys stores?
  15. Fraser_McKnespiey's avatar
    OOS nationwide
    Joe_Sekhar's avatar
    Can you please send me the product code
  16. RadioRedders's avatar
    There was a display model at this price in Hull's Clough store this very Sunday afternoon (30th July) around 3.50pm. I was very tempted but concerned that the display model running for such a long time often with those Currys on screen logos and static content might be an issue. It's a great price and yet a lot of money for a TV that's had a lot of wear. They are becoming difficult to find. I've been comparing this to the LG C2 which is also difficult to source at a good price. The YouTube reviewers says the Samsung is a great set let down by poor OS and intrusive advertising. There was a note below the set saying there might be more stock opened or little used at an even better price,, however when I asked at the Hull counter there was no further stock in the store.
    Fraser_McKnespiey's avatar
    Thanks for the comment. I was very close to heading to that store tomorrow morning to grab the last one, but I think I'll hold off for now.
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