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LG OLED55B8SLC 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV £1499 Currys
Found 8 h, 30 m agoFound 8 h, 30 m ago
I know it’s Currys but I have been looking for an LG OLED TV and I can’t decide between the B8 or C8. With this being £1,499 and currently being £500 cheaper this is very tempting.… Read more

Sounds fun, let me know when that happens as I’ve had my B6 for two years without any screen burn or any other issue.


I know. that s why I said potentially. it's certainly a cause for concern still though imo


I was going to say the same. This, plus the fact that a TV on display in a shop will have its backlight (or whatever the equivalent for OLED is) ramped right up which might accelerate burn-in.


My Panasonic plasma was amazing...... until a lightning strike killed it :( Got a Panasonic OLED now and it has a far better picture than the plasma


You cannot compare this to normal TV use. That B7 might have been displaying the same static images on screen for nigh on 18 months, for hours and hours a day. Of course it will screen burn like that, but that's just not indicative of normal usage at all. The same happens with smartphones with OLED screens. You might notice it with demo phones in stores. But never in reality due to never having the same images on the screen for hours and hours for weeks on end.

Panasonic 4K OLED TV 55FZ802B for £1695, 55FZ952B for £1995 @ Panasonic Store
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Just noticed the flagship Panasonic TVs (these are both the same panel, the 952 has an inbuilt soundbar) have been reduced at the Panasonic store. The 952 in particular I've never … Read more
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Please enlighten us as to the source of information that leads you to believe that ALL Panasonic TV's are a Vestel re badge. "Panasonic - some LED TVs sets from Panasonic, such as the A300, CX350 and CX400, are made by Vestel, these are mainly entry level/budget, 'HD-ready', HD and some low cost Ultra HD 4K models (for example, the CX400 series)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vestel


OK, so 1) not the Toshiba but the one posted and the two you mentioned, and 2) I was talking about panels specifically as that's the thing most people are concerned about for Vestel. But fair point. :)




Just to clarify, in case you're not aware, all 55" panels are LG, and none are Vestel rebadges. So basically, your choice on panel is LG, LG or LG. Or, in the case of the new Toshibas, LG. The rest is processing, and none of them are terrible. Buy away, free of your Vestel vexation!


Thanks for the info Brownbloke. Bought my LG C6 a few years ago now and they have been good regarding updates. (Even if one of the updates made the HDR game mode dull.) Its a horrible feeling when you've bought a flagship and the manufacturer dumps support, (especially if there are still issues.)


Predominantly it effects the smart TV functions and Chromecast but there's also bugs with the remote control (Bluetooth) when watching HDR content a little box pops up to confirm you're watching HDR but sometimes this box won't go away so you have to reboot the TV. But the number one gripe was the random operating system crash. You can be watching a movie and be an hour in to it then for no reason a message would pop up saying Android has crashed and you'd have to restart the TV. Flicking though the menus would be fast then grind to a halt for no reason. Living with it was a nightmare! Richer sounds wouldn't take it back despite having a 6 year warranty so I ended up selling it at an almost £700 loss. Ended up going back to my old 49" Phili6 4K TV which run flawlessly even though it's Android as well! Google 9002 UK model issues and you'll see in not the only one.


That's interesting to hear. Do the bugs and glitches effect the TV as a whole, or the Smart TV aspect of it? I'm not that concerned about the Smart TV as I have other hardware for that, however general usage bugs is a bit more of a concern.


I purchased this model TV in January. It's plagued with bugs and glitches due to Android TV as reported by many users. The European version received a firmware update to fix this but they never released the fix for the UK version. I'd contacted Philips multiple times over the last 9 months asking for updates but it was clear that they've totally given up with the model as the new model is now released. Such a shame an amazing TV was let down by absolutely zero support from Philips.


That's a great idea - never thought of that. I'd struggle to route the cabling as I think the PSU is fixed to the end of the strips, but a little defthandedness with a soldering iron would sort it; all that said I've got my B7 now (and very happy indeed with it, especially having paid what I did for it)


https://www.avforums.com/threads/philips-55pos9002-tv-owners-and-discussion-thread.2137149/page-6#post-26489891 Read comment on page 5 regarding the source of the file

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SONY BRAVIA KD65A1 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV - £1,998.97 @ Currys
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
2017 model. Edit: As of 11:57 24/09, it appears to be sold out. Hope all those that wanted it, got it!

Whoops! 🙈


Whats the equivalent LG to this?


Il no doubt have my £1999 gift card for an entire year. My back room tv is starting to play up so was going to move my x93c back there however been shat on massively by Currys :(


Agreed. The AF9 is the one to go for if it's available at a reasonable price. Not sure it will drop too much for a while.



LG OLED55E7 TV (5yr warranty inc) for £1449 @ reliantdirect
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Brilliant TV with 5 year warranty included. Yes its slightly more expensive than a B7/C7 at this moment but the glass screen does make a difference. The soundbar is what I’d clas… Read more

Looks like PRC direct only website have it new


Why doesn't the OP make it clear that this deal is for a re boxed TV. Is re boxed another name for a customer return?


Nope this says reboxed oin the specification tab at the bottom. This looks like an identical website to me?


Thanks i will give them a try!


Here you go https://www.avforums.com/threads/lg-oled65e7v-best-tv-picture-settings.2106639/

Philips 55POS9002 Ambilight OLED 4K Ultra HD Premium Android Smart TV - refurbished (12 months warranty) - £999 @ Richer Sounds
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Refurb Philips 55" Ambilight OLED. Gets great reviews although some users have complained about lack of firmware updates. Refurbished so there's no chance of adding a long warranty… Read more

Sold out. You wouldn’t want a refurb with only 12 months warrenty so probably for the best


What does it mean, do I ring the shops


Not available to purchase. Online clearance


refurb OLED.... hhhhmmmm as everyone else says might be better deals if they had 5/6 year warranty. Never know how long they have been on, as I doubt they replace the panels.


Longer warranty and I'd have jumped at this.... Shame

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LG OLED55B8S 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR, Smart, Dolby Atmos, OLED TV with Freeview Play - £1699.99 @ Very
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Recommended by both experts and shoppers, the LG OLED55B8S 55 inch 4K Smart TV provides the ultimate viewing experience. Check out our video with interior and lifestyle blogger Sar… Read more

Wow this thread is getting deep into technicalls. I still only have a 1080p tv, does this make me a dinosaur?


Are.you sure as measured values? If so then because it's not a 1000 Nit screen in HDR as per your own link, and not in the same league as say a QLED - also as per your own link I was interested in just how far off 1000 Nits the OLEDs were. I saw a review of the C8 that said it could only manage about 200 Nits with a static image?


Better than the ks8000 back to my original point.


Yes I did comment on gaming and lit rooms - read up. And I could go cherry pick reviews from unknown Canadian sites, but I don't need to. The majority are in line with what I stated. And how does your OLED compare on HDR brightness then?


You said nothing about gaming or lit room to me you just said it was better than OLED for colours and saturation. I did post 2018 links here https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/q9fn-q9f-q9-2018 here is the B8 https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/b8-oled you tell me which gets a better review?

LG OLED 4K TV. OLED55B8S - £1,559.98 instore @ Costco
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
LG TV, Yes you need to be a member, Yes the price includes VAT. 5 year warranty included, and you get 90 days to test it out and return it if you don't like it.

Does this have HDR10, the brochure says only the C8 and E8 have HDR10?


Apart from the stand, and maybe audio (seems some B8 have 2 speakers and some 4?) The difference is the B8 having an Alpha 7 processor, and the C8 and higher having an Alpha 9 processor which performs 30% better. What this means is the Alpha 9 can do high frame rate and HDR during 4k gaming and the Alpha 7 can do HFR or HDR, not both the same time. The better chip can also graduate colours better, so on lower quality sources like low bit rate sd channels you don't get so much steps between the colour graduations. Motion can be smoother too with the A9 , but I personally turn off all the motion smoothing options as I don't like the artefacts introduced. Also, the test say the C8 may be able to go a bit brighter. I'd like the C8, but the extra £500 at the moment for me seems a lot for a little gain.


Ok noob question, but C8 vs. C7 what are main differences?


I spent 15 mins yesterday in Currys. They had a 55b sat next to a 65c. They were both showing the LG demo video highlighting the A9 chip Watching closely I saw the colour gradient blending was better on the C, and during the motion segment, the C was massively better. Unknown exactly what picture mode either was in, and no remotes for me to play with. I really could not be bothered engaging with sales staff there to ask for the remote to check. Maybe I'll go back? I'll be keeping this TV for a good few years so I would stretch to the extra if I thought I would notice the benefits every day I watch it. Thanks for your reply.


Im betting all the deals in the next few months will be for b8, likely more margin in this model. Id like to see some benchmarks between the b8 and c8, as at the moment the only difference is chip, and is it really worth £300+ extra? Although i want a c8, ill likely settle for a b8 - 1st world problems ay? Anyways, stick with Costco if your happy with there support- at that point they deserve your money.

Philips 55pos9002 OLED TV - 55 Inch with Ambilight £1299 was £1499 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
Good ratings for this 55pos9002OLED TV with ambilight coloured glow too - a few concerns about updates. John Lewis comes with a 35 day return gurantee that lets you loosely test … Read more
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Voted Hot from me :D I've just bought this with the AO.com deal last week. The picture is stunning and as other have mention ambilight really makes a difference. Well worth it.


Myabe but Id argue WebOS is the best TV OS.


Vertical banding. It's common nowadays. LCD and OLED


Can I just ask for anyone with this TV, do you get lines like these?


Disable all the (poo) apps and it does speed thing along a bit

LG OLED55B8SLC 55" Smart OLED TV £1,699 @ AO
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Was looking around for one of the LG OLED TVs and noticed in almost all places their entry version (B8) is retailing for £1699. Saw that AO are giving away a 4K Blu Ray player wit… Read more
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Some of the best, super low response times, rtings on this TV 1080p @ 60Hz : 21.1 ms 1080p @ 60Hz + HD : 21.0 ms 1080p @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode : 50.0 ms 1080p @ 120Hz: 21.9 ms 4k @ 60Hz : 21.1 ms 4k @ 60Hz + HDR : 29.4 ms 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 : 21.1 ms 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + 8 bit HDR : N/A 4k @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode : 50.0 ms 4k With Interpolation : 100.0 ms 4k @ 120 Hz : N/A 4k with Variable Refresh Rate : N/A 1080p with Variable Refresh Rate: N/A Very good low input lag, similar to the C7P. In game mode, the input lag is very low regardless of resolution, and outside of game mode the input lag is lower at 4k than the C7, and is one of the lowest we have ever tested. The input lag was slightly higher in 4k @ 60 Hz + HDR. This result is highly unusual and has been retested to verify the results. The input lag is still low, and should feel very responsive.


What are OLED tv's like for gaming?


It's the same image quality as the B7/C7. Save £300-£400 and get one of those. This is old cack stuffed inside the 8 series body.




Yeah I know.. was just thinking out loud :D

PANASONIC TX-55EZ952B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV £1199.97  Currys
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
op features: - OLED screen delivers immersive 4K Ultra HD visuals - Smart TV offers access to catch-up and streaming services - Freeview Play lets you scroll back to watch yo… Read more

Calibrated mine using a few different videos on YouTube and from avforum. Have all the processing turned off, some people say Intelligent Frame Creation might be needed for football etc, but I haven't noticed anything mot being smoothed when watching HDR movies and films etc.


Is it actually in stock anywhere?


No I just use the built in settings, I find dynamic picture to be a bit too bright so tend to use THX bright room setting.


to be fair,panel is not everything and alot more is envolved,board design,image processor,build quality,engineering. that’s why there is so much difference in picture quality,build quality,reliability,etc between different OLED TVsdespite all of them using LG OLED panels.


Good news, thanks! Do you use any extra image processing to achieve that?

Philips 55POS9002 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV w Ambilight £1,299 Delivered at AO
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Given the interest of OLED TVs on site recently, I thought this may be of interest to someone! A very well reviewed OLED TV, and some say a return to form for Philips with a repor… Read more

So, if the optical out is no good, can this supply audio signal to AV via HDMI back pass or whatever the correct term is?


Some facts first to answer some questions above: Dolby vision support is pretty much an irrelevance at this time, some DV material looks better but some looks worse. This should get better as mastering techniques improve, but for now the only required standards are HDR10 and HLG. The only dolby vision advantage of the current generation of panels is dynamic tone mapping (how bright and dark it gets) and the absolute blacks of oled mean the contrast is always stunning, some early DV material elevated blacks to grey as they changed the tone map. Although some DV stuff in theory shows more bright detail, that would be really difficult to analyse without a side-by-side comparison, and there is never a time when you will sit watching thinking 'darn it, if I had DV there would be 3-pixel less clipping in that bright area' so don't worry about it. Philips European TV business was sold (under license) to TP vision, the R&D and Philips staff all moved to the new TV company and it is effectively still the same company as before, just a bit more streamlined. They still have some of the best people in the business. LG.Display provide the panel, as they do to all the OLED TV manufacturers, including LG TV themselves, who are a separate company. This is not a big deal. Their UK availability sucks. UK support are friendly and helpful, but because of the certification problems (below) they are not very helpful, simply because they don't have the information for an ongoing issue. Philips are having certification issues with freeview or someone which is delaying their British updates. There is an update available in the linked AVforums thread to fix some of the issues, that update is not available by standard means. This is end of line and replaced by the 803. My opinion: This is a fantastic TV, ambilight is wonderful and way more immersive for gaming. It's a decent price and easily the best of last year's OLED TV. Upscaling, motion, etc. were so far ahead of LG that LG made a really big deal about their 2018 processing. The motion rivals Sony oled (as it has progressive backlight strobing) and the colour definition rivals Panasonic whilst the price is near cheap LG sets. You should NOT buy this item if: *You want to use a harmony remote to program macros with input selection in them (fixed in updated firmware) *You want to use optical audio out (audio delay, fixed in updated firmware) *You want internal freeview play (currently in argument, some kind of android issue, Sony said screw you and went with youview instead - currently no fix - channels are available via internal tuner but guide is messy and catchup is patchy) *You have other issues which prevent you from owning any OLED TV right now. *Also, if you have really terrible peripheral vision (you have severe blinkers/tunnel vision) then ambilight will not be good for you, for everyone else it is like surround sound for the eyes - extends colour and motion outside of the set. Everyone else should buy this TV, and an HDR disc player, and blue planet 2 and planet earth 2. It is delightful. Full disclosure: I do not own. I was planning to buy one myself earlier in the year, but I fall into the other reasons for not owning any OLED category. I hope that helps.


Just don't see it as important to most people as barely nay one buys physical any more, I mean I haven't since Bittorrent existed. I mean for you it's important, but for most people... no, as long as you have 10+ support then you're good. You'll have the odd Dolby exclusive because they will go out there and do deals, but open source will always win here.


Loads of people. Because Blu-ray is much higher quality. 10+ will only apply to streaming and it won't be as good quality as Dolby Vision. So obviously the best TV is one that can handle both as it gives you all options. Dolby Vision on a big good 4K HDR screen will be close to cinema quality and that's well worth paying for.


tbh wh uses blu-ray? And lets be honest, 10+ will take over because it's open source

LG OLED55B8S 55in 4K Ultra HD HDR, Smart, Dolby Atmos, OLED TV With Freeview Play £1620 *new customer @ very*
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Yes it's only 12 month warranty but this is cheap at £1799. Plus it's cam be had even cheaper!! If your new customer use code MJWTM To bring this down to £1620 on 12 months BNPl b… Read more

curious question anyone know how this would compare to the samsung ue55ks7000 as i have the sammy but have an issue with it - so wondering if its worth upgrading the issue with the sammy is it wont connect the fire tv to it. so thinking i might get rid of the ks7000 and upgrade


Speaking as someone who has just had a problem with my December 2015 LG oled, I totally agree. They are looking at fitting a new panel, or refund. I'd have been furious if I'd had to fork out!


It’s not really Burn in, its wear.... if you constantly do the same thing on your TV, certain subpixels will wear faster. You can display a bright logo in the middle of the screen for 100 hours and it might be visible. However all you then have to do is reverse that image and display it for 100 hours and it’ll go away.... but all you’re doing is wearing out the brightness of certain subpixels. So the best thing to do is use the TV with different content, then your TV will wear evenly. For example if all you do for a year is play FIFA, you will most likely get the UI wearing in and greens will probably look more worn as it’s displaying a green pitch. So for OLED If you’re doing just one thing a lot... don’t buy. If you’re only going to watch one thing or play one game most the time throughout the years.... don’t buy one. It’s not about only if you’re displaying the same static image either. It’s what subpixels you’re using the most, so you can play the same game for 2 hours a day.... you’ll see the effects over a year because you’re using those subpixels more. It isn't burning anything in, it’s just wearing. Though for this reason is why I think OLED will go the way of Plasma. I think LCD will make such big improvements, it’ll be king in a few years. The. Eventually Micro LED or whatever else taking over.


To be fair though the C8 hasnt been out very long, the TV I was looking at was from last year. I am not saying it will happen if you treat it right, but anyone who games alot Id recommend staying away...


Its a letter out. 4 years out. And 10 inches out. Holding out for a 65 c8. Maybe a black friday deal.

SONY KD65AF8BU 65" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £2799 @ Power direct
Found 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
65 inch OLED.. Saving a few hundred on the price
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The reviews seem to suggest so but both are excellent so I would just buy the one which came down in price first.


No way you have us all shocked 🙈


(:I (:I Assume you're joking, 8K is so far in the future - I don't see the point in trolling. I understand some manufacturers have announced 8K models, but considering a movie with 8K encoding would take up hundreds of GBs I don't see regular consumer use, or 8K content being readily available anytime soon. Even if you get the tech out, you will also need the content to go with it... it's still a long way away.


Would you say this trumps the LG OLED 65C8?


cold. not 8k

Annual LG OLED TV cashback carnage - upto £500/€500 on selected LG OLED from participating retailers.
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Seems LG are offering another offer of cashback on selected 2018 OLED offers through participating retails, depending on model chosen, retailer etc. Might be of help to someone loo… Read more
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Looks like they have learnt their lesson from last year as the cashback ends before Black Friday this year.


I'd hold out for black friday


Or buy it, don't claim the cashback and it's a £2999 TV :-) I just don't get it. It's a cashback offer on a TV it's not like its costing you more, this isn't a deal per se but if one is buying the TV then this would be a nice sweetener. If not, it's not relevant. Hopefully it'll help someone :-)


So that’ll only be c.£2500 for a new TV then? (skeptical)


How did i miss that? :/

OLED Philips 55POS9002/05 - John Lewis £1299 - 5 year guarantee @ John lewis  & Partners
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
BACK IN STOCK - 10:47 29/08 Not the cheapest it’s been but still a great price. Matching Amazon and AO prices from this weekend.
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yep typing is hard work without a keyboard


Yeah though I wish they all made keyboard remotes.


Gotta disagree. I don’t notice it being slow in the slightest.


Android TV is that bad it ruins a good TV, even if you don’t use it, it causes the whole TV to be so slow. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google ditch it.


If you want all the streaming services built in and best user experience, go LG I posted this set at this price and ordered it, but cancelled in the end. That said my LG b7 ended up costing a mere 1149 after price beats and such. I'd still have liked the Ambilight but practically not being frustrated by the os and lack of players made that the right decision.

Sony 2018 KD65AF8 65 inch OLED TV  @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Just saw the gorgeous 2018 Sony KD65AF8 65 inch OLED TV reduced to by £300 to £2999. I know that the 2017 KD65AF1 went hot a few months ago but this is the 2nd gen 2018 model. I'… Read more
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It’s obviously a real thing. People have been affected, but they’re a vocal minority. Apparently these are far better than plasma’s in this regard and after 5 years my Plasma still has no burn in. Probably had a 50/50 split between gaming and movies/TV. Had some heavy image retention once when I fell asleep with a game on the title screen for 8 hours but it eventually went away after a little bit of mixed content viewing


Sure, I get the impression that there's lots of scaremongering going around Hukdeals about it anyway. Can't you not set these tvs to turn off automatically anyway, say after a couple of hours to prevent this from happening?


The end of that Vincent review I posted - he says that real world burn in is very unlikely but he’ll be doing a proper test on it soon and posting results so keep an eye out for that. You just need to vary the content you watch and don’t leave news channels on for 6 hours a day and you should be fine


II appreciate your thoughts mate. I'll probably go for the c model around black Friday time and hopefully get a good deal. Like you said, If I'm going to invest this much on a TV, I intend for it to last a long time (subject to any burn in issues), and then eventually move the TV into a spare room or something.


Phone messed up the quote but see above for my reply

LG OLED55E7N Oled tv - £1699 @ Richer Sounds
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
Looking at this and saw the hugh price drop, this one come with build in sound bar and glass edge finnish so it look stunning, please be mindful that this looks like store specific… Read more

It still hasn't reached the £1399 either which was without cashback


PhilK: So flat screen tellies weren't over a grand ? I beg to differ. I bought one such Bravia for near 2 grand (not my idea - my wife's - I just paid for it) and 3d also when it made its bow - and 4k and yes they DID drop massively in price The starting level lowers when new better TVs come out. So TV 1 comes out £1500 - then superceded and bettered by TV 2 - for£1000 say. Then TV 3 comes along, better again for £800 and so on and so on. I can't see that I ever said flatscreens were never over £1k. What about the Panasonic 100 inch approx £50k in john Lewis 20 or so years ago,?


So flat screen tellies weren't over a grand ? I beg to differ. I bought one such Bravia for near 2 grand (not my idea - my wife's - I just paid for it) and 3d also when it made its bow - and 4k and yes they DID drop massively in price The starting level lowers when new better TVs come out. So TV 1 comes out £1500 - then superceded and bettered by TV 2 - for£1000 say. Then TV 3 comes along, better again for £800 and so on and so on.


You're comparing top of the range TV with anything that went below £1000. To my knowledge no Pioneer Kuro plasma ever went anywhere near to £1000. We shall see but good luck with your wait.


I got this for £1099 back at the time of the misprice. Amazing TV regardless of price but that price made it even more sweet. One thing I would say though... don’t buy this TV for the soundbar. It won’t replace a good sound system

LG OLED B8 65" 2018 Model 4K HDR TV @ Very £1999 with code
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
+£6.99 delivery charge. Buy Now Pay Later 12-mths interest free available. Clear before deadline to avoid interest. 20% Discount code: MJWVP Valid until midnight 16th September 20… Read more

Expired this now - if anyone does get it please comment and let us know.


Guys this has continued to be voted up since 11pm last night but for me it doesn’t work, has anyone actually had success with this code or they just voting on the title and description of the deal without trying it? I’d love to jump on this bu it doesn’t work for me(I did try it on the 55” OLED though so whether that makes a different I don’t know)


Oh my word, did you get up out the wrong side of the bed this morning ???....it was a plain banter joke post nothing more, I was just having a laugh when the guy said he awaited the 1k comment, I think I'm well aware a 2k grand tv won't drop 50% lol


One deal in 5 years ... maybe if you see the price drop to this level you could take the time to post rather than relying on others??


Bought a few tvs and the new xbox from Very with big discounts. no problems at all. This is a cracking deal! so tempted by the 55inch model

LG OLED55E7  OLED E7 55" TV - £1499 @ Reliant Direct
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
What a beauty. Outstanding TV with great design, picture quality and good price. Offer you can't refuse. As a owner of this tv I can tell you it is a good choice. Having the tv for… Read more
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For those who know a lot about TV’s... I currently own LG 49UF850V but I am thinking about upgrading to OLED and have Dolby vision. I understand picture quality will be improved but by how much? Am I going to see huge differences?


I got modem next to my telly and ps4. I connect them via cable. Maybe I am old school but when u playing games or videos on telly I want steady network no drops. I have tried wifi both work well but I still think cable is more reliable.


Bought my C6 from Currys 2 years ago. I didn't need a new TV as my PX990 plasma was still going strong but couldn't risk not getting the last 3DTV. I now wish I'd bought 2. We have a huge problem getting a C6/E6 now, as the good ones, (no issues with banding/IR/dead pixels,) are in peoples homes doing a fantastic job. The bad ones, are the ones that are on ebay or have been refurbished. You are right in saying that the 2016's are pretty future proof for now. Lets hope 3D returns, or things move on again, (possibly high frame rate TV's) which mean people upgrade and second hand good 2016's are released in the market. Talking of gold dust 3D tech, try getting a Fuji W3 3D camera. Day 1 price ~£400, 2013 price ~£130, today price, in excess of £400 second hand.


JL price match reliant direct plus cash back if available


I settled with the 65b7v. TV is great, but my only complain is the wifi performance. TV is located about 12ft away from the router in the adjacent room. Wifi sometimes gets 50mbps and sometimes 2mbps. It's kind of hit and miss. I tried many suggestions from the internet, but nothing seems to work for me. some suggested changing the wifi band, but my 5ghz doesn't let me change it as I have multiple 5ghz channels being broadcasted simultaneously. Lots of people have this issue with the lg oled tv's. May be same with the e7 models as well.

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