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Posted 23 August 2023

Signalis - Nintendo Switch / PS4

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Signalis Nintendo Switch

PS4 link same price £12.99 courtesy of @whatupdog

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Searching for dreams inside of a nightmare. Awaken from slumber and explore a surreal retrotech world as Elster, a technician Replika searching for her lost partner and her lost dreams. Unravel a cosmic mystery, scavenge an off-world government facility and discover terrifying secrets, challenging puzzles, and nightmarish creatures in a tense and melancholic experience of cosmic dread and classic psychological survival horror
Features & details
Fatal exception: SIGNALIS is set in a dystopian future where humanity has colonized the solar system, and the totalitarian regime of Eusan maintains an iron grip through aggressive surveillance and propaganda. Humanoid androids known as Replikas live among the populace, acting as workers, civil servants, and Protektors alongside the citizens they are designed to resemble
Classic survival horror gameplay: Experience fear and apprehension as you encounter strange horrors, carefully manage scarce resources, and seek solutions to challenging riddles
Cold and distant places: Explore the dim corners of a derelict spaceship, delve into the mysterious fate of the inhabitants of a doomed facility, and seek what lies beneath
A dream about dreaming: Discover an atmospheric science-fiction tale of identity, memory, and the terror of the unknown and unknowable, inspired by classic cosmic horror and the works of Stanley Kubrick, Hideaki Anno, and David Lynch
A striking vision: Wander a brutalist nightmare driven by fluid 3D character animations, dynamic lights and shadows, and complex transparency effects, complemented by cinematic sci-fi anime storytelling. The physical edition includes: exclusive lenticular photo art
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  1. soap_box's avatar
    Unfortunately this seems to be the "Nindento" version smh

  2. boxedin's avatar
    More expensive than the tenner deal about a month ago but a lot cheaper than the usual £20+
    whatupdog's avatar

    PS4 is that price as well, so you can add it to your deal
  3. Doo24's avatar
    Back in stock
    boxedin's avatar
    Albeit with delivery on 23-26 September.
  4. ByCrom's avatar
    Available again at £12.99 for Switch
  5. gabriel.franco's avatar
    Another game to add to my ever-growing Switch backlog. Thanks for the heads up, OP!
  6. boxedin's avatar
    Seems to be back in stock for switch.
    Perhaps on and off.
    ByCrom's avatar
    Definitely keeps flip-flopping between this price and £16.xx.
    I just can't make up my mind whether to add this to the shameful backlog
  7. whatupdog's avatar
    great price for it, heat
  8. Dantonir's avatar
    PS4 price has gone back up
  9. londonstinks's avatar
    Great deall!
  10. OhTheMajesty's avatar
    Good game, but I would suggest not for everyone
    Jamie_Foster2's avatar
    Truth, proper old school and that no map section sucked.
  11. MrAkagi's avatar
    Paid near double and it wasn't worth it, overrated game in my opinion. Not bad, but not as good as reviewers would have you think. I liked the first half of it but gets too psychedelic and nonsensical afterwards. Basically, it does Resident Evil better than it does Silent Hill, by a lot. (edited)
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