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Posted 2 August 2023

Ninja Foodi MAX Health Grill & Air Fryer AG551UK £179.99 w/code via VeryMe

£179.99£269.9933% off
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Vodafone app offer!

Vodafoneoffer Vodafone app VeryMe has very good offer £90 off a Ninja Foodi MAX Health Grill & Air Fryer AG551UK. (RRP £269.99 VeryMe Rewards price £179.99)

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Save up to 45% on your energy bill† with the large capacity grill that precisely cooks with perfect results.

More than a Grill. 6 cooking functions – Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Reheat, Dehydrate and Grill.

How do you like your steak? From rare to well done, simply choose your desired finish and let the Smart Cook System do all the work! No guesswork, just perfectly cooked meat and fish – exactly as you like it! The Digital Cooking Probe precisely monitors your food’s temperature as it cooks and lets you know when it’s ready to remove and rest.

From chargrilled chicken to flaky fish, halloumi skewers to crispy chips, quickly and evenly cook fresh and frozen ingredients using little to no added oil. Enjoy an authentic chargrilled finish with no need to flip.

2-Year Guarantee – for T&Cs, see Ninja Guarantee Terms & Conditions
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  1. hell2021's avatar
    I have one. It's very good, the food cooks good. But I'm not sure if I should have bought a dual tray air fryer.
    Gadgetdeals's avatar
    I have both and would without a second thought give up the grill over the two basket air fryer as we rarely use the grill, I have the Ninja Woodfire but that’s only for use outside and is well overrated for what it does and it’s limitations of only outdoors. 
  2. bangytupper's avatar
    I too have one. I prefer it to the basket style air fryer, of which I've had two previously. Both baskets fell apart eventually, and a replacement basket was almost the cost of a new machine.
    I would hesitate to say that replacement parts are readily available, although reasonably priced.
    I just use 1/8 sheet trays or similar. When my machine breaks, I'll be looking at the same as a replacement.
    bangytupper's avatar
    The Phillips basket lasted a couple of years before it fell apart. The Cosori lasted a year. It didn't actually fall apart, but the non stick coating had disappeared, making it difficult to clean. Both machines used daily. IIRC, the Phillips machine cost around £90, the basket around 70. I figured for that price, might as well get a new machine.
    The Cosori, I drew a blank searching for a replacement basket. My Google Fu was weak, couldn't find a basket anywhere.
    Having a flat bed microwave, I wondered if there was an air fryer equivalent, and came across the Ninja. A quick search for spares showed availability (this was just before Lockdown, when air fryer demand exploded, and spares availability disappeared). As the Ninja is a flat bed I guessed that any metal or silicon tray that fitted would work. It does.
    I found the Cosori to be better, and quieter than the Philips machine, but IMO the Ninja trumps them both.
  3. azalea's avatar
    I have this and love it. Better than the pull out drawer version of airfryers. This has more area to cook on,so food isn't piled up asmuch as the other airfryers. Only gadget I've had for 2 , 3 years and use it almost 2 , 3 times a day. So easy for even the children to use it.
    Trilink's avatar
    How do you clean this?
  4. Gadgetdeals's avatar
    I saw the Verydeal but don’t see any great saving as that was the price of mine last December, seems they have inflated prices and now offering discounts back to what was normal price although I got £20 off.

  5. TMelt's avatar
    Interesting... have been looking for a replacement for our George Foreman grill. We do already have an air fryer but it's only a single one so this might double nicely as a grill and secondary air fryer
  6. wdh's avatar
    I sold mine.
    I prefer the basket in a drawer style for convenience. You need oven gloves at all times with this. For that reason alone, before considering others, I would suggest this was LESS safe for kids than the drawer style.

    Despite the low headroom (spatchcock your chicken), I found the large area really useful for gratinee cooking.
    I didn’t think the (passively heated) grill was that great, and didn’t use it much, (but I do now have a Tefal Optigrill). For griddle grilling, the Pro with its directly heated griddle looks like a much better bet.
    I now have an Instant VersaZone, which gives me the area, more headroom and dual ‘basket’ facility. Note that Ninja now have a VersaZone competitor - out only a couple of days and with 75+ “reviews” already…! (edited)
  7. eesamahasmercy's avatar
    This has the dehydration function which other version doesn't normally have. It's very convenient to make fruit chips.
  8. paulcoppernob's avatar
    We have the new ninja megazone 10.4L, and love it 👌
  9. Steven_Marshall95q's avatar
    Would anyone be able to share a code with me please?
    Aneish_Mistry's avatar
  10. iCantstop's avatar
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