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Daewoo 6L Digital Air Fryer 1400W Rapid air circulation with code

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Efficient and Safe: The Daewoo Digital Air Fryer features non-slip feet and an auto shut-off function, when cooking is complete, preventing overcooking and ensuring safety. Making it a safe and hassle-free way to cook delicious meals

Easy to Use: The air fryer has a digital display and pre-set function, making it easy to set the cooking time and temperature for popular dishes, saving you time and effort in the kitchen and ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time

Healthier Meals: Our air fryer uses rapid air circulation technology to cook food evenly. The high-speed air circulation creates a crispy exterior while locking in moisture, eliminating the need for oil, and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Versatile and Delicious: With rapid air circulation allowing food to cook quickly and evenly in a large 6 litre capacity, this air fryer can cook, grill, and bake a variety of dishes, resulting in crispy and delicious meals every time

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting: The air fryer is up to 73% cheaper to run than conventional ovens.
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  1. malkyx1871's avatar
    I bought this from Studio a few weeks ago for £29.99 + £4.99 postage. Mine was D.O.A (Dead on Arrival.
    On the plus side they returned my money very quickly and without hassle. On the downside, Studio do NOT have a returns policy so you have to pay another £4.99 to have it returned to them. Studio did not offer me a replacement..................so for this deal, I LOST £9.98 AND HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    beebop24's avatar
    Might be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's not right. If the item is faulty, you're entitled to a refund, including p+p (unless you've opted for a more expensive option such as next day delivery) and they are responsible for paying for it to be returned.
  2. Envx's avatar
    Since Mike Ashley took over this company he's run it into the ground. Look at the reviews online about the last time an air fryer was this low, hundreds never received one or their money back.
    jeczap's avatar
    People don't care...
    Anyone remember (Tesco) horse meat scandal?
  3. jonespr1's avatar
    Does anyone have the manual and know if the basket is dishwasher safe?
    saucymonk's avatar
    It's not
  4. ccsidney's avatar
    From help.studio.co.uk/en/…rns

    Where an item is confirmed as faulty, we will bear the reasonable postage costs of returning the items up to the cost of the standard delivery charge.

    Also think the original delivery should be refunded. Speak to your cc company.
    malkyx1871's avatar
    Well Studio did NOT return my postage I had paid. I won't use Studio again.
  5. Chimppimp1987's avatar
    That's an absolute bargain. An air fryer for less than a round in the pub 🔥🔥🔥
    kieran.gallagher's avatar
    Or a drink for you and the missus down south...
  6. ChrissyStock43's avatar
    Looking to buy one for a family of four, I’m guessing this will be too small. Any recommendations anyone?
    Josh99's avatar
    Buy two
  7. sgphthnghoob's avatar
    mate I bought this thing last time it was on here and it's terrible, barely blows any hot air food takes longer than the oven to cook and is burnt on the outside and raw in the middle, why is this thing always getting praise is mine just broken or what
  8. londonguy's avatar
    3 year warranty too ?


    malkyx1871's avatar
    And you may well need the extended guarantee.
  9. Caroline78's avatar
    Cannot decide if I need an air fryer.... sell the idea 2 me peeps pls lol ty
    mhsn787's avatar
    Main benifit it's smaller, so it takes less time to pre-heat.... and maintain heat.... but due to that size, may not cook all of your food in one go, negating the benefits. So it depends on portion sizes and number of people regularly cooking for... and if you have counter space.
  10. Josh99's avatar
    How are more expensive air fryers better?
    Redman05's avatar
    There not you probably just pay for a more top of the range make !!
  11. tr0r's avatar
    I wonder if they made those from recycled Daewoo Matiz's.

    Loved my Matiz. Like a road going rollerskate. (edited)
  12. Marotta118's avatar
    Bought this when it was the same price from house of Fraser the other day - great bit of kit and a bargain price!
    suzy18's avatar
    I ordered it the other day for £32 and I love it
  13. Jayporsche0's avatar
    Amazing value for anyone who doesn’t already have one. Tempted to buy this as a second option!
  14. MIDURIX's avatar
    6 litre Daewoo? Bet it has terrible mpg.
  15. OwlEye's avatar
    Thanks op just ordered my first air fryer!
    gixxerguyk8's avatar
    Enjoy it ! I’ve not used my since got my current one ( dual zone  instant vortex versazone) as upgrade from last 5.5litre one 
  16. Paul_j8k's avatar
    Decided to buy one. Never had a problem with Studio yet and Daewoo is a recognised brand. Definitely worth a punt at this price! Heat added
  17. EnaHia's avatar
    Good price!
  18. Mellybloke's avatar
    Just ordered.Thanks for this.
  19. Frag's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP
  20. londonguy's avatar
    That`ll be the Daewoo

    bought 2 cheers OP. Had a salter one for a few years but the basket looks knackered

    anyone know the model number ? (edited)
  21. ccsidney's avatar
    Anyone know the dimensions? Can't find them online.
    Cookey's avatar
    trying to find out myself. no luck thus far

    model no is apparently Sda2615 if this helps (edited)
  22. muffboy's avatar
    Any codes for free delivery?
    malkyx1871's avatar
    Are you having a 'Rum and Coke?'
  23. pibpob's avatar
    What you get for different prices: we have a well-used Daewoo one that came from Lidl. The pan/grille is not dishwasher safe and not all that non-stick any more, so requires a good wash in the sink but not a long soak as the steel will start to rust. You can also see the plate behind the heating element rusting. I am interested to know how much better the expensive ones are in this regard - do they at least have a stainless steel plate above the element?
  24. Personator1234's avatar
    Avoid studio, don't sent orders ignore emails useless
  25. FrugalFergal's avatar
    Do we know what the dimensions are for this? I wanted to be sure it would fit in my kitchen space
    ccsidney's avatar
    See post above by Londonguy. All details there. Wish I'd waited for those before pulling the trigger..
  26. cbflazaro's avatar
    Why do we still call these "air fryer". They are counter top mini fan ovens
    daniel_lloydd's avatar
    Doesn’t really roll off the tongue though
  27. reductionyellowstickers's avatar
    Ordered thanks! What a price. Hope this doesn't come DOA like a previous comment
  28. Mark.jelf's avatar
    £29. + £4.99 p+p Now!!
    JoShmo's avatar
    If you don't use the code.
  29. cfrsh91's avatar
    Didn't need it, ordered anyway. Cheers
  30. zxzx's avatar
    Nice deal. I'm crabbit as I bought a 6.5l caterlite model for around 66 quid from Nisbets.
  31. SuB-K's avatar
    After a lot of reluctancy finally caved in a bought this as my first ever air fryer... hopefully I've made a good decision and fingers crossed it is not DOA.....
  32. dhooski's avatar
    Good for a family of 3?
  33. naturalblonde's avatar
    Who are Studio? Are they a well known online shop?
    sashforth's avatar
    Part of the Sports Direct group.
  34. xIDarkSideIx's avatar
    Cracking price this just ordered one 🔥
  35. bacsnoel's avatar
    I bought one of this for my son in University last September and it caught fire nearly burned down his accommodation. I would not recommend this product.
  36. Marshall_Galloway's avatar
    £24 with code and delivery fee 👌
's avatar