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Posted 27 February 2023

Xiaomi 13 Pro 5G Dual SIM 8GB/256GB Smartphone (Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Chinese Version With Google Play) - £711.75 Delivered @ Wonda Mobile

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
8/256GB version for around £400 cheaper than it will be in the UK. Chinese version so will need flashed, if you know, then you will have a cheap 13 pro. No band 20 on this

Xiaomi 13 Pro comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate 6.70-inch touchscreen display offering a resolution of 3200x1440 pixels. The display sports Gorilla Glass for protection. Xiaomi 13 Pro is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that features 1 core clocked at 3.2GHz, 4 cores clocked at 2.8GHz and 3 cores clocked at 2GHz. It comes with 8GB and 12GB of RAM. The Xiaomi 13 Pro runs Android 13 and is powered by a 4820mAh battery. The Xiaomi 13 Pro supports wireless charging, as well as proprietary fast charging.

As far as the cameras are concerned, the Xiaomi 13 Pro on the rear packs a triple camera setup featuring a 50-megapixel (f/f/1.9) primary camera; a 50-megapixel (ultra wide-angle) camera, and a 50-megapixel (telephoto) camera. It has a single front camera setup for selfies, featuring a 32-megapixel sensor.

The Xiaomi 13 Pro runs MIUI 14 is based on Android 13 and packs 256GB and 512GB of inbuilt storage. The Xiaomi 13 Pro is a dual-SIM mobile. The Xiaomi 13 Pro measures 163.00 x 74.60 x 8.38mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 229.00 grams.

Connectivity options: on the Xiaomi 13 Pro include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Bluetooth v5.30, NFC, Infrared, and USB OTG with active 4G on both SIM cards. Sensors on the phone include accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, and compass/ magnetometer.

Wonda Mobile More details at Wonda Mobile

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  1. markkooper's avatar
    What does "Chinese version so will need flashed" mean?
    ShamWow's avatar
    Comes with Chinese rom

    Can be used globally if you wish but alot of people who buy Chinese Xiaomis tend to flash xiaomi.eu which is a 3rd party rom based off the Chinese rom but modified for global use
  2. mauropicotto's avatar
    Is band 20 needed in uk is it a common band that we would be potentially missing out on??sorry to ask
    rapid111111's avatar
    you can install a network signal app from the play store to see which bands you connect to and see what bands are around. Based on that you can find out how much you need band 20 or not.
    It's called LTE Discovery

    play.google.com/sto…=US (edited)
  3. kos1c's avatar
    What's the price looking for the UK official release?

    Edit I just seen the comment. That this is around £450 cheaper than the official UK model. (edited)
    MrSwitch's avatar
    £1099 for the 12GB version, feels expensive to me, even with a freebie
  4. philjstephenson's avatar
    Had the 512gb version two weeks ago, after fettling its a great handset and ( on ID/3 ) 5G works great however there are niggles.
    Most/ some banking apps work OK however any by RBS group ( Halifax, MBNA/Lloyds etc ) will not work with fingerprint or face unlock enabled, they deregister the handset and force you to wet it up time and time again, its an authentication error that ALL these CN handset seem to have...
    A lot of phone for this price but there are caveats!
    HEATY for the price though...
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    I have no issue with fingerprint unlock for MBNA, nor Barclays or TSB, so must be a Chinese ROM thing. (edited)
  5. smr1's avatar
    I was hoping for a global price nearer to this with VAT added but unfortunately it’s way above and I’m not buying from a Hong Kong seller with no warranty cover, extra Chinese software and limited for UK use (no band 20 at the very least).
  6. TuShae's avatar
    Not really sure about this one. Maybe they'll throw some goodies when released globally. In France they're doing a 43 inch TV. So I'll wait.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    I get you. fair comment
  7. ShamWow's avatar
    Really puts into perspective how much they're mugging Europe

    Even when you account for VAT and shopping costs etc they're taking way more profit with the European MSRP's

    And the Chinese version of miui is more optimised than global with more features (edited)
  8. b4dr1's avatar
    For this price why not s23 series? Unless people are crazy of the Xiaomi bloatware
    ashyt16turbo's avatar
    What bloatware?
  9. ScrambledEggs44's avatar
    No android auto
    MgBossHogg's avatar
    Flash global?
  10. JLH86's avatar
    Not related to this deal but does anyone know when the mi band 8 will be released
    Sylvester_Chen's avatar
    7 was released at the end of May last year, so I suppose it would be probably the same time this year
  11. Chuck.Norris's avatar
    Had Xiaomi for years, since before they were readily available in the UK and really struggle to get along with the operating system now.

    Every major update brings a new quirk or bug for me.

    Never bothered with the flagship models though, so maybe it'd be different if I did.

    Think I'll be steering clear of Xiaomi when looking for my next one.
    Jabaltariq's avatar
    I'm on my 8th xiaomi phone now, a Redmi note 11 pro+ 5g.
    Its OK, but after owning a Huawei p30, I'm really not happy with the camera. I don't know about how it looks on paper, but in real life the Huawei p30 is way better than my Redmi.
    If Xiaomi are expecting people to pay Samsung money for Xiaomi phones, they'll have to do a lot better!
  12. Chris.sss's avatar
    I'm actually shocked at what Xiaomi want for this in the UK, I'm assuming they know they won't get many sales this year, so are price gouging the people who can afford it/really want it.
    but I think they have read the market wrong, and won't sell at all.

    expect a cheaper t version and this to be discontinued in the UK pretty rapidly imo. (edited)
    Sylvester_Chen's avatar
    The price of xiaomi 13 and 13 pro in Europe really shock me, which is about 180% price as in China. This price on Wondamobile I think is somehow appropriate for a phone sells overseas.
  13. karanbajaj90's avatar
    Wonder who is buying this phone in UK at £1100😳😳😳
    regancipher's avatar
    I can't imagine spending £500 to have to use MIUI let alone £1100!
  14. minsx's avatar
    Looks like this is even cheaper now. Very tempting. The S23 ultra is missing IR which is reasonably important to me, the 13 pro is missing band 20 and is probably a worse phone overall. The UK price is a joke with a pathetic £50 trade-in bonus. I honestly can't decide between this and a more expensive S23 ultra49764205-WEN5N.jpg
  15. Vasileios_Bolmpasis's avatar
    The missing Band 20 is a deal-breaker, even inside London this band is the one mostly being used (Giffgaff), otherwise would have jumped on this. Hoping that the global price will plummet asap 🥲
  16. BT1978's avatar
    It's a deal based in the fact it's cheaper so hats off to switchy -
  17. zomgwtfbbq's avatar
    Xiaomi must be smoking something to set their official MSRP to £1099 for a pathetic 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. I thought they would price it £100 or so above the OnePlus 11 16GB RAM version, but they're on another planet. Really disappointed.

    When their price tumbles down to somewhere in this region (and it will in the next 2-3 months max), I'll reconsider getting it.
    Neostar's avatar
    But the Xiaomi has a far better camera than OnePlus
  18. tryitout157's avatar
    Xiaomi ui is a bit of hit and miss, parts are excellent, and others are just poor.

    1100 is bit high for relatively new brand in the UK and th3 curved screen is annoying.
    I'd go for s23 ultra all day long
    EDEN188's avatar
    Totally agree. I have the 11 Ultra, great camera and not really had any software issues, but £1100 and not far off from the s23 ultra, I think I would change to the Samsung if I am in the position to buy now.
  19. Neostar's avatar
    That freeze frame camera capture is insane, just look at that moving scooter
  20. thetreesergeant's avatar
    You tempted chief? I've been playing with a Xiaomi recently, after a year away with Apple, and it is good but does feel a little less polished...
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Not for me, haven't owned (used) a xiaomi in a while now. S23 ultra keeping me happy.... For now
  21. rish134's avatar
    I upgraded to a Xiaomi 12 (256gb) from a p20 last year. I would be tempted to upgrade but at that price ouff. At least last year I got loads of freebies.

    But like others I agree, the software really let's Xiaomi down. It's just not as fluid as others
  22. samatshu's avatar
    Great find Switchy. Xiaomi makes some of the best fones out there. My last 3 Xiaomi phones were difficult to enjoy. Got them from Wonda mobile for around £700. MIUI, adverts, pop ups were just too much. To think I gave it away my Mi 11 less than 6 months in, and returned my Mi 12 within the 1 month sums up my frustration. I don't know whether I'm a tough one to please, but OnePlus has also gone a different route, making my choices really limited. The mistake I made was going for the Amazon gift certificate for the refund. Now I'm stuck with £600 gift card on Amazon, and haven't seen anything worth my time 🤦🏾‍♂️. Rant ended
    smr1's avatar
    I haven’t had any advertising or pop ups on my mi 11 but then I bought the UK model direct from Xiaomi.
  23. Jaybeam's avatar
    And people say Apple are overpriced (edited)
    Neostar's avatar
    Apple still costs more than a Xiaomi
  24. GrahamFairham's avatar
    Tempted to take the plunge for this as my Mi10 is aging! But have to agree this should really be the UK price. Hoping that , with Xiaomi pitching it over £1k in the UK -it backfires and this becomes the default UK price!

    So gonna wait MrSwtch - and as always appreciate the finds (Ahh I remember my falling for my first MrSwitch Chinese phone deal..! First the legendary Huawei (nothing ever really came close!) Then to Xiaomi, which bang for bug is a good brand - the niggles as noted many times above are either acceptable -the slow camera, the ads -can be turned off) (edited)
    Chris.sss's avatar
    jesus. I'm rocking a mi8 is the mi10 really showing it's age?
  25. BargainHunta96's avatar
    Not sure why people would go for the Xiaomi 13/13 Pro when you can get the S23+/Ultra around a similar price. The Xiaomi 13 looks so similar to the S22/S23 aswell.
  26. DariuszTech's avatar
    Cracking deal for a Such a great camera device
  27. MgBossHogg's avatar
    If you can do without Google Pay , giztop will sell you the CN variant with the Global ROM installed for $800.
  28. Vasileios_Bolmpasis's avatar
    Has anyone pulled the trigger on the 13 pro Chinese version? Does it have a somewhat stable 4g/5g connectivity in the UK?
's avatar