75% off Sky TV for existing customers. Only works when you call the specific number 3 weeks after putting your request to cancel OR Save approx £140 via your SKY remote (scroll down)

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Posted 8th Dec 2013
OPTION 1: If you want 75% off your sky tv, follow these simple steps.

1.Put in a request to cancel your sky ( they may initially offer you 25% off or even 50%, don't listen just proceed with cancelling)
2. You may get calls offering you 50% or less, again stick with cancelling.
3. After 3 weeks call the offer phone number 08442 411 914 OR 08442 410 973(NEW NUMBER- OLD NUMBER NO LONGER ACTIVE) if you do not receive the leaflet offering 75% off. I tried it, and it works.

Please note, some mobile providers charge a premium for 0844XX numbers, if this is the case, download the WEQ4U app, you'll then be charged the local rate.

The app is available on Android & iOS

You can also get multi-room half price. Do not mention this when you take up the 75% offer, call them back after a day or two. But when you do call, say you received it in the post, I tried this and I got it immediately.

Sky advisors chat total crap! They just want to convince you that the price they offer is the best. When you get the initial call of 25% off they wont budge! It's as though they have convinced themselves that is the best you are going to get, don't listen and proceed with cancelling! The 50% off department will be next. why pay so much extra, just wait 3 weeks and get 75% off!! Best of luck! In a way, you wont be left without any sky if you do this on the third week of cancelling. It's about time existing customers got better deals than new!!!
It doesn't cost sky anything to enable the signal to your box, that's why they can do this so cheap as they have been for years.

nexus76 is in his 5th year of doing this!
New number is 08442 411 914- thanks to junglist

Thanks to dazren :
Cancelled and one month later just got a card through today offering 50% off for 12 months (any package) plus 6 months free Sky Go Extra (need to cancel this part as they will charge £5pm after the 6 months are up otherwise). Call 08442 411 192 and give code CL32A. Hope this helps someone
UPDATE 18/07/2015. Many people are having great success when attempting this. Some are also being offered 60% off the full tv package including HD, £100 bill credit and 10 pounds off line rental plus free broadband! It obviously depends who you speak to but it just goes to show that there is plenty of flexibility to get some cracking offers! Best of luck


OPTION 2: Try this to save up to £140 on your SKY

IF you don't want to go down the above route of trying to get through to Customer Services, listening to Green Sleeves on repeat, then to be cut off, try this..

A. Log into your account at sky.comCLICK ME

B. Find the "thinking of leaving sky" page here CLICK ME

C. At the bottom of that page it says "Still looking to cancel?" Click on the SKY TV option underneath

D. If you are eligible for a discount you should be directed to a questionnaire page, it'll then ask you why you want to leave with various options, click ''Worried about cost''

E. If eligible you'll again be re-directed to a page offering you a discount on your sky package, depending on what you have, it'll offer you up to 20% off or if your lucky maybe more....

F. If then happy with the discount, read through the T&Cs carefully, click confirm and it'll then update on page with your new monthly cost/bill.

G. Go to the pub

H. Please note that the above will sign you up to a new contract, if you're not happy for a min 12 months then best avoid!

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    Thought I'd add to the recent experiences:

    15 years with Sky (Diamond VIP), end of each contract I cancel and wait for the offers during cancellation. Sometimes I go through with the cancellation for a period of 4 weeks or so.

    (Sky Q 1TB) Sky Signature, HD, UHD, Netflix add on (premium), Sky Sports full package
    £38/ month for 18 months. No admin fees

    (Previous contract period was £37/month for the same package)

    timeline of offers: £89/£64 [cancellation notice]/£54/£47/£43 (call from win back), £38 upon calling them in week 3 of cancellation. I could probably have shaved a few £ by holding off and taking the cancellation but I've got a load of stacked recordings so took it!
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    Exactly the way to play the game. Not a bad deal at all.
  2. shaz3885's avatar

    I put in my cancellation on 25th March. During this time I made multiple attempts at getting a deal via chat and telephone but all offers were rubbish and still very expensive, best I could get in all was £40 signature, multiscreen, netflix premium and HD/ultraHD which I declined. After a few weeks I received one letter and email offering sky signature and cinema for £26. That was the cheapest deal I got but not what I needed so I let my service cut off on 25th April.

    Today Sky phoned me and were more flexible on price and willing to negotiate a deal. This was the first time they called me. I was given HD, signature, Netflix standard (free with sky HD) and multiroom for £27.50 / 18 months + £50 credit to my account and £10 admin fee removed.
    This is by far the best deal I have been able to get in the last two months so I decided to accept.

    As others have said the best deals come when your service has been fully cut off but only if sky phone you themselves.

    There is also potential for an extra £50 if you set your direct debit from Halifax and use the Halifax reward account scheme, must activate the Halifax cash back extras sky offer for £50 cash back.

    Just play the waiting game and you should see a good deal come your way! (edited)
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    Was offered £39 for signature plus sky sports, declined and have moved to the sky essentials for a fiver a month.
  4. slacky666's avatar
    Got full package sig, sport, movies, kids, ultimate, uhd, hd, multi room.

    Cancelled less than a week ago bill was going from £59 upto £119 got offered £82.

    Had an email for £71 yesterday.

    Had a call today was offered everything for £57 took kids off anyway as we don’t need it so was £54.

    Future bills have come up at £49 Winner.

    Don’t know if being a diamond customer helps, but that’s the best deal I’ve seen for a while.

    49933599-JGelc.jpg (edited)
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    Good Job
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    I always love to follow this discussion. Thanks to all who have contributed.

    After negotiation I have agreed to another 18 month contract for £50 per month TV. This is for everything except Kids.
    See the image beneath for an example of offers applied to my account:

    Hopefully this will help give you some guidance?
    Good luck all!
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    That looks a great deal
  6. schopenhauer's avatar
    Put in my usual notice of TV cancellation last week to commence the usual dance with Sky. Received the 50% offer off all TV packages by email. Then received call from the retention people, who actually offered me a worse deal than the email!! Haggled for a while and eventually settled for the following 18 months deal

    Sky Signature - £11.65 pcm
    Full Sports Package - £12.00 pcm

    Credit to my account - £20
    Admin fee - waived

    Hope this info is useful to people currently negotiating.
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    Replying to

    With HD (edited)
  7. KinPiz's avatar
    It seems like its very hard to get good prices now
  8. Khantinho's avatar
    Yes I actually did to be honest and they gave me a better deal. I was paying £33 for Sky Q, signature, sports and ultra hd. Now I’m paying £29 a month for all those mentioned and also with cinema now!
  9. seanhart007's avatar
    Huge thanks to everyone who contributes here. We were disconnected for 7 days, I buckled and called 0333 7594790 to see what they could do before I send back their gear. I bit at;
    Sky signature £19
    Ultimate add on/netflix £5
    Sky sports in HD £6
    Cinema £7
    HD £4
    £10 admin fee. £41 all in was a little more than I wanted to pay but you have to gauge how much your time is worth I suppose. Guy at sky also confirmed that the best he could do with bt sport was to take £3 off so £25 a month, he recommended trying EE or plus net as alternatives to gain access so I think he was genuine.
    sashforth's avatar
    Looks OK to me. As always, it is the total cost that counts. The Signature at £19 is a bit high but Sports in HD for £6 is good enough to offset. You might have done better by holding out for a little longer but I think you made the right call.
  10. imavillan's avatar

    after receiving the text to get in touch with them about a new offer to retain me as a customer, i left it a week and have just been on the chat with them.

    This is what i was offered

    Signature - £17 (reduced from £34)

    Sky Sports HD - £14 (£38 - does anyone really pay this amount?)

    Sky HD - £5 (£9)

    Ultra HD - £1 (£4)

    Ultimate TV add on - £7 (£7)

    Multiscreen (i have 3 boxes) - £10 (£15)

    BB Ultrafast - £38 (£43) - I'm currently paying £32 for this and the contract ends in Dec

    Admin fee - £20

    TV Total = £54
    BB Total = £38
    Total =£92

    Told them it was still too expensive and remarkable that the new offer puts my BB up and not down and there's no discount on the Ultimate TV. I said i wanted to be around the £45 mark for TV and sub what i'm paying now for the BB.

    The response was that was the only offer that they could do.
    So, thanked her for her help, wished her a nice day i left the chat.

    I'll see what if anything happens from here on in but i'm getting iot in the neck from Mrs Imavillan who's starting to go into panic mode
    teslafoot's avatar
    This is really useful, thanks.

    The TV price would be good for me, the only addition would be the kids bits

    I've basically got Signature, Sports full, HD/UHD, Kids and Multiroom for £52 which based on my maths and your info would be £52 plus whatever they say for kids which would be £2/3? I would take that.

    I will give them a shout on chat this week and report back here...
  11. dan.osee's avatar
    A_H202018/01/2022 17:32

    My sky finishes around July. Can I cancel now or will I have to pay early …My sky finishes around July. Can I cancel now or will I have to pay early termination. You have a great deal and I'd love to have something similar

    You'll always have to pay a termination if in contract.

    My approach to Sky Neg has always been (I think) pragmatic and based on the following:

    1) No Admin Fees - they're meant to make you 'happy' that you secured a cheaper deal, when in fact you're already agreeing to secure THEIR revenue for 18 months. Admin Fee - Just say no.
    2) There are many options when it comes to viewing now - they no longer have a monopoly over the TV, this is to your strength and their weekness.
    3) Remember, they can now hike costs in contract, so what you agree to 'today' will almost certainly be more expensive in future months. Build that into what you consider a fair price.
    4) When the deal isn't right, walk away. Forget the fear, forget 'missing out' and all the other emotive language used to encourage you to sign on the line - when a good deal lands (and sometimes that only happens after you post back the box!) you'll know it, they'll be happy you came back, you'll be happy at the price.
    5) And to repeat no.4 again, if the deal is not good enough - just say no. (edited)
  12. LennyLeonard's avatar
    In years of renegotiating with Sky, this was the most difficulty I've had getting a decent deal from them. Looking through this thread and a couple of other forums, it really does seem like they're playing hardball at the moment. I was previously paying £44 a month for my package including - Signature, Netflix, Kids, Cinema, HD, Ultra HD and Multiscreen. In case it helps anyone, this was the timeline of offers I received:

    - On cancellation, I was offered the above for £53 on chat. I declined and entered the cancellation period.
    - They called me 9 days later, this time offering it for £52.
    - 4 days after that, I received a text with a link to chat. £51 was the offer this time. After pushing the agent came back with £46... for two months, a saving of £10 across the contract. I politely declined.
    - Between these dates, I received two emails totalling up to £45 but not including the Kids package (which I think would have taken me back up to the £51 mark).
    - A week later, I got the Black Friday email with a total of £46, this time not including Netflix (which when added is back to £51).
    - 3 days before cut off, I received an email offering signature for £21.
    - 2 days before cut off, I got a text with the cut off warning and from the number given was offered £50. I went on to chat to ask about the packaging to send back the Sky boxes and was offered £51. The agent wasn't budging in the slightest "no problem, you can take your decision" etc.

    Apart from the very first offer, all the offers had an admin fee of £10-20.

    I've never got to the cut off stage before, as I've always managed to get a deal by that point (chat has usually been pretty successful for me, but they were worse with deals than the phone team this time), but I let it end and waited for them to get back to me. After 6 days, they emailed me another Black Friday deal, this time for £43 without Netflix. I followed the Come Back to Sky link and the chat agent was hilarious. He came back with £59(!) for my package, insisting it was an amazing deal. I sent him a screenshot of the email and he said I could have it for £43 if I removed cinema. Eventually, we got to the point where he said it'd be £49 with Netflix. I pointed out Netflix was currently cheaper on their website for Black Friday but he insisted £6 was already a discount (it wasn't) and they'd given me the biggest discount they could (they hadn't). While I was still on chat, I called the number on the email to see what they could do.

    I got through to a really nice agent, and after 40 odd minutes on the phone, got the package down to £47 a month, with the first 4 months of Netflix free (so £42 for those months), £20 credit for the week I didn't have Sky, no admin fee and an extra mini box included for free. I know I could probably have got them down further but it wasn't too far off the £44 I was paying before, and I've spent enough time going back and forth with Sky so I accepted.

    Sorry for the long winded comment, but that's me done for 18 months until this whole haggling circus starts up again - good luck everyone!
    greglowe1's avatar
    How do you speak for 40 mins on the phone? I always find the conversation hits the end after they give you what they say is their best deal. No more prompts able to get them to budge. Maybe it’s as I’ve 1.5 weeks of cancellation to go, I’ll try again in a week or so.
  13. Absolute40's avatar
    Just let your Sky subscriptions expire people. Sky is no longer worth the agro. Streaming is the way forward. If you need to record live TV there are options too via Freesat and Freeview Play boxes. We don't miss Sky at all. Switching our super fibre to Now broadband for £21pm, basically the same speed as Sky but much cheaper.
    If you miss some Sky shows you get get a Now TV pass, but you probably won't need it with Netflix and Disney+ and all the other catch-up apps.
    sashforth's avatar
    We were very close to not renewing Sky this time round and certainly wouldn't have done had we not been offered a significant discount again. If it were possible to get the Sports channels at a decent price without Signature then that would have been ideal. I know you can get Sports Passes on Now TV but the last time I looked the price wasn't attractive and you couldn't record programs for watching later.
  14. PS2035's avatar
    [EDIT on 24/6/22. I called Sky again today, 24/6, to try to get Signature reduced. I was told they couldn't do it, but they did give Sky Sports HD for free, so the total is now £45]

    I’ve renewed Sky Q for another 18 months at £47 pcm, or as I also asked for and got a £25 credit put on the account, it’s equivalent to £45.36, or £1.50 a day. I've the 2TB Sky Q box plus three minis which I'd previously negotiated for free from Sky.

    I’d received an email saying my contract was ending and my current £46.75 deal would increase to £81, and when I called them to negotiate they offered £70 as their best offer. So last Monday I gave 6 weeks’ notice, and on Wednesday a guy from ‘Loyalty Stay’ team called and offered £56, then £49, then came down to £47 to get close to the £46.75. I also asked how much UHD would be as I didn’t have it and he said as I had Multiroom he could add it for free. Interestingly he didn’t present the deal as listed above, but as Signature £17, Netflix £5, Sport & Cinema £14, HD £4, Multiscreen with UHD £7. Ultimate includes Netflix of course, and in UHD.

    My advice to get their best deals: Call Sky 5 to 6 weeks before your contract is ending and ask for a deal; if it isn’t what you want give notice to leave. Make sure you have given Sky permission to call and email you, as their ‘loyalty stay’ team will want to call you. When they call don’t necessarily take their first offer as they have room to come down. Don’t pay any admin fees – if they still do that. If you’re still wondering whether the deal is a good one ask for a credit to be added to your bill. And if you have Multiroom then you should get UHD for free; if you haven’t a UHD TV still ask for it in case you get one during the term of the contract.
    PS2035's avatar

    Replying to

    Yes, no kids package, and no BT Sport
  15. ecraigy's avatar
    Well, that's my time with sky coming to an end guys.
    I used to comment on here and over on the mse forums quite a bit but have been quite busy recently.
    Put my notice in 5 weeks ago and due to disconnect on Sunday.
    I am currently paying £24 for sig, hd, kids and Netflix. Quite an OK deal.
    I was offered £30 when I gave notice but its just too much of a jump. I've observed best prices on this forum for ages and I would only stay with sky if it was the same £24 or less - and that is not going to happen.

    So, I'm off to bt TV as I have my broadband with them.
    I currently pay £34 for 150meg fttp, and renewed at £36. You might think this steep but I cannot tell you how many times I have had bad mobile phone signal but have been able to connect to a bt WiFi hot spot. Plus my broadband has only gone down once in 2 years - when we had a power cut.

    So for the TV. £6 for the bt TV pro box includes now TV entertainment and Netflix, £4 extra to make Netflix in HD, £6 extra for the now TV in HD.
    Total £16 - £8 less than sky.

    Running absolute total is £6 less than sky. Sure I will be stung with 2 price increases, but I would have been stung with 2 with sky anyway.

    Doubt the bt box will be as flash as sky Q, but eventually I'm sure we will get used to it.

    Guys, use bt TV as leverage during the negotiation.
  16. skidu's avatar
    Was due to get cut off in 2 weeks, went on chat a few times and got silly deals for £50-60 saying that's the best they can do.

    Gave them a call yesterday evening after getting a 'review your options' text message and got through to a really friendly chap. Instantly matched my old price to include the rise in April and added in UHD for good measure + £20 credit and no admin fees.

    Was tempted to wait until I got cut off but F1 is back on that weekend and honestly thought it was a good price considering it's already factoring in the yearly price hike.

    golfie's avatar
    Is that sky q? That's a cracking price
  17. pekoz1's avatar
    Sky TV package (no broadband) we have is HD not Q - Signature/Sports/Cinema/1 multiroom/ HD/Sports HD

    We were paying approx £60ish but at the end of the 18 month contract bill increased to £90ish

    After cancelling and during 31 day period we had an offer via letter of :- £41 for Signature/Sports/Cinema + £10 Multiroom + £4 HD

    After being without Sky for a week we have received an email offer of :- £35 for Signature/Sports/Cinema + £10 Multiroom + £4 HD

    Not sure if that helps anyone...
    sashforth's avatar
    Just shows how important it is to serve notice to strengthen your negotiation.
  18. tom6195's avatar
    My current deal which is £50 p/m all in expires on 26th November. How do I best prepare to put in my notice and hope they call me back for a deal?
    sashforth's avatar
    I don't mean to be awkward but please read the last page or two of this thread. I am sure you will find the answers to your query.
  19. kappaz187's avatar
    Today was cancellation day but surprisingly enough everything was running as normal. Had one more go on the live chat was quoted £60. One 12 min phone call through to a lovely old boy who managed to get it down to £53 and waived admin fee also.

    48846927_1.jpg (edited)
    greglowe1's avatar
    Nice effort, did you use any other providers pricing against them or just say it’s too expensive?
  20. dykesy9's avatar
    I was into the last week of my cancellation notice and messaged the chat team today. I was offered the following (after a bit of haggling) for £53.50 a month with the £20 admin fee waived. I already have the Sky Q 2TB and Sky Q mini box

    "Sky Signature £15
    Ultra HD £2
    Multiscreen £7.50
    Sky Sports - Complete Pack £10
    Sky Cinema £12
    Sky Kids £2
    Sky HD £5

    That would be a new monthly total of: £53.50 in a new 18 months contract after 18 months it will go back to the standard price

    Your offers will start today and are for [18] months"

    I hope this helps the rest of you with your haggling - see you all in 18 months!
    Ben10's avatar
    What chat did you use? It is never there for us any more not calling them costs to much
  21. teerex's avatar
    gravityorgan14/02/2022 17:01

    I have Sky Signature, Superfast broadband and any time extra (unlimited) …I have Sky Signature, Superfast broadband and any time extra (unlimited) calls. Cancellations offered £57pm. They're not interested in lowering it any further.Part of me wants to take broadband and phone to Now to see what they're like as £20 is a very good deal. On the other hand, Sky has been good for me so is it risky switching to Now in case it ends up being worse in terms of speeds/service etc. Really not sure what to do.

    Been with Now Broadband for a couple of years now. Sky supply their bb so you shouldn't see any difference really. Router isn't that good but that's the same for most providers. I use a mesh network from BT so not too bothered.
    It's cheap and reliable, I've not had any issues or reasons to call them.
  22. letslaughadam's avatar
    Sky TV Signature and HD were cut off at the weekend after 7 years.

    Tried on Chat just now and was offered:

    Signature at £12 (that's a £20 discount with an 18 month contract)
    HD at £4 (that's a £4 discount)

    Bringing your TV total to £16 with a one off £10 admin fee added to your next bill.

    Needless to say, I agreed. Never had such a good deal - seems letting it disconnected was the key to that.
  23. letslaughadam's avatar
    Kp09021/03/2022 14:17

    Did your sky vip go back to 7 years status?

    It did yes. Gold VIP member for 7 years on my app and main account page once again.
  24. darren1963's avatar
    our offer was £42.00 sky world hd we was paying £32 last year , or £28 movies hd no sports, we rejected both offers ,
    just stuck a hdd in to tv to record via freesat connection
  25. notips's avatar
    Watch our for sky dropping discounts. Noticed a £2 increase on top the April increases and it’s down to them dropping my ultra hd discount to £2 from £4. Got a complaint in with them as their customer services said it was due to the price rises but I pointed out ultraHD wasn’t listed as having a price increase. It’s still showing as £4
  26. nsx2050's avatar
    Has anyone been offered good deals on switching from Sky Q to Sky Glass?
    Denziloshamen's avatar
    That’s a downgrade, why would you want to? You’ve got no ability to record on Sky Glass plus you already have the dish installed so absolutely zero benefit to switching and you get a really crappy TV on top.
  27. PS2035's avatar
    Back on 21/6/22 I postedthat I'd renewed Sky Q for 18 months for £47 pcm plus a £25 credit on my account, and subsequently I got a further reduction to £45 by them making the Sky Sport HD free.

    The new breakdown is:

    PS2035's avatar

    Replying to

    I asked for Signature to be reduced as I thought it was high compared to my previous 18 month deal (£17 vs £11) and they said they couldn't do that, but could take another £2 off Sky Sports HD, so I took it.

    Once you get to speak to the people at Sky who can access the genuine offers my experience is they juggle the current offers to come up with the best overall package price; this has meant for my new 18 month deal some items such as Signature, Cinema and Sky HD have gone up, but the others are cheaper or free. My aim was to get them to match or lower what I was paying for my old deal otherwise I would leave Sky - and I had given them 6 weeks' notice of leaving when they initially couldn't.
  28. thepostie's avatar
    I cancelled in March then signed up in the last couple of days via a come back to sky online chat offer. They offered everything TV wise for £59 or without cinema for £53. I chose the £53 but they messed up and I had been billed for £59 without cinema and they also forgot to reactivate my Netflix. Got the Netflix sorted after a month but after constant calls to India I found out Tech support was the best and managed to get it sorted yesterday but I had to send them a mobile screenshot of my original offer. As a good will gesture or another error they seem to have given me the full package for £52 a month.
    thepostie's avatar

    Replying to

    Yes sorry should of explained it better. I got an email with a chat link in it.
  29. Connect1000's avatar

    All new questions being already answered in most recent posts.

    Just take a few minutes and read

    End of PSA
  30. TyroneH's avatar
    Recent offer
    TyroneH's avatar
    Text chat you can see the number at top of my first picture. My services ended last week so might have more leverage when cancelled ?
  31. stesavingexpert's avatar
    Just in the process of cancelling SKy and they are claiming my Sky Q box is owned by them, i cannot remember how much i paid for this but it was over £100 at the time (2tb version). Am i right to say it is mine, i understand the mini's are not mine.
    YouAreMySolskjaer's avatar
    Boxes are loaned and remain sky property.
  32. iEddyMorrison's avatar
    My deal was ending of £53.85 - So I called and text them a few times during 30 day notice period and the best they were offering was £60-£61 - I called a day before cut off and the same - kept trying again and finally a decent male advisor - who said £57 and I mentioned 4 months free of Netflix, UHD, HD, KIDS which is showing online. He agreed, and even said no Admin fee, without me asking. However, there was an issue on account so he couldn’t put it through in time before account cancelled as waiting for account to be fixed. Anyway he didn’t call back to sort it but I made sure he left notes on account. Was cut off yesterday and had to call today to reactivate. I spoke to female this time, not a fan of the way she spoke to me. Condescending and speaking over me. She couldn’t find notes and eventually did. She at first said £61 and I was like no, check notes and listen to call previously, she had to make up for 4 months free by saying oh we can do £57 then £55 magically. They literally just make prices up as they go. They have the power to do any price, it’s just a constant battle with them. She had to do £10 admin fee but overall I’m better off as she’s making up for it with the lower price. Moral of story: don’t give up. Be firm. Keep trying different people. I’m tired of speaking to them, to get a decent deal.
  33. randolf101's avatar
    I cancelled on Friday there but so far my online account won’t let me do anything to my package. Just throws up an error
    davejb's avatar
    dont think you can do anything online after youve requested a cancellation. you need to either call them or use webchat to discuss a deal

    you should be able to get through to webchat on this link

  34. Mattdriff's avatar
    My sky deal/contract ends on the 30th September. I have forward dated my cancellation as the price was flying up.

    I have decided to go to BT for my tv as my broadband was already with them. They’ve offered me:

    150mb broadband £29.99
    Big sports (TNT & Sky Sports) £25
    HD £6
    Extra Box £10
    = £70.99

    Pretty happy with this deal. Just hope I get on with BT’s boxes. (edited)
  35. jezzer72's avatar
    banner8615/01/2022 15:18

    Has anybody with Netflix on there account gone through with a cancellation …Has anybody with Netflix on there account gone through with a cancellation lately?I have just terminated my contract 2 months early due to bill rising before the end of my contract, I was told Netflix is nothing to do with them now and I had to arrange me keeping Netflix with Netflix, I'm just interested on what people found was the easiest way of transferring a Netflix account back to Netflix?Hope that makes sense

    I did it in July and all that happened was the Netflix cancelled and you’d log in and it will ask for card details to restart you’re membership.
  36. cannrobe's avatar
    Strixx15/01/2022 22:25

    So for example, could I even give Sky 1 year notice I want to cancel at …So for example, could I even give Sky 1 year notice I want to cancel at the end of an 18 month contract? And they would automatically disconnect at the end of the 18 months with no early termination fees?And does this work with all companies where you are in a minimum contract period, like could I do the same with Three, BT, Virgin Media etc?

    If you have read their terms and conditions, I am sure you will be able to give them as much notice as they require. If the T&Cs say that they require 30 days minimum, then you could effectively give that notice as soon as you take out the contract. Whereas if they say in the T&Cs that you have to give 30 days' notice and you tried to give them notice at the start of the contract, they could argue that, that isn't giving 30 days' notice and so you would need to give them a full 30 days before the end of the contract.

    Either way, this is not legal advice and you might want to read the terms and conditions of the contract before purchasing. Although, who actually reads the T&Cs? I know I wouldn't normally unless I am inclined to do something that I could end up with an early termination fee for the services provided.
  37. ShopCom123's avatar
    Not sure if this is of any use to anyone but I've just called the number on the letter I got through 0333 759 4458 which takes you straight through to the win back team. He looked and was only able to offer me the same deal as detailed above. I asked if it was worth calling in April to see if they had different offers and he advised it was worth it. He said the offers change every two weeks on a Friday so advised me to call this Friday as there should be some new offers and also worth calling around Easter (my contract ends on 15th April) as the Easter offers will be through by then. He then said if you see anything online which is a good offer to call them as they may be able to match prices. Just a heads up for anyone.
  38. davejb's avatar
    i cancelled a month ago... never heard anything so i made one attempt on webchat and their offer went UP lol. so i left it. its now been cut off and ive not even received any information on returning anything yet.

    with all these silly offers and lack of any kind of willingness to negotiate i cant help feel that theyre trying to wind down the satellite side of things.. theyll wait until the customer base hits a certain point then theyll say to their share holders... "its not worth doing anymore lets just concentrate on sky glass " theyll stop taking on new sky q customers and try to push everyone over to streaming when their contracts end. its cheaper for them in the long run... no dishes, cheaper boxes... no engineers needed to do dish or sky q installs... theyll make an app for smart tvs like netflix/disney etc and cut their workforce down..
  39. 2arms2eggs's avatar
    Just signed the following 18 month deal:

    Sky cinema
    Ultimate TV/Netflix
    Sky HD
    Ultra HD

    £46 PCM
    £10 One off admin

    Netflix (£6) free for 4 months
    Free multiscreen box
  40. Brexitbargainboy's avatar
    If you want decent prices, don't chase them. Let them chase you, don't come across desperate for their product, it's a game of poker.

    With the way energy prices are increasing they should be desperate for your custom, I am into final 30 days and all set to leave and cancel TV license because from April on with bills rising, I need to cut back to the minimum just to be comfortable. But I will be toying with Sky this time when they do phone with no intention of rejoining for revenge with the amount of my time and stress wasted negotiating in the past
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