A short guide on the cheapest way to get 36 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Posted 17th Aug 2020Edited by:"scapton"
I have seen a lot of users post deals over the last few months discussing Game Pass Ultimate deals. In this short guide, I will explain the cheapest current way to get 36 months of Game Pass Ultimate on a UK Live account (accurate as of 17/08/2020).

I always see people in the comments apprehensive of using a VPN or unsure how to follow the steps outlined by the deal poster. Xbox Live Gold can be found cheaper in different regions worldwide, and often, Brazil is one of the cheapest ways to purchase 12 months of XBLG

What you will need:

Steps to follow:

1 - Purchase 3 X 12 months of Brazil Xbox Live Gold. This should cost around £70 total:

2 - Find a reputable VPN that offers access to Brazil IP addresses. In the past I have used Nord VPN, Tunnelbear and Windscribe. Tunnelbear offers a free 500mb trial which will work fine for this. Download the VPN (scan it for viruses just to be sure) and open it up.

3 - Set your VPN to Brazil. Most clients will have an easy-to-use drop down list and a button to turn the VPN on

4 - Visit the Brazil Xbox site and sign in with your Xbox Live account. If you're using Chrome you can translate the page into English also. The login screen is in the upper right hand corner of the site.

5 - Click on 'Games' the second drop down menu on the page, then click 'Redeem codes'. Proceed to input your 3 X 12 month Xbox Live Brazil codes. When prompted, do not 'add the extra month' for recurring billing. These should go through successfully if connected to Brazil VPN.

6 - Disconnect your VPN, login to your UK Xbox live account and check to ensure you have 3 years of Xbox live gold. Now, follow this link and activate the £1 Game Pass Ultimate offer. This will have converted your 3 years of XBLG into 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate.

Hope this helps some of you out there that were unsure about doing this (I did have pictures at every step but they were removed when I submitted this )
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