Amazon Music Unlimited For £3.99 Joining via Your Echo Device On A Single Device Plan @ Amazon

Posted 30th Jan 2020
Just been reliably, and very nicely informed that this is the usual price for a single device plan, I did not know this, hence the edit.

Apologies if this doesn't help you. I hang my head in shame.

I'm unsure if this has been posted before, but just seen it in the app, if you sign up or trial amazon music unlimited via your echo device
(echo, echo dot, echo plus, echo show, echo studio, echo input, echo spot or echo fire TV)
Then you pay only £3.99 after a 30 day trial, now this is usually £7.99 per month.

New subscriptions only

This is on the front page of the app here


May help someone, may not, but then again it may just help someone, then again it may not, but maybe it will, who knows, I do, it will, or not, hope this helps

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