Posted 2 February 2024

Any gym-goers? Does your gym spray air-freshner?

The staff at the gym I go to casually unload a canister of solvent-based air-freshner sporadically that leaves me feeling like I've eaten a bar of soap during my workout.

Is it just me or is that kinda out-of-order in an environment where people are working out? Or is it fussy of me?

I'm mostly curious to hear other opinions on this.
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  1. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Another excuse for me to never go to a gym.
  2. a666andy's avatar
    A gym i used to go to did it sometimes with people in there, it's not pleasant at all, i hated it and feel it should not be done. It's not healthy breathing that in.
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    It cant be healthy.
  3. iCrazyCarrots's avatar
    My gym cleaner is a guy called Anatoly.true story.
  4. aLV426's avatar
    LoL - my local gym replaced all the anti-bac sprays with tap water after some idiot tried to drink the anti-bac spray! So now all the sweaty equipment is washed down with tap water.
  5. jco83's avatar
    Disgusting. Aerosol sprays should be banned. Certainly shouldn't be sprayed anywhere near people, especially people gasping for air even more than normal Complain. Leave
  6. AngryCoffeeTable's avatar
    When I had a few years with easygym in my area - a member of staff did go around and spritz the quiet areas of the gym that nobody was in occasionally. They wouldnt walk past and give you a face full of it if you were on the rowing machine, that would be rude.

    Most of the time there would be a cleaner on site wiping down some of the equipment that wasnt in use periodically so certain parts of the gym would have a more citrus smell compared to the floral smell from the air fresheners they used.
  7. cas398's avatar
  8. Alexanderlocks's avatar
    I would complain..That would put me right off. Full of toxic chemicals. The air we breathe is bad enough.
  9. J_JshI's avatar
    Yeah mine does
  10. jimbo23's avatar
    No. Although one of the workers was cleaning the treadmill next to me (when I was at full sprint and breathing hard) and I got a mouthful of cleaner several times.

    Got a multitude of muscle pulls at the moment, so out of action for the time being - depressing. (edited)
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