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Best company to buy sofa?

Hi does anyone know the best place to buy a sofa with good discounts? Appreciate everyone's help
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    If you can wait, then I think DFS may be having a sale soon - You need to quick though, as they end quite quickly too. (edited)
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    Ends this weekend I think!
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    Be careful. The price you see isn't always the price you pay. We went to DFS for a sofa. Was listed at £600. Then you did down with the salesperson and that pattern/material you want - another £100. Oh, fabric treatment for spills - another £150. You want the cushions that are on the display side, the ones that go with it and look so good? - another £150. Extended warranty - £100.(all figures approx, but nearly doubled it. Went to Next got a much better quality sofa with all the extras for less money with an extended warranty. Check out Next - the quality is great and the pricing is not a hook to get you in.
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    just ordered ours from there, the price we saw was the price we paid. Only additional add-on was the £15 delivery charge, unlike the vastly larger DFS one.
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    Check your local charity shop. We have a BHF store and it has a very good selection frequently.
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    I bought from this eBay seller.
    Its customer returns etc. The sofas I bought were like new and originally from Oak Furnuture land for a fraction of the price. They always have a discount which always stacks up with the regulars 10/20/25% discount eBay do most weeks.
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    SCS were good when we got ours 2-3 years ago. Liked it in the shop, chose options, delivery was 6 weeks, no pushy salesman (in fact they threw in a cleaning pack). We paid about £1300 for 3+2+pouffe.

    Sofa is very well made and seems to use some kind of pocket springs rather than foam, proper comfy and no sags.
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    Avoid DFS unless you want a headache if there are any issues
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    DFS or Argos
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