Posted 12 December 2023

Bike for around £200

Hi all. Can anyone recommend a bike for around £200. I'm not into biking or nothing it'll just be for a ride around with the lad in the park, on some trails etc every now and again so I don't want to spend a fortune but also don't want to buy something useless.

Been looking at the Carrera Parva but don't like the colour if I'm honest. Don't mind second hand either as long as it worth the cost.

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    You will not find a good bike for £200 new, however, for £200 you can get a very capable bike second hand from Facebook marketplace, for trails I would recommend a Boardman
    Make sure that the bike you get has a 1 by chainring at the front as that's what really determines it as a proper bike from a bicycle shaped object
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    Thank you. Will take a look.