British Gas new account system and govt energy scheme

Posted 6th Dec 2022
British Gas moved me over onto their new account system but the process seems to have messed up their billing. The expected refund for the Government scheme did not appear in my bank account after the DD went out at the end of November (meant to arrive in 3 days), and nor does it appear to have left my BG account.

Have any other BG customers had similar issues?
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    I'm with British Gas and have been moved to the new billing system . I had a refund of £66.00 into my account last month and again yesterday.
    They must just hate me I guess

    What day of the month is your DD if you don't mind me asking?
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    Hi Ferris, I'm with British Gas and they haven't paid me either this month so you're not alone.
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    Doesn't the Gov scheme get credited to your Energy account target than a cash payment? I thought that was the idea to stop people spending it then claiming they can't afford their bills?

    I know mine gets credited. I'm on Eon. (edited)
    If you pay by direct debit it goes back into your bank with EDF not sure about others.
    The reason is your direct debit is already set high enough to cover the costs so it has to be refunded or it would just build up and be tefund as a lump sum at the end of the year anyway (edited)
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    This new account system seems to have destroyed whatever customer service BG once had. Not only do I still not have the November refund, they've also moved me onto monthly billing without notification or requesting a meter reading, then produced a bill that fabricates "readings' by me (rather than just marking them as estimates).

    An absolute clown show
    on a fixed rate , never went over in 5 yrs of billing but apparently owed £1300 this year ? took at least 4 months , to clear up the fabricated readings ,said i owed £400 ,honestly 5 mins later another email £625 ,still wont explain how they have come to onclution other then on gas it averages £25 per month ,but i only use the heat for 3 months , expensive showers ! must be
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    Yep as below, the government payment is a credit to the account only…can’t be refunded to customers.

    Mine has been credited to my BG account automatically around the 3/4th of the month. (edited)
    Incorrect if you pay by direct debit they put the refund in your bank account, well EDF do anyway