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All of us are dependent on our energy supply, to heat our houses, cook and run the many machines and devices that modern life demands. However, most of us don’t shop around for our energy to ensure we are getting the best deal. HotUKDeals’ guide to energy is designed to help customers to navigate through suppliers and tariffs in order to find the right deal and to save money on their energy bills. Read more
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Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Update 05/03 - E.ON is scrapping various discounts in April so now is a good time to switch! From April 19 the £20 a year discount offered to dual fuel customers will be withdrawn… Read more
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I had not heard of this. I am on a standard tariff paying Scottish Power every 3 months but apparently I can say £200 a year according to uswitch. Am completely new to this energy switching - just began looking into it - but need to do it ASAP so will have a look at this Martin Lewis club.


I’m on EON, but will I have to pay early exit fees of switch cos of price hike t


Use citizens advice its impartial and show more than the main comparison sites.


Save yourself all the hassle and bother and just switch all your home services to Utility Warehouse, to save the most money. One bill and loads of fantastic customer benefits, e.g. cashback on your shopping and free led light bulbs.


I used the Martin Lewis Energy Club in 2016 and got a cracking deal for my parents and I for a years fixed. When it was due to end I did the comparison again and the quote they gave for my parents was actually more expensive even with cash back than what was available when I went on their current suppliers website for a quote. What I’m saying is no one should assume they are getting the best deal and you should search each provider individually. Yes it’s more time consuming but if you can save it’s worth it.

Meaco 25L low energy dehumidifier £239.98 @ Costco - Store Only
LocalLocalFound 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Excellent price in Costco for £239.98 with 5 years warranty and great reviews. Almost 20% cheaper comparing to other retail giants. Posted it for £299 on JL & Meaco websites. … Read more

Saw this in Costco last week and was tempted to buy. How is this compared to Aldi’s which is available for £130 with 3 yr warranty? Thanks


Many comments and votes but no one posted or suggested a better (performance & price) product to the above one.


Sorry I should have clarified. The 20L doesn’t “need” one either, there’s a washable grille like filter. It was the HEPA filter that you get 1 free, you can use it with, or without. My reply was in reference to the person needing one for their children with cystic fibrosis. Having the choice to use a HEPA filter would probably help :)


the above one doesnt need any filter.


Yep. The 20L does, suppliedwith one free filter.

Davidoff Champion Energy (EDT) 50ml £14.99 @ The Perfume Shop
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
The Perfume Shop RRP £39.00 £14.99 online Buying through Quidco with £2.50 bonus (ending tonight 11/10) + £0.14 cash back Being a Rewards Club member at The Perfume Shop (extra 2… Read more

Sorry but this isn't an offer. The majority of people on here have been customers of Quidco/TCB for ages.


Looked good......for a second


op can you please just explain the 200 points.i have registered for the club.and right at the checkout stage,it is showing 14 do you get the 200=10 pounds.


so its £14.99 then? Voted cold and spammed


It’s this a joke (lol)

2 days free electricity (dependant on time with them) @ British Gas Rewards
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
This is a reward with British Gas. You Get more days for every year you are with them up to 20 days. I only got 2. The link is the terms and conditions . You must be signed up to B… Read more
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Last years offer was the best, free electric on a Saturday. Washer on, garden cut shed heating on. it save us loads.


Obviously a very small sweetener before the Fat Cats at British Gas put prices up for the umpteenth time this year and of course increasing their bonuses too


In my area british gas is the cheapest according to uswitch..and I also get 6 days free daytime electricity


what do you mean, you are unable to switch or that they are cheapest?


Not a gimmick if u r with British Gas

EVGA 850 Watt GQ Gold Hybrid Modular ATX PSU/Power Supply w/ 5 Year Warranty £90.46 Delivered @ Scan
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Cheapest that I could find for this particular PSU. Perfect option for those that need a good amount of power, but still want to keep their build tidy with a modular cable system. … Read more

750w GQ noise Link above for the 750w which has the same thermal design as 850w.


Could you evidence this please? I have 4 EVGA PSUs, all quiet, and this is not mentioned on newegg, pcpartpicker, jonnyguru or amazon. Just a few reports of units with coil whine and ticking fans


Really? Never heard a peep from my 650W.


looks like someone needs a more powerful psu.


I just think anyone running high-end stuff like closed-loop cooling will probably be speccing something better like an EVGA Platinum or Corsair HX, so something like this is for mid-high end gaming machines on a slightly tighter budget. But it's a bit of a moot point here, personally I just choose quality over noise, but peoples' needs differ. I bought a VS a few times before I knew about all of this and the VS PCIe leads melted/browned with an undervolted R9 Nano... so I just don't think it's up to it. The RM is rated to 50C but I've had a temp gun on it and it's been up to 58C exhaust, it'd probably be covered under warranty if it failed but I'd just rather the fan ran quicker and got the heat out of it. Tried to claim the VS on Corsair warranty, what a hassle that was...

Thermaltake Smart RGB 600 Watt 80+ PSU/Power Supply £36.99 (£41.98 delivered with FREE cleaning spray) Scan
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
EDIT: As with all Scan 24 hr deals, please go to “today only” page to get this price. Clicking this link directly will show as £49.99. To support HUKD however I do suggest clicking… Read more
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Please see updated description, thanks


psu's are normally hidden within a shroud (nerd)


Innit, I'm heading into my mid 30's and i love a bit of RGB, must be the early 2000's modified car scene that influences me.




To check which are good and bad PSU's use the LTT tier list: Basically use the top 3 tiers, this PSU is tier 6.

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Trek Energy peanut bars £10.50 with voucher! Prime @ Amazon (£4.49 delivery non prime)
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Been buying these a while but noticed they are on promo at the minute. Pretty sure these are packs of 16 too and looks like a great price per bar! 🔥
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No added protein. These are a slightly different proposition. Otherwise they seem pretty similar.


Definitely 16, probably good to include it in the title! Vegan too :)


Naked bars are always similar price on Amazon


Thank OP. £8.70 S&S for me.


These are actually pretty yum. And let’s face it, you can scoff anything after a session on the ‘mill.

Aerocool ACP-I700BR 12 cm 700 W Integrator Active PFC RGB Power Supply Unit  @ amazon £41.97 pre-order - Prime Exclusive
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
RGB fan on PSU can be controlled through P7-Hub (P7-H1) and motherboard including "Asus Aura", "Gigabyte RGB Fusion", and "MSI Mystic Light Sync". Elegant Black PSU casing with Fu… Read more

has any one had any experience of aerocool PSU`s? they seem to be everywhere on amazon . the big question is can you turn the RBG off?


Uses cheap Chinese caps, avoid!


Afraid not XD


Is there anything that doesnt have RGB these days, cables?

Riotoro Onyx 750W 80 Plus Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply £54.97 @ laptopsdirect
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Before the "OMG this isn't Corsair it'll set your face on fire" brigade turns up, Riotoro models, including this one, have been reviewed by multiple reputable sites and have scored… Read more

Actually i bought the 650w version due to it's price and performance as rated by the legend jonny guru, It has really nice cabling a bit like thick liquorice and they seem to be a good gauge wire. I have found it to be quiet and doesn't seem to generate much heat under load. I have also got the Aurox RGB mouse, the ghostwriter RGB keyboard and the CR500 atx case and all are very well built and the prices are good. Just my 2p worth


Yeah G3 is far better than the B3, it is silly that every brand differs so much in their own range, it was easier several years ago when some brands only made premium PSU's now everyone makes budget rubbish.


It was the G3 not B3 psu that I've got. Pretty bad ass psu, probably one of the best.


As I have already stated in this thread only 1-2% difference in efficiency between 50% and 100% load, would rather spend the money on quality rather than usless excess power.


It isn’t marketing rubbish. If you read in depth reviews with generated efficiency curves during testing. You will see the greatest efficiency around the 50% mark of rated output. Yes they are designed to run at higher loads and are reliable to do so. It can still pay to get a slightly higher output. Allows for additional components in the future and using less power in the mean time.

LED night light with twilight sensor - LED light energy saving - orientation light with light sensor - nightlight plug-in for bedroom, children's room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway & garage £5.62 Prime (£2.99 delivery)@ Amazon Deals
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Brilliant Egg LED, no heat, 70p a YEAR to run Nightlight! Just got a few to replace some old bulb versions, that did not have half the features these have, for almost 4 times the p… Read more

My link previously refers to ones from last years deal. Click to zoom in on pic then you'll see the switch on the side. It goes upto 90 secs. You've picked the wrong ones by choice. The longer duration ones do exist from Lidl. Suggest to hold out until Lidl releases them again. Livarno Lux LED Night Light


I did buy one of each from the last Lidl deal and they both stay on for about 45 seconds.


Lidl do have battery & mains motion ones that can stay on for up to 60/90 secs. I have one from last deal. You'll just have to wait until the next deal comes back. As Winter is approaching very soon, I'm sure these will be back soon.


They had nicer looking ones in Lidl recently for £3.99. As for switching off after 20 seconds that is much too short. The Lidl ones switch off after 45 seconds but in reality a bit longer would be better, after all they are very low power led so having them on longer is only going to cost pennies at most.


we have the lindam one and pretty happy with having them in the hallway.. though i must say at £3.50 the one posted by mymymy above definitely looks nice..

Corsair 650 Watt VS650 ATX PSU/Power Supply Unit - Referb + £4 P&P at Scan £33.99
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Refurbished VS650 - Corsair Power Supply - Fully Wired ATX PSU Ideal for budget gaming PCs, currently listed as on sale down to £29.99 from £34.99 + £4 P&P
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I should point out that Scan have been good about this (as they always are).


So without seeing this deal I went ahead and ordered this PSU from Scan..... what a mistake.... Worked for about 5 days before the first PC reset (the machine just dies and reboots) when playing on Oculus Rift. From that point on the resets got more and more frequent. Initially was only happening with Rift, so I dutifully removed and re-installed drivers, re-installed Windows (maybe drivers), etc etc, no luck. Last night it failed when running a non-rift game which had happily run before, so emailed Scan for a RMA. What I got back was not good..... Scan basically said that they are aware of issues with the Factory Refurb'd PSU's. Um, whut? As @FireOnAWire and @rp7122 said, Corsair VS series + refurb, avoid. Frankly, if Corsair get enough failures that they can create a factory line to refurb these and those refurbs are then failing, then this is just a crap product. See here for a list of decent PSU's (the VS650 is a Tier 6 - one level above the bottom rung):


Corsair psus are absolute rubbish, had only problems with loads of different ones even ones costing over 150+ pounds


absolute garbage


In all fairness, it was likely to answer my question :D Thanks to @Beehj84 and @rp7122 for their suggestions!

Wärme Designer Electric Wall Heater Low Energy Panel Heater Radiator - Generation 2 @Amazon with £20.00 voucher £169.95 Sold by Wärme Designer Heaters and Fulfilled by Amazon
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
I've had the first generation Wärme electric heater on my watch list for a while now & saw that it dropped to £149.00 (£144 with voucher) this week. This link is for the 2nd G… Read more
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The one review "do not purchase. Exploded" might be off-putting for some (lol) (lol) (lol)


Similar one here for £48


Blatent Plug. This listing sounds like it was written by a child with playground understanding of heating/physics. It's a panel heater not a radiator. It's IP22 which is not Waterproof. Spend a bit more on a proper British electric heating system with Individual App control for each Radiator. You'll only save by using the timed control efficiently, and a real top of the range stat. Demo app & Radiators: I like that you can set it to come on 15 minute increments for before I get up or get home and control it on the fly.


Except heat pump based heaters (i.e. air conditioning units) - they can be 400% efficient.


Energy efficiency is a pretty pointless selling point. All electric heaters are 100% efficient. Doesn't make it a cheap form of heating though.

Two TP-Link HS110 Wi-Fi Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring £54.98 @ Argos
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Found this deal while browsing argos. £15 off. This is my first submission.

Thanks OP. Nice find.


If you really must sh*t on someone's parade, then at least get your facts right. The OP has posted a pair of HS110. You have linked to a pair of HS100. Clearly the HS110 is more expensive and has the additional energy monitoring feature. I cannot find the HS110, for £55 a pair, anywhere else. The link you privided has the HS110 on the drop down box @ £35 per unit or £70 for a pair.


£39.99 at BT Shop It was earlier £34.99


Thanks and welcome joshms123!


Great first post

British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price Here are some of the features of our new Unlimited tariff: 1. Price locked from the day you switch until 30th November 2019 2.Fixe… Read more
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You know what, I don't know is why this is being voted cold because for myself I've switched to this deal at £1200 pear year for u limited usage. The next best comparison for myself is e-on which is £1102 per year which is cheaper than British gas but I know I've got the piece of mind that I won't be paying any more than £1200 with British gas and at £98 more for the year I couldn't care less I've got 2 kids so I am now happy that I will keep them warm through the winter and have the washer and dryer on everyday for their clothes without looking at the smart meter all the time worrying about what I've spent for that day! For me know think it's a great deal!!!


Had an email from them today about this and my answer is NO Deal


Cool post (highfive)


Sounds like a great idea but in reality it looks like a scam. From what I read it is this: We'll charge you for more than you normally use and call it "unlimited". If you use less than you've paid us for then all is good. If you use more than you've paid us for then we'll switch you to another tariff where we can charge you extra. If you realise that "unlimited" actually means nothing of the sort, we'll charge you £60 to get out of the unfair contract. I'm so glad our government sold off our services. After all, who else could we rely on to rip us off and make obscene profits without any real comeback? Gas/Electricity = rising bills when wholesale prices go up, rising prices when wholesale prices go down. Taking advantage of the old and the vulnerable (and the busy) who don't know how (or have time) to switch every few months by gouging them with stupidly high prices. Putting in "free" smart meters that don't work when you switch but EVERY customer actually pays for by an increase in bills. Water - constantly put the price up because they need to fix the infrastructure. Make billions by only fixing a small amount of the leaks and then paying a few million in fines. Put in water meters to help save water because there isn't enough (because they didn't fix the leaks). Use the water meters to charge people more for their water. Trains - get a massive subsidy from the government (that's our money, btw) and move most of it into profits. Put the fares up by the maximum they are allowed every year. Put on fewer trains so people who pay for a seat have to stand. Fail to update the infrastructure properly. Start to see their profits fall, drop the contract. Get the government (again, that's OUR money) to pay for massive upgrades to the system so they can profit off it. "Improve" the timetable by cancelling most of the trains while still charging everyone. The contempt they have for their customers is incredible - or at least, it's only credible because they are allowed to do it by those who we elect to represent us. You know, the guys and gals who ensure that kids who stole a bottle of water during the London riots went to prison. The ones who stole millions by claiming false expenses. Yeah, the ones who felt the answer to that was to apologise and then give themselves a massive pay rise. The ones who all went to prison for stealing all those millions. Oh, wait...


Rules are here They put you into a band - low, med, high - depending on last year's use. They obviously know once it's 'unlimited' people will start using more than usual, because why would you switch the heating off if it's 'free'? So their get out fro this is to monitor your usage and if it's over 50% more than expected, they'll ask you to choose a new tariff as this one isn't suitable for you! I guess the price they ask for this offer is 50% more than you're paying now - which means if you actually use the same or marginally more fuel, - you'd be paying them!

Evga gpu bundles with power supply etc on some good prices
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
well special deals for back to school option with bundles starting from 120gbp up to 450gbp on there gpu line . some of the gpus are single fan but the whole bundle thing makes the… Read more

Get a grip you loser


If we "look at the stars", i.e. the point of this site, we can see that this is a particularly poor example of a post; it does not even list the actual deals/items. In that regard it is a complete failure. It is also wrongly listed in the "energy group". So yes, "back to school". In addition, being a non-native speaker does not explain the lack of largely universal use of capitals, commas, or full stops; it's just lazy and sloppy, like this whole post.


Not native english speaker you know but as it seems some people even if you show them the stars they will always look at the finger ..... a favorite quote of mine


Only if the 1080 bundle had a gold 80+ rating psu :( heat added


Looks like the OP needs to go back to school from what is "written".

Thermaltake 650W Toughpower Grand RGB 80 Plus Gold ATX Power supply £69.99 / £74.77 delivered @ Scan
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
##Update## scan changed offer link £69.98 when logged in with Free delivery with Hexus or Avforums membership. or £74.99 with free delivery and price matched at amazon. Thermal… Read more

Yes this week I bought an evga 850 gold from scan. Getting it delivered was a nightmare. They use dpd and they are awful.


Just listed good find before not in stock only through scan@Amazon Bought this week @£74.99 from @scan


It's 74.99 on amazon with next day delivery and from my experience, a lot better customer support.

Fody Tempus Home Weather Station with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology £15.97 Prime / £20.96 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
well this is cool 8) found price on mendip weather here so this looks like a steal only one available
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£20.00 from other seller plus postage.


sorry solac was just the one (fierce)


sorry ronin only one (mad)


grr sorry people must have been good then.there was only one. (mad)

Intempo Retro Bluetooth Turntable - Red or Black ONLY £5 3 speed turntable 2 x built-out stereo speakers Output power 2 x 3W Built in rechargeable battery - 1200mah unit RCA output Bluetooth v2.1 USB power supply £5 instore @ B&M - limited stock
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
3 speed turntable 2 x built-out stereo speakers Output power 2 x 3W Built in rechargeable battery - 1200mah unit RCA output Bluetooth v2.1 USB power supply
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Think the people who will be buying this aint gonna be buying a £30 album.Probably just to play some old records they have lying about from years ago. Best thing to do if buying one of these is to swap the needle to a diamond one as this is probably a sapphire, but if it gets you into vinyl then great. You can move onto a proper turntable . (y)


The mark one model was a big trumpet with a needle. I'm sure these are a vast improvement on them. At the end of the day it's about the quality of the needle and the motor.


If your spending £20-30 on a record, why on earth would you spend £5 on a record player that's mental, This will absolutely batter your records with continued use, we aren't saying it for the sake of it. It is true


The usual audiophiles having a go of cheap turntable,Bet you most of them second hand records you bought from years ago that you treasure so much have probably been played on something similar to this. if you just want something to play a few records on this is fine. Not sure on the tracking force? As for ruining your vinyl then maybe you should watch some of VWestlifes videos on youtube.


You would be mad to play your treasured vinyl collection on one of these things, it will ruin them.

Clif Energy Bars. High Protein 14p @ costco Leeds
LocalLocalFound 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Costco Leeds these have these on offer in form of a 16 bars variety box. 2 flavours- choc chip & white choc macadamia. £1.87+vat so £2.24 inc vat for 16 bars. Thats 14p per bar… Read more

Just to add, they must have gone up to 1.97+vat now


Found them, I walked down that isle a couple of times too. Thanks for the reply, still loads left


they are located second isle next to the tobacco cage. I was there last night. They had loads. There are there you just jeed to find them


I'm in Leeds Costco now, can't find them?


Shame im not a member :(

16 X 68g Variety Energy Bars by Clif Bar - Chocolate Chip White Macadamia Nut 16 Bars - 97p ( INSTORE BIRMINGHAM COSTCO)
LocalLocalFound 15th AugFound 15th Aug
16 Bars 8 chocolate chip 8 white chocolate and macadamia nut Dated until September - about 100 boxes left but they seemed to be going ... fill your boots

The CID can calm down, for the store is empty of stock. Well it is now I’ve been with my stack of 97p’s


Hear hear


I didn’t realise the HUKD CID were out this evening or I would have submitted the “evidence” for your approval much earlier (lol) - it’s a deal website bud chillout , I note you have submitted offers with no “evidence” - I just thought I’d post this up to try to benefit other HUKD users , and return some of the goodwill that I've derived as I have found loads of great deals on this website --- let's try to keep it positive and give people the benefit of the doubt, as comments like yours could prevent people from posting deals in the future 👌



Fake deal no evidence whatsoever.

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