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All of us are dependent on our energy supply, to heat our houses, cook and run the many machines and devices that modern life demands. However, most of us don’t shop around for our energy to ensure we are getting the best deal. hotukdeals’ guide to energy is designed to help customers to navigate through suppliers and tariffs in order to find the right deal and to save money on their energy bills. Read more
SIS GO isotonic energy gel 12 for £7 @ Lidl (Canterbury)
08/06/2020Expires on 08/06/2020LocalLocalPosted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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Woop woop:) ) I actually like high 5 and have never tried dis but they also have 10 at the moment for £4 on their website. I’ll try find the link


Looks good to me OP, you're back over 0 degrees (y)


Proof and with loads of flavours



How is this awful it’s £7 for 12 the others online are £7 for 6...

Two Samsung SmartThings Plugs and a Hub (worth £139) for £1 when you sign up to Green Energy with Bulb
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Hi guys, this is my first deal so please be nice! HUKD has helped me massively over the years and I want to try and give back :) I thought this was a pretty good deal. I've swit… Read more
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this compay is highly incompetent. I had a meter change organised at the end of January after 6 weeks of reporting a broken meter. As soon as I reported the broken meter they started to bill me on higher estimates. Then at the end of January I had the meter replaced, since then I had no decent bill, nearly every month need to email them. Then they cancel one bill create another one, etc very hard to follow. Then they complained I do not pay enough in advance. I moved my payment day to be 4 days before the bill, they changed my billing period so the bill will be generated on the day I am paying them so it will show that I owe them money. Leaving for Octopus Energy


If you're surprised, imagine how I feel!!


I am very surprised at your issues with refund. I was £560 in credit in March 2020. I asked for £500 back and it was in my account next day. Then as I was leaving I asked for the rest, when I got the final bill I had to pay them £3.74.


Anyone used LookAfterMyBills (the one where all dragons offered them investment)? The providers they list in their list is never heard about. Wonder what algorithm they use to pull up the list.


At British Gas Green Future tariffs are the greenest we have available to help you manage your carbon footprint today. Sign up and as you power your home, you’ll also be supporting a variety of exciting initiatives that help protect our planet. On a Green Future tariff, we’ll match your home energy use with fully-certified, renewable sources. Put simply, most of your CO2 emissions from your home energy use will be balanced with renewable energy and carbon offsetting, getting your home closer to carbon neutral. And that’s just the beginning. Because with a Green Future tariff, you’ll support carbon-cutting projects at home and abroad. Right now, that means helping UK woodlands through tree-growing projects and protecting an entire hectare 1 of precious Amazonian rainforest.

Get paid to use electricity on Octopus Energy Agile tariff - get paid 10p per unit! See Post for Details
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Octopus Energy Agile tariff works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and provides the next days pricing in advance. The wholesale price is derived from a combination of gri… Read more

Read in the comments below I typed why


I'm on a pre-pay meter. I saved the last one of these posts. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to change supplier as I'm in a council flat. I do have internet though so I have a constant use of electricity even afk.


I’m also with Bulb. Only issue I’ve had was a missing referral payment. Once contacted, was fixed in 24h As for DD, I’ve changed mine several times with no problems. When I see people complain about a company, I sometimes wonder if it’s because they don’t do all your thinking for you.


How come? I've been with Bulb a couple of years. No problems whatsoever, very competitively priced, I pay them, they provide my gas and electric. Pretty good arrangement if you ask me. What problems did you have then?



SSE - Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff + possible £85 Quidco cashback
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Free Google Nest Mini and Nest Thermostat E worth £248 when you switch energy tariff with SSE + up to £85 cash back through Quidco This has to be done online through quidco and d… Read more

Has anyone with SSE not had an electricity bill had my gas normally have them together but not this time say next bill due in aug


(mad) All suppliers do that unless you are on fixed tariff. Mine with british gas also gone silently up over last year as I was on standard.


I am not sure, I don’t remember the charges at the beginning of the contract , the online bill doesn’t mention it either just how much I used (mad) very cheeky how there don’t simply put everything on your bill like a telephone or mobile contract Price increase could be the reason why as I’m sure bulb is not fixed price (confused)


glad for this reminder to check my tariff, ended up switching to 1 year fixed with British Gas with free boiler cover. £50 cheaper than bulb, eon was cheaper based on usage but that required a smart meter and it's impossible to fit without tearing my kitchen apart. I was tempted by this as I woulnd't mind a smart thermostat but I guess its more of a gimmick than somehting I would really benefit from.


Surely you had price increase in between ?

Free electricity days @ British Gas Rewards (Selected customers)
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Just logged into my British Gas rewards and got this offer, worth checking yours too!

What is?


It’s £1 a month. Lol


5 days for me on the PC web page... installed phone app and got another 20 days over the next year (this didn't appear on the PC web page log in) Nice.


No thanks.


Bulb energy are good and it all green energy. Message me for £50 credit with them.

Free Sky Store voucher worth £5.99 from British Gas Rewards
-87° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Just looked on my account and had the reward sitting there waiting to be collected. Perfect timing for me!

Heat from me! Just checked my account and got it :)


Actually you made me log back in.... It's playable still. Strange as around a year after purchase I logged in as I fancied watching bridge of spies for some reason and there were errors. Good to know really. Yeah sky is oddly quite lame for that. Usually the standard HD or remastered copies. I guess quality doesn't bother me much as I'm one of those who would spend 15 hours downloading a 250mb cinema "cam" back in the day on a 56k modem and then have no choice but to appreciate being able to see it (somewhat) (lol)


I didn’t know Sky Store purchases expired! I’ll have to check the ones I have! Thanks for the info! I prefer buying discs myself, although I get 4k ones these days, which you can’t even get in sky store for most films.


I tend to credit the £5 vouchers to my Sky Store account and spend them when I see a deal. There may be an expiry in the small print somewhere, but I've had credit on my account constantly for years. I've also experienced them sending me £5 vouchers with each physical DVD, which can be a bonus, especially when I've bought £free DVDs to begin with.


Cant find anything worthwhile to spend vouchers on?

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£20 Amazon voucher when you move to any dual energy tariff via USwitch
-174° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Have a discount code browser extension that highlighted this. Seems to be a partnership between the extension and USwitch. Up to 60 days to be given the voucher, but couldn't see… Read more

You have to have Pouch extension, just looked on my setup and the offer is in Pouch In the Pouch terms and conditions it says the £20 Amazon offer is valid till December so that will be useful in June when I can next switch without penalty.

Number of days of free electricity via British Gas Rewards
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Got via the BG app but no doubt on the website too! Could be worth doing with all being stuck at home

20 for me


Let me know when you are ready to live stream.


Not really just find yourself a creative electrician or buy an old 60's flat - not that i know anything about anything dodgy of course! ;)


I'm sure that is something you rarely hear, even with your highland games skills.



Get paid to use electricity on Octopus Energy Agile tariff - get paid 4p per unit
1752° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Octopus Energy Agile tariff works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and provides the next days pricing in advance. The wholesale price is derived from a combination of gr… Read more

I was lucky. I already had a Secure smart meter from First Utility, so Octopus could just take it over when I switched. Another strongly negative day tomorrow


I wish they’d hurry up and start installing the smart meters again (obviously masked up etc). I need to be taking advantage of these days (fierce) Amazing!!


In my case I'm better off switching off my solar for a lot of the day as I'd make more using electricity than i make generating it (lol)


You think that was insane? Check out tomorrow


Not getting paid at the moment

Get two Smart Plugs and a SmartThings Hub for just £1 (worth £139) when you switch to green energy
-168° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Get two Smart Plugs and a SmartThings Hub for just £1 (worth £139) when you switch to green energy
Once your switch is complete, Samsung will email you a code to claim your plugs within 10 days.

The link looks good. It has partner=smartthings in the URL so I would think that would work. The OP would have got the link from somewhere.


I clicked the Get Deal button on the HUKD app. Was that wrong?


How did you sign up? There's a link and info on Samsungs site I believe that it's up to Bulb to tell Samsung that you have joined and are connected. Samsung then email you a code to use


Please can you tell me how to work it out , it gets confusing... These are the kWh on last month Bulb bill Electricity 12.79 per kWh (going up to 14.20 1st April) Standing 19.47 (going up to 19.59 1st April) Gas 3.36 per kWh (going down to 2.82 1st April) Standing 19.47 kWh New provider i am considering Avro Elec 13.02 Standing 14.70 Gas 2.43 Standing 14.70


Don't ever believe what THEY say, work it out yourself from the unit prices and standing charges, very easy just with a calculator.

35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
TODAYTODAYLocalLocalPosted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
You have to be a British Gas customer with access to My Rewards. This Offer excludes Welcome Home Plan, Hive Hub 360, Hive Active Heating & Hive View Indoor & Outdoor… Read more

Hi. Does anyone have a code need to buy some tvrs. Please pm me. Cash incentive :)


2 questions. Does this apply to multizone purchase when booking an install? And, does anyone have a code they're not using they could send me?


working OK for me


Thanks. I just got a code and placed my ordet


I went to claim my code and it is no longer showing ;( I only have the 35% off selected products reward showing. Hopefully they'll have the 50% off hive active back at some point.

2 Days Free Electricity via British Gas Rewards (Select Customers)
319° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
2 Days Free Electricity via British Gas Rewards (Select Customers)
Just logged onto rewards and saw this, may be something that's been there for a while but I just joined with their recent good rates and sure there will be others out there! Only 2… Read more
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I think he`s smoking it lol.


The vast majority who can use this deal would save hundreds (not a few £) by switching to a cheaper tariff with another supplier (choose one with good feedback, there are loads). This is a gimmick - take 10 minutes and do a full market comparison folks (e.g. the MSE Cheap Energy Club includes every provider, not just the ones that pay the platform the most commission, and makes it easy to filter out any more risky small firms, and pays you £25 cashback) and stop putting money down the grid. Prices on 1 year fixes have fallen drastically over the last few months, so even those who did all this switched to a new cheap fix when their last one ended can likely still save hundreds. We switched in Oct 19 to the cheapest 1 year fix with a mid-size company with good feedback, and then last week found we could save a further £200 by switching again! The switch process is so easy and hassle-free, all we needed to do was submit a meter reading. The savings involved are staggering for what little time it takes to switch.


I also have a referral code for an extra £50 bill credit. Give me a PM if interested, not appropriate to fire it here in the comments


Or you could switch to a renewable energy provider who are far, far cheaper than British Gas. There are loads, with Bulb and Octopus being the best. Here is the full range below: Bulb Octopus Pure Planet Co-operative Energy Tonik Energy Bristol Energy Ecotricity Foxglove Energy Good Energy Green Energy UK Green Star Energy iSupplyEnergy Octopus Energy People's Energy So Energy Symbio Yorkshire Energy


err. huh? 1) I don't have a 'contract' with Octopus. I'm free to leave at any time. 2) british gas electricity = 13.5p/kwh with a 18p standing charge, and that's on contract with exit fees. Octopus agile I average 5-7p/kwh, basically half the price. 3) british gas gas = 2.494p/kwh + 15p/day standing charge, again locked into contract. Octopus Tracker v1 I pay 2.3p/kwh. There's literally no scenario here that british gas works out cheaper, unless they give me free electricity for 6 months in a year.

Free Philips Hue and Google Nest when switching to Shell Energy
-321° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Free Philips Hue and Google Nest when switching to Shell Energy
One of the option when choosing energy plan offers free Philips Hue and Google Nest bundle. Prices vary depending on submitted answers. Do your calculations but looks HOT to me.
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Do not touch this company they are rip off merchants


100% agree with Octopus energy. I changed my mother over to them and she's never had a problem with them. Customer service is bang on as well.


Avoid like the plague


Oh my days. I’m always amazed when people think that they can get anything free. It’s always built into the price. Yes you don’t pay for it straight away but over time you actually buy at pay the same if not more...


Had these jokers ring my doorbell once despite a big sign saying please do not ring the doorbell, as it used to frighten the life out of my grandma. They were very unprofessional by all accounts. I can recommend Octopus energy. They use green and renewable energy and very good customer service.

Hive active heating for £161.85 British Gas rewards customers - 35% Off Hive Heating
-132° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Hive active heating for £161.85 British Gas rewards customers - 35% Off Hive Heating
£161.85£19919%British Gas Deals
If your a rewards customer for British Gas then you can get hive active heating discounted to £161.55 (installed by BG), previously £199 through rewards. Further discount If you ha… Read more
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Anyone with a code??


Any info on installing it?


I think you can but you don’t have the functionality of controlling your heating using your mobile phone etc. It just acts like a normal thermostat


Anyone knows if you can you use thermostat without hive hub?


Thanks OP. Hive plus hub being fitted next Tuesday 18th.

50% off all Hive products for British Gas Customers (invite only)
72° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
50% off all Hive products for British Gas Customers (invite only)
British Gas Rewards are providing a 50% discount code for use on the entire Hive website Hive Radiator valve sell price £54 deal price £27 Hive View Outdoor Camera £179 deal pr… Read more

I have a Phillips hue hub, take it the hive lights would work with it? Cheers


Thanks mate I tried using it unfortunately doesnt work on the hive hub setup


Hi Shahnoor if you have any codes left please can I have one thanks


Code on image for whoever gets it first (y) 🏻


Can anyone PM me a code please.

Free sky store voucher from British Gas rewards
226° Expired
Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Free sky store voucher from British Gas rewards
Log onto the British Gas app, go to rewards and there should be a sky store voucher available. May be account specific. 60000 available
Get deal*Get deal*

It's on mine but site give tech errors. Any one got a number to call about my account I'm losing the will to live on the live chat.


Thanks got £5.99 credit for a movie


Oh, and PM me for a £50 bill credit :)


Or switch to Bulb Energy who are FAR cheaper and greener. Save the money to begin with


Thank you, I hadn't heard of this offer. Many thanks

Free Google Nest Mini when you buy a British General Smart plug for £19 from B&Q
3304° Expired
Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Free Google Nest Mini when you buy a British General Smart plug for £19 from B&Q
£19£5263%B&Q Deals
Terms & Conditions *On-line only. One free Google Mini per person/household. Return of the plug under B&Q’s Returns Policy will also require the Google Mini to be returned… Read more

On a Sky Q Router I have either WPA2-PSK (AES) or WPA/WPA2-PSK (Mixed mode). Neither work with this. Only one that works is no security at all. There is also WEP which I haven't tried. I don't want an unsecured wireless network. Do you know how I should set it? Thanks.


Anyone had any luck getting the smart plug to work with a Sky Q Router? I can only get it to work with 2.4ghz network on only, with network security turned off. Can't get it to work with WPA2-PSK (AES) or WPA/WPA2-PSK (Mixed mode). I don't want an unsecured wireless network.


The website says there are lots of stores with stock, mainly London area and central England stores such as Milton Keynes or Nottingham, but the website also says not available for click & collect nor delivery. Why?


All out of stock for delivery.


I read about the 5ghz issue so I switched to 2.4 and it still didn't work. Interesting about the WPA2 issue. I don't really want to downgrade to WPA but are you saying that it's only temporaru? Once it's configured can the plug can work with WPA2?

Hive Thermostat Stand and Frame both for £19.98 delivered with British Gas rewards code
244° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019
Hive Thermostat Stand and Frame both for £19.98 delivered with British Gas rewards code
I added the Stand and any colour Frame and noticed… Read more

BG91DK8SWLKG - I've used it once.


Ive also got this stand, I will admit I wasnt expecting much but it's really good quality and I highly recommend it.


Looks like I missed out on this. Would really appreciate a code if anyone has one going spare. Thanks!


Thank you, managed to use this this morning. Appreciate you sharing it, thank you x


Anyone else go a code going spair. 😩

British Gas - Energy Plus Protection Dec 2020 with Cashback and Free Homecare at uSwitch
101° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019
British Gas - Energy Plus Protection Dec 2020 with Cashback and Free Homecare at uSwitch
I previously had this tariff for 2018-2019 and its pretty good. So the best way to get this tariff get free home care and get £30 cash back is as follows. Go to top cashback (you … Read more

This tariff is available again via the Martin Lewis site. I signed up to it today.


Not available anymore


Expired now


Great deal, just did this. Thanks!


You must have been lucky as I got nothing!

Total Protect 15% off Home Cover at edf energy
94° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Total Protect 15% off Home Cover at edf energy
If bought before 31st December Total home protect no excess unlimited call outs cheaper then British Gas.
Get deal*Get deal*

Funny enough I was looking at this deal last night. My British gas home care 4 agreement was due for renewal and they wanted £41/month so I said no. EDF deal is great and I believe if you pay £18/month there will be no excess which is very reasonable. Homeserve cover is not the same...for £10 it only covers the boiler while this deal covers all of the central heating+electrics+plumbing


I joined some lot about 4 months ago. You never hear again apart from taking your money every month.I guess there will be a service at some point. Reading the reviews someone made the point that it would be far cheaper to put your £12 - £15 a month in the bank and to use what youve saved to call a local gas repair guy when things go wrong. Most Gas work is such a rip off, I was quoted £3500 for a boiler plus installation by British Gas. Bought a boiler online and had it installed by an approved installer. Total cost £1500. So do your sums carefully.



Can you post a link to the £10 deal


Here's a summary of EDF Energy Total Protect coverExamples of what's included Domestic gas boiler & controlsCentral heating systemAnnual service each yearUp to £500 towards a replacement boiler2Parts and labour with parts guaranteed for 12 monthsPlumbing, Wiring and Emergency Protect included as standard. Examples of what's not included The first £95.00 of any claimClearing air locks, unblocking pipes, correcting poor circulation or balancing radiatorsRepair caused by rust, sludge, scale or corrosionLeaking gas feed lines to the boilerDoes anyone know of a better deal than this that is available to buy now? £95 charge is a bit steep though!

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