Posted 14 December 2023

Cinema ticket offers?

Hi all, looking to take a cinema trip solo. Been a while since I've done so and wondered if anyone is aware of deals/reductions/offers? Thanks
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  1. 001Cisco's avatar
    Usually get discount with mobile phone reward app.

    Three+ has £3 + booking fee on Cineworld.

    Ask nicely with a new thread when required. Someone may willing to PM you their spare code.

    Lidl app has 40% off cinema ticket with Partner offers (edited)
  2. ApolloCreedXXX's avatar
    Odeon do £6 tickets mondays only via their app
  3. KingNav360's avatar
    If you got Sky Movies, you get 2 free tix a month with them.
  4. Mark_Hickman's avatar
    I have a free odeon ticket if you can visit odeon ?
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    If your ticket is still available and you won’t be using it, may I have it? Thank you.
  5. Moniczek's avatar
    Lidl app has cinema society discounts for certain cinemas. You sign up and buy voucher which in turn buy tickets. They advertise it at 40% but it's a lot less.
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    Does anyone know if there is a thread for cinema ticket offers. I am guessing there might be a spare 3plus cinema code not being used
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