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CHEAP & Discounted Cinema Tickets for Adults, Students or Children @ Various cinemas
Refreshed 13th FebRefreshed 13th Feb
Update 1
Updated 13/02
Hey all, i posted a similar thread waaaaaaaaay back in 2014 and lots of deals have either vanished or changed so thought i'd help you all out - few have asked anyway so hope it hel… Read more
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No I don't think it will. It is being released on the 25th which as you know, will be a Thursday. Meerkat movies is Tues & Weds so imo I don't think you will be able to get 2-4-1 tickets for 'Avengers: Endgame' as it will be 'Endgame' you are paying a ticket for and will have past midnight. I could be wrong so please don't take it as Gospel but I think that is what will be the case. Enjoy the movie! 🎞 (popcorn) 👌🏼 :)


I don't suppose if anyone knows if the Meerkat 2for1 promo code trick will work on the Vue Cinemas Avengers Infinity War/Engame double-bill? Cheers


Can you use your employee cinema discount ticket with 2 for 1 code?


Great, thank you very much for your help


it appears to work against IMAX tickets at that venue, however their is a subcharge - making the "Free Ticket" £5.75 including the booking fees. Hope this helped!

Sunday cinema tickets, Sweet Sunday's is back at Tesco from £2.48 (Starburst / Skittles)
Refreshed 1 h, 0 m agoRefreshed 1 h, 0 m ago
Already on the skittles in Tesco, 2 packs (£1.24 each) = 1 x 2d ticket on a Sunday. Enter codes 22/05/19-07/08/19 and use them by 25/08/19. Will most likely appear on the Mars s… Read more
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Just in time for The Avengers :D


Try adding +1 or +6 before your @ in your email addy ... for example. Send an email to yourself as a tester.


Great stuff, they are £1 in Tesco from tomorrow too


Just picked up 2 bags of skittles 196g per bag in morrisons for £1 a bag and each bag has 5 stars so if you have a morrisons near you then £2 is all you need for a free ticket.


As I mentioned in the deal :)

Get 50% off Sky Cinema pass for 3 months (existing customers) at NowTV
22/06/2019Expires on 22/06/2019Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Get 50% off our Sky Cinema pass for 3 months, just £6 per month and you’ll get access to over 1000 epic movies. 3 months Sky CInema Pass £6pm: … Read more
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One word... Kids. Those critters just want the same movie again and again and again. Until you actually buy it and then they want another movie again and again and again.


Thank you OP, having been saving up a list of films to watch on Now and was hoping for an offer like this!


I got the same email yesterday (20/4) said that Offer ends on 29/05/2019 23:59pm so I shall still hold off so it covers the whole of the summer holidays


Got an for £5 instead


Yeah the price went up a few weeks ago and i think £11.99 even looks unappealing.

Free Cinema Tickets to Long Shot (24 Apr) with SeeitFirst
TODAYTODAYFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen), is a gifted and free-spirited journalist who has a knack for getting into trouble. Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) is a smart, sophisticated and succes… Read more

none in Edinburgh? :(


Saw this earlier this week and it was ok for free, but I was pretty disappointed in the film. I thought the script was poor. Far too long, not enough laughs. Amazed it got made really.


Might have been a funnier film! Dont get me wrong, some of his films are funny - This is the end was great - but this is snooze fest with a little drug taking and gross out thrown in because most of his films have that written in to the contract (I might have made that last bit up) (lol)


I didn't based on past experience


Seth Rogan is a dirty street walking hooker?!?!?! (horror) :o

The Times/Sunday Times Digital Subscription - £3 for 3 months (£1/month) + 2 for 1 Odeon Cinema Tickets
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Currently a low price for some rightwing government propaganda. £1/month for the digital subscription for the first 3 months. Reverts to £26/month after 3 months. Cancel by phone … Read more
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Have had this before. The cancelling-over-the-phone process can be a bit stressy as the salesmen on the other end have a bit more about them than the average and will do everything they can to make you think twice about leaving. Don't fancy talking to those guys again.


My email suggested last day for offer was last night so expire


Answer to my own query:


Heat! Excellent newspaper and a no-brainer at £1-a-month for 3 months.


Thanks OP. Can't find any details of the 241 cinema offer, how is that redeemed?

Spend £5 and get a free Odeon cinema voucher @ CHILI
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Just saw it in the Chili app. The cinema ticket is for Odeon. Please see the edit at the bottom of this post. Chili is great, so I hope this deal is useful to some. If anyone haRead more
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I had the same question - double-checked their website and it seems we'll have to wait until the 26th, sorry.


Has anyone received their odeon ticket straight after spending £5+ or do you have to wait till April 26th?


Great if can be paired with this deal too (£3.90 for current issue of GQ magazine which has a £25 Chili gift card with it)


And the second one arrived today. Wish I'd ordered the 4K of Interstellar with the Spring50 code from them now.


You were lucky that you received your order, others not so.

6 Months Entertainment & 6 Months Sky Cinema 50% Off £56.99 (£9.40 Per Month) New Customers Only @ Now TV
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
Saw this, thought it seemed like good value. 6 months is usually £119.98 so getting this for half price for 6 months. Works out at £9.40 per month for cinema and entertainment, … Read more

Signed up to free trial of this to re-watch GoT. Turned off in 5 minutes, they only stream 2.0... anyone with 5.1 etc will not enjoy this service. Doesn't appear to be any option to change in settings either, also seems to be only 720p - no 1080 or 4K options. Not that I would do it, or condone it, but, it's amazing you can go on TPB and obtain better quality than paid for content... they wonder why people do it!


The prices have already increased at the beginning of April. I am in dispute with them right now because I signed up to their Broadband @£30 per month with Sky Cinema @ £5.99 for 12 months, with the contract beginning on 25/3/19. My first payment was fine, but the second payment they took the increased amount of £7.19. I contacted customer services as I had asked them before signing up if I would be affected by the price increase and was assured that I would NOT as i was just signing up and the deal was for 12 months. They are now denying that I was told this despite me having a copy of the chat and said i have to pay the £7.19 for the remaining 11 months. I've cancelled the pass altogether until they can give me the pass at the promised price.


Topcashback are running a 24 hour cashback offer on the £27.99 Entertainment Pack offer of £10.. Making that £17.99 for 6 months 8)


I'll look to that, thanks


Get eating McDonald's! Won a nowtv 6 month package through checking the codes online!

BATMAN THE ANTHOLOGY MARATHON // May 19th // Vue Cinemas -£12.99
Refreshed 22nd AprRefreshed 22nd Apr19/05/2019Expires on 19/05/2019
Thought I'd post this since I saw the Avengers double bill got quite a lot of recognition. Although these are older films (and maybe not so good) I thought this was a decent deal. … Read more
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Do a road trip with family and friends to the sea side, 8+ hours


Can't see there ever being an example where I'd be in a park for 8 hours - therefore at home was the closest alternative to what you were talking about. I'm in full-time education which can occasionally last up to 8 hours daily.


There are only 2 places to visit either cinema or home? Go out to a park, go travel mate


How can people stay at home that long?


Can we pay using this?

Norwich Odeon films Now only £5
12/10/2019Expires on 12/10/2019Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Just got a email saying Norwich Odeon is now £5.. I guess they are turning to what Vue have been so successfully doing :) I called Norwich up and asked them up and it is until… Read more
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Uhhh £6 in London, sickening (popcorn)


Been this price for weeks/ months. Bit nicer than vue, and can pick up popcorn etc at morrisons before paying odeon stupid price


Yes,we can park our tractors in the riverside multi story and get the ticket stamped for 4 hours free parking,so another bonus.Tractors will scrape the roof though ;)


Free tractor parking too


Same price at the Leeds thorpe park odean luxe for only 2d films mon-fri upto 5pm and offer ends 30th may.

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Odeon Luxe Leeds Thorpe Park 2d films £5  + 75p booking fee mon-fri before 5pm
30/05/2019Expires on 30/05/2019Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Tickets are now on sale for the new ODEON Luxe! Check out their introductory tickets priced from £5 only until 30th May! T&C’s apply. 75p online booking fee Book your’s now fo… Read more

Zoom into the seats and press inside the square . It wouldn’t let me until I did that


Can't pick a seat on my app still, ok on website but some times are different


I booked for today using the app on iOS and worked fine


Is the app working, tried earlier for Leeds, it was terrible, by the way, Bohemian Rhapsody is £4.75

£4.99 for every film every day @ VUE
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
This seemed like a great deal to me as I was so used to paying about £10 per film (£15 for 3D) previously. With so many great films coming out I had to share. I watched Dumbo yeste… Read more
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It’s still on in Bristol. Might be worth going to the actual cinema. Also is Manchester included?


Is this still an offer? When I try to book for avengers online at manchester lowry (which should reopen on time) there isn't a mention of it being 4.99


My husband just went to see Captain Marvel with our teenage son using Meerkat 241 £5.50 for both of them, they then spent £30 on snacks and drinks :o


Plus don't forget the meerkats - works still free 2 for 1 woo hoo Hope This Helps :)


That's fine, I can supply my own copy

Now TV stick + 1 month Cinema Pass £12.30 (Prime) / £16.79 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Amazon lightning deal Now TV stick + 1 month Cinema Pass
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it’s quite hit and miss whether you have a sky store voucher in them or not.


I'm getting one from tesco (I don't have prime). I'm fed up with YouTube not working on my "smart" tv. Why don't they make these tv apps updatable!? False advertising, I bought my tv on the basis it has YouTube and now I don't cause it's an outdated app!


Asda and tesco have the 2 month entertainment pass and stick for £15


And tesco (y)


That's because Sky won't allow a rival to be on their sticks as they are subsidising the cost. Netflix is only allowed because they have partnered with Sky Q, but Prime Video have partnered with BT.

Dumbo tickets free VeryMe -  5 VUE locations at 10.30am on the 17th of April 2019:
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
What you need to know? Attend a screening of Dumbo at one of 5 VUE locations at 10.30am on the 17th of April 2019: Birmingham, Edinburgh Omni, Leeds Light, Manchester Printworks,… Read more
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I've just had to cancel 4 tickets/seats for the Manchester screening :( . If anyone's on the Waiting List, it could be worth checking your email


Anyone have a spare ticket?



Back on VeryMe app



Optoma UHD51A 4K Home Cinema Projector with Alexa Voice Assistant Support £840.80 (Amazon Warehouse used-like new)
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Deal of the day is 1200 - get it for even less! Fantastic price for this projector Only £700 if you don't pay VAT/ship to the Channel Islands
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Mine turned up today, load of rubbish. Sold 'as new' - remote non functioning, wireless failed so unable to update, scratched lens!! Looked unopened until close inspections. 56min call with a very unhelpful amazon to get some compo and just bought a new one at 1200. Shame, seems like a good projector too.


Got mine the other day to replace my optoma hd131x. Came boxed like new. It seems to me that it's a factory refurb. Pj was wrapped and never been opened in that packaging, however the glossy plastics appear to have been machine polished as I can see buffer trails much like you would on a badly finished car from a body shop! The box however was re taped up although no signs of a previous delivery address sticker. Lamp hours are 0 but didn't realise there is a service menu, will have to look into that. The mount off my 131 unit didn't fit so I've had to buy a new ceiling mount and my HDMI cables won't do the 4k correctly so have had to order new ones of those too. Ive also discovered that my av amp doesn't support hdcp 2.2 even though it does support 4k so not having the best start with it! 4k pass through with no hdcp should be fine from my pc though as I only play rips and I'll plug my Xbox one X into the second input on the pj and then optical out to the amp for the 5.1 and hopefully that'll work. Otherwise it's going to be an expensive "cheap" 4k projector when I have to buy a new amp!!


If this will be Your first projector i think you will be delighted with it. You can't beat it for this price. I am suggesting to get some 3d dlp glasses and fev 3d blurays. 3d on dlp projectors is excellent.


I don't have one yet, it will be my first one. Been weighing them up whilst I'm designing the build. The reviews say the ht3550 has the best HDR at the price for the generation so far. I think at this price though I'll buy in here, then pick up the ht3550 or something better later down the line.


What projector do you have atm? I got the UHD51A to replace my 1080p hd25 and to be honest the difference in picture quality isn't huge. I think the best effect on 4k is HDR and optoma hdr is not great. If i would pay the full price for uhd51a i would be disappointed but for £850 cant complain. The main reason i went for uhd51 is the 3d support as i have a lot of 3d blurays. Benq looks great and i will wait for more reviews etc and spend more to get benq :D

Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver with Q Acoustics 3010i Cinema Pack & Free Cable Pack £999 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Thinking about getting this bundle. Seems a decent saving. Anyone got experience using these speakers with this Sony amp?
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you're wrong again, but nevermind


Lol, what you said was your opinion and it's wrong, although, as I said originally, it is a mistake that logic would imply is true and why so many fall for it. I didn't share any opinion, I explained how speakers actually work which is a fact, whether the poster liked them or not is completely irrelevant, I was trying to correct your misguidance. Might be worth you doing a bit of research on what speaker specs actually mean before trying to 'help' anyone else. @3LeggedDog, you've got a decent set of budget speakers there and I'm sure you'll be happy for many years (y) From what you described it sounds like the guy in RS didn't know what he doing so may have been more luck than judgement but that had nothing to do with the size of the speakers or the power of the amp (lol)


i said that, but it's only your OPINION it's wrong. not a fact what is a fact is someone said they tried the speakers and found them to be - well read what they say in the post above. they ended up buying what in their own words they described as - well just read what they said instead of taking my word for it. long and short of it reads to me as if the speaker and amp isn't a well balanced match in my opinion, and the speakers they did get are quite similar to what i use


Jeez, you can't deny you said a powerful amp and small speakers is unbalanced, I then explained that you are in fact wrong as the exact opposite is generally true! Hardly a similar view.


Went into richer sounds and ended up paying a lot more and going for these speakers they did a price match. Got the Sony 1080 receiver for £279 refurbished from Sony centres direct (y) Tried out the Q acoustics set with this amp with some sample flac files from my phone. Jesus it hurt your ears how piercing it sounded with the insane treble! Good for smashing glass scenes no doubt but bloody hell. The Dali ones on the other hand, are amazing. Very well balanced sound, warmer and better bass. I tried monitor audio bronze 2 and they were well rounded but the bass was overpowering. Also tried 2 other units with the same sets of speakers, including Yamaha 635 and onkyo nr686. The Yamaha was warmer than the Sony but nowhere near as dynamic, detailed and "fun" sounding as the Sony. It sounded very flat. Again the onkyo was a step up from the Yamaha in terms of liveliness and balanced sound but ended up going back to the Sony. It does still sound a bit bright on some tracks but for that I'll just need to use the eq to remove a tiny bit of treble. TLDR; Go into the shop and try the kit before you buy online!

Free 150ml Bud Light @ Odeon (Norwich)
LocalLocalFound 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Saw this advertised in the bar at Odeon Norwich. Not sure if national.
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Oh damn I was only there Saturday (lol) I didn't see this sign but that doesn't mean it wasn't there. I'm not that observant sometimes haha


It’s in the cinema. It’s an Odeon own brand one, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else either!


There's an odeon lux opening in Leeds, tickets are rumoured to be £5 Mon Friday b4 5pm, ....suits me


that's got to be it, I think £9 was the lowest price i ever remember paying and 10 was average, £13 for 3D then an extra £1 for the glasses, £9 prices for hotdogs/nachos, £5ish for other concessions


Used to go to the Clint Eastwood all nighters at the ABC on POW Rd in the 80’s. always took our own beer in.

3 months free Odeon limitless
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
3 months free Odeon limitless when you sign up for a year so 12 months for the price of 9. If you pay by direct debit you pay for the first 9 months then no payment is taken for m… Read more
Read More

I've been informed by the Katie from Odeon service on Facebook that the code is only for past premier club members even though it doesn't say that anywhere I can see. (mad)


So I've just taken out Limitless with this code, when I put the code in I got a message next to the box that read 'Your promotional code has been registered' and that was it. So I've paid by DD as it says you have to and I've had through my email confirming my DD and.....11 payments! I used the instant chat with Odeon to check if the promotional code has worked and they couldn't tell me, they say I have to wait 9 months and contact them if they charge me the 10th month. I've kept copies of the promo code, screen shots of the booking process and my chat transcript so I can do this later but its not the best process for customers!!


Code said successful before proceeding with the rest of the signup. Worth a punt as the difference is only about a tenner to the annual with discount.


i think thats a special case - most cinema websites were crashing that day but generally I agree with you - quality is not improving at the rate of rising prices and they are removing the extras - why not bring in the rewards program now or get rid of the discount/points only when that comes into place


I decided to move on earlier this week when I tried to book Endgame tickets!

Vue Kids & Family Movie Cinema Tickets £2.49 per ticket @ Vue
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Just noticed this online, think its quite a good deal especially with kids being off school.. Fancy seeing the best kids films and family films with both adult and child tickets f… Read more
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Was £1.99 in ours until last year. I'm boycotting because of the extra 50p (annoyed)


If you book online it will add £0.75 a ticket, hence £3.24


3.24 per ticket in my Vue


Heat added @PennyTrader (highfive)


Lol it’s been like this for years but still I’ll give it heat

Free cinema tickets to Wild Rose @ SFF - Sun, 7 Apr 2019 at 10:30am
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
At time of posting all locations have availability *Update* Only Basingstoke and Teesside available now, other locations on waiting list! Http://… Read more
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Good film I thought but how did She get into the States with a conviction for supplying Heroin. Even possession of drugs is listed as a refusal.


Do you have a free trail Amazon Prime code?


I really do recommend you watch the film Beast (2017) which also stars Jessie Buckley - its currently on Amazon Prime - you may change your opinion.


Are you actually real?


Absolutely, that annoyed me a bit as it had so much potential.

LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Saw this deal at Cineworld in Shrewsbury! Get 50% off your first month of an unlimited card.

The 10% off a year deal is better obviously.


I’m not questioning the value of the product itself, I’m commenting on the deal, and 4% off RRP on a £200 spend isn’t a lot.


I've had one since the local branch of Cineworld opened with an IMAX screen. 2D movies are covered by the card itself, 3D have a nominal £1 charge for 3D glasses rental in 1st year, and IMAX have a £5 surcharge (£6 for IMAX 3D). If you want to see more than 1 film a month, I think it pays for itself (I have about 2 dozen films I want to see in 2019, 4 this month alone) The card also gives you:- 10% off cinema food & drink (25% 2nd year onwards) 10% off at in-cinema branches of Starbucks 25% off at Yo! Sushi, Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, La Tasca and Belgo restaurants


so a net discount of about 4% on a £205 years cinema spend, not really a good deal.


12 month minimum

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