Do Cex take games consoles without controllers?

Posted 13th Jul 2016
Do CEX take games consoles without controllers? I have a gamecube with the wires just no control pads. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. redcantona's avatar
    95% sure they don't. Try selling on here.
  2. AndrewRoss's avatar…ng/

    Basically needs a controller, you get discounted price if it's a third party one, but all grades require one.
  3. marcb4617's avatar
    Thanks for the answers
  4. deleted1364848's avatar
    what console

  5. bradevosprint's avatar

    what console

    ​use your eyeballs...
  6. 123batman321's avatar
    How much for it any games etc
  7. Snakeyes646's avatar
    They do but they will take the price of a pad off what your total would be.
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