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PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Teal Frost - £14.99 at Amazon (+£4.49 non prime)
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Decent contoller for the money, might suit someone. Features Advanced Gaming Buttons for on-the-fly button mapping Ergonomic design for comfort during extended gaming session… Read more

I got the purple one the other week for 7.99. Really pleased with it to be honest. I think even at 14.99 still good. Nice to hold, but is very light which some people might not like.


This reminds me of the old ps2 pads


I'd rather pay PowerA and PDP no money whatsoever, because I like my pads to last more than a month. On to trying out a Hori pad now.


I'd rather pay a bit more and get a wireless controller instead.


they were price matching argos, thats now sold out so it's unlikely. £15 isn't a bad deal for this, it's also not an amazing one


I found this Power A Nintendo Switch Wired Controller - Frost Purple, while browsing the Argos Mobile app:


Great price sooty! (y) (y) (y) (y)


Still stock at Argos.... Not all stores but worth a check


Picked one up from Argos recently at the cheaper/prime price and very impressed so far.


Gone already, unable to add to basket.

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Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 Wireless Controller Special Edition £53.67 delivered @ Amazon Spain
545° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Xbox Cyberpunk 2077 Wireless Controller Special Edition £53.67 delivered @ Amazon Spain. There is 40% off offer for 3 months subscriptions of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live G… Read more

Delivery price was included in the OP, you always pay postage, even if you would have Prime in Spain you pay for delivery abroad. Fingers crossed it will be with you within 2 weeks (y)


Thanks it was quite easy actually. Even though I have prime I had to pay for postage but it's still a decent deal. Now just have to hope it comes back into stock :)


any deals on any xbox wireless contollers ?


Use your Amazon account and it will take payment from your saved card. If you pay with fee free card it would be slightly cheaper. Yes it is out of stock now but you can still order. Earlier today it was showing stock to be back beginning of June. Its quite popular so the waiting time shouldn't be long.


Out of Stock

Xbox One Elite Controller - 'Very Good' £147.87 @ Amazon Warehouse
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Controller Series 2 Play like a pro with the world's most advanced controller.

Happy for this to be expired now 😁


Mine was 110 and ive been using it for two years. Much better than paying 50 for a normal cyberpunk controller (lol)


Too pricey!


Somthing is only ever worth what you are prepared to pay for it. I was wanting to upgrade my experience when they launched the xbox one x. Did I invest in the X and the controller or build a PC. After looking at both options the PC won! Probably being a little harsh calling it tat but I didnt find the price hike worth the return.


It is fair to question whether you think the price is justified, but the majority opinion from actual owners is they are happy with their purchase, myself included. It is also fair to complain about the QC issues with both this generation and the first. What *is* ridiculous is to label them 'tat' which is just objectively wrong.

Nintendo Switch Pro Gaming Controller £50 at AO
681° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Cheapest I can find for the official wireless Controller.. My Controller started suffering drift after a year of use.. sent it to Nintendo who had previously fixed Joy Cons for fr… Read more

Just for my two pennies...I was very frustrated with MarioKart with tilt mode - for me it auto selects tilt driving whereas I prefer the standard. Press the + when playing and then Y to toggle between the two modes - this cut out drift for me.


Yep. Ive just checked, there is someone selling the same ones for £44.11 delivered for a pair. Everything switch related is at a premium at the moment so might be worth waiting and seeing if they come down in price.


Are they wireless? Wouldn't mind stocking up..


I bought 2 replica Splatoon Pro Controllers off of EBay a few months back for £35 (for both of them, not each) and the build quality is excellent, they look and feel identical. There is no NFC function with them (which I had no interest in anyway) and you can't power on the Switch from sleep mode but besides that identical. Having to press the power button on the Switch is a small price to pay for such a big saving imo. Worth looking into as the originals are a rip off.


I thought only Joy Con's suffered the drifting, is it Pro Controllers too?

Buy 2 selected games or accessories for £30 (e.g Xbox Wired Controller + HyperX CloudXHeadset) + £3.95 Delivery @ Argos
25/07/2020Expires on 25/07/2020Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Special offer from Argos offering selected headsets, controllers and games in the 2 for £30 promo. Both PS4 and Xbox included, so may be some combo you are after :)

Went and picked the two up today, only question is "dad where do you plug the headset" so that's not gone down well - no headset port 😩😩😩 Edit: just read the description where it says no port, silly dad lol


Just download a small utility for controller calibration it's in the Microsoft store. It does ps and xbox controllers


Cheers pal, appreciate it.


Agreed! I got one in a "deal" for around £16 last year. If you move it a bit it gets disconnected and you can't use any other wires to replace the one that come with it.


No mate

PlayStation VR Move controller twin pack V2 - £73.84 @ Amazon
-66° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Move controllers twin pack. Will be in stock June 12. Free delivery with prime

I bought some from Argos last week for £69. Must of been lucky.


The price of the Moves on their own might even drop when the IM VR bundle is released.


Just preordered with Amazon for July, if I can get my hands on the moves for sub 70 (ebay🤞) before then I'll cancel and pick up iron man digitally in a few months. But at least I know that I'm definitely getting moves by July.


All gone


Thankyou <3

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller £54.99 (possibly £34.99 with VERY Credit Account) - Very
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Min spend £50 but I bought this. Could be for anything over £50 and not in the sale! I know not for everyone but if you have a credit account you can add this for £54.99 then use … Read more

Or £30 it might of been


£120 jeez, what a corker, ive only ever had £20 off £50 spend codes. Usually use them and get Switch games


Not sure it’s not a new account and it was used about 4 months ago for 30 of 60.. and I got a txt today.. I’ve used tons of 30 of 60 over the years.


make no mistake, I love Very for the £120 saving I made on my £600 order. the 2DS XL I bought at the time was essentially free.


* account specific. * invite only. * £20 off £50. * "rebate" i.e. credit is applied to your account to be redeemed later. * (same parent company).

Thrustmaster Hotas X £41.94 delivered @ Argos (OX11)
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
The Thrustmaster T-FLIGHT HOTAS X Joystick & Throttle features both a high-precision joystick with adjustable resistance and a detachable throttle control. You can take the… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

£37.99, even better


100% sounds like a sex toy


Picked up mine for around £20 preowned to try some flight sims in vr, done its job but I think I need to upgrade if I plan on getting into all the weapon systems in DCS, luckily I'm just flying for fun in a stunt plane most the time.


The original price in the deal was like £3 that's what I was referring to


The price is including delivery

Deepcool Castle 240mm RGB AIO CPU Water Cooler with Controller - £71.99 @ Scan
245° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Introducing the brand new AIO liquid cooler the CASTLE 240RGB from DEEPCOOL, suitable for Intel and AMD based systems. DEEPCOOL, pride themselves on being the company that speciali… Read more

Damn it held off buying and now its gone :(


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology, copper base plate and fans specifically made for a radiator. say it's the best water cooler they've tested. Get it from Scan, who have great tech and customer service.


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology, copper base plate and fans specifically made for a radiator. say it's the best water cooler they've tested.


shows Deepcool's 360 & 240 Castle AiO with anti-leak technology and fans specifically made for a radiator. say it's the best water cooler they've tested.


I’m completely new to RGB controlling. So this comes with everything you need to control the lights on the cooler. So if I bought an extra RGB fan which brand would you recommend?

Nintendo Switch Neon Red & Blue Joy Con at Currys / Ebay for £62.99
-119° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Not an amazing deal but its the cheapest around.

Good price, but OOS


Good price


Best price at the moment unless you get Very new customer discount and can get it for £55 ish


In case anyone they pop back into stock but I think I got the last one.


I know this went cold and expired, but I was able to get the controllers with 5% off due to this, so thank you.

[Pre-order] PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch Purple Frost £7.99 (+ £2.99 NP) @ Amazon
142° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch Purple Frost £7.99 (+ £2.99 NP) @ Amazon. Product Description Play your favorite Nintendo Switch games* like a pro with th… Read more

Thanks for the help, I'm out :D


Picked up 3 feom Argos. They are enhanced. Says on the box :D


Quite a nice feeling controller for a budget one. Have had many 3rd party over the years and they all have issues but I quite like almost all of the buttons on this - triggers are more like PS3 ones which I dislike but otherwise decent.


Yes, I read through the description and it is. My fault for just going by the title alone.


It's exactly the same controller (cheeky)

Marvel's Iron Man VR Playstation Move Controller Bundle PS4 - £84.99 Amazon Preorder
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Released 3rd July. Despite comments to the contrary this is not available for under £80 in other places any longer. Posting for people who prefer to order from Amazon.
Get deal*Get deal*

Controllers are now being sold on ebay for £125.


Because at the time shopto looked like a good price in the context of move controllers being sold for 100 on ebay


How come this is -168 at £84.99 but shopto one is +1101 for £84.85 (14p difference). I really don’t understand this site (confused)


I expired it because it was for a time unavailable.


That’s a relief (:I thank you for clarifying.

Xbox Elite Controller 2 £151 @ Currys / eBay
-39° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Currys Ebay Store have stock of the Elite Controller New Version 2with free delivery and below rrp Use the 5% off voucher to bring the price down. Still far too much to pay for any… Read more

Coffee vs water? Coffee is a stimulant :D


Agreed, I spent over £200 for my xbox headset. A50's Worth every penny for something I use every night. Some people spend £1000's on a couch, when a beanbag would do for £50.


For me I can't justify due to not being a gamer as such. I'm fine with people spending money on the things they appreciate but this I can't just seems bonkers


Why is it (confused)


Most people spend far more on coffee when they could just have water, people choose what’s valuable to them and this site is about finding the best price for those things individuals find valuable, I personally think it’s a good price for a quality product that is also confirmed to work with the next generation, not bad for something I use in my biggest hobby, Heat

Hercules DJ Starlight Controller - £46.75 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Argos
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
A great price for a starter DJ controller, also comes with Serato DJ Lite. Reduced from £69.99 to £46.75. Amazon have also price matched this.
Get deal*Get deal*

If you're serious about djing, then sure there are a myriad of different controllers you can checkout, however, the 400 is a large piece of kit and costs iro £250. Ultimately, this is 50quid, has some pretty decent features for some house party action, comes with class leading brilliantly supported software and can be stuffed in hand luggage! You can buy this, get serato, and some hd25s for half the price of a 400 (y)


Excellent bit of kit


The Denon kit looks cool as well though...


That's exactly why I got a 1000. I wanted CDJ-900 Nexus, but couldn't justify the cost difference


Yep. Started with a 400 and am now in love with my 1000 like proper full on man crush lol pioneer make by far the best DJ controllers and the step up from the 1000 to the nexus 2’s is minimal. I learnt the hard way buy Hercules / numark garbage. Just save money and time by going straight to the ddj-400

Hercules DJControl Starlight – Portable USB DJ Controller  £46.75 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
The perfect DJ controller to start DJing with SERATO

I actually legitimately watched a "dj'ing for beginners" video on youtube earlier in an effort to try and persuade myself to buy this :)


So tempted, I've been playing with the pro version of the software as it's free on another thread and have been getting "okay" mixes without any headphone monitoring. I used to DJ in clubs in the eartly 90's... I think I'm going to have to digitise all my records. Sod it, I've ordered one.


Tempting to buy this to replace my aging 1210 setup. :D Joking!!!!


What is this site like. BOUGHT! Thanks didn’t know I needed it. Good review here Also same price at argos and decent reviews again. Btw switch delivery for no rush for £1 back on another purchase.


And the flashing lights ! And the buttons that make noises !

Marvel’s Iron Man VR - PlayStation Move Controller Bundle on PlayStation 4 plus Pre-Order Bonuses for £79.85 delivered @ Simply Games
368° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Now showing at Simply Games. Hope this helps someone. :) Pre-order Marvel’s Iron Man VR to receive a code (code expires 28/2/23) to download Marvel’s Iron Man VR PS4™ theme … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

comes up at £85 for me?


£84.85 now, also available on Amazon


Yes i should know, i did buy them on release.


^^I have a CV1, Vive, Dell VR WMR and a Go.........and yes HL:A is a fantastic VR game, one that has raised the bar.......but the PSVR is still a nice system for when i can't be bothered to fire up the PC but instead just fancy a hour at BL2 VR , Skyrimvr or Dirt Rally in my comfy chair, it is all good. ;) But i have done my bit to make VR popular, so if it fails again it is all your faults. :p lol


You can get access to a proper VR experience via Shadow PC and an Oculus Quest. Playing Half Life Alyx is a whole different ball game to anything that I've ever expereinced on my PSVR setup.

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