Doritos Flamin Hot Tangy Cheese

Posted 5th Dec 2022
Hey all, desperately need your help!

I don't seem to see these crisps anywhere anymore, I'm worried they've stopped making them.
Thing is I love them. anyone know anywhere at all I could still buy some packets, even if they're end of line or out of date?

Is there anywhere I can find stock?! Please! Tia

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  1. NuffinisFree's avatar
    Discontinued in UK according to Reddit.
    Would explain why they were sold at farm foods and discount dragon so cheaply earlier this year.
    I've not seen them recently but would try places such as farm foods, heron foods, Poundstretcher or keep checking online at discount dragon or approved foods (edited)
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    Thank you, damn that's awful. I've been checking around but seriously haven't seen them at all, even looked on Google for any websites and didn't see much. I'm worried I realised too late they're discontinued
  2. Toon_army's avatar
    Just been to Lidl and they had two boxes of them

    48940751-xAUY4.jpg (edited)
    Connort04354's avatar
    Hi mate which store was this?
  3. spicy_gal's avatar
    same here! we really miss this flavour. Was worth the next day ring sting (edited)
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    Lmao absolutely! Can relate to that
    I had boxes of these at one point so I'm all too familiar
  4. MarkLahmar's avatar
    God, I need these crisps back in my life so bad lol. I must’ve eaten hundreds of bags
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    I genuinely am not exaggerating when I say I could eat them every day
    If only I knew I would've cleared all the shelves. If sales were low I'd have made them all up myself!

  5. SoupDragon1's avatar
    A good second too these are the Flame Extra Hot Cheese&Chilli Flavour pringles currently on sale in farmfoods for £1.39 (edited)
  6. Tanweeralqarni's avatar
    Yummy absolutely love these.

    You got any update if you found more of these? I really want more too.
    KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    Nope, no luck whatsoever.
    There was one small shop that had some and told me they'll let me know when they get more in, never heard anything back

    I hope someone does manage to find some so that I can grab a few more packets because damnit they're so nice and I don't want to be without then
  7. itsmehaha's avatar
    Found anywhere
  8. KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    @itsmehaha unfortunately not.

    I wonder if there's a way to recreate the flavour somehow? Use the tangy cheese Doritos as a base, and add a hot powder or even sauce on top?

    I'm absolutely rubbish at stuff like that and have no culinary skills but what I wouldn't give!
  9. KencoOutMyNostrils's avatar
    KencoOutMyNostrils Author
    Discount Dragon have had some on sale recently so it's worth keeping a look out there
    Hope you manage to get some if you're looking, those eBay prices are beyond silly
  10. Yidette's avatar
    My husband misses these so much
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