Posted 18 January 2024

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Where's the best place to go?!

I want a natural diamond. Nothing flash.

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    Some woman aren't even worth that
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    "I want a natural diamond. Nothing flash."

    But what does the lady want?
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    I must admit that doesn’t make sense to me surely a diamond is quite flash, unless OP means a small diamond, it really goes on the carat, clarity, cut and colour basis doesn’t it.

    OP, my advice is unless u want to upset her I wouldn’t cheap on an engagement ring, wait until u can afford a decent one or don’t bother….just my honest opinion, I think some ppl might disagree but hey ho.
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    Somewhere that has a good refund policy
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    Pawn shop
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    Warren James and H Samuel are the more affordable high street jewellers

    Ernest Jones is mid range

    On the more expensive scale is Beaverbrooks, Goldsmiths

    And if you really want to break the bank then Boodles , Berry's, or even Tiffany's 🤪
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    Christmas Cracker
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    Fraser Hart are great if you have any near you. They check it for free every six months and will clean it and make it sparkling for free whenever you like as well. Always really good service from them.
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    ernest jones
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    Suid-Afrika ?
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    I had one made by a local jeweller. Probably cost half the same ring in Goldsmiths would have cost.
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    As above, or a pre-owned one from a local jeweller as VAT is not applicable.
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    Hard to recommend anywhere without knowing a rough budget..
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    Depends on budget and what style etc you are looking for?
    We are looking for lab grown diamond to replace the one that broke from my wife's ring whilst commuting, and the insurance wouldn't cover - they are much cheaper than the mined ones.
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    My son got his for his fiance online, think it came from Dubai and it worked out a lot cheaper than anywhere here and he also got all the authenticity and insurance documents with it.

    With customs duty etc. I think it all came to around £3.5k but I’m getting old and can’t remember the exact figure.
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