Posted 5 January 2022

Free Discovery + to sky q customers

How Do I Activate Discovery Plus on Sky Q?
To activate Discovery Plus on your Sky Q box, do the following steps.

  • Grab your Sky Q box remote
  • Press the voice button on your Sky remote and say “Get Discovery Plus” or go to the Sky Apps menu on your Sky Q box and select Discovery Plus
  • Choose Upgrade Now
  • Select Continue on the next page that explains a little more about signing up to Discovery Plus through the Sky Q box
  • Again select Continue on the order summary page that shows you the cost of your Discovery Plus subscription to Sky Q
  • Enter your 4-digit pin to access the subscription activation screen
  • Scan the QR code on a mobile phone or a tablet so that you’ll be taken to the Sky website. Alternatively, you can directly go to the Sky website as well
  • Next, log in to your Sky account. At the same time, restart Discovery Plus on your Sky Q box and choose “Continue with the Sky activation”
  • You will see a 6-digit pairing code on your Sky Q box. Note it down
  • Press Continue on the Sky Q website which you accessed through your mobile, PC, or tablet
  • Create the Discovery Plus account by filling in your details and select Continue
  • Enter the 6-digit pairing code to access all the features of the Discovery app on your Sky Q box
How To Login With The Discovery Plus Account on Your Sky Q box?To login to the Discovery Plus on your Sky Q box:

  • Open the app section in your Sky Q box and select Discovery Plus
  • Press the login Button
  • Go to the website on your PC or mobile device
  • Use your credentials to log in to your Discovery Plus account
  • Enter the 6-digit Pin that you receive on your mobile device or PC
  • Next, the Sky Q Box screen will refresh and take you to into the Discovery Plus app
  • Enjoy watching your favourite shows on Discovery

Is Discovery Plus Free on Sky?With Discovery Plus on your Sky Q box, you can enjoy exclusive discovery originals, premiers, andamazing collections. Furthermore, you can watch anywhere and anytime on multiple devices.

Sky TV has a partnership with Discovery and it offers all Sky Q customers to have access to Discover plus at no cost for the first 12 months.

To redeem this gift from Sky, when you select the Upgrade Now option during the Discovery Plus Sign up process, press Continue on the page. This page explains the Sky exclusive offer to get a 12-month Discovery Plus free access through the Sky Q box.

On the next page, you will also see a message that you will not be charged for 1-year for Discovery Plus. Press Continue to confirm the subscription.

Once you are finished with the Sky Q Discovery Plus activation, open the Discovery Plus app from the apps menu on your Sky Q box and log in to start watching your shows
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  1. TheBeardedArcher's avatar
    I used the same offer last year, do you know if it's for all sky Q customers or just new customers?
  2. pavthebeast's avatar
    All sky q custome
  3. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    Is it any good? I've never bothered activating it
  4. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    pavthebeast05/01/2022 17:08

    Peter Couch, safe our beautiful game laug

    Can live without that. Might get it then cancel. Had a quick look at what's on, and most of it is on other sky channels already
  5. pavthebeast's avatar
    It cancels on its own after 12 months
  6. packard's avatar
    pavthebeast05/01/2022 17:27

    It cancels on its own after 12 months

    No it doesn’t at the movement, Sky haven’t sought out a full payment plan with discovery so it continues at no charge at the moment.

    Source sky - as I rang up to cancel and they said it’s free ufn due to contract dispute between Sky and discovery atm
  7. drumdam's avatar
    Never activated it since it came out, just looks like repeats from other channels from ages ago and not much else going for it, but I might be wrong
  8. fiestasteve44's avatar
    Tried to activate on numerous occasions keep getting an error message and has never worked
  9. asp75's avatar
  10. deleted1560391's avatar
    Wonder why not working for us
  11. chapchap's avatar
    I’ve just got a £5 a month package but I do remember when taking these offers it reset any deals/discounts etcyou had going so I was always careful myself.
  12. Ts1899's avatar
    Also this restarts your contract 12 months ! Beware
  13. KingAzzA's avatar
    Doesn't impact any offers you may have and doesn't affect your contract
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