Posted 4 January 2024

Gatwick Drop Off charges increased

Just come across this:…pjo

£6 for drop off now. Is there no stopping this greed? What justification they have except lip services about "improvements" ?

Captive market gouging.
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  1. smith2001uk's avatar
    Stansted also has 60mins free at the Mid stay car park and free bus. If you ever go there in future. Did it recently for bag drop the night before and I was there and back to the car park within 45mins.
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Or you could do it for the price of the cheapest burger in McDonald's, and make the passengers walk to the terminal.
    You can have up to an hour for that burger, then go around the block and come back for coffee if the plane is delayed on collection.
    The petrol station is free for 20, but best of luck
    Or dump them at the long term carpark and they can catch the bus for free. Doing the opposite on return
    Justintime12's avatar
    That walk to the terminal surely involves walking on the ring road as there aren't any pavements....and having to get the shuttle for the north terminal. Probably better to suck up the £6 fee

    Which long stay car park has a free bus that will pick them up outside the car park as you can't walk into the ones I've been to and never seen a bus stop outside them ? (edited)
  3. bozo007's avatar
    It is gouging when there are zero other options. As others have suggested, there are ways to get around not paying this.
  4. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Much like the free water points at an airport, they really go out of their way to not informing you about the service.
  5. Roger_Irrelevant's avatar
    Final stage Capitalism.
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    And thereafter?
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