Housing association rules/law for kitchen/bathroom upgrades

Posted 7th Jun 2017
I can't seem to find any information if there are laws/rules on when a housing association must update a kitchen/bathroom.

The situation: Moved into a property with an ancient kitchen in 2013/14 and then in ~2015, about 2 years after moving in someone from the housing association comes knocking to check out the kitchen and bathroom and other things (radiators etc) to see what needs upgrading.

They said the kitchen will get done, radiators too and nothing else. I say great, because they are incredibly old.

A year goes by, nothing happens. I phone them up and enquire, they say it'll happen that current year (2 years ago, 2015/6?). Again nothing happens.

I phone them up again and ask how old my kitchen and bathroom is, and when will they receive upgrades. I am told my kitchen is 15 years old and is due an upgrade as they upgrade kitchens older than 15 years. The bathroom is not due an upgrade until it's 20 years old (15 years old at the time) - I decided to upgrade the bathroom myself a year after moving in, as it was just a bathtub with a carpet floor, disgusting really.

So all of that happened about a year ago or so.

I phoned them up last week and asked again when the upgrades will happen, I was now told 2018/19 financial year, which will make the kitchen ~17/18 years old.

I think I know why the upgrades have not happened, I received a letter through the door the other day saying the housing association is looking to sell their properties to another housing association and are giving me (and everyone else) the run around until they can sell them off to someone else.

So my question is where do I stand here? Are they required by law/local council to update based on age or is it whatever rules they decide? I cannot find anything stating an actual age before upgrading must happen either through google or their website.

I'm based in the north-east of England.
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