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Insuring a car on PCP Legal Owner question as huge price difference

Posted 27th Feb 2018
When insuring your car and its on PCP what do you put down as legal owner as I'm trying to get a few quotes for my daughters car which is on PCP. I know about registered keeper (in her name) but as this is on PCP she is not the legal owner (same as finance, not owner until fully paid) so when I put not the legal owner it goes up by an extra £1200 however the drop down box only asks who the legal owner is and there is nothing about finance and PCP just says "other, friend, relation and lease private or commercial" so I rang Hastings and spoke to two people neither knew what PCP was which wasnt a good start. When I explained what it was one went away and came back and said put it down as lease which it isnt as lease is totally different and I know you dont get no claims on lease cars as the car is not yours ever, so gave up.

I can imagine there are a lot of PCP cars out there not properly insured as you would automatically put down yourself as the legal owner, I guess its the same with HP?
On the Parkers web site it also states on PCP you are not the legal owner.

Also another question, she is a nurse so has one permanent place of work but she is also a nurse in the Army reserves so doesnt have a permanent place of work for that as she has to drive to other units in the UK so would anyone who has a similar scenario put it as business insurance or just SPD&C

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