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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Volkswagen Arteon 1.5TSI DSG 24 month lease - £5602.80 @ What Car? Leasing
Found 12 h, 56 m agoFound 12 h, 56 m ago
UPDATE: Stockport Inchcape VW offered the deal but it seems to have now come off the What Car website. I showed the deal my local VW at Bolton and they honoured it, however this wa… Read more

Can you send me more details on this so i can try and price match with VW. Thanks! Was it advertised anywhere?


Awesome!!! Any chance you can shoot me that top quote so I can try a price match at my local?


I said all-season, not winter. They remain on all year round.


Took mine in Urano Grey on 10k pa at £189pm+VAT, 1+23 with the dealer putting a £650 contribution in NO BROKER FEES, Total £5452.08 They also quoted me £105pm + VAT on the usual £2000+VAT with the same £650 contribution NO BROKER FEES, Total £5299.15 Build time is currently 17weeks Lot of issues with the 1.5TSi in the cold weather, which will be updated next month They also quoted me £105pm + VAT on the usual £2000+VAT with the same £650 contribution


I get what you mean now lol... It's the only 'free' colour :D

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 190 FR EZ DSG - 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - No deposit + £244.99pm + no fee = £5,897.76 @ Leasing Options
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
0-60 in 7.2 seconds. Good price for this Seat Leon TSI 190 FR (EZ) DSG on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year and no deposit and admin fee. Works out at £244.99 per month (1+… Read more
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They can be... im getting myself a blackvue front and rear camera which is wired into fuse box and this means power when parked to any movement/being hit is recorded


I've actually done that, and then gone shopping, only to come back to the car park to find low and behold somebody has parked right next to me!. Plenty of spaces all around, but no, they chose to come and park right next to me lol.


This is a lot of car held back. This is like the old days mk2. A proper 2.0 engine in it than just a 1.4 and 1.2. Remap this and it’ll pretty much a cupra for a lower price. (I own a 1.4 fr before hate comes in. I just find this a pretty good deal)


I know its hard to always do, but i tend to try to park away from where the masses park - maybe over to the side of a car park and away from the bulk of traffic and seek out an end space so i can park a little over in the space (without having to encroatch into the space at the other side). Doesnt always work as there will invariably be some dolt will park up close if the car park fills up, but it tends to work in shopping centre / supermarket car parks if i cant avoid going to them.


The damage I get is from when it's parked, so the camera won't be powered.

Seat Leon 5 Door Hatch 2.0 TSI Cupra 290ps DSG.    (24 month lease, 10k miles p/a) £7076.64 @ Gateway 2 Lease
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
**First deal go easy :) Been on here a while and thought it about time I chipped in with something!** Been looking for a new auto lease deal, thought this looked a cracker. Almost… Read more
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Posers car or not, if people want to rent a car for 7 grand over 2 years thats their choice, like I have said it is a car that people cant afford to buy so they rent. I will continue to buy my cars out right rather than rent something I cant afford to buy just to look the part. We are all different. Cars just lose money anyway and i prefer to lose as little as possible.


A seat Leon is a poser car? That's a new one ha. I get one every two years simply because it's nice to have a new car that won't break down and if it does has warranty.


if lets say 24 months and 48 months lease almost same price maybe 36 as well.which would you advice?? considering servicing tyre paperwork for renewind etc...


Awesome comments about this car as I ordered one back in december, to address the pussaaay magnet comment how old are you? and do people use that term anymore? maybe just maybe people buy/lease/ this car as its a hot hatch, practical, yet quick car, i have a family a dog - maybe im just to old, but i dont see this as a pussaaay magnet in anyway for anyone under 23 - if you were 19 maybe yes. '£3,500 a year for a Seat? lol' you do realise seat are not built in a shed in spain anymore right? and you do realise what this car is...obviously not. I like how people always compare a 10 year old car to a brand new flash people who lease part of the attraction is having just that...a brand new car, no BS accident history to worry about, maybe just maybe they also value the safety, efficiency, warranty etc that a new car brings to the table...why can people not understand it? Maybe just maybe people can do what the hell they like, If its not hurting anyone whats the big deal? Just let people post a deal, say yay or nay on the post on the deal and move the f on - where are the admins on here?


I'd rather work a little less hard and have a nice house, holidays, a.decent 3-4 year old car and gadgets that are a year out of date, with the latter I pay so much less but enjoy the same experiences just a year later! However my main point in replying was to point out if you do buy a 3-4 year old car you can avoid a "3k bill" by buying a decent warranty. We got a 3 year one from Seat for £549 which includes 3 years AA breakdown cover (not the cheapest cover and includes European cover). Our 3 year old Alhambra with 26k on the clock was close to half the new price yet is mint. Warranty £15 a month equivalent. Will cost about £100-120 a month in depreciation over 3 years and Seat service plan is equivalent to £17 a month (£22.99 X 18 payments for 24 months). So around £130-150 a month total, if you want add £40 a month for lost interest on the capital investment (£16k at 3% say). It's a good £4k cheaper over 3 years with peace of mind and FSH when I come to sell. Each to their own as many of us have said many times. Buying new anyway, well worth looking at. Not buying new and you'll likely pay a fair bit more than buying a decent 2-3 year old car with warranty. It's those that would never have bought new that go for a lease/PCP and justify it by comparing with new that niggle some of us. That too is not comparing apples with apples.

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50% off Audi on demand premium car hire
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
I came across this leaflet whilst in the Midlands last weekend, I’m not sure if these leaflets were exclusive to the event I attended but the deal appears to be national with a han… Read more
Read More

Not very close to Surrey where I am :(


Quite nippy? (lol) I’m pretty certain they would have a telematics system but it’s not like they are the Police, I’m sure they wouldn’t have something to say if someone was driving like a (ninja)


I wish they rent out R8 i love to drive it it's quite nippy. Do they have some sort of tracking box in the cars so to see your speed and location? I bet they would call me in an hour begging to return the car back and call me a reckless driver (lol)


You could still collect a vehicle and ask if you can leave your car there?


Your location is outside our service zone :(

Nissan Qashqai SUV 2wd 1.5 dCi 115 Acenta Premium 5Dr Manual £240.67 month + fees - Total £6136 / at Mad Sheep Leasing
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
£240.67 incl VAT monthly rental £240.67 incl VAT initial rental Contract term 24 months Rental profile 1 + 23 Annual mileage 8000 Processing fee £360.00 Total £6136 List price is… Read more
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im holding out for a Jaguar F Pace deal...


Apologies I was being a bit critical of the car. Each to their own.


Lol no wonder you think its slow, youve got more bph than a golf R


As I said... it's a rental, well complimentary while mine is in the garage. Albeit a recall. My own vehicle is 4WD straight 6 cyclinder twin turbo with 330bhp and could circumnavigate the snow-is during last year's blizzards in December and early spring better than the Tuscon.


It's a 1.6 petrol... don't think it even has a turbo.

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VW Touran 1.6TDI 115 SE Family DSG Model 1/23 month deal £267.02/month total £6915.50 @ NVS
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Unfortunately(!) I'm now in the market for a MPV / 7 seater, as we're about to have our 3rd child. I've been looking around at various makes and models and there's a few decent de… Read more

They are two loud so u need to put some in the last lane. Makes life easier


Fair enough although you asked for help???


I don't need to explain my personal circumstances.


How does 3 children mean you need a 7 seater?



OSRAM 64210NBL-HCB NIGHT BREAKER LASER H7, Halogen Headlamp Bulb for Passenger Car 12V £11.21 (Prime) / £15.70 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Brighter H7 lights, but just remember, these won't last as long as your factory installed headlights.

Thank you. I have now expired this former deal


The price is gone up.


It's something that's starting to disappear. A lot of newer cars (in the last few years) have started implementing an auto levelling system so there's no need for any sort of manual intervention. Do you spend money to correct a test/instructions or just hope that the issue goes away? :P


Its one of the first things my instructor told me. Adjust it lower than a parked car in fronts license plate. It needs to be made part of the test. Dont get me started on that nowadays.


Very true. I was with a mate who has over 20 years driving experience, I was a passenger, he was the driver. We were driving is single carriageways 40-60mph roads at night and a few people were flashing their lights at our car. He was cursing at them for doing so and don't know why they did it as he set the dial on 0. I told him he needs to lower it to 1 or 1.5, he said it's lowest at 0! Told him 0 is the highest in his car and for most cars. A lot of people have no idea how to adjust, those that do know, it's very easy to find a suitable aim according to road conditions.

Mercedes A35 AMG 24m Lease (April/May Delivery) £9989.77 @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Initial Deposit £3600 23 months of £269.99 £180 admin fee 8k miles A35 4Matic 5dr Auto Petrol Hatchback
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Seems like the above deal went cold due to the picture. This is £700 more and has got heat.



No i bought it with a loan over 4 years at £400 a month. I am not a leasing fan but the Golf was ridiculously cheap to turn down.


I didnt say anything was wrong with it, but where is the deal or the bargin? that was my question.


You're missing lots Some people have sufficient disposable income to get such a deal AND still like a bargain. Ain't nothing wrong with that

Seat Leon Sport Tourer 1.5 TSI EVO FR EZ Lease Total Term - £5469.36 @ nationwidevehiclecontracts
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
24 month 8k mileage (9 + 23) Works out at £226.50 In blue and grey atm. Thought this was decent - good trim level and in stock apparently Just a shame its a manual so not for me… Read more

Just as Gambler mentioned I would’ve preferred the 150 version, which is very similar to my 1.4 150. However I assume it’s the same engine, just in a lower state of tune, so it won’t make a massive difference. I switched back from diesel after getting too many DPF issues due to my wife doing lots of town driving. Personally I love the blend of performance & economy.


Mine arrived in December. This model is only 130bhp and I am missing the power on tap I had with Golf GTD estate. I would have preferred the 150 engine but not the increase in monthlies. Economic is the same, low forties., Nice motor though. Just be careful with the hefty additional mileage charges if you plan on covering more than 8k.


Have you test driven it? What's the 1.5 like in the bigger size?


Ironically I signed up for this exact car with them on Monday. Due to be delivered to the dealer on the 14th. I bought a Leon FR 1.4 150 in 2015 so this will complement that nicely.


Just gave them the reg.....well my mate did and gave them my details and they sent invoice to me. Was that simple.

Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE Dynamic (EZ) 5dr Lease - Total Term - £4511.77 @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE Dynamic (EZ) 5dr 24 month lease 8k mileage. Works out to around £189 a month. 17" Alloys, Sat nav, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Front and Rear … Read more
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This one:


@Zuulan Which astra deal sir?


Why bother to keep that? (lol) Go big or go home


Wasn't referring to running costs, my current car is fairly expensive on diesel unless I'm going on the motorway which is the price I pay for having a bigger engine. At some point in time you owed someone some money for your car. The same as in this deal. This is not a thread about the rights or wrong of car ownership methods.


Yea I get it's a dearer car, I wasn't comparing an I Pace to this deal. I was replying to the guy who suggested going straight to the dealership ensures you get the same price if not better. In my experience, the dealerships don't get anywhere near the independents.

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 VTEC S 5dr - 2 Year Lease, initial payment £368 then 23 payments of £122.75. Total cost £3,311.25 @ FrontierLeasing
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
EDIT: This deal has been expired because it seems the price was an error on their website. It's been changed now and it's no longer a bargain on their site. The WhatCar leasing… Read more

How do you think. 1st lorry does 45 another 46 and so on. They are constantly in race overtaking each other uphill. Your Jazz is doing 50 ...downhill.


I can imagine you skipping the red lights like you skip punctuation in your prose.


Over 3k for a years motoring in a jazz I have just bought a whole jazz for a third of that yes 1k and that’s not for a old heap ok it’s old 2006 but only 74k on the clock and I’ve just done a a 80 mile trip cruise at 80 brilliant little car and much nicer than the micra it replaces however micra more fun to drive around town and the lanes but Honda quality is far suprier


The original post also clearly stated the "M25", most of which is 5 lanes. Besides, officially there is no 'middle lane', only additional right hand lanes for overtaking so it's clear the poster was simply highlighting that he often sees these sorts of cars in the wrong lane... to which I have to agree. You sound like you could well be one of those illegal and frustrating drivers yourself with your road knowledge. Perhaps you should obtain some driving experience and knowledge of UK roads before commenting and making yourself sound silly.


You could pickup a banger XR3i for £500 But insurance for a 18 year old was £2000. A Escort RS turbo was few £k but most company would not insure under 25 year old. This led to most XR3i driven on road without insurance as there was no police ANPR to detect them. The Cosworth were not cheap and insurance was sky high as most got stolen.

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 VTEC S 5dr - 2 Year Lease, initial payment £408.63 then 23 payments of £136.21 @ What Car leasing
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Sorry for posting yet another lease but I'm hunting around and found this. Not a car for me but a decent car and a low deposit. 8,000 miles a year. I can't see a mention of a proc… Read more

Looks that way, so I've expired the deal.


Has this gone now do you know ? I can only find the 24 months deal as a business lease :(


All prices are including VAT.



it excluding VAT. I did contact them via Whatcar. Its from Marshall Honda Yorkshire. Cold

Save 30% at Audi on demand - Audi’s premium mobility experience
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Following on from; They have introduced a new further discount to ent… Read more
Read More

And there was me thinking it was all just rumours.


Prices are pretty high compared to? If there is anywhere else offering this kind of service I’d be interested to know! I believe the lack of delivery service is a temporary thing 👌🏽


I do, thanks for caring (cheeky)


Your existence on HUKD is literally to offer your desperate attempts at wit... bless, you must have so many interweb fwends


Is it past your bedtime? :{

SEAT Ibiza used/ex-demo (3yrs old) Lease £87.59pm (3 + 47) plus option to change after 50% STS at Wearcarleasing
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
SEAT Ibiza Sport Coupe 1.4 16V 85 SE 3Dr Manual PCH 3 + 47, 8000miles Option to change after 50% of the term. (subject to status), 2015/15 plate, Business and Personal, 7-10 Days f… Read more
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Looks like mods had to intervene because _your_ assumption that most people could easily spot the age of the car was wrong :D


Looks like the HUKD mods have changed the title for him now.


Would love you to show me examples of cars advertised as 'ex demo' that are three years old, versus ones that are under a year? It's a *very* reasonable assumption.


Assumptions again! D'oh!


Lol why would you lease a car that's worth 5k???

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ DSG - 24 Month Lease - 10k miles p/a - £785.37 deposit + £261.79pm + no fee = £6,806.74 @ Leasing Options
Refreshed 21st JanRefreshed 21st Jan
Update 18/12 - now £261.79pm but £99 processing fee removed = Same total over two years :) 0-60 in 5.7 seconds and 290bhp with a list price of £30k. Very good price for … Read more
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lol see you've read it twice or even 3 times and still don't see what I wrote you see what you think I wrote. I didn't say spend 6k on a second hand car. I said "buy a second hand car" I didn't mention the price to be paid for the car. I was comparing the price of the lease 6k with a second hand car of X cost. Lets say "X" is 10k but even at 6k I would expect a fairly high depreciation over 2 years depending on the make and model. The point was tho irrespective of the actual loss, you mention wasting 6k and this is not the case. (y)


Yes you did !! Do the maths, quite simple maths at that! "Assuming instead of spending the 6k on a lease you buy a second hand car. You are still going to face depreciation, so lets say 1.5k a year then your comparable loss is "only" 3k"


I want you to think about what I wrote. I'm going to test you later. Did I say you would lose 50% of a used cars value in two years? Think vry hard before you answer and please read the test paper thoroughly twice before answering. :/


Dave Ramsey wants to know your location


This car will only do 0 to 60 the same speed as the car 10 foot in front of you in the traffic LOL

Hyundai Tucson Estate 1.6 GDi SE Nav - 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - £199.99 pm no deposit + £199 admin fee = £4998.76 @ Leasing Options
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Decent price for the Hyundai Tucson on a 2 year lease (8k miles per annum) - works out at £199.99 per month with no deposit or £208.28 net including admin fee. Specs include 1… Read more
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It's tomato sauce, Sir. Ketchup is an abomination of a word. Yours saucefully, A Rough Person


@Devro can u point me in direction of this deal pal ?


That is a great point, people think we are paid commission based on our posts, which is clearly not true, Take the expert @amazoncrazy for example, all they post is amazon deals, but like you say, you don't get commission from amazon. And so that kind of answers a few questions regarding the pepper program.


100 for insurance??? Im 27 and wrote a car off last year and my insurance on this and a alfa romeo giulia 280 veloce is 600


So roughly 200 per month Insurance about £100 per month (London) Is £300 per month worth ?

SKODA Octavia 1.0TSI 115PS SE Technology 'Personal Contract Hire' (LEASE) offer from  £79 per month - £2490 initial rental - £4307 for 8k pa
LocalLocalFound 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
I just picked up mine, the DSG 1.0 version, we use it as our second car to do school run and shopping. Wanted a safe reliable car with no head ache over next two years. The autonom… Read more

People who are worried about returning a lease car and wear... We've returned 4 lease cars so far. A BMW 3 Series 320d, Audi A4 Black Edition, Ford Focus Titanium and Kia Sportage. At the end of each lease I've had a local chap do a full deep valet and scratch repair, cost me around £150-£200 at most. 3 of the cars I had no charges. On the Audi A4 I got hit with £200 of charges but contested it (when you do that they have to take it away and reassess it), never heard back from them after that (been a year) so they probably just decided to throw it in auction. If you return the car in great condition inside and out, they're far more likely to take it straight for sale to save on costs. All the guys who have picked up my lease cars have been taking the cars straight to a location for auction. Morale. Look after your car and set aside a bit of cash for body repairs. Last car (Kia Sportage) only cost me £100 for valet and scratch repair. I received my Skoda Octavia Tech a couple of days ago. Well impressed for the price.


Went to the dealers a month ago and ordered one total cost £3640. Told me at the time, as did others 22-24 weeks delivery. Said I might be lucky and get it sooner, but no worries if not it's what I entered into.


Ordered a similar deal from Fleetprices but I got the DSG. Told delivery will be 18 weeks. Rental Payment Profile: 6 + 23 Initial Rental Payment: £910.08 Monthly Rental Payment: £151.68 Annual Mileage: 10,000 The manual on 8000 miles was £138 per month on 6+23.


Car salesman in Trying To Sell Unneeded Insurance To Inexperienced Punter shock! :D


When in returned my Hyundai they were much stricter. Some company called Krystal picked it up. When I returned my Skoda were much better, little bits were considered fair wear and tear. BCA picked it up. Why I would not ever lease a Hyundai again

60% off at GSF Car parts
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
I've tried everything and it works Everything is 60 percent off
Read More

Thankyou moderator (y)


Still waiting for it to be frosty morning. I'm tipping it's good as a de-icer as its -20 Hehe In the link take out a c on the link.


I guess you can’t help some people. Is that stuff any good?


Me too, they have always been great for me. I tried to post a deal the other week but not allowed. Probably because occasionally take a while to deliver if its from Germany on free economy delivery. The deal was demon screenwash / de Icer. Worked out at 89p per 500ml. Where as cheapest de Icer I can see is 99p. Ah well. At least I got myself a deal (strong)


Banned you say? I didn’t know that. Any particular reason? I’ve always found them to be good :{

Jaguar Xf Portfolio. 2yr Lease deal. £199/month for 24 months - £6,747.75 total @ 1st Choice Vehicle Leasing
Found 1st Dec 2018Found 1st Dec 2018
Saw this deal for Jaguar XF Portfolio. Good price. £199/month for 2ys. 5k miles. Admin fee 350. Total over 2 yrs is £6750. 8k and 10k miles options available. Similar leasing deal … Read more

not sure you would have to ask them direct , i looked at the website this morning and they have a amazing deal on Audi A5's now :-)


Can you choose to delay the build of your order. I though you could only choose to delay the delivery to you. My order date is Feb 10th or something, but I request it to be delayed. The car would already be manufactured as per the original timeline, and just be kept with them until you want it delivered.


yeh the deal was running until 31st december , shame you didnt manage to get one :-( my car is due in feb but going to hang unitl march so i get a new number plate , these people seem to always have good deals so keep checking the website as it says new deals coming (angel)


Looking at it a different way, I WANTED a lease so I wasn't hooked into a long HP deal to own a car that'll be worth a couple grand when I sell it if I'm lucky enough to sell it - or worth maybe £500 to a G for trade in where we all know they need you to take optional extras for the finance to go through (lol) £126 a month on a Sandero Stepway now, not new, and four year term. I love it.. wee thing is rapid, but getting a brand new car for a few quid more would have been ideal ;) then two years down the line you've saved the extra for a deposit on your own shiny wheels, a wee runaround or indeed another brand new lease and some spending money!


Yup! Someone already posted a similar deal 0.5s around the same time as you post it then suddenly half the regulars think you're after invisible points. I don't chase trophies or gamerscore on my consoles.. I came here to give and receive epic deals. That's all! Should have a no Kudos option where people just enjoy stuff (lol) (lol) **Not even picking at the posters or the mods, just the whiners 8)

Seat Leon 2.0 TSI 290 Cupra EZ DSG 24 months 8k miles per year lease - £6885.46 @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
£30k list price and a 4.4 seconds 0 to 62 :D so if you’re into hot hatches this looks like a great deal. January delivery and choice of colours. On a personal lease of 24 months… Read more
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If you'd of bothered to look just a couple of posts down, you'd of seen I didn't see it was a Curpa. Maybe it hadn't been edited at the time it was posted, but I'm well aware of the difference thank you.


Don't be ridiculous cant really make a comparison to this with a mini cooper S?!


I agree Ross - I had one. I think he is getting mixed up with torque steer and driven correctly this wouldn't be an issue...


I Had one for 2 years - definitely not 4.4 - I think officially it is 5.7 however good luck getting the power down to the FW to achieve this. - very fun car though!


If youuuu find any let me know 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

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