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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for personal and business drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease hotukdeals pages. Read more
Renault Kangoo ZE ML20 33 Electric Van 24m Lease - 15k miles p/a - No upfront + £234 pm + £119 admin = £5735 (£4779 exc VAT) @ Vertu Motors
Refreshed 19th JunRefreshed 19th Jun31/07/2020Expires on 31/07/2020
Renault Kangoo ZE ML20 33 Electric Van on a 2 year lease, in stock and 15k miles per year (can flex). This deal is aimed more at the business lease customer after a small van with … Read more

The way you increase the range and battery size is to buy a Nissan e-NV200.


UKHD's how much commission do you earn for me taking up this offer?


I dont see the point with these vans. I really want one but it just doesn't meet my needs. I travel a few miles to jobs and I'd run out of charge on the way home to most places. Amazing price though I'm so tempted but in reality I just can't get to site and home without stopping.




I stuck a Clio 182 engine in my old Kangoo. Trying to hide the big disc brakes was the main problem.

Skoda Octavia Diesel Estate 1.6 TDI SE Technology 5dr total cost is £5,171.76 Car Leasing & Contract Hire
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
First car lease post. I've been looking for economical large boot estate. It looks like the best deal I can find. Would welcome other comments. After adding line rental, initial pa… Read more

Total and net are wrong 😁


Energy blue :| 😔


I still have a mk4 golf PD130 sat on the drive (SORN) with 290K on the clock - bought it with 65K on the clock in 2006. It's not been started in over a year and a half, may just see if it starts with a jump. Loved that little car, fantastic engines - this was remapped as well so was running around 170ish BHP.


Wtf is dieselgate lol voted hot for first deal and seems sensible even though lease is not for me.


I to do drive like a 'grandma' at times in my 1.5TSI.....

Audi A4 Diesel Saloon 35 TDI Technik 4dr S Tronic (24 month lease) Total £6298.80 @ leasing (Existing/Loyalty Program only)
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Audi A4 Diesel Saloon 35 TDI Technik 4dr S Tronic 8,000 miles a year £1303.20 + 23 payments £217.20 = £6298.80 No broker fees or admin charges. Equivalent to £262.45 per month. F… Read more

What you're thinking about is called Voluntary Termination. You need to have paid off 50% of the Total Amount Payable, which is not the same as 50% of you monthly payments. It will depend on a few things such as initial deposit and balloon payment amounts, but on a PCP you'll normally only become eligible for Voluntary Termination well after paying half the monthly payments. For my 4 year PCP it was around month 34 before I was eligible.


Anyone know if this includes VW vehicles on the VWFS scheme?


I know, I just missed it :(


Is this expired now? Seems to have gone?


GU20 LNK. Look forward to seeing a cloned one on Traffic Cops!

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (2020)- Auto 4 door - 36m Lease - 8k miles p/a - £279.03pm + 1,674.15 + £199 admin = £11,914.23 @ Select Car Leasing
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
EDIT: Apologies made error and posted petrol version however it still seems to have decent 59 mpg source:… Read more

I'm in the minority who loves the X7... hoping for an unloved used bargain when it's time to chop in my X5.


They do now. Audi don't anymore.


Based on the 135 itd be £1k down £430pm 4 years. Pretty high right now.


does it come with indicators? (flirt)


cold, not M2 comp

ABARTH 595 HATCHBACK SPECIAL EDITION 1.4 T-Jet 180 Competizione 70th Anniversary 24 months total £5687.77 at Central Vehicle Leasing
1034° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
ABARTH 595 HATCHBACK SPECIAL EDITION 1.4 T-Jet 180 Competizione 70th Anniversary £1920 + 23 payments £155.99 or no down payment and £208.92 . £3,587.77 + £1,920 + £180 = £5,687.77… Read more

It was over 25 years ago, tastes change. The Punto GT stayed stock pretty much but was a lot faster, a litlle street wolf albeith with widow-making understeer. The 500 looks like it's had loads of teenage bling stuck on it and it the body is just too tall to look good. Good exhaust note if you like noisy but that's it. I'm more into wafters these days than hot hatches anyway (as long as it's got a V8 that is). 8)


That maybe - but I'd rather be seen in one than any Punto ever made. XD Even the Panda 100HP is a way better looking and screwed together car (same platform as the 500) Mind you, never actually owned a Fiat, owned an Alfa though which is basically the same thing now-a-days.


Parkers are wrong I'm afraid. Parkers are quoting the later MK1 GT Turbo. The early model GT1 was faster with 133BHP, even after being revised and dropping the BHP they still did 7 secs 0-60. Personally think these 500s look like noddy cars


This model is currently on autotrader for £22k, around £15k if it was 2/3 years old.


Bought one of these on lease last year and its just the most fun to drive! Wish I could upgrade to this Competizione 70th Anniversary Edition (fierce)

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi 5dr - £8,096 (3+47 x £150.02 + Initial Payment of £477.06 + Admin Fee), 8000 miles @ What Car Leasing
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Cheap car (just above Kia, Fiat, Dacia and Suzuki). OTR for about £19K. Excess miles at 6.3/m which is quite affordable and 8,000 p/a should be enough for me at least. This is a le… Read more
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Remember you have to factor in the cost of purchasing an ex council house to park it in front of.


Yeah course you could abuse it but then imagine your insurance quote on the next car (lol) .


Agree that does seem reasonable value if you've put down £3.5k. I see that some also cover your excess. I'm still confused though, so say you write it off at 2 years. Do you basically get given the difference between the insurance market value (that the lease company and insurers agree on) and the p11d value? You could come out considerably on top, ie you would basically have had 2 years free leasing. It must surely be open to abuse?


My GAP was really cheap with ALA I can’t remember how much exactly but it was around £120. Well worth it in my opinion. Especially given how easily companie write cars off now... (bug bear of mine)


Yes but there has to be some form of standardisation when calculating value for money otherwise we wouldnt be able to calculate it...

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Audi Q5 40tdi Quattro Sport S Tronic - £341.75pm x 24 Months £1025.26 Initial (Plus £234 Admin) - Total Cost £9,461.26 @ Select Car Leasing
493° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Looks to be a very good deal for this Audi Q5 via select car leasing with an OTR of £40,340. 10k Miles per Annum 24 Month Term Initial Payment £1025.26 Admin Fee £234 24 x £341.7… Read more
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Where did you find it ?


Old car, doesn't hold up the the X3 or new Volvos. We looked at it but it was crap aprat fro the very nice leather options.


Here fishy fishy...


Looks like they’ve updated the site to reflect the fact there is no more stock and they don’t want to sell anymore so cheap. Now £600+ pm and 2k deposit. Therefore I will expire the deal. Thanks


I called up about it and there was only 6 stock cars at this price. All gone, guy from company advised that Marketing should not have put the deal up but I’m sure it was fishing tool to see who is currently looking for a car

Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate - £276.99 initial rental + £276.99/month x 47 = £13,295.52 total @
-221° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
First time submitting a car lease deal, so here goes. The Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate on lease at 276.99 a month with a 48 month term and 8000 miles pa. This brings the … Read more
greatermans always seem to put deals that dont actually exist when it comes to applying


You’re by yourself there I’m afraid.


Hehehe. Volvo defo don’t do Hype.


BRILLIANT !!!! What speed does it get up to in Over-Hype mode then? Oh, please, please keep these nuggets of wisdom & inspiration coming, they are so so helpful in my decision making process as I look at deals on HUKD.


Theirs a few things that make this a bad deal. First the OTR price £35,000. This has been posted a few time on this site for £26,000 Second, the rental period of 4 years for £13,295,52. This car again is on the Site already with a 2 year lease for £7,314. So it would be better to hire 2 years, as this will work out cheaper. Besides the issue of breaking down outside the manufacture warranty period. You Also have extra costs's such as Extra servicing or tyre replacement. Also after 2 years you would be able to lease another one for 2 years.. Obviously this is just my view of the deal.


Yes. Car companies like to do a discounted cheap short lease every so often to fill factory orders rather than sell the car for even larger discounts. As the latter has a more negative association with the brand.


Why? are you waiting with your friend that's got an audi q2 or range rover; both of which are far more unreliable


Replaced my mum's hideous Suzuki jimny with one of these after looking at some reviews.Bought the sz4 entry level for 10k only a year old and have to say it's a brilliant all round car.Plenty of things to like.Cheap to tax,cheap to insure ,very good on fuel 1.6petrol about 51mpg round town and 57mpg long run which amazes me .Plenty of space in the back and boot.Well laid out cabin.Great driving position and brilliant handling for an SUV.Only down sides are some of the plastics feel abit cheap but who cares these things are so reliable and Suzuki easily beats so called premium brands for reliability just without the badge but who cares were losing hardly anything on it.My only advice is maybe go for a midrange model for the sat nav rear camera.


Haha, are you sure? What vehicle do you have in mind?


yes, chances are it won’t.

Mercedes A200 Sport Saloon Auto 9+23 Lease 5000 mileage £227.99pm + Fees - £7529.66 Total @ Select Car Leasing
-32° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Got an email saying this is a very good exclusive offer for the new A Class Sport Saloon Seems pretty good to me - price based on 5000 mileage, Monthly: £227.99 a month Initial … Read more
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Porsche......there is no substitute. You either know or you dont (y)


I’ve got an A250 premium plus (inc metallic paint), albeit the hatchback, on a 6+35 profile @£264 a month with no processing fee, worked out £300 a month net which is cheaper than this deal on a MUCH lower specced car and a MUCH less powerful car. Sorry OP but this genuinely is a s***t deal


Very good (y)


I cant SEE your point, I think im going for a drive to test it


It’s not that bad. The W177 is a pretty solid platform and the cabins make most other marques look dated now. Sub £250 is really only going to ever get you ‘boring’ base models but they are generally for people who want a new reliable no frills car / commute machine. Saying that if you can find an A35/A45s for this price please do share

Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing
202° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing

Not really, as I do 95% of my miles in electric, that's why I went from Diesel to Petrol, I didn't buy it for fuel economy, I bought it for the 374bhp, it's a second car that will do probably 100-200 miles a month, the leaf does about 1500. Although I can nurse 40mpg out of it in optimal conditions I can also get it down to 20mpg driven hard (shock)


Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions, and I am not trying to set standards for others so please get off your high horse. At no time have I suggested that 'one' simply turns up and assumes that one can charge at a 'guests' house. Thats totally unacceptable. Anyone with manners would have asked their guests beforehand and, if given permission, would make the necessary arrangements for charging and make the appropriate recompense. If you would find it 'self-entitled' or 'difficult' then thats your opinion/problem. As more and more people buy an EV then this sort of occurence will slowly, over the coming years, become 'normal'.


Don't You think that's great though? Look how much the gap gas closed between petrols and diesels? 10 years ago you'd have been looking at 25 mpg for a 3ltr petrol engine. It's the clever tech that makes it all possible - petrols acting like diesels under low load conditions. If you've got a reasonably powerful car, after a short bout of acceleration up a slip road and onto the motorway, the car is barely ticking over maintaining motorway speeds - and that's where the efficiency kicks in.


I feel proper mugged off now, wait till I call up the dealer! I'll be telling him he sold me old tech. I'll also be having a word with "Honest John" he reckons the Polo does 37mpg. I've barely driven this car due to lockdown but the 335d was epic, 4.7 to 60 and 40mpg, this one I think will scrape 40mpg under grandad conditions but it quicker and sounds way nicer....


It's a very good car - at its price point. I chose it because it's relatively quick, fun to drive, well equipped and residuals are decent. Bought outright at a decent discount new, it'll cost me about £220 a month in depreciation over the 3 or 4 years I'll probably have it. I did consider the BMW 135 as it's a reasonable looker now (last gen is hideous and impractical with very little room in the back), and we don't need a huge car. BMW residuals are pretty poor in the short term, i'd never buy a new one unless I got at least 25% discount. Notice my emphasis on fun, above. I used to have a Golf R. It was very fast but dull to drive, way too planted. I suspect a 340 suffers from the same dull to drive save for 3 seconds of insane acceleration on the move. I prefer my Polo.

Nissan Qashqai1.3 DiG-T 160 Acenta Premium Automatic £5,649.36 at
285° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Nissan Qashqai Hatchback1.3 DiG-T 160 Acenta Premium 5dr DCT Automatic Includes Metallic paint No admin fee 1+23 (5000) - £235.39 1+23 (8000) - £248.26 1+23 (10,000) - £256.53

Agreed, my 1.2 auto tekna didnt hit 10k before needing a new engine - 71 days off the road!


Was it the diesel engine? My 9 year old Qashqai does 60mpg combined, over 70mpg on motorway? If so, how did you managed that? ;)


It never was available, they draw you in and then pitch you something far more expensive




Same ... Emailed them. This offer is no longer available.

DS Ds 3 Crossback Hatchback 1.2 PureTech Performance Line 5dr Lease 1+23 £4397.776
192° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
DS Ds 3 Crossback Hatchback1.2 PureTech Performance Line 5dr 1+23, no admin fee, 5,000 miles per year @ £183.24 8,000 miles a year £192.31 10,000 miles a year £202.20


Mines the performance line, it’s a 10inch display but only 7 inch screen in the middle of it if that makes sense?


Looks good. Mine is coming on Monday. Is it 7’’or 10’’ display?


Wow I’m in love! Looks so good!<3


Arrived this morning (y) 🏼

Volvo V90 Estate 2.0 T4 Momentum Plus 5dr Geartronic 24m Lease - 8k miles p/a - No upfront cost + £305 pm = £7314 @ (Volvo)
562° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Volvo V90 Estate 2.0 T4 Momentum Plus 5dr Geartronic on a 2 year lease, in stock and 8k miles pa available at Volvo via 1+23 deal works out at £7314.24 total or £304.… Read more

Yes mate it's called Volvo on call. The dealer should have set this up when you got the car. It's actually much better than the BMW one I've got now.


There is a romote app! I've been using my car for over a year and didn't know this


Nearly pulled the trigger on the 2 year lease. Deal is good, bit worried about the car finance provider Santander. Terrible reviews on Trustpilot. Anyone have any experience?I don’t want the lease to be a headache in the the end.


All the same as the deal above. 8k I think it’s 325 inc Apple car play and a service. But the service plan is for three services so you pay for an unused one if you go for a two year deal.


I prefer the 2 years. What mileage? My Skoda ends at the end of September

Volvo V60 Sportswagon lease 24 month 8k miles £249.92 pm (total £5998.08) at
2267° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Volvo V60 Sportswagon 2.0 T4 [190] Momentum Plus 5dr Auto Seems like a good deal. Monthly payment £249.92 Initial rental £249.92 (1 x monthly payment) Additional fees £0.00 Tota… Read more
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Under FCA rules. No


Will this have any effect on your credit rating or effect any future applications?


I look forward to seeing a cloned one on Traffic Cops!


Looks good, you might want to block out the reg on your picture though.


Picked mine up today. Thanks OP!

Audi A8 50 TDI Quattro S Line 4dr Tiptronic - Lease 24 months - 8k miles - £389.99pm and £3,509.91 inital via Eastbourne Audi /
183° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Audi A8 50 TDI Quattro S Line 4dr Tiptronic on a 2 year lease with 8k miles. £389.99 pm with an initial of £3509.91 (9+23), which works out at 16.5% of £75.6k P11D value. Car is in… Read more


Zoisa Am searching for an Audi lease currently. Any links, sites or contacts you could pass on?


Yes, it was previous model. S8 came from Dundee (delivered on flatbad to London) and A8 from Liverpool (delivery was offered, but I collected in person). But it's pretty random, depends who has too many cars to get rid off. If there's manufacturer's support, you can get decent quote even from Audi West London. I'm sure there will be offers for A8 sooner or later. It won't be popular purchase during crisis.


Thats bargain though. Mind asking what dealer/salesperson to get same quote?


Previous mode i assume?

Audi A4 Avant 35 TFSI 150 Black Edition S tronic 8k Mileage total cost £7609.26 (*Factory Order*) gateway2lease
491° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Not for everyone but a good car at a good price. Initial rental £855.11 23 x £285.04 Admin Fee: £198 8K mileage Total cost inc Vat: £7609.26 or £10.43 a day. Includes Road Fund Li… Read more

There are some good deals but still more expensive than this for 8k 9months upfront at £2250 and £250 a month for the auto seems about the best deal now on car wow.


Any good deals on this anymore?


If it’s still being advertised at this price then it should be available contact the leasing company directly.


This dead now then?


Yeah but that was 5k miles and no upfront payment, this was the same car with 8k miles quoted and 3 months upfront. It’s playing about with the finance. I believe Lex has pulled the plug on these deals now though. No more at this price.

Audi A4 35 TFSI Black Edition 24 Month Lease £7196.40 Total at Lease4Less
620° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
24 month lease 8k miles £287.35 initial rental £287.35 monthly rental £300 admin fee Total = £7196.40
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Nice deal... where did you get that from and how much was the total after 2 years?


Better deals than this to be had. This engine is lacking somewhat in power. As always only lease if it makes absolute financial sense to do so. Don't get yourself in debt just to pretend you actually own a half decent car. Nice cars on council estates look naff and invite unwanted attention from the local scum Invest in property first. You know it makes sense.


Not sure that they are especially cheap but these guys do have an online quote for that kind of mileage on most lease cars - most want a call/ email.


Their example was where you paid $18k in total lease costs over 6 years on a $21k car. With this car (on the same basis) you'd pay £21.6k on a £35k car.


I think the article would have been originally published back in 2014.

Nissan Leaf 110kwh N-Connecta 40kwh 24 months Personal Leasing £223/m + £2008 initial, 10k miles - Total £7,365 @ Select Car Leasing
-217° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Arrangement/processing fee: £195.00 + VAT * Free for NHS Workers. Total cost including arrangement fee is £7560 Includes road fund licence. 24 + 5,000 Miles profile available fro… Read more

I’m the same as you, however, taking your old banger to a local authority testing centre reduces risk of failure massively. Mine passed with some advisories last time round. Always does!


I understand however some aren't familiar. I am personally not a fan of leasing however my parents are. My budget is buying second hand and praying during its MOT each year. If I remember, Nissan leaf did once offer 1 month free "test drives" when they were new. Availability was very scarce though.


Not worth £2K deposit,.....Good deal withouth the deposit.....!


Yes, I have done similar, but it isn't a very accurate predictor. I guess for buyers who can access the money, the answer is it is better to buy 2nd hand unless you wanted a 2020 model.


19k odd... were they available for 20k or 21k though?

Renault Zoe- 24 months Personal Car Leasing contract £188/m + £1695 initial, 8000 miles - Total Cost £6,019 @ Select Car Leasing
211° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Arrangement/processing fee: £195.00 + VAT * Free for NHS Workers. Total cost including arrangement fee is £6,253 Includes road fund licence. 24 + 5,000 Miles profile available f… Read more
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Is Yaris hybrid free for London congestion charge? For me that's a £12 a day difference if not...


My new Zoe 50 arrives next week, trading in my 40.


It makes sense NOW for Company car users. ZERO benefit in Kind tax for the current tax year. Enough said..


Not if they're looking for a company car they won't. Four words. No company car tax.


Great find! Ordering about 15 for family, friends and my pet fishes! <3

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