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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Vauxhall Astra 1.6T Elite Nav 16V 200 - 24 Month Personal Lease (1 x 23) - 10k miles per year - £189.99 pm + £100 admin fee = £4659.76 (includes metallic paint)  @ Leasing Options
Found 20 h, 7 m agoFound 20 h, 7 m ago
Thought his looked a decent price for this Vauxhall Astra on a 2 year lease (10k miles per annum) - works out at £189.99 per month or £194.16 net including admin fee. Price include… Read more
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Sorry mate, I misunderstood the angle you were coming from, my bad ;(


Hopefully you don't mean one of those horrid, totally unreliable VW rust buckets?


Garage forecourts appear to have 15k mile models for £13.5k but once you've negotiated a discount, allowed for the extra 5k miles and taken into account that as a private seller, you don't achieve garage prices, £12k is more realistic.


He sure did - however he wasn't referring to consumer goods.


That's fair enough, except by more reliable you no doubt mean something German, rather than something that actually is more reliable...

Jaguar XF Saloon: Initial payment of £2,375.89 followed by 23 payments of £263.99 plus £234 doc fee
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
In the market for a new motor? I’m seeing quite a few good deals from Select Car Leasing at the moment. For example: Jaguar XF Saloon 2.0i [250] Prestige 4dr Auto [2019] … Read more
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Each to their own. It’d be boring if we were all the same. (Although I’m of the same opinion :p )


it would lose 20% VAT the day you drive it away from the dealer plus the normal depreciation !so it will lose far more than 8k


Fire and rescue.. can be boring at times, and very rewarding also. (y)


Where have all your comments gone? I had a notification you’d responded but there isn’t anything there.


Wow. You guys need to stop arguing about things you found on Google... not everything you read online is fact you know..

10 % off 1 year premium car insurance
Shipping from HKShipping from Hong KongFound 25th SepFound 25th Sep
10 % off for Santander 1.2.3 account owners when you take car insurance from them.

Just renewed mine elsewhere I know it’s postcode lottery but 3ltr v6 Mercedes £300 fc blah blah so guess you should of shopped around


Link didn’t work for me, found it here Protected NCD, legal expenses cover etc all extras. Came out expensive for me


For me it comes slightly cheaper with their discount that my current provider... £650/year before discount for a 3.2 cdi mercedes... I think that's not a bad price at all tbh...


More expensive than anybody else-so very cold deal

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Vauxhall Astra 1.6t Elite Nav 200ps, 24 month lease (PCH) - £203.15 p/m for 10k per annum @ Motorama
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but just over £200 a month for a fairly well equipped car will do me. Price includes metallic paint. Plenty of other mileage options available. I had p… Read more
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That an FSO Polonez is more uncomfortable than an Astra? I, along with a majority, would definitely say that is the case. Comfort is not just confined to the seat. It also includes variables such as ride.


You seem to be selling your opinion as a fact, that is the difference. If you were fighting over the atomic makeup of the seat or the factory its made (which is either correct or isnt) then fair enough. It doesnt work with comfort.


If I'm wrong, then everyone else is wrong who gives an opinion on comfort.


I hate this site for many reasons, but like it at the same time. This is better than Hollyoaks.


Comfort is subjective, not something that can can be objective. So you're wrong. Some people like hard seats, firm suspension.

Nissan Qashqai 3 year lease - 25K miles per year £303.79 x 36 months £360 admin fee Mad Sheep Leasing
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Just had a look at no deposit leading deals and found this. Seems a good price considering you can do 75,000 miles during the 3 years. £303.79 x 36 months £360 admin fee 25,000 … Read more
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Deals come and go, there have been fiat 500's, smarf for two and a skoda yeti and a vw up for prices ranging from £80 to £150 odd and deposits from a negligible amount (a few hundred) and upwards


Yeah I get what you mean but turbo lag isn't what it was in older models modern cars don't suffer that much, my Astra doesn't hang about at all (excited)


Yes you could be right, but if I had a family I would have got rid of it in the beginning as it was that much of a issue. Also, if you get the tekna spec, the LED highlights blind everyone - expect to get flashed at loads!


Turbo lag. Until that turbo spools up it's just a normal underpowered 1.2 petrol with no torque. I'd imagine it has the potential to be quite scary at junctions.


It just sounds that you had a dodgy one.. 115bhp and 10.6 0-60 time is pretty average so there should be no problems with roundabouts.

Personal Lease: Touran 1.6TDI DSG for  total £6357 for 24 months 8k miles/y £6357 @ National vehicle solutions
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Initial Rental £2400 inc VAT Admin £239.99 inc VAT Contract length 24months £161.62 per month inv VAT = £3878.88 8k miles / year. I thought this is a good price considering it is … Read more

Just added another link - £300 cheaper over the 2 years! :)


Thanks, I called them yesterday and they will allow me to apply, but must be register on the last day of Dec, then take delivery in Jan. This is the latest they can push out to. Thanks for the suggestion. My wife vetod this last night, as we have a big trip next yr so will stick to my car atm...


We currently have a Tiguan where the expiry finishes last week of October. This looks like a good deal, even the Hub Leasing one, wish my wife would not mind this ! Oh well :(


Thanks I will check


Your numbers are incorrect. Total is £6,357.25 or £264.89. It is cheaper via Hub Leasing that do it with a smaller deposit for £6,226.56 or £259.44/net/month.

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Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi 130 GT Line Premium 5Dr EAT8 lease 18 months - 12000 miles £6182.82 @ Lease shop
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
If you can not rush to judge snd take a momdnt to judge the deal...not that its a lease or a Peugeot. Just ordered this for myself so thought I'd share. 8k miles pa. 18 month lea… Read more
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I haven't voted hot or cold, but would like to add that this isn't a price comparison site. Even if this is the cheapest deal for this car, some of the cold voters might still feel a better car can be had for the money.


You haven't cleared up any misconceptions, it sounds like you waste a lot of money.


Not really, check your insurance if you knowingly go above your milage stated your insurance is a) invalidated b) may involve you paying a high premium if you have a crash


Am i missing something? Description states 12000 miles but the deal shows only 8000.... Edit: Nevermind, I've figured out that you meant 12k over 18 months. It's a bit misleading though as lease mileage is usually stated per annum.


So find a better deal for it? Rate the deal once compared. Not the badge

Jaguar I-PACE SUV 0.0 Electric 90kWh 400 S 5Dr Auto 18 month contract Deposit - £2699.91 17 monthly payments of - £299.99 Processing fee - £349.99 - £8149.73 @ 1st choice vehicle leasing
12/10/2018Expires on 12/10/2018Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Ok, before the abuse starts.. I know leasing isn't for everyone. This debate has been raging for ages on HUKD, each to their own I guess. Me personally, I prefer to lease, you don'… Read more

thanks jay


There is if the RRP is over a certain price which the premium model is. "An extra charge of £310 a year applies to cars with a list price over £40,000 in the first 5 ‘standard rate years’."


Don’t think there is road tax on elec cars


Wow. Your arguments just scream JEALOUSY. If you don't want to lease, that's fine. But calling those who do sad, materialistic and stupid is just ludicrous. In fact its you who comes across as jealous and stupid. Just because the maths doesn't work out for you, doesn't mean everyone else is in the same boat. If you want to buy your 3 year old Volvo and run it for 300,000 miles fine, you do that AND you can tell everybody "yeah, but I OWN MINE". Some people like new vehicles, it gives peace of mind from worry about breakdowns, some just like the feeling of a newer vehicle. This doesn't make them materialistic. When comparing A NEW VEHICLE, leasing is a very competitive option, whether a piece of paper says you own it or not is irrelevant, you drive it, you have the pleasure of it, if the finance company's name is on the V5, so what? Oh and vowing to always downvote lease deals, and even asking your family to do the same, like some pointless call to arms, as if an up or down vote means absolutely anything whatsoever, my god that's possibly the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. How old are you?! 12?! Get a life! P.s I'm not sure how I can possibly go on with my life after your "punishment". It's over for me now, I can't bear the shame. P.p.s. perhaps you could take the £8k you've saved by not leasing and invest in some grammar lessons ;)


Good deal. Shame about the big initial. Insurance is ridiculous (group 50) same as a Chiron

Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr 2 yr lease £943.20 Intl payment and £157.20 monthly. Total cost - £4,558 @ What Car Leasing
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Winter is coming! And what better way to enjoy it than with the top down, sleet blowing through what's left of your hair, and kids tucked safely away in a nice cosy boot space. S… Read more
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Sounds sensible, could well be. Mine was a personal lease.


My first lease was a business lease as a sole trader and I was not allowed to buy the car my last lease was personal and I was given a purchase option, both direct with VW so maybe that is the difference?


It isnt a GT86 replacement, its is the Toyota Supra replacement. The Toyota variant will be a coupe, not a folding tin top. The Z4 will have a cloth roof for weight reasons, the last Z4 was criticised for its weight and lack of agility - the new Z4 is being pitched against the Boxster so it needs to up its game on those fronts.


It's about weight.


Excellent post.

Mercedes Benz CLA 1.6 AMG Line Lease. Initial deposit £1739.88 + £193pm - 4 Year Lease at Blue Chilli Cars
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Mercedes-Benz CLA180 Coupe AMG Line 1.6 Petrol Manual 4 Year Lease 5000 Miles anually Initial Deposit of £1739.88 and 47 monthly payments of £193.32. Admin/Processing fee £360 T… Read more

Plus if you're on a 2/3 year lease and want to lease again straight after, you're moving into a newer (higher value car) quicker than someone who is still leasing a 4/5 year deal. Most likely with fairly similar monthly payments.


Leasing is only really good on 2/3 year deals, when the car takes its biggest hit in depreciation. Still paying monthly for a car that's 4+ years old is silly


I saw this in the showroom and it didnt even have a centre arm rest at the back. The CLA was horrible, im roughly 5ft4" and when I tried to sit in the back of the CLA the roof bumped my head. Horrid cars, no wonder theyre the cheapest in the range, CLA might be phased out soon, GLA is just a raised up A class with less spec inside


Have you got one? How is it bog standard? I'm currently driving my dad's (leased) CLA180 shooting brake. It's lovely, superb to drive, feels nice and solid and very smooth. The 1.6 is no slouch either, and that's in an estate! Just wondering where you get your facts from that it's "a bog standard Merc" or is it just your opinion because it's not an AMG GTR.


Yes Of course it could. If one repeatedly does short-run journeys and/or switches off the engine at mid-active regeneration, then it's easy to block the DPF and worse still contaminate engine oil with extra diesel that was injected for regeneration in the first place to the sump. Not in the long-term in terms of ownership, but in the short-term, going to the garage to do a forced regeneration is a waste of your time, unless of course you enjoy wasting time. The 1.2 Puretech 130 is a great engine on this car.

Jaguar E-Pace Offer 6k PA - PCH Example £226.71pm x48 - £10,882.08 @ Motorparks
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
I saw this and thought it was a good deal, been in the market for a new car, tempting offer. Obviously subject to terms and conditions, but here are the details: Jaguar E-PACE Off… Read more

I'm using the Swindon Branch, will update when I get any feedback.


I received the following email. I hope you are well, Thank you for your enquiry on the Jaguar E-Pace. That particular offer has now finished and is no longer available as was only on a selected amount of stock. We do have other offers that we are able to go through with yourself. When would you be available to visit the showroom so that we can go through the various options of the vehicles and offers? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Michael Katasi Business Manager, Grange Welwyn Jaguar T: +44 (0) 1707 266 255 E:


Apparently the 2 salesmen who deal with Jaguar Land Rover are off sick, I've been told to ring back tomorrow. I'm not very confident though, as a colleague ordered an XE and they now refusing to honour his deal, claiming no stock remaining and no sales rep to handle his purchase until tomorrow, even though he has already paid £1k deposit. Didn't think they could do that....


Sent a quote but never heard anything back. Guess it was a price error


Did anyone actually take out the deal?

BMW M2 Competition Lease - £437.99 per month (24 months) - Initial deposit: £3,941.89 - Monthly payment x23: £10,073.77 Total - £14,015.66 @ Select car leasing
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Good deal for a £51k list price car. Annual milage: 5,000 Initial deposit: £3,941.89 Monthly payment: £437.99 Monthly payment x23: £10,073.77 Total payable over 24 months: £14,01… Read more

Depreciation! After two years, your £50k BMW might fetch only £30k trade-in so therefore leasing can work out a lot cheaper.


Hook me up :/


Couldn't agree more, I could never understand how somebody can shell out thousands to be left with absolutely nothing after a couple of years?


Like marrying a Trophy wife and not poking her (shock)


That's why I got the wife a 208 Active with city Brake and Reverse Camera instead. (y)

Brake cleaner and easystart on offer @ eurocarparts instore for £1.79
LocalLocalFound 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
There is IN STORE ONLY promotion for brake cleaner £1.79 and easystart £3.99, cheaper than online with holiday70 voucher code
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Not a freebie


And easystart at cp4l ---> £3.65


Brake cleaner online ecp £2.20 and on cp4l £1.63 with code. Brake cleaner as good as any other.


Is this any good ?

Jaguar XF Portfolio 250 BHP Sportbrake Auto £199 P/M inc VAT @ Mad Sheep (£7345.30 inc fees)
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Just had a mailer from Mad Sheep for this. We're looking for 2x new cars for the business but the pricing is the same for Business and Personal Contract Hire. Cracking price for … Read more

Nope, but we've had vehicles from them for our business and personal vehicles along with Gateway 2 Lease amongst others. I don't think you understand how leasing works if you're surprised about special offer cars going quickly, this is how the industry works but these Jag XFs were factory order so you could spec how you liked. We've been let down on an Audi A6 in the past with one broker when LEX pulled the deal altogether. Where do they advertise personal pricing plus VAT?


How it works? Do you get your deposit back at the end of the contract?


How is it misleading, these companies are strictly governed and all costs are advertised on the deals? I put down far more than a "12+" initial rental 6 years ago on a car. It's nothing new.


just looked at this and Madsheep are not cheaper than that other deal advertised , and why do Madsheep offer a 12+ deal !! next it will be 15+ !! (devil) bit missleading


there is still a broker or two that has the offer still :-)

Jaguar I-PACE SUV Electric 90kWh 400 S: Initial payment of £3097.98 + 17 monthly payments of £344.22 plus £360 fee
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Something a little (fresher!) and different to the usual.. Jaguar I-PACE SUV 0.0 Electric 90kWh 400 S 5Dr Auto (base spec) Initial payment of £3097.98 plus £360 processing fee … Read more



I have


Press the red + icon at top right to post a deal, add a title, a link to the website and then put in a description. Mods will help you out too. It's a good find so worth posting imo.


The fee was £10 less than the other deal i found on UKHD website and payments are £30 a month cheaper , win win :-) i still can work out how to post a deal or i would share it ;-/


haha , who knows what will happen after brexit ;-) iv got a bag packed ready at the front door incase we need to claim asylum in a better country haha

Vauxhall Astra 1.6t elite Nav 200ps hot hatch - £5,146.14 total over 24 months including admin fee @ Select Car Leasing
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Great leasing options on this model. Hot hatch performance for around £200 including deosit. 6.6s to 62MPh according to reviews or 7.3s based on Vauxhall specs. Also fairlygood le… Read more

this is a really good deal- can be found slightly cheaper else where but not worth a not deal post. i think i will have one of these


i just need something similar with a smaller upfront cost, but obviously this normally bumps the monthly cost right up so very hard to find..


I have just ordered on from Nationwide - similar deal but with free metallic paint - my local Vauxhall dealer couldn't get anywhere close - over £400 per month.


5k for a car that you dont own after 2 years! You could go to Kazakhstan and buy a donkey for £50. Itll return the equivalent of 200 mpg as all they need is carrots.


Same deal on nationwide vechile contracts but with free matillic paint. Leather seats is only option for interior though 200bhp, with all the toys and lether interior for 200 quid a month including road tax. Has to be a hot deal Signed up this morning. Went for black.

Brand new MERCEDES-BENZ GLE DIESEL ESTATE GLE 250D 4MATIC AMG NIGHT EDITION 5DR 9G-TRONIC with choice of colours £39,395 (saving £15,600 off list price) at Drive the Deal
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Currently looking to upgrade my car... Cannot stretch to this being honest BUT it seems an awful lot of car for the money!! Yes I know a replacement model is due but obviously wi… Read more
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Yup - everything in stock that does not meet NEDC emissions and isn't derogated will be registered to either dealers and/o fleets by the end of this month.


Petrols too


Come September will there be loads of dirt cheap non compliant/approved WLTP diesels? I assume dealers will just pre-register all such cars to get round this thsi - either way could be some cracking diesel deals available later in the year... buy 1 get 1 free..


HS2 project; they seem to have loads of money - 25% of HS2 employees are on over 100k - so I would try them first...


Depends where it is tbf! 3 bed semi in Ayrshire. The car would look braw outside it though!

Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI V10 Plus Quattro 2dr S Tronic £460.98 A MONTH lease at Leasecar
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Absolute bargain at £460.98 a month with a 6 month initial rental. 30,000 miles PA, 4 year contract. Next best price is around £1300 a month!
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Thank you


I didnt realise that driving like a dick was exclusive to one culture. I always assumed it was a young man + powerful car thing - lack of talent/wit or wisdom + tree = Happy Transplant Co-ordinator. Ps I choose Bradford as when I typed into google the words " R8 Crash" the very first auto suggestion was........... Bradford.


Racist and disgusting. Reported.


Out of the R8 and a Corsa, you're not wrong


The ironic disadvantage being that you can only afford a 1 litre corsa.

Honda Jazz Hatchback 1.3 I-VTEC SE 5dr £135.24 a month £811.44 deposit 8k miles 2yr lease £3921.96 @ What car
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Been looking for a sub £150pm 2 year lease deal for the Mrs with a low deposit, and the Jazz seems to be one of the more practical hatchbacks in the supermini price range. Keen to … Read more
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It might work (lol)


Appreciate the comments and not to disregard them, but I’m gonna message them and try it on! Will report back if successful


You'd need to be a VAT registered business to get the deal, regardless.


I appreciate that but it’s £98.90+vat which is £118.68 inclusive of VAT and £712.08 month one, both of which are cheaper than this deal


It's usually cheaper because it doesn't include VAT. The assumption being that you would claim some or all of the VAT back through your business.

BMW M140i Shadow Edition personal Lease £287.99 p/m Initial Payment: £2,591.89 inc VAT 5000 milage 48 months £13,823.52 @ Select car leasing
Found 31st JulFound 31st Jul
Not a bad price for an auto M140i shadow edition. Personal - £287.99 PM Business - £239.99 PM Contract - 48 months Initial - £2591.89 Personal/ £2159.91 You can tweak the upfron… Read more
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Do you guys add maintenance when leasing cars?


Do You guys had insurance to your lease deals?


Was 4 years. 8000. Sorry for late reply


That is a very good deal on PCP, incredibly good actually. 3 year deal with 8000 PA?


Just handed one back after having it for 6 months lucky to get it on a staff deal... All I can say it was a f**cking quick car and the gearbox is rapid! Working in the motor Industry I have been lucky to drive some decent cars, the 140i pound for pound is hard to beat with that pace! GET ONE!

Good deal for the spec! - Ford Kuga SUV 2WD 1.5 T EcoBoost 150 ST-Line 5Dr Manual £239.99 p/m 36 months - £8639.64 annual mileage 8000 - Yes lease
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Ford Kuga SUV 2WD 1.5 T EcoBoost 150 ST-Line 5Dr Manual [Start Stop]

Who mentioned roundabouts? My partner turned over a Kia Sorento ....not on a roundabouts!!!


Unfortunately, It's still a Ford !


No no they roll like clarksons three wheeler


That would be good going given, as you say, others appear to get, on average, nearer 33mpg.


Several things I would point out about this. We have a Kuga on lease (67 plate which we got in February). Firstly I would test drive the ST model first, we loved the look but hated the drive, the suspension is awful. Secondly the fuel economy on these is dire, we get 38mpg combined, on the Quashqai we had before this we avaeraged 56mpg and the Sportage before that was 52mpg. We have the 2.0l diesel version. Other with the 1.5 have reported even worse fuel economy.

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