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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease HotUKDeals pages. Read more
Skoda Octavia Hatchback 2.0 245 vRS DSG 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - £779.97 deposit + £259.99pm + £185.99 = £6944.74 @ Leasing Options
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Good price for this Skoda Octavia Hatchback 2.0 245 vRS 5dr DSG [Black Pack] on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year. Works out at £259.99 per month (3+23 profile), plus £779.97 d… Read more
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As I was going through the financial approval the car I wanted got snapped up, I wanted the Meteor Grey in DSG but they only had manual. So they said more were coming to the spec I wanted but Ill have to wait longer for the car.


Cool. Have you got the car yet - what’s the turnaround?


Yeah, I have.


has anyone gone for this??

2019 Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125 ST-Line Nav 24 Month Lease - 8k miles p/a - No deposit + £234.99pm + £100 = £5739.76 @ Leasing Options
Posted 15 h, 13 m agoPosted 15 h, 13 m ago
Good price for this 2019 Ford Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125 ST-Line Nav 5dr on a 2 year lease with 8k miles per year (previous deal last month sold out). No deposit and £234.99 per month… Read more
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oh dear, more debt for the sheeple (horror)


jeez leased cars for the last 5 years - my 300bhp cupra is only a fraction above this price no deposit, and the previous polo gti was £100 less a month - take it easy in the cupra get 40mpg, boot it get 30mpg - shop around - as above this isn't an ST


I hope people aren't voting thinking this is a focus ST.


I don't think you're driving your cars right? Sound like you may be revving, or have a very distorted perception of performance. The 125hp ecoboost isn't slow in any way and is geared short in 1st and second (the 140hp has longer gearing first and second) try shifting lower.


Added the info.

BMW X1 sDrive20i M Sport 5dr Step Auto - £265.75 Inc. VAT x 35 months (Initial Payment £2,391.75 Inc. VAT) @ What Car Leasing
31/08/2019Expires on 31/08/2019Posted 16 h, 44 m agoPosted 16 h, 44 m ago
Prices include both Metallic Paint and Sun Protection Glass. Choose from the following colours: - Black Sapphire - Mineral White - Mineral Grey - Glacier Silver £199.99 Inc… Read more
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It's not in any way comparable with PPI - that was an insurance policy which mis-sold to customers taking out loans. 'Better' for one person might be cheaper, for another or might be fixed costs over a set period - horses for courses.


In the long term, isn’t owning almost always better than rent? Do the car manufactures want you to own your car, when that might mean that you don’t pay them again for another 8-10 years? They would surely prefer a system where you paid them every 3 year? This is another PPI scandal in the making.


In the 80s, TVs, videos and electronic goods were relatively much more expensive than they are now - their affordability now is mainly thanks to cheaper foreign imports, mostly from China these days. This hasn't really been great news for those working in manufacturing in this country over the past 35 years. So, the premise of your question doesn't totally make sense, and there is no definitive right or wrong way to pay for having a car outside your house - it's horses for courses.


Cost of the lease over the discounted/best price to buy outright.


How to calculate this % ? Can you guide

Jeep Compass PCH | £179.99 PM | £2159.86 Initial Rental | 10K Miles | £6,659.63 Total
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 23 h, 24 m agoPosted 23 h, 24 m ago
The best deal I can find on this. I have used Mad Sheep before for my Renegade. Had no issues during the 2 year term. Hope this helps someone. Cost Breakdown £2159.86 Initial… Read more

She couldn't show her car off then. That's why they take them to school. How mercenary


Better with a hummer or a big range rover vogue




They struggle even when using the rear view camera?


Depends on the trim level you have. We've ordered a limited version of the compass which comes with park assist which can reverse the car into a bay itself using radar and reversing camera.

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Jaguar iPace  - £11870 Deposit, £10 fee + 36 monthly payments of £599 and optional final payment of £41004 - Total £77938 @ Jaguar
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Combining performance, beauty and innovation, the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE produces zero emissions and offers up to a 292-mile** range on a single battery charge. With Jagua… Read more

yes Zoe is an amazing for the price. There's a new one coming with 52kWh battery for longer range.


Auto express ha ha , like they know more that some one who has worked on the EDU's


I’ve owned the previous generation Zoe. That’s a brilliant little car. Adding another 10kw to the battery and the other body/interior enhancements make a great car brilliant. For the money it will be the best EV £ for £ out there.


As I said, nope. They are joining up to produce the next generation(s), and it looks like BMW are actually in need of Jag's electric knowhow, rather than the other way around;


yep joint venture until JLR learn to build their own they are using BMW kit


In 99% OF cases you're better off buying the car and then selling it whenever you want. No mileage limits, fees to fix the scratch someone made on your door, etc.


Agree. Also “9 month advance rental” implies that you’re just paying 9 months of your lease term in advance, when in reality it’s an initial additional payment.


Same sort of price I'm looking to pay for my next can get a 2016 swift sport for that :D :D :D :D


no DSG


Before this thread like so many others before it turns into a lease or no lease argument, let's just be clear. Leasing is not for everyone but many people prefer and benefit from it, so those who want to lease and think it's a good leave them alone. Those who are happy to drive around in a 10 year old vehicle that they bought for less than a packet of fags than good on you too, it works for you and your budgets and maybe you prefer spending your well earned elsewhere like nice holidays, holiday homes etc. So each to their own, let's keep this thread about the actual deal v other leasing deals and vehicle itself. Personally I have driven the Arona and it's actually a good fun vehicle, it lacks quality in some areas and the boot I thought should be bigger for the type of person.likely to buy this, but it does alot of things right. This is a decent price and works out £5k over 2 years, about 25% of rrp which ain't bad.

Jaguar F-Pace 2.0d R-Sport 5dr Auto AWD [2020] - Lease - Initial Fee £3,647.48 / £299 - £405.28 x 35 months - £18,131.28 @ Select Car
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Have been looking at these for some time. They have usually been over £450/month. So £405 looks great. 5000 miles at £382/month.
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You are absolutely right young man. That’s why most lottery winners go bankrupt a few years later.


Yeah if I won the lottery that’s the first thing I would think ....... yes straight down to the ford dealers to get that lovely ford I always dreamed of


Oh look.. A car that shows everyone you have more money than brains... Every brand new car on our roads is the same as pouring at least 3200 litres of petrol out and setting fire to it! Is it hybrid? No Is it Phev? No EV? No Then it will waste fuel and contribute to our warming planet! Choose the Ipace instead..


Agree stock market isn’t the best of investments at present. The money I have lost would have paid many times over for a nice car but I learnt my lesson at least ;).


I can ‘absolutely guarantee’ you will double your money in 7 years. Otherwise I will blow £15k on your BMW for you. Seriously! Your right in saying a car is to get from A-B, so why a BMW? Feel ashamed driving a Fiesta? Do you know it’s a fact that most millionaires drives Ford.

VW Polo GTI (200bhp) - 2 Year Lease - 5K mpa - £300 Admin Fee - £229.26pm - Total Cost: £5,819 @ Yes Lease
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
I don’t think this is a bad deal for a decent hot hatch, considering it’s not far off being a Golf GTI, seems to get decent reviews List price of £20k + 2 year lease @ £229.26 p… Read more



In the past with lease cars I have asked to buy and both times they have given me a price, maybe some do and some don’t. I ordered a new lease car a couple of days ago and they said I wont have the option to buy at the end but the others also said the same. They still need to make money from the car after the lease is up so I guess selling it to you and not having to arrange pick up etc, incurring extra costs, would be a logical option.


Are you mixing up PCP and leasing? There isn’t a large final payment option with a lease. Do dealers give leasers an option to buy?? Unsure.


It's a 2 yr contract and, according to the Skoda paperwork I cannot but the car at the end of the lease period.


How long is the lease for? And are you planning to buy it after for the final payment? Thanks

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2.0 D150 2WD Standard - Initial Payment £2,340 / £99 Fees / £260pm x 35 Months = £11,539 @ Carwow
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Not sure if this is any good but after an new SUV, wasn’t looking at these but considering. 35 month lease price includes vat Monthly payments £260 Initial payment £2340 Fees £99… Read more
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Anyone sign up for this lease deal?


That’s also usually not true - replacement vehicle provision usually states that you must be the registered keeper, which you aren’t in a lease deal. The finance house is the registered keeper.


You’re right that the GAP usually covers from the market value up to the outstanding payments. But the outstanding payments are usually less than the market value. Because lease profiles basically make you pay for the depreciation over the years you lease the car for, it means 9/10 times the market value is more the outstanding payments. So there’s no GAP. In actual fact, motor insurers usually save money because the outstanding payments are less than the market value, so they pay out less than they would if you owned the car.


Another option - Evoque 2.0 D150 4WD 5dr Automatic Narvik black or fuji white 9+35 with 8,000 miles p.a. initial rental - £2,745.00 inc vat monthly rental - £305.00


2 Wheel Drive 150bhp in something that weighs 1.75 tonnes is going to be dog slow, hence the 10 second 0-60 times. You would have to be nuts to buy something this boring just to get the poncy image. I am not against leases, we have a PCP but this is not a good car to buy. 85bhp per tonne is going to feel very very slow and embarrassing when you get overtaken by a Fiat 500.

Octavia 2.0 TSI 245 vRS Challenge - 36 Month lease, 12,500 miles P/A, 3 months upfront - £293.53 per month - total £11,352.14
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
I think this is a great deal, with a generous mileage allowance - The vRS challenge has lots of extra goodies over the standard vRS. £293.53 PERSONAL PRICE PER MONTH INCL VAT Proc… Read more

I do! (lol)


Why is it so many people feel the need to commentate on what others are thinking or try to stereotype them? I don't get it. It's like the obsession they have with believing that people with nice things are doing so purely to try and impress their neighbours. I guess feelings of inadequacy must manifest in many ways. Still, at least that account is being deleted.


Hmm.. It appears to have gone up in price - I'll expire the deal...


Sorry thought you owned your 230 vrs lol. The LSD handles 300hp well


<3 but it’s a lease! And still just FWD ;(

SEAT Arona 1+23 Months x £245.23 - Total Cost - £5,885.52 , No Processing Fee, 10k Miles @ Yes Lease
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Seems like a decent deal for a SEAT Arona 1 litre petrol motor. No processing fee and only 1 x initial payment plus 23. Warranty and breakdown included.

This is correct. Leases are all about percentages so had to vote cold sorry op. If I can extend my Volvo lease from 18 months to 24 months at the same monthly payments. Will work out about 15% of the value.


How would I know what an Ibiza is or isn't? All cars are made by different companies for different purposes and cost metrics. This is why I said ridiculous, your effectively arguing with yourself by bringing up irrelevant details to a generality. My exact point is there IS fuel efficiency variation, it is minor and not necessarily one way or the other. That's the whole crux of my original post and you've just agreed with it. My comments in regard to power are about the risk of the vehicle being underpowered because you have a belief it's more efficient with the smaller engine option. This isn't universal in any way, the smaller engine option can lead to a less efficient vehicle, and in response to the specific point won't need filled up any more or less often because of that one factor. In these mini SUVs underpowered options are common and has been for many many years because they are typically built off platforms and engines that are from standard parts and while the engines get tuned the body shape and aero efficiency of an SUV is worse and they tend to be heavier. This very commonly makes them less efficient than they could be, and a bit weedy to drive IF they are under powered. But the reasons irrelevant frankly, the fact is in a lot of models of small SUV the most fuel efficient version is more often than not the middle of the ground. You seem to be arguing that some specific cars aren't under powered. Which is quite correct, some cars aren't, some cars are and they tend to be these mini SUVs. I was merely informing the OP not to base purchasing on an invalid assumption.


I’ve got a 1ltr new Skoda Karoq which is bigger than this and it’s totally fine. It flies in lower gears and only struggles a little overtaking on motorways which I’m rarely doing.


No need to say what I'm saying is ridiculous and hilarious really is there? It's quite possible to agree and disagree on some points and not have to go that far thanks. So you would consider an Ibiza to be a single person runaround? you are missing one point, the Ibiza is near identical in weight, 0-62 time etc to the Arona. My points are based on you saying that a 95ps engine is not good enough for an SUV, but in this case it is. At work people have the 95ps Ibiza and 110ps Fabias and they are all capable of carrying 5 people just fine. I understand your points about a large engine possibly being more fuel efficient than a smaller one under load, but the difference between an Ibiza with one person and 5 people to the mpg is very very small. There are cars which weigh about 1100kg with one engine and then that same engine is put into a 1500kg vehicle, the hp/ps is the same, but the level of tune may be a bit different, but the mpg is not radically different.


The Arona with the 1.0l 115ps engine and the six speed gearbox in my experience is not underpowered. We have owned one since September last year. I expected it to feel underpowered but it surprised me by being nippy around town and good on the motorway. It is not classed as a SUV it is a compact crossover and is essentially a taller Ibiza giving a raised driving position and a roomier cabin.

Mercedes A180 SE (Manual) lease, 6+35 @ £191.57pm 8,000pma No arrangement fee £7,854.37 over 3 years @ What Car Leasing
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
£191.57 a month x 35 £1149.41 Initial (6m payment) In my opinion, the car looks a lot better than its previous, the interior in this looks a lot better. The dealer is Mercedes Be… Read more

Went within 5 minutes of posting


That went quick :o


Haha!! But nah, thats foot parking brake. The new ones are leccy. And that the 3 pedal Merc quote goes way back to Merc always using the wire coat hanger mangles for there manuals as no one in their right mind buys them, they are just there to bring the RRP down on one version


Don't automatic mers also have three pedals, hand brake, accelerator and brake? My one does.


A three pedal merc (excited)

Jaguar XE R Sport - £7,654 Deposit / £299 per Month x 49 Months - Total Cost £27,210.00 @ Marshall Shop
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Available from £299 a Month, £299 Customer Deposit, £7,355 Marshall Deposit Contribution & 0% APR Representative* Representative Example XE R-Sport 2.0 Ingenium Auto Monthly P… Read more
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I have to say i'm glad to see really good deals appearing on petrol variants of cars. Far too long its been diesel, diesel, diesel. This is a cracking deal, especially with 0% finance.


Just like M Sport, S Line and AMG Line. It'll get you a better spec too as well as those badges though.


No longer own one . 330d engine is probably best in range in terms of power (250) and torque and economy. Personally no problems. BMW have had tons of problems over the years with likes of engine issues 328 ,335,320d timing chains etc ,alloy wheels cracking. If you want reliability it's a Lexus .


And you drive a BMW, had any issues with it?.


We ran quite a few jlr cars on our company fleet ,all were back in no time for various warranty issues.Makes it harder to support the brand when the cars are off the road constantly .Yes iam sure it happens to other prestige brands but that was our findings with jlr.

VW TOUAREG 3.0 231PS V6 TDI 4Motion Tip Auto 8k mpa, 23 x £296.47, £3,600 up front, Fees £239.99 - £10,580.39 at National Vehicle Solutions
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Lowest monthly cost i've seen for the new Touareg. Aside from the deposit it's not much difference in cost to a Tiguan, but much more car into the bargain. This car is £49k OTR cos… Read more

In total agreement until you used the word ‘investment’. Buying a depreciating asset is never an investment, and people sourcing themselves a car aren’t making themselves an investment.


Blah blah blah


Killing the planet 1 mile at a time.. Or perhaps 0 miles and sat chugging away at traffic lights and in congested UK roads spewing out poisonous fumes. 30 million vehicles on the roads.. Many with 1 person sat in them at a time. Lease an EV, a Phev or a hybrid.. At least when the lease is done it will continue to do less harm to the planet.. Short lease on fire powered cars will soon be a thing of the past..


No one buying this gives a hoot about your Audi a6, skoda Octavia, VW polo or anything else you care to mention. As a new grand Cherokee owner, this isnt a bad deal. I'm paying about the same and it only does about 3k per year...good deal for a brand new model and car this size for those of us needing a tow vehicle for 3.5t Heat added


Just a reminder for those who don't understand one reason why lease deals are voted cold"I took delivery of a (list price) £49k Audi A6 Avant in April. Over the next 24 months it will cost me £8,370 in total " and OPs £10,580: what you are actually paying for is how much money the car loses during the term, ie depreciation. If you run a business, that makes a profit then you can offset your lease payments against your profit/tax. If you don't run a business it would be more sensible to buy a nearly new Car that has already taken the off shop front hit of losing money. Save up or take a loan for to buy nearly new, as a keep up with the Jones new car is nearly the worst investment you can make ! ;(

Volkswagen Golf Lease - £1,512 Initial Payment / £168pm x 24 Months - Total Cost: £5,544 Via @ CarWow
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
2 year Contract 16,000 miles £1512 initial deposit.
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Are you to lazy to write the information on a deal you posted. He has a point it’s a lazy post


Obviously not, as not only did I click a button, I also pressed many keys when posting my reply. My point was that this rather fundamental information would have been useful, especially on a £5000+ "deal". P.s. Bravo on liking your own post. Special. :{


Wow, you know your stuff.


Are you that lazy to click one button?


Seriously, not even a mention of the spec level or engine and the wrong price.

LEASE SEAT Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE Dynamic [EZ] 5dr @ What Car Leasing - £140.34pm x 23 Months + £842.04 Fee - Total Cost £4,69.86
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
£140.34 (inc VAT) a month Plus Initial payment of £842.04 (inc VAT) 8,000 miles per annum A little bit cheaper than the previous deal.
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“Leasing will ensure they keep manufacturing them..” Have you been smoking something funny. I agree that technology is suspiciously slow with cars and that a common cleaner way forward is required ....: but People who lease can only lease what is available to lease. Whether you buy or lease, the choice is the same .. Hypothetically a car lasts 10 years .... the finance method of purchase in the First two is irrelevant. May I ask how many coal fired power stations are charging your electric cars? Nuclear is currently offsetting the coal ever so slightly but we still haven’t found a way to dispose of the waste nuclear fuel, Either way your eco rant should be saved for another day


Man discovered fire.. That was 230,000 years ago.. Possibly even 1,500,000 years ago.. Man uses it to light his cave.. Electricity is seen in the sky and Thor is born. Then along comes Benjamin Franklin 140 years ago and plays about with it and nikola tesla invents a better bulb than edison.. We have efficient light!! Why are we still powering our cars, planes and trains with fire?! Because Oil got people very rich.. Now we find out not only are we running out but from burning it all is killing mother earth. Leasing this will ensure they keep manufacturing them.. Which means the search for oil will continue.. If this was a Phev I'd say crack on but it isn't. The co2 footprint of this car to manufacture is no different energywise to that of tipping out 3200 litres of petrol and simply setting fire to it. 7200 tonnes of co2. For a car that is inefficient and wastes fuel.. No stop start No hybrid No phev Plus it spews out poison at traffic lights The problem with cars is we can't see the fire that powers it.. If you had to light a camp fire under your bonnet to drive to the shops and back you'd look pretty crazy.. Choose a THOR powered car Not a Satan powered one... Yes electric cars cost more But they'll come down. Then batteries will be capable of 100,000 charge cycles.. Personally just get a loan on a second hand powered car. The throwaway generation needs to stay in 2018..


But at least it not a risk for a leased car


Might be under warranty but they havebt fixed it. So whats warranty going to do if they have no fix in the first place. You take it to the dealer they'll have no clue on how to fix it.


It’s under warranty so don’t worry and this engine isn’t going anywhere it’s in all the new vag models

VW Golf Diesel Hatchback 1.6 TDI DSG 10k per annum, 36 months contract - £8639.64 Term @ What Car? Leasing
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Looks like a good deal, may be not the best ever but decent compared to others out there- 1.6 Diesel auto, 10k per annum. No admin charges, no 'deposit' upfront. £239.99 per month … Read more
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Don’t forget to shut the door after you leave the room (skeptical) (annoyed)


Don't forget the outrageous emissions scandal and their so called "fix". Cold.


I called them and they said it was 1+36 but they need to double check and it's only available for the Urano Grey model they have in stock


I think it's the standard 1+35 deal but you may be right. Not rang them up to check yet but I thought that's how it normally operates?


Probably worth updating the deal as it's 1+36 so £8879.63 in total. Still sounds like a good deal though (y)

Vauxhall Astra 1.6T 16V 200 Elite Nav 5dr - Lease Deal - £156.67 A Month - 8k - 2 Years @ What Car? Leasing
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
I posted a deal a while ago through Vauxhall Greenhous on WhatCar that I thought was a really good deal, however this now seems to have been reduced a lot compared to previous deal… Read more

Is it just the solid Agean blue colour available at this price?


It has passenger and driver lumbar adjustment, who knew!


Actually it is meant to have lumbar adjustment and it's on the pumping lever to make you go up and down, will check later today. For this price it's a very nice car.


Sounds decent enough. Oh, i thought the Elite came with lumbar adjustable seats? Of course, the Merc vs Vauxhall .. apples and oranges (excited)


The gearbox is incredibly smooth and it can accelerate quite well in most gears all with minimal fuss. The electric parking brake is nice (just a little flick switch to engage and take off). Speakers are very average, lots of companies like Ford use Sony for there slightly higher spec or similar whereas this is just a 6 speaker fairly average system, although at this price it's very good. The seats and leather are pretty much as basic as you are going to find, they do adjust more in the vxr line trim and massaging is an option, don't think the ones I have have lumbar adjustment etc, but still very comfy, although the leather is nothing like in my Merc.


Yes personal lease, direct with a Volvo dealer. They tried to match this deal but only had ones with Metallic Paint, winter pack and tinted windows available , so I paid a little more for one with the was 6 months ago though!


Lease? Provided source for this offer youre on please?


Then it’s irrelevant to this deal..right? (nerd)

andymagic Poster said 'perfectly decent' not brand new.


You can buy a similar new car for far less? Link please.

Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 Estate 2.0 184 SE 5Dr G-Tronic+ 10k P/A £303.95pm £1271.84 upfront - £15,557.49 Total @ KG Vehcle Solutions
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Thought this was a good deal considering list price. Those not interested in a lease - please do not bother commenting. Feedback welcome from those with leasing experience! Car i… Read more
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Base model engine will be slow its a big car. I picked up an 18 plate e220 d amg line estate 10 months old with 13k on the clock for 24k plus i got a decent trade in. Eight and a half grand more than the lease on on this but i actually own the car not renting it. Plus its a better car than this. Still better buying nearly new they loose half their value year one in the real world as do 5 series estate etc. Really this isnt a good deal at all when you look at the numbers. People dont seem to understand the real world depreciation year one. But great for me. Lots of nice nearly new decent cars loosing half their value because the market is saturated with people leasing / financing.



Useless comment (should be removed)


3 year unlimited mileage with all Mercedes benz


LOL, bought mine for much less than £2700 with FSH and less than 90k miles. Excellent cars for someone who knows their way around cars and petrol beemers specifically. Cant comment on the quality of the lease tho, sorry, still suing my finance company for the last flop.

AMG GT4 63 S 4MATIC Car £151410.87 @ Mercedes Benz
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Monthly Payments of ¹ £1,499.00 Customer Deposit £33,186.87 On the Road Price £135,615.00 Optional Purchase Payment ² £64,250.00 Amount of Credit £102,428.13 Duration of Agree… Read more
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Seriously considering this as my Fiat Panda is on its last legs.Do I own it after the lease period or have to give it back?


We overlook a small public car park and Monday to Thursday a guy in a Mondeo parks in the corner and sleeps like that!


The aesthetics are a little garish. The GT 4-door coupe 63 S puts out 630bhp compared to 577bhp in the standard 63. Both equipped with a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Is it worth £150000? Individual preference. Similar coupe styling & performance would be the Porche Panamera Turbo or Turbo S E-Hybrid also with the 4.0 L V8 engine comvined electric engine outputting 671bhp. There is the Aston Martin Rapide S, V12 at 552bhp but similar £150000 premium. The M5 competition I would say is a worthy contender given the 4-series 4-door coupe doesn't feature the V8 twin turbo in the 5-series. It may be a saloon but the competition edition at £96000 outputs 616bhp. The BMW M5 CS will likely be out soon probably outputting closer to 650bhp although I am sure at a premium. The M550i is being launched in the UK and at £76000 has V8 twin turbo at 526bhp, probably the most sensible choice. Another sensible/affordable choice could be the KIA stinger GTS 3.3L V6 twin turbo with AWD but an option to select RWD.


I didn't state that the list was in order of likelihood, or indeed, popularity. Enjoy your avocados. Lol indeed.


Damn might aswell get one now (lol)

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