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Car leasing is becoming a more and more popular option for drivers across the UK. Leasing companies now provide a range of packages for people who want access to newer models as they are released or don’t have the funds to invest in a new vehicle. These companies also offer plenty of discounts and drivers can find them all on the car lease HotUKDeals pages. Read more
What Car? Leasing megathread. All with no admin fee.
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Hey petrol heads! If you’re looking for a new car lease, the deals below are some of the hottest around from WhatCar. All come with no admin fee which reduces the initial costs.… Read more
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I chose cabriolet on the original list, just doesn't reveal cabriolet on the title. Either way, it's dear. But to be expected from a performance car. They're not going to give it away.


Well, its 54k outright as interest adds another 4-5k over 2 years. so yeah, not sure about the deal. Link you showed is saloon, not cbsriot btw, but yeah roughly 28% seems to be the percentage of rrp


Now sounds even worse. This car would only have a residual value of £35,275 after two years and 20k on the clock, which is more than the balloon itself, let alone the £21k already paid for the lease. So if you want to pay £59k to own a two year old car, by all means go ahead. I don't think paying 29% of cost to lease is a good deal, but yes, it's been offered to you at a cheaper price than other places.


It was based on 2 years and option to buy it for 38k in the end if I wish. works out around 21k paid in 2 years (inc deposit


Cheaper than what others offer it for, but it's still expensive.given it's over 28% of the OTR price (assuming it's £72k. The car appears to be worth £68,645).

Vauxhall Crossland X 1.2 Elite NAV 4 years lease - £920 deposit - £153 per month @ Whatcar leasing
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Seems like a fairly good price for this car £153 per month.

Captur rip off design


£8264 I’d rather buy one thanks


Again 4 years on a lease is too long but further down the link supplied is 10K miles/pa on 24 months for a lower deposit at £593.25 and 23 months at £197.75. My maths might be a bit ropey but I get that to ££5141.50 plus whatever the admin fee is. Net £214.23 excluding admin. If only it was a diesel at that price, I had one from the garage as a courtesy car and quite liked it to drive.


Wouldn't go near a lease that takes you past the warranty period.


4 years and your responsible for any repairs for the MOT, etc.

£150 hotel or car rental voucher when buying £159.99 TomTom sat-nav @ Amazon
31/07/2018Expires on 31/07/2018Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
If you're after a new sat-nav and either a hotel booking or car rental, TomTom are offering vouchers between £150-£300 for purchasing on of their devices.
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What evidence are you basing this on? Their prices are the same as all the other OTAs. When did TomTom become non-reputable?


Hmm I predict a few Tomtoms in the Amazon warehouse deals in a few weeks


I got this deal a week ago and the money was added to my account in a few days. The professional model for a lorry gave me £300 cash back which you don’t have to use all at once and the device was £219 from Argos. Some people still use stand alone devices because phones don’t recognise low bridges (so maybe don’t assume/troll a deal).


People still buy stand alone sat nav. Isn't that like hurting yourself?


I can't see why all there's the negativity. Seems like a perfectly legitimate and professional website to me...

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Skoda Octavia 1.0 TSI SE Technology Personal Lease - £2,400 upfront + £83.10/month, 24 Months lease
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
8k miles with an option of 10k for £3/£4 a month more. £2400 upfront £83.10 per month for 24 months 19 week delivery £239.99 admin fee Two other models at slightly higher pric… Read more

I actually have one of these (with DSG) and the 1.0L engine is more than adequate (115ps, 200nm) for general driving i,e. mixed commute, the odd long-distance trip with 4x passengers/baggage. If you're after "spirited driving" or being "that guy" in the outside lane of the motorway, this isn't really the engine/spec for you but it's not supposed to be, that's what the vRS exists for - this (with DSG) is all about the smooth, relaxed drive, if that's your style. I test drove first on the recommendation of the dealer (I was after a 1.5 TSI, initially) and was pleasantly surprised, it really didn't hamper the larger car at all and vibration and noise is very well-controlled, you'd be hard-pushed to know it was a 3-cylinder under normal driving. It's a good spec for leasing in terms of ownership costs (low monthly, good economy, long service intervals etc), has a nice selection of toys (active cruise, half-decent satnav/entertainment, auto lights/wipers, dual air-con etc) and plenty of space. Niggles so far are the seats take a while to soften up and become comfy (although they're fine now a few months on), suspension can be a little firm sometimes and 12v/USB sockets are always-on (not tied to ignition)! I previously had an older Mondeo Zetec (130ps) diesel and the Octavia is a better all-round car in pretty much all respects.


Ah, I was wondering about GAP insurance. Never seems to get mentioned but figure it would be required in case insurance valuation and lease company valuation didn’t agree.


Your friend is stupid sorry to say but that's the facts. If you don't research what you're buying in to you'll get done over. There are many stupid people sadly, don't be one of them. If you take out a lease make sure you get GAP insurance as well as your normal car insurance!


It costs £4,600 to hire this car for 2 years, you pay an initial payment of £2,400 and the £2,200 that is left is spread over the remaining 23 months. When the 23 months are up the car goes back and you are left with nothing. You then find another car to hire that costs £4,600 and start over again, pay another initial payment of £2,400 and the £2,200 that is left is spread over the remaining 23 months.


But if I take lease deal directly from Skoda, initial upront payment will not be paid again with new deal? Thanks

Volvo V40 T2 Momentum Nav Plus Manual 18 month lease £249 per month £249 up front no admin fee 10k miles @ Santander consumer finance (123 World customers only)
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
I know lease deals are like marmite on here but didn't seem a bad deal on the face of it. Let the games commence. The example monthly rental is based on 10,000 miles per annum an… Read more

Wow 30k a year will definitely be hard to find. It was cheaper for me to pay the excess mileage than to change mine to the 15k pa that I need though.


Good effort. I need 30k a year and full maintenance on a business lease so the right deal is harder to come by. With the car sitting so low it could definitely do with an upgrade from the 19" alloys mine has.


The bursting blue was the only one they could source. It also had 20 inch rims and a reverse camera. In the end I only paid £500 more for those extras.


Mine is Osmium grey but same spec. This is the best colour but it was even more expensive on top of metallic paint.


I went from a C220 cdi to the V90. trust me, it's much nicer and doesn't look dull!

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 SE-L Nav 5dr 9+23 x £152.40  PCH/Lease @ Mazda Holdcroft - £4876.80 term
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Mazda Holdcroft in Hanley You won't find this deal on their website but you'll have to contact them directly, it is a stock vehicle. I would've gone for it if I needed a car withi… Read more

Great examples. Real life context.


Do agree in part, however the way I approach big ticket items is to lease anything that depreciates and purchase anything that appreciates, my current lease costing £5k over 2 years would of depreciated £8k over the same period had I purchased outright. My 2 properties on the other hand that cost £175k to purchase are now worth more than double, but I never go into any lease without knowing I could if needed pay off the outstanding. Agree there are those driving around in £30k vehicles who cannot afford to switch on the heating come winter.


This site is for talking about the savings that can be had with such a product. Even though we are all thankfully, welcome for our opinion of course but if leasing is cheaper than the decreciation of the vehicle in it's given time, then leasing is of a better option, if you want a new car every 2-3 years.


Why would I want to buy a new car? Just so I can say I own it?


What a reLEASE from reality for poor people. No need to even save up money to buy a new car these days.

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MINI Hatchback 1.5 Cooper II 5dr - Personal lease from 35 x £212pm and only one initial payment £212 @ EvansHalshaw
31/07/2018Expires on 31/07/2018Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
Only 1 payment upfront on MINI Hatchback 1.5 Cooper II 5dr 8,000 Miles Per Annum FREE UK Mainland delivery Road Tax included for duration Processing fee - £198 Inc. VAT
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The missus bought a Juke on PCP (supposedly they hold value well). Even with a discount and a £3k deposit it still cost £9k over 3 yrs. This even takes into account paying the final balloon payment and selling it privately for more. Wouldn’t by new again. The £3k deposit basically covered the VAT. At £3k a year this deal and many other lease deals for better cars cost less. Admittedly it’s each to their own n all that.


Yet the context was in reference of long term planning in keeping his oil machinery at maximum production with low outages and the longest support from the supplier with a self interest in a long term view.


What a load of arrogant and ignorant rubbish. Any car out of warranty can run the risk of mechanical failure thus unexpected bills, knowing about cars doesn't mean you are guaranteed to avoid a pup. At least with a lease you know exactly where you stand and get a better quality ride as a result.


Thanks for the heads up. Was there a certain year or couple of years or engine to watch out for? Any horror stories on a Ford focus 1.6? Need petrol btw as only doing short commute


So anyone that makes different choices to yourself is a fool?

Mercedes-Benz Gla Class Hatchback GLA 180 Urban Edition 5dr 24 month personal (& business option) lease hire £5955.26 @ Select Cars
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Obviously lease deals are divisive but if you're in the market for a good deal on a good car then this fits the bill (well in my humble opinion anyway) What do you guys think? 800… Read more
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PCP is personal contract purchase and PCH personal contract hire


Details. What is a PCP deal?


I can get you one for October better deal


Deal has ended, rang them today. Ended over the weekend. Apparently they flew like hot cakes


Joe2319 : Can you advise how long the lead time for delivery is ?

Dacia Sandero 4 year lease £97.84 - £5,576 over the 4 years at Select Car Leasing
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Ever wondered what the cheapest new car you can buy is? Well, here’s your answer: the Dacia Sandero. You get plenty of space for your small outlay, too, because the Sandero is one… Read more
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Average mileage is around 8K PA and you can lease above that of course. It also doesn't mean you can't exceed the contract mileage. Sometimes it's more cost effective to do this than alter the contract. Really comes down to cost of ownership.


I'm due to hand my lease sportage back by end of Sept do you think it's worth hanging on for deals at the start of September when the new reg is out?


Good priced car, I agree that buying one cash would be best. A far more cost effective car than any of the Mercedes, Audi wannabes.


James May Approves


Thew quarter has just started so not many deals around at the moment but they should be some soon (Last week you could of got a Hyundai i30 SE for around £120 on a 1+18),

VW Arteon 1.5 TSI R Line 5dr DSG lease - £184.80 per month on PCH (£6890.39 total) @ National vehicle solutions
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
I have just found this deal on Central Vehicle Contract webiste. Really believe it's a good deal for a such a big car in top spec and DSG in compare to a Mercedes CLA posted couple… Read more

Doesn't that also mean the engines themselves don't last as long as they used to? From what I've read from some mechanics online engines like the 1 litre ones used in new Fords show wear after a year that's similar to what older larger engines would've taken a few years to show. This makes sense to me as it's a bit like overclocking a CPU which naturally going to decrease it's life span. Happy for someone to shed some light on it as I have the impression the smaller engine sizes go hand in hand with planned obsolescence. Just to clarify, I'm not saying you're wrong about these engines making cars 'faster, more efficient and cheaper to run' only that they won't last as long and will also make them less desirable to purchase as used vehicles.


How would you buy a used car if nobody bought new cars? Is your car comparable to this one? You can PCP a smart car for a little over a grand a year... How much have you spent on maintence over those six years?


You might want to re-read what you quoted, or sort your maths out since last time I checked 6500 - 2000 is 4500 difference. :p However, I agree with your comment about wastefulness when it comes to not being financially organised, who puts a blooming car before a house, it's lunacy. My next door neighbour rents his house, and has a top of the range Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, but he is young and stupid, and it is his money so let him waste it


I’m not sure you are grasping preference here. If you are happy driving around in a car that was worth £2k 6 years ago that’s fine. Spend your savings where you want. Some people like a new car and leasing is a good way to do that. It’s not up to you how other people spend their money and your opinion on their choices matters not. If someone wants to rent a 1 bed flat but drive a new top spec Merc they can.


My car cost £2k 6 years ago. If I had been leasing your car I would be £38k worse off! With that money I could put deposits on TWO houses. And my tenants who drive flash cars say they can’t get on the property ladder. Tut tut.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2.0 Sport Nav Car - 24 months - 8000 miles per annum - £150.21 a  month - and £1807 upfront @ Nationwide vehicle contracts
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
24 months 8000 miles per year £150.21 a month with 1,807.32 a month upfront + £198 processing fee = £5621 or £234 a month I know its quite a lot up front, but it works out cheaper… Read more
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Well you are using twice as much. So for every £10 you used to use you now use approx £20. If you have not noticed then you clearly don't do many miles. For me my trip to work is a 66 mile round trip. At 55mpg I get out the Mazda it costs me £6.70 a day. At 23mpg that's over £16. So that is £2200 a year just traveling to work. That is pretty noticeable to me. :) But I'm with you on smiles per gallon. I used to have a Boxster but sold it as didn't get used enough. My smiles now come from a 370z (part owned with brother). Don't notice fuel use so much but am on first name terms with the local tyre shop! XD


Smiles to the gallon over miles to the gallon for me these days. Last car was a 1.6 diesel getting 45mpg, now getting 23mpg on average from the petrol engine but I can honestly say I haven't noticed a huge increase in fuel costs.


Only 120 hp from 2.0 engine ? How come it is called sport ? Cold for me as it is to slow


*Brakes (pirate)


too much upfront for Mazda.

Mercedes Benz CLA 180 AMG 4 Door 24 mo Lease / 8000 miles PA - £7266.18 at carleasespecialoffers
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
I've been researching leases for myself... although not ventured there myself yet, came across this and thought it was worth sharing! Rental Profile: 6+23 £243.73 x 23 month £1,… Read more

It’s a lovely looking car, but I tried one out in the showroom and couldn’t get out of the rear quick enough - that sloping roof makes it really difficult to get in/out, it really obstructs your view looking out, and I’m 5ft 10” and had to slump down in the seat so my head wasn’t touching the roof. It’s a claustrophobic nightmare! 😬


I returned an X5 yesterday ;( as a 2 year lease at 8k miles per year. I managed to do only 12k. I work full time, I drive to work, park the car, 8-10 hrs later drive back home and park for the night. Weekends might go out and do a few bits... Couple of long journeys in the year during a Bank Holiday weekend. My view: Pros - new car, flashy, no issues with mechanical, keeping up with the... Best thing is not having to take it to a garage and the headache that goes with second hand cars. Cons- expensive luxury, alloy repairs before giving it back and possible end of lease charges. Service charges are usually expensive for a German car. And for me especially, I had another 4k miles to do... So I lost out in the end


For those bothered about speed, this is 0-60mph in 8.7 secs. A Corsa VXR is faster than this.


I've leased many cars, only once been charged and that was for a lost key £85 which was fair. It's always been a good choice for me. Certainly better than the idiots that come and literally kick the tyres of any car I've sold.


Yes I know - I was being sincere when I replied to you and it was more a figure of speech. The whole episode didn’t last long and while it annoyed me I think it was more an indictment of how selfish and self-involved some people are than the actual act of parking in front of my drive.

Mazda Mx-5 Convertible	1.5 SE 2dr - 24 Months Lease / 8000 p.a - £159.80pm / 23 months / £779.40 up front fee - total cost £4,454.80 @ Mazda (Loughborough)
LocalLocalFound 17th JunFound 17th Jun
In stock Sandicliffe Mazda Loughborough Mazda Mx-5 Convertible 1.5 SE 2dr £159.80/month Rental Profile 3+23 Annual Mileage 8k Miles p/a Initial Rental £479.40 Additional Fees … Read more

Picked up mine yesterday. Love it already. Yes features are basic by many rivals standards, and all the foibles are true, however the sheer fun and driving experience far outweigh any of the negatives (excited)


Just got mine today. Decent 50mpg on the motorway. Visibility is poor though and it's the basic model. So sparse inside. Will update again once I've been on some country roads giving it some hammer. Mine did have a key warning light which we will have to sort out. Dealer put it in writing that they will cover any costs if Mazda refuse warranty fix.


If you go for the rf model from then it has all the extras you'd want plus electric folding hood etc for 40quid a month more. It's still cheaper than the basic model from everyone else


Wow. No wonder it’s cheap. Basic.


Yes, if you want Bluetooth then get the model with it, simple.

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT 2dr £299 per month 39m £5,999 deposit 6000 miles per annum @ Evans Halshaw
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Saving £2,838 - Personal Contract Purchase from £299 Per Month with £5,999 Customer Deposit Offer ends 30/06/18.

How can u buy a human with money? Pity money doesn’t come with brain (lol) how can u know that I live on benefits? So rationale and intelligent ;(


And yet ur finding vouchers/discounts here (lol)


Listen d1ckhe@d I can buy u with my money if i want. My tax equals your family's wealth. I drive a 2018 AMG car . I manage my finance with logic & rationale. Hence for a tr@sh like you living on the benefits to come and chat like this. This is just pure bull$h1t Fukc u


If 6000 is a problematic deposit figure for u, then ur looking at the wrong car.


I am happy with this used when it hits 15K, going at 50 mph on the A2, or the Blackwall tunnel at 10 mph.I do only about 4K miles a year anyways. Has anyone tried to stick a baby in the back seats?

Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr £1834 deposit + 23 X £203.80 for personal customers at Select Car Leasing
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Looking for a new Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr? This deal from Select Car Leasing is worth checking out: Personal customers 5,000 miles a year … Read more
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Ok Dad


Well then (a) you wont get the new model for this price with this spec in six months time. If you do, please feel free to post it then and i'll help vote it HOT ;) (b) there will always be another car and another deal six months down the line. For someone who say is leasing right now and looking another lease to start for next month, what good is waiting six months? Whilst this deal might not suit you, it doesnt mean it doesnt suit other people. (c) you will be renting a car based on the monthly payments suiting your current needs. Not having the "latest model" doesnt impact your payments one jot.


I just spoke to my local dealer in Southampton, he said they wouldn't be able to get anywhere near this deal... Shame because I want to have a look at one before I pull the trigger. My VW Tiguan is up at the end of September so been looking for something else.

DUNOEboutTENG Okay, it was a rough estimate, but he had the 1.4L 80bhp model I wasn't over-glamorising the Audi, more under-estimating the Civic (slightly) In no way is his S3 perfect (for example my car is literally more fun to drive despite being inferior in every spec/stat) but German cars are still good cars. And that's not to say everything else is ****. Going by your spout of comments though you clearly have something against them Which is just as biased an opinion as someone who think's German manufacturers are the only good manufacturers...


You can't use it without being worried about cameras and coppers and you don't need a vehicle to do 150mph so?

3 yr Loaded Mercedes GLC250d AMG-Line Premium Lease - £1,274 deposit £424 per month (OTR RRP £44,355).  Road tax included (£450 per year) 8k m.p.a.
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Central UK Vehicle Leasing are offering the Mercedes GLC 250d AMG-Line with Premium pack for £424 per month with a small deposit of £1,274. Larger deposits bring down the monthlie… Read more

If someone chooses to drive a kia, then great, if someone prefers to spend their money on a merc (which they earned) then that's great too, if someone wants to spend their money smoking 20 fags a day and blow 300 quid into the air, then that's their choice too....personally my choice is the merc but that's my choice, doesn't make anybody wrong.


Yeah, it was a really cheap deal to clear stock.


That price is no longer available. Gone up extensively.


It is a good deal in my book - as I cant seem to find it cheaper. I like new cars. But what can I say, I’m young, rich, and will never let the Jones’ win. Never.


This is the best value deal I've seen on here for ages. Don't know why it's so icy

VW Tiguan 2.0 TDi BMT 150 R-Line DSG 48months 8,000 miles £2,574.18 deposit £286.02 per month @ NVC - total cost = £16,215.12
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Seems like the best available price at the moment. 48 month term. 9 + 47 @ £286.02 per month £198 processing fee 8,000 miles Includes metallic paint. £337.82 net £286.02 cos… Read more
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These threads are funny. 1. You have to be stupid to pay list price on cars - List on this is £34845 - It can be bought through DriveTheDeal for £28682 so quite why you are quoting the list price when making a comparison is beyond me 2. If you want a "£34k" car for something affordable then you can't afford it in the first place 3. Why would everyone have to have a "£34k" car on finance? Savings aren't worth jack at the minute so why waste money on finance when you could just pay for it instead of having money sat in a bank doing nothing? 4. If you did need finance for your "£34k" car are you implying you have zero to put down as a deposit? What are you driving now? You have zero savings whatsoever? If so refer to point 2 where you can't actually afford a "£34k" car 5. If you have to finance your car and didn't want a 4 year lease have you heard of PCP? 6. If you bought this outright instead of paying £16k lease fees (plus any over mileage and damage costs at the end) I think the Tig R Line spec with 32k on the clock at 4 years old would be worth more than £12k to sell making this lease deal not worth it.


I'm currently lease-less if there is such a word mine went back 5 weeks ago and I've managed by hiring a cheap car for a couple of weekends . I think the cheap leases are gone for now what with all the car factories shutting down for a couple of months it isn't going to get better anytime soon. I have seen an insignia sri vx-line nav 1.6d for £216 a month over 3 years with £1300 down works out at £8800 over 3 years so not too bad but not in stock so probably going to be too long a wait for me. I've also been looking at the second hand route and I'm shocked at the amount of interest you pay on these pcp deals


You seem to be a little bitter towards people who appropriate their money differently to you. When we took our last lease out, it was a great offer, and I estimated that what I was going to pay for the lease was going to be less than the depreciation. Not really sure why folk don't understand this. As for having a new one every 3 years, it's nothing to do with being a car snob or impressing people, it's to do with having pretty much hassle free motoring for 3 years, then sending the car back and letting someone else have the problems that start to crop up after this time. People seem to be hung up on 'owning' a car. Ultimately, having a car, whichever method you go about it is going to be a regular outgoing. It's down to the individual to decide what they want, and the cheapest way to achieve this.


Lol, these threads are unreal. Absolutely love the comments though. The thing about driving a ford to be able to shop at Waitrose is probably the best so far but I feel better are to come (lol)


We bought a seat ibiza tourer DSG a few years back. £13,500 it cost, paid £4000 upfront, £4000 at end and £219 per month over 42 months. It had a turbo go and a gearbox issue, both around 38 months. Those were fixed under goodwill warranty but then the engine light kept coming on around 46 months, same issue again. Estimate to fix was around £2000 to £3000. Value of car at the end of that was £3700. Im now leasing a Tiguan, £30000 model amortised cost £250 per month. No worries about warranty, no worry about losing £10,000 after 4 years and a significantly better car in all respects. £40 per month more. I couls of bought a new car after the ibiza, but then another 4 years of £220 per month and finding £4,000 at the end and try the pot look warranty gamble. No thanks. I need somthing reliable cos of our commute so second hand would be a gamble. For me leasing is risk free for the same amount of monthyl aas it would to buy a car. I also had a focus, had it for 12 years, cost £10,000 at the end of the line 1st gen, bargain. was great for 8 years, but then annual repairs were around £800 - £900 every year. So the other extreme but I would estimate annual cost of that car was still around £150 - £175 per month. So maybe £75 per month saving on the focus over a constant £250 per month. But who's to say I wont get a ibiza experience rather than a focus experience?

Skipton Lifetime ISA: Deposit up to £4k a year, Govt adds 25% (up to £1k) towards first home or retirement
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
This isn't new & has been posted before by bradleycrack over a year ago... and it did go cold. But if you are planning on purchasing your first property in the next few yea… Read more
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Fair enough. I bet bath is a lovely place surrounded by the Cotswolds.


Honestly, I just love Bath. We don't need a big place, and we're happy renting where we are to save up. I'd be happy here with a 2 bedroom place for a long time. I lived in Leeds and Manchester prior to this, so I know the price difference is mental! But I still think it's worth it, to me.


Exactly, everything is about compromise in life not want want want, well done you for life planning past want want want now now now (y)


I live in London and a bedroom flat now cost about 400k around where i am! Go further 10 miles from me can get a 300k 2 beds semi (needs doing up!) So I have decided to move city within the next 12months, plan is going to Birmingham and get a 2 bedroom apartment for around 100k. Have u consider moving into another city? Hard decision I know, I thought long and hard about this, but no choice if I want my own place.


Keep going until you're 50 I believe. Then you can use it to either buy a house for the first time, or take it out when you retire. I believe you can have both, but it's useless. You can only use one to buy a house. Unless you want to use the LISA JUST for the pension, and HTB for the house. But yeah, I'm fairly sure the LISA isn't treated as a cash ISA, HTB is only treated as a cash ISA, so it's separate. Don't quote me on that, though.

BMW 2 series Grand Tourer 218i SE 5 door  £8825.42.@ Select Car Leasing
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
I’ve been looking for a new lease deal as ours come to an end in September and thought this looked like quite a good deal. I know leases are not everyone’s cup of tea and this car … Read more

Decent deal this. I’m looking to get a new deal September too, currently have a Kia Sportage and looking for a similar size car. Hoping for a 24 month lease rather than 36 months though. On my 2nd lease and find it hassle free and great having a new car every couple of years


Might be good to know that some BMW dealers offer a 24 hour test drive on this car. I took the 24 hour test drive but didn't like the car, mainly due it having a lot less power than the car I was driving (a C220 CDI) and being much less efficient in terms of fuel economy. I ended up leasing the Volvo V90 deal that I posted on here. This lease deal is much better than the deal I was being offered for the car from BMW though. It was 25k for a Pre-Reg car (pretty much the same Spec as this). You would lose more than the 8.5k in the 3 years even if you were doing only 8k miles pa.


Not necessarily. If you factor in the cost of borrowing to buy, or opportunity cost of putting a lump of cash into a depreciating asset, leasing can make a lot of sense. Some good lease deals can bring cars into someone's affordability bracket that would otherwise be out of reach. E.g. a while ago I leased a C4 picasso for 18 months @ £155 per month (£0 upfront). If I bought it with a loan, I'd probably have paid around £60-80 per month for the loan, plus £230ish per month depreciation... that wouldn't have been comfortably affordable for me at the time. Yes, that was an exceptional deal, but if you do the sums & find a good deal, sometimes a lease will let you get more car for your money than buying. Another way of looking at it, over 3 years - with a budget of £300 per month, you could a) borrow (at around 5%) & buy a £20k car & hope for fairly low depreciation (apparently 50% is common over 3 years) b) lease a £25-£30k car on a good deal c) buy an £18-19k car with cash, hope for average depreciation (factoring in 5% per year opportunity cost for the cash) Of course there are other options, but for buying a new car, a good leasing deal can be the most affordable option for a specific car, or make more expensive cars affordable.


If you like hassle free and easy motoring, lease it. If you like driving a new car, lease it. If you don’t mind “not owning” your car, lease it. If you like having confidence in how much depreciation is costing you, lease it. And if like having your new car delivered and then collected from your home or work when you are finished with it, lease it. I like all the above, so I lease it!!


If you can afford to buy one, and it's cheaper to lease it, then lease it! Honestly don't understand these crackpots, that hijack every lease deal with words of zero wisdom!

Audi A4 Saloon Special Editions 1.4T FSI Black Edition 4dr personal lease: £2400 initial payment, £171.99 a month for 24 months
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Looking for a brand new Audi A4? This deal from CentralUKvehicleleasing is worth checking out: Price for personal contract hire: Contract Length - 24 Months Initial Rental … Read more
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Direct from Audi dealers mate. To be fair that was a week or so ago. Some are "trickling though" apparently


where have all the deals gone I'm getting desperate now


Where did you get that information from. I ordered mine from audi directly and ordered on 16th april and i tracked it through the build. Build date 21st may and build completed 25th. Its currently on a ship to uk. I dont think 8wk for a new factory build is actually that bad.


Yeah, I wasn't sure if it would be something like that. Gap is only <£200 max so wouldn't be the biggest concern anyway I guess. Thanks for the info.


16 week lead time on the 1.4 engine by the way

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