Posted 18th Sep 2022
Hi, can anyone DM me a Jet2 voucher code - preferably one for £120 which are out there.

I never seem to get any direct offers from myJet2 membership.

Many thanks.
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    Sent, enjoy (edited)
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    Hi, out of interest how did you get the voucher please? I've signed up for offers plus we've booked a few hols over the years but never get sent anything either, best I can manage is the £60 rain cheques that they hand out on the plane.

    I'm actually about to book for an early next year winter week away so don't suppose the voucher you had would be multiple use, if so I'd really appreciate if you could please dm it over to me as well. Regards.
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    anyone have a £120 off winter discount code please? My husband accidentally deleted us because we didn't think we could afford holiday and now we can
  3. MR+T's avatar
    Anyone send me £120 voucher thanks in advance
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    Sorry, came in here thinking there were car wash vouchers available
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    Hey - very cheeky message, does anyone have a voucher code they can share privately/publicly?

    Looking to take the folks away, for their first hols since COVID.

    Thank you!
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