Posted 23 February 2024

Jet2 seats

Hi, apologies for a stupid question. Does anyone know if I can avoid buying seats on a Jet2 flight? Spent absolute fortune on their holiday package and they want another £72 for the cheapest seats for the 3 of us. We have a toddler on board. Jet2 T&C's say automatic allocation will allow an adult to sit with the child but the third person may get a seat in another row. Is it better to buy seats? If so, when it's the cheapest time to do so? Thank you.
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    According to Which, with Jet2, there's a 90% chance you will get seats together even if you don't pay -…vss

    So it depends if it's worth it to you to pay the extra £72 to be 100% certain rather than just 90%.

    I'm in a similar position, but due to other family member's preferences we've paid an extra £135, covering both directions, so that we're all together. I would have been ok to gamble, but good to keep the family happy.
  2. eelvis's avatar
    Normally they but families together. Sign in 30 day out, sometimes buy food they put you all together.
  3. nopartylikeansclubparty's avatar
    A few years ago we holidayed with Jet2 (absolutely brilliant every step) and one of the things that impressed us is there wasn't any check in time (not the usual 2 hours before you fly crap all line up) so be there early check in together as I'm sure you will be and go have a drink
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    The other row will be as close as possible, you might be one or two behind, in front etc.

    You can always ask if anyone would like to change seats closer or if the plane is fairly empty move to empty seats etc.
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    It's Ryanair that will deliberately separate you but I think with the other airlines there's a good chance of being seated together.

    That said if it's a full flight and everyone else has paid, then you run the risk of being seated apart.

    Personally with a toddler, it's not worth the anxiety and hassle of relying on a computer to decide and perhaps the goodwill of others should you be apart.
  6. Gollywood's avatar
    One of the worst developments in air travel, separating families unless they pay extra to be seated together
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    Obviously not guaranteed but if you get to the check in as early as possible then presumably you'd have a better chance of being seated in unbooked seats
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    It all depends how much you value being sat together. Only you know that answer
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    Pay the money, we have always paid for seats and are sick of being asked to move, and always refused, because someone doesn't want to paid the extra to be seated as a family. Pay it
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    I suppose the decision is yours really do you want to pay the £72 and sit together or happy to get toddler a tablet and a few activities and ride it out, you could always swop, half was through.if it's a long journey
    I can't recall there being a way around it, since we've travelled wit kids, sorry (edited)
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    Its unlikely but does toddler have special needs ?
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