Lamona 50/50 Frost Free Integrated Fridge/Freezer..Fridge is freezing food

    I have a Lamona 50/50 Frost Free
    Integrated Fridge/Freezer .Last few days the fridge compartment has started freezing all the food and a build up of ice has occured on back wall
    I have turned it off for 24 hours .The temp setting is turned to min
    Anyone else had this issue


    Was the fridge continually running when it froze up? Could be the thermostat gone. To do a simple test get it to temp and then whilst the fridge (compressor) is running turn down the thermostat and see if it shuts off, if you get to min and still running it points thermostat. We had a whirlpool one that went through 3 stats in a year.
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    I haven't had a problem with the fridge but I had countless problems with Lamona appliances.

    I had a new kitchen from Howdens and the microwave, oven, hob and dishwasher were all Lamona (which I think is their own brand) and all failed within the second year. I got the feeling they were made to last the warranty period!

    I have a lamona hobtop, rarely used as I rely on a halogen oven more , suddenly got a crack suddenly develop diagonally , wish I'd taken advice on avoiding the brand when I had the kitchen done
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