Posted 2 March 2024

Looking for a 2tb NVMe m2 ssd

Need a new boot drive for my pc.
The pc only came with a (dont laugh) 128gb boot drive, about 4 years ago.
Currently i keep steam etc on my 2 tb HD d drive...even so, i have only 11gb free on the 128gb drive now, so it's upgrade time.
Don't need anything flashy...gen 3 is fine, but obviously needs to be reliable.
Did see a Lexar NM610pro 2tb on amazon for £89.99, but unsure of its reliability ??
Any help would be very much appreciated.
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  1. Uridium's avatar
    Why do you need 2tb for a boot drive? 256gb is plenty for a Windows boot drive.

    For reliability I'd go with a Samsung SSD.
    EndlessWaves's avatar
    Samsung have had several SSD models over the past decade with major issues (840, 980 Pro etc.) and the fixes haven't always been great. I wouldn't hold them up as a particularly reliable SSD maker. (edited)
  2. danceswithhorses's avatar
    Are Lexar a decent make ?
    I know they were owned by Micron, but were then sold to a Chinese company.
    Seem about £20 cheaper, but not sure i trust them fully.