Posted 14 January 2024

Missing Lego Pieces

Had a Lego Duplo set for Christmas and had the dreaded comment made by our baby “it’s missing a piece”. After a google search I was over the moon to find out Lego will send a replacement piece free of charge!

Here’s the link…ts/

Not sure if this has been posted in the past or not but it’s something I thought was worth sharing.
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  1. aLV426's avatar
    Yes, it has been posted in the past. Lego do mention this "service" on their web page. I procrastinate too much and have never got around to submitting a "claim" though.
    Teatimecup's avatar
    When you have a toddler meltdown on your hands there is no better incentive to make a claim with speed
  2. dipsylalapo's avatar
    Yep, it's a really good service. I'm only circa 7,000 pieces from the Millenium Falcon
  3. AMaky's avatar
    I reckon you will find that 'missing' piece in a few months
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