Posted 26 December 2023

Nintendo eshop vouchers

Hi I have been wanting to get the Switch Zelda games for some time and I heard that you can get them on the eshop with buying the £84 vouchers that let you pick any game from a shortlist.

So can I do a trial sub and buy the vouchers? Or do I need to be paying membership?

On Cd keys I can get the £15 and £75 eshop gift cards for £82 and get the vouchers and £6 eshop credit left over. I think that is the cheapest/ most convenient way.

Is that right?
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    You'd need paid membership to get the vouchers.

    Using CDKeys credit is one way to get the vouchers cheaper, another would be to change regions and buy from another country (edited)
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    Thanks, might get the 12 months switch subscription plus expansion pack and get the the vouchers from Cd keys, that comes to £106.