Posted 2nd Dec 2022
LG C1, C2 or CS for PS5


First time poster here!

I am looking to get a new TV (65inch) which I'll mainly be using for gaming on my PS5.. I suppose I'll also have to share with my partner for netflix or whatever as well..

My question is,

I've heard the LG is the absolute when it comes to gaming, I've a budget of £1200 but can stretch it a bit if need be.

I want an LG C series but not sure what to do and what difference they have.. I've found an LG CS 65 inch for £1189 is it worth me getting this or waiting for a C2 to get a bit cheaper or just getting the C1 .. Any help would be seriously appreciated.
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    C1 stock is getting very thin on the ground, I had a look when someone else was asking and even places like Richer Sounds had 'check stock' against them. The prices are decent, but even if it's new it's going to have been sat around for a while. And what happens if it's damaged or DOA, it's unlikely they would have a second to replace it?

    The CS seems to be based on the C1 panel but C2 innards, so if that can be had for the cheapest price of the three then I would go for it. Personally I have no complaints about the C1 brightness (which the CS shares) so I'm not convinced the price step up to the C2 is worth it.
    Thanks for the insight mate. Managed to get the CS 65 INCH for £1169 from Richer sounds so hopefully this will do!
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