Posted 29 March 2024

PlayStation Plus Memberships

Does anyone know if Sony will be doing any Easter PS Plus membership deals please? Mine expired back in February & I was fully expecting them to discount their membership costs down because they always do at holiday periods, but I’ve not seen anything yet.
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    From the man himself Buba Plus offers come 3 times a year normally - Days of Play (June), Black Friday (November) and some time around New Year.
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    Yes based on last year early June 2024 should be the 25% off PS+ sub but you likely MUST make sure your sub has expired to be offered it.

    So this means you need to take out a 1 MONTH sub TODAY with auto renewal turned OFF, and that sub will expire a few days before the JUNE deal, so you can then purchase 12 months using cheap top-up funds, you should be then in sync with future deals.

    I can't stress how important it is you only buy a 1 month sub today or tomorrow or you will miss out as it is the only way to get it to expire just in time.

    I've just had an email titled 'Get PS+ Extra for the price of Essential' but there is no more info on dates etc, it doesn't seem to apply to me as I'm not expired until September so see if you get that email. If you haven't got it do the above. (edited)
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    No, I guess that is pretty entitled of me to expect these things to happen. Appreciate the link though, thanks
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    It's now 2 months until the next expected PS+ 25% off sale, subs likely need to be expired to get this so if anyone wants to sync their sub to this expected June deal you will need to buy 2 months of subs to get in sync and it should just expire in time for you to take advantage. (edited)
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    Hello.. will the sale be open to new sub as well? Just got a playstation, thinking of holding on for the sales or do I need to do a month sub now?
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    Just your basic PSPlus is way too much nowadays.
    Way too much 
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    The best value is PS+ Extra but people should sync their subs to expire before one of the 25% off deals then buy cheap credit to get a further 15% off.
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