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Posted 29 March 2024

15% off All PlayStation Gift Cards w/ code (£5 to £100) e.g £5 for £4.25 / £10 for £8.50 / £20 for £17 / £35 for £29.75 / £50 for £42.50

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15% discount on ALL Playstation downloadable gift cards, use code PLAY15 at checkout to get the discount. Works on all 15 different denominations, links listed below. Possible further savings if you have access to work schemes such as perks at work to pay with discounted Currys gift cards.

Good to know

  • Don't stress about getting the right game, with this gift card the gamer in your life can get whatever they want
  • It's not just games – they can buy add-ons, subscriptions or rent movies
  • It can also be used to pay for PlayStation Plus to take their gaming experience up a notch

More info

  • PSN wallet funds can be used by the redeeming account holder (and their child Family Member accounts) to pay for items in the PS Store available to UK account holders. Use of Code is subject to these terms, and Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Voucher Code Terms, Software Usage Terms and additional content/service specific terms at playstation.com/leg…rms.
  • If you do not accept these terms, do not purchase. Subject to applicable local laws, Code not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold or otherwise exchanged. Code will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged after purchase or otherwise used without your permission.
  • Valid for one time use only. Compatible system and internet connection are required.
  • PLAYSTATION PLUS: Additional payment may be needed to purchase a specific PS Plus plan.
  • WARNING: PS Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring subscription fees which are charged automatically (at the then-current PS Store price) until the subscription is cancelled.
  • If your wallet has insufficient funds, your account's default payment method will be charged. You can cancel PS Plus at any time, so it expires at the end of the then-current billing period. Games (and their features) and benefits included in PS Plus are subject to change. Additional terms apply, see
  • PS Plus is only available to users aged 7 or older and content/services vary according to the user's age.
  • Voucher Code Issuer: Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Ltd (company no: 06020283), 10 Great Marlborough St, London, W1F 7LP, UK. This card is redeemable only against issuer.
  • For all customer queries, please contact Sony Consumer Care Line on 0203 538 2665

Regional restrictions

  • Please note if you are buying this product as a download you are purchasing from a UK/Ireland region from a UK&I retailer. If you are downloading from outside the UK&I restrictions may apply.

Useful links

Currys More details at

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  1. jws1689's avatar
    A word of caution, I’ve had an issue twice now with curry’s vouchers. On the account where you should be able to download the code, it just stays blank, even after receiving an email saying your code is available to download.
    Following a many month battle between multiple departments and even being told to go to Sony to get my code 🤷‍♂️ I did manage to get a refund. Just one person’s experience but I have heard similar experiences from people.
    paul_n_1's avatar
    I second this! Got my refund last week after a 2 month battle. Awful customer service.
  2. Diabolik88's avatar
    If you're a CS member you can get a One4all digital gift card at 20% discount and then use that to buy these and you'll still garner the CS cashback too.

    So a PSN giftcard £50 RRP works out at around £30.50 which equates to a 39% saving
    aias's avatar
    Not sure that One4All works for Currys online (the swap service has been down for months) the best route for a £50 gift card I’ve seen so far is:

    One4all to use at Argos via CS (don’t get an Argos eGift card directly)

    Buy a YouChoose gift card (10% cashback via CS works on this so that’s £35 instead of £40 for a £50 gift card). Argos eGift cards do not let you buy other eGift cards.

    Then use that YouChoose to convert to a Currys eGift card

    Combine with the PLAY15 code which makes it £29.75, and you then get 10% cashback from CS.

    For a £50 gift card that’s £26.78 which equates to just over a 46% saving

    That being said, can Currys eGift Cards even be used to purchase further gift cards?

    Anyways, super easy to get an invite for CS these days as well, virtually any eBay order’s order details section will have an invite to earn “£20.87 cashback” (on PC).

    Good luck!
  3. markstc's avatar
    At what point do you add code?
    plebbygiraffe's avatar
    Assuming you mean the Currys discount code, on desktop site at least, step 3 of checkout has a 'Add a discount/promo code' drop down just below the section heading.

    52481381-rGWyz.jpg (edited)
  4. Godzilla888's avatar
    Shopto is also doing a sale for the gift cards

  5. xoisthemotive's avatar
    Not falling for this again

    Last time was an absolute nightmare to get a refund
    paul_n_1's avatar
    I only got mine last week, took 2 months!! Customer service is the worst I've ever experienced!
  6. lee.nesbit's avatar
    Word of caution, something went wrong with my order last time they ran this promo and it took many live chats, emails and phones calls to finally get a refund (a whole month later!) I then re-ordered the gift card which worked immediately but they then refused to honour a partial refund to bring the price back down to the discounted value (despite telling me they would and even providing a reference number)
    andy_spoo's avatar
    That is Currys for you.
    They've been the same since the 90's...i.e. refunds or exchanges have always been a nightmare.
    It's the same with there insurance. If you insure your appliance with D&G, if it cannot be fixed they'll exchange it with little issue. If you get Currys insurance you could be arguing with them for months.
  7. rumuk's avatar
    Thanks op my ps plus sub is running out so managed to redeem these okay
    paulrowe40's avatar
    Same as me.
    I just purchased one as well 🏻
  8. TheTattooedTurk's avatar
    Some better discounts on Shopto.net if you have gold, I got a £40 one for £32 odd earlier today, saving me a couple of quid on the currys price even with the voucher applied.
  9. nomez's avatar
    Are there any discounts for psplus? Tempted to use these to pay for a sub
    S555's avatar
    Same here. Let me know how you get on.
  10. GordonShumwayX's avatar
    Curry’s is always the most consistent BS website for me. They neither never have an item in stock despite the site stating there is stock, or the checkout procedure is just awful. 

    Yet again it is the latter for me. Tried paying with Amex and my starling card. Both times it just returns me to the Card Number input screen after I’ve submitted my details and the site has ‘processed’ a payment…but hasn’t. No error messages nothing. Every single time, across 3 different browsers. 

    The last time this happened I just went to Cdkeys who had the same offer. Sadly not just yet. (edited)
    imTwinkle_'s avatar
    You in UK Grodon. We use VISA!!!
  11. RoyalVegeta's avatar
    I get an email telling me I can get PS Plus extra for the price of essential, but all of the links in that email are giving me the normal price, any idea how I can sort this out?
  12. motosing's avatar
    Just had an email from Sony that shows that I can get PS Extra for the price of Essential. But there's no specific link and the website is showing as full price.
    Not sure if anyone else has had the same.
    andy_spoo's avatar
    Look at the message above.
  13. shnako's avatar
    Just made a purchase using this deal - no issues whatsoever and had the gift card within 15 minutes. Thanks OP!
  14. paul_n_1's avatar
    Word of warning to anyone thinking of buying!

    I bought £120 of vouchers last time they had the offer in January. The £20 voucher code came through no problem but the £100 one never arrived. I've only just got my refund for the £100 voucher last week after 2 months of phone calls, webchats and emails. Truly awful customer service.

    My advice would be to avoid, it's really not worth it if the code doesn't arrive!
    diHobbes's avatar
    I ordered mine 15 hours ago and haven't received it yet.

    I've talked to customer service and they say I've already received it and they can't do anything about it. I can't believe it.

    What did you have to do? Where did you call?
  15. Amazestrong's avatar
    Just to say if you have Microsoft Reward points you can buy vouchers for Currys there and then use them to buy the Gift Cards here. (I believe it might even be the only retailer in that program that lets you use vouchers on virtual currency still)
  16. handywork's avatar
    Just bought one but can’t seem to find the code to redeem on the PS Store
    Diabolik88's avatar
    You'll get a confirmation mail telling you that you can now access the code somewhere in your purchases as far as I can remember. (edited)
  17. RickSanchez's avatar
    Typical ,just purchased one an hour ago 🤦‍♂️ (edited)
    handywork's avatar
    How long did it take for you to receive the code?
  18. taiko.786's avatar
    took me well over an hour , bought 35 to buy elden ring dlc
  19. consolegamer's avatar
    Get them stacked up!
  20. malachi's avatar
  21. DR.Lang's avatar
    Not sure on what to use it on. Only buying disc games. Never paid for battle pass or whatever skins they sell.
    malachi's avatar
    DLC!?!?! Thats what Im getting for FF16 DLC.
  22. adz2010's avatar
    Says you can't use Currys giftcards via a Perks to Work scheme to purchase "branded gift cards"

    Has anyone tried this?
    Kam-s's avatar
    Really? I asked previously and live chat said you can buy gift cards with gift cards.
  23. great-deals's avatar
    Can these be used to pay for v-bucks?
    Brad_Shaw's avatar
  24. markh2001's avatar
    So does perks at works Currys gift cards work on buying these?
  25. ob-1's avatar

    Got my ps redeem code within 10 minutes of placing the order.

    Thanks OP
  26. billythepet's avatar
    Can it be used to buy a PS portal on the Sony website?
    evil_trix's avatar
    Don't think so, but there's an EE promo for 15% of PS accessories and the PS Portal was on there this morning
  27. malachi's avatar
    Same, within 10mins. Got my code and redeemed.
  28. Fastpotato's avatar
    might buy one here then wait for days of play sale to get 1 year of premium again like I did last year
    Kam-s's avatar
    When's the sale? I'm looking to get essential but haven't had a discount on my account in years.
  29. diHobbes's avatar
    Ordered 20 minutes ago and I haven't received the code yet

    Edit - 2 hours later and I still haven't received it (edited)
  30. Kam-s's avatar
    Typical. Only time I ever purchased a ps top up was a day or 2 after the last offer finished and now they've got it again.
  31. sigarner's avatar
    Shopto have the same deal for people who don’t trust curry’s
  32. adz2010's avatar
    How often do these deals come around?
  33. jkd's avatar
    Took roughly 15 minutes to get my code, worked perfectly this time and the last time they had 15% off.
  34. junitrules's avatar
    Thanks OP. Bought £50 voucher and it was on my currys account within 15min or so. No issues.
's avatar