Posted 27 December 2023

Priority pass airport lounge advise

I have been given access to priority pass through my bank card membership and I have 4 visits per year to the airport lounge. Can I use all 4 visits at once and take 4 family members in the lounge?
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    You should be able to, 1 visit per head entering.
    i normally use dragon pass, and this is how its been. If its busy they have declined at certain times due to the amount of people ive tried to bring- never more than 6.
  2. pabz's avatar
    I can confirm that with my priority pass 4 yearly visits I was able to use all 4 at once . Any extra a £24 fee is payable per person . If you ring priority pass they will confirm you can bring in a guest with you at the same time .
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    Mines comes with Amex and I have used the passes in multiple of 4 and in 2 . Last used it 3 weeks ago for 2 of us to access lounge . May be different to what your bank membership is offering . (edited)
  3. JimboParrot's avatar
    Best thing to do would be to read the small print accompanying the information regarding the priority pass.
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    already have but unfortunately it doesn't mention any information regarding this
  4. joyf4536's avatar
    I would doubt it. If you have 10 visits per year with PP you have to pay for any guests on each of those 10 visits.
  5. Madhatter007's avatar
    Which bank account?
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  6. Xippi's avatar
    Be aware that a lounge appearing on the PP app means absolutely nothing. There are so many reports now of many lounges refusing entry to PP holders (edited)
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